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today at work a coworker told me that she doesnt believe in the moon landing, and before i could properly consider whether or not to reply “you believe in the moon??” á la that one post, she justified it by saying “well how would they have gotten through the three miles of lead?”

and i was just… i had no idea how to respond to that… i still dont…

what three miles of lead??? ive literally never heard that part of it before??????

editing my fic and i gotta stop writing 'heart skipped a beat' bc that's actually a medical emergency
  • Damen: *sees Laurent wearing a chiton* I think my heart just skipped a beat.
  • Jord: That sounds really serious, maybe you should see Paschal
  • Damen: You're right. He might have a salve for that.

@mckenzies post has me like shit-

are they gonna have Manny be like the Sebastian and his girlfriend be the new Becca even though their bf was the one hitting on us and we wanted nothing to do with it?

since becca might not be our rival anymore?

hey y'all (esp folks who have irl activism experience)……. how do you deal with creepy men in activist groups

anonymous asked:

Whats jongins type? (Im just curious since u said its not bbh haha)

how do i answer this without making bbh look bad… jkflsfds i promise i am not an anti, i adore that kid!

but it’s just.. that he has a really obvious ‘type’ if you look at who he’s closest to: JM, Ksoo, Pcy, OSH…  I mean, yes, they’re all gorgeous but the visual is not his top priority, and he’s not consistent in that arena. What forged his closeness with them are the values and inner traits they have in common.

That list represents the most loyal individuals in the group. The most reliable, insightful and perceptive people. They are the most conscientious of others, and most of them act as pillars of support and comfort for the group. Jongin likes knowing he can rely on somebody; he won’t indulge his secrets to someone that won’t guard and protect them. (and i adore bbh, but his tendency to vent so many random secrets? Bad news for someone like jongin, who has many of them to keep.) And he hates showing vulnerability, so he won’t want to share his weak spots at all with someone unless he knows they’ll look after him, and patiently care for him well.

These are very affectionate people, most of them are downright cuddly; they’re all able to share in his brand of humor, but more importantly, they’re able to notice when he’s feeling low, and assertive enough to reach out and try to lift him back up. What goes hand in hand with this is the honesty factor. Not just, saying random truths that are a bit blunt, but more so.. a compassionate, but genuine honesty, to help you improve your situation. His circle of friends are the most clever people in the group; they think cautiously, and they see the same situation from different angles. He likely trusts their intellect deeply, even when he disagrees.

Especially for someone as quiet as jongin, someone that holds in a lot of their Big Thoughts, someone that hides a lot of his heavy emotions… he bonds very well with individuals that are caregivers, that are nurturers, that can carry some of your weight and have enough patience to see you through a frustrating road. He likes people that make him happy, he likes people that make him feel warm and loved and doted on, even if he’ll never admit it. He loves people that love him, that show their love honestly and openly. He loves people that share their secrets with him, that trust him as deeply as he trusts them.

And the curious and amusing thing is that he’s too gentle to tell you if he trusts you less, if he feels less comfortable with you, if he’s not entirely himself with you, if he doesn’t invite you completely into his world and into his thoughts. You’ll get along wonderfully, you’ll share many fun adventures and stories together. But unless he sees those traits he’s searching for, you’ll find him remaining somewhat of a mystery to you.

hello my name is donnabelle and i would like to be cuddled right now