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Dipper Pines

Sexuality Headcanon: ace and Confused
Gender Headcanon: trans boy dipper *pounding my fists on the table* trans twins trans twins
A ship I have with said character: dipper/pacifica and dipper/candy are like the only good dip ships
A BROTP I have with said character: mabel!!! and soos. and wendy post-into the bunker. and i like him better w/ pacifica as friends but its all good. and…..bill. i am supremely sorry but their interactions are hilarious and i love every au where bill just like shows up to ruin his day sometimes
A NOTP I have with said character: ive seen dipper/robbie around and like……no
A random headcanon: he has a massive crush on velma from scooby doo
General Opinion over said character: honestly i did not realize how much i care about dipper until the promo for a tale of two stans came out and i saw he was happy and excited and not angry and upset like everyone thought and i cried for 20 minutes


Today (Sept. 1, 2015) marks six months clean and sober for me. It has been six months since I abused any sort of mind/mood altering substance. I am endlessly grateful to the program of AA, my amazing and supportive girlfriend (who is 13 years sober herself), and a higher power of my understanding. *raises La Croix in a toast* Here’s to six more!

Happy Birthday to a special someone

They’re not on Tumblr

But this is really just an excuse to be proud and brag

On this day, someone I love very much made the difficult and very powerful decision to stop drinking alcohol.

That was 28 years ago.

Keep in mind, every time you fall off the wagon, you begin again, and have a new birthday. So that means 28 solid years without so much as touching the drink.

That is really, truly, incredible and inspiring and knowing all that they have suffered through, and how easy it would have been to just have that drink instead of fighting it, makes me appreciate the decision even more.

I am so happy, and so proud, to be able to celebrate another year of strength and faith. It’s one of the most beautiful days of the year for me. I wish I had the words to describe all my pride and love for this person.

sometimes I think about young adult Dipper being good friends w Bill not even shipping just like. friends. supporting each other. solving mysteries and going on hikes and giving advice and telling each other secrets and who they have crushes on and setting their exes’ houses on fire and sharing music they like and getting starbucks and stuff. you know, friend things.