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I think I took my old company down over a $240 dispute.

I’m honestly not sure if this belongs here, or in @petty-revenge-stories, but I thought you guys might get a bit of a chuckle over this.

Sorry, it’s long.

I was the lead editor for a production house. We did mostly commercials, for radio and television. Small company, but we did pretty well for the most part, but being a small company jobs overlapped, and since I know how to use Google, I also became the “IT” guy.

I worked at this production house for 8 years. Overall, I was pretty content there. I made some awesome friends, but my boss (the owner / production manager) was a real dick. He was the kind of guy who would hire people for as little money as possible, and get them to work 12-16 hour days for the fucking experience.

My boss was the kind of person who would tell you on a daily basis how great a boss he was; how effective a leader he was. Every day wasting his time and money on ridiculous meetings that literally took half a day and consisted of nothing meaningful, but a huge amount of head-inflation. He would routinely deny people any kind of monetary raise, even after years of experience, saying that the company could not afford that. All while he furnished his private office, which was an entire floor above the rest of the office space, with extravagant furniture and expensive decorations.

I could honestly make an entire post on how awful a boss / terrible a person this guy was, so after some quick reflection on how much typing I want to do today, here’s a list of the worst things he was doing on company time:

  • Drinking and driving
  • Would routinely get me to pirate software for him, including software we used to actually run the business
  • Not putting anyone on payroll, which means you are forever a “freelancer” at this company
  • Hired a company who would build an entire second story to the office without a permit
  • Somehow crossing the Canada-US border drunk and with open alcohol
  • Withholding people’s pay
  • Buying things for the office; stealing them for his home
  • No vacation time / pay
  • he expected all of us to either work through a client’s funeral, or take a couple of hours as “no pay leave”)
  • He would degrade all employees, but he was way more harsh on the female employees
  • Would literally scare people into submission
  • Micromanage everything. Blame employees for following directions.

Anyways the list goes on and on. But for the most part, non of this really affected me, until his wife started working for the company.

She was hired on after being fired elsewhere, as our accountant. She would track our hours every day, making sure to conveniently neglect any extra time we put in over weekends, or after hours. Somehow, even after working a 50-60 hour week, she would come after employees saying they were only available for 30 hour or so. Again, these were all things that never really affected me, until Christmas 2015.

I got notice two days before our Christmas paycheck, via email, that the accountant was going to take $240 or so off my regular pay, because I had left the office for two hours during the week. I calmly replied to the email that we all gotta do what we gotta do, and hopped online and started applying to editing jobs elsewhere.

I told my wife about this, and got irrationally mad about it.

Nearly instantly, I was offered a job from my current employer, which I accepted. At that point I told my wife I give my old employer a year before they close down.

We made a list, and dealt with each item to the best of our abilities.

I anonymously reported both my boss and his wife for drunk driving, as well as letting a couple of my cop buddies know about it. On my boss’ Facebook page, he was complaining about how many times he had been pulled over recently. He seems to still be driving, but at least it was an inconvenience to them.

I reported the software piracy. The pirated software was Windows, Microsoft Office, and the Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe didn’t do anything, but Microsoft took it pretty seriously, and I heard from one of my old coworkers that they didn’t fight the fines.

I also filled out form CPT1-E (I think that’s what it was called), which is designed to help employers and employees understand whether or not employees should be on payroll or not. From what I gather through the grapevine, this let to something called a forensic audit, which seems to have led to a lot of back payments or something. I’m not an accountant, and I don’t really know how all this works, but from what I understand my old employer ended up paying quite a few fines. This is all unconfirmed grapevine stuff though.

I reported locally regarding the floor that was built without a permit. More grapevine stuff, but it seems that made selling the office a little more difficult. So I’ll add that to the win pile.

So anyways, I was wrong. I told my wife it would be a year and they would be shut down. It took a year and 3 months. The company is officially closing March 31, 2017. I don’t know if any of my actions are directly responsible for the closure, but I’d like to think I at least pushed it in that direction.


