friends in the beach

Beach Day

Prompt from @godhelpthesickies

A few headcanons from @prompt-master ‘s list, too

Word Count: 937

           Going to the beach was Christine’s idea.  She invited Jenna, Chloe, Brooke, Jake, Rich, and Michael and Jeremy.  Now, Michael and Jeremy don’t really go outside very much, but they thought that nothing could go wrong.  Jeremy might finally be a little less pale than a ghost, so really, the only thing that could go wrong is that they get seriously sunburnt.  Rich probably won’t let that happen because he’s always been adamant on everyone wearing and reapplying sunscreen every hour.  

           The nearest beach is a few hours away from their town. Jake has some dorky van that he’s taking all of them in, but even then, there’s barely enough room.  There’s just one seat not enough, so Jeremy sits on Michael’s lap, and everyone keeps their bags of stuff on their laps.  It’s a little uncomfortable, but they make the best of it and play road trip games like the dorks that they are.  Jake and Rich are in the front two seats, and Rich is playing music from his phone.  It’s not bad music, and Christine and Jenna are having fun in the very back with Michael and Jeremy with singing to it.  Brooke and Chloe are texting each other and laughing every once in a while. They’re probably sending each other memes, and everyone in that car knows it.

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You’re a little judgy. You’re a lot judgy. You’re like Judge Reinhold.

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