Hi guys! So I have started my course at UCL this week, for the majority of which I have been constantly doubting that what I’m experiencing is anything besides a dream. It’s been a whirlwind kind of a week with lots of introductions, today being that to the History of Architecture lectures (we’re going to be covering 20 centuries in 20 sessions wow).

I’ve made some awesome friends already thanks mainly to how open and friendly international students are lol. I also have 2 friends from my foundation course who are a godsend. Tomorrow we’ll be introduced to our first project (Making Cities) - you’ll definitely see a post about it!

Ahh it’s so nice to get back to studyblr 😊😊

Can we have a collective fandom hug of love and appreciation for all of the tjlc crew but especially Rebs @quietlyprim for all xer incredible work, time, effort, dedication and all round excellence in putting together the most wonderful, eloquent and entertaining resource that we are all honestly blessed to have been given access to. Thank you. Thank you so much. You and all your awesome friends have made this fandom the most beautiful place to come and happily and productively engage with this goddamn hellshow that we all love and that has been absolutely invaluable to so many of us.
So one more time, on behalf of all the tjlc lurkers and from the absolute bottom of our hearts, thank you.


My friend @rias-photo-blog made this awesome video of Zelda and Toby. Give her some love! 😄❤

dicaminia  asked:

Your game helped me deal with anxiety and a lot of bad shit in my life. I know you probably don't want your personal tumblr to be filled with undertale stuff, but I just genuinely want to thank you and all the people who made undertale. I've made awesome friends because of this game, and it has helped me in so many ways. I'm very happy that you've made it. I play it whenever I'm stressed or sad and it always cheers me up. Thanks again.

That’s excellent to hear. It makes me glad to hear this.


Hi Taylor!!! 

It’s me, Amy! 

If you take a close look at all of the pictures in this post, you may notice that we are all CANADIAN SWIFTIES! You might even recognize some of our faces. 

I came up with an idea to gather pictures of Canadian Swifties for a couple of reasons. The first was so that you would maybe see how much people in Canada LOVE you! The second reason was for meeting other Canadian fans. It was an awesome experience and I made many friends throughout the process.  

I think I am speaking for everyone in these photos when I say that we are SO very proud of you. You make us happy. You make us believe in ourselves.  

We can only hope that we help make you happy and believe in yourself too.

Canadians are apparently known for being very nice, loving hockey and eating ketchup chips and poutine. 

We also want to be known for loving YOU. 

Your Canadian Swifties

Wore my Victorian Dress for the school’s Fall Festival! All million layers made entirely by my awesome friend! (Hat is not period accurate….but the closest I could find without taking up millinery. 1950s Platter hat)  

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Had a friend over to celebrate end of exams. He made this fucking awesome pasta and I bought egg nog and shit was gonna be lit…. then this random ass girl knocks on my door and is like “U CANT HAVE MEN HERE” so after failing to manipulate my way through this RA shows up and demands he leaves. So. We both leave, even though she allows the people who constantly scream and run down the hall to just keep doing their thing, and we were being chill af and minding our own.


Before I leave.

I went on YouTube. Turned up the volume to full….

And I played, in ode to the wonderful John Mulaney, 21 plays of What’s New Pussycat with ONE Its Not Unusual in the middle and I pointed the computer at her room right next to mkne and I’ve never felt so alive

well well well,, it’s been a short and honestly frickin’ wild ride (no swears cause trying to keep a clean image for the youths™) but we finally hit 1k,, haha what i’m not late guys 2k !!! (look i know i said i would do a follow forever at 1k but guess what i didn’t so what are you gonna do about it, huh?) anyways i want to keep it short and sweet but ~  holyy molyyy guys i haven’t even had this blog a full 2 months yet??? like that’s absolutely wild ~

so in the short time i’ve had this blog i’ve made some awesome friends and met a lot of people with a lot of cool blogs and basically i’m so thankful to everyone who puts up with me and actually reblogs my shit and sends me messages and asks like you guys are all so amazing,, so uhh basically everyone on here i’m giving you a hug or just a high five if you’re not into hugs or even just supportive, excited jazz hands because i love you all so much 💕 💕

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