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Okay but I really love that Christine is ADHD and I have this headcannon that the reason Christine likes Jenna so much is that Jenna calms her down and can tell her countless stories and she likes feeling relaxed and not having to move around in the biggest ways all the time

half their conversations is like super excited where they both kinda talk over each other but can still somehow understand one another and then the other half is jenna animatedly telling christine a story about whatever and chris kinda gradually relaxes as she keeps going bc jenna has a nice voice and she’s a really great storyteller so christine feels involved even if she’s not directly involved yknow,,

jenna paints her nails bc christine is way too bouncy to do them on her own and its easier for christine to sit still when jenna tells her stories and its just a nice experience all around alright,,jenna likes nail art and does fun designs and christine is always kind of in awe over the fact that she managed to sit through all of it bc it’s so time-consuming but its bc jenna’s just good at telling stories and stuff

1st day at Japan Expo, and it was mostly shopping as you can see xDD

I saw some show with traditional music, participate to some quizz game during my lunch, and went to a concert with Jpop singers interpreting famous openings and we had Hq!! and YOI, Kimi no na wa, and Snk and it was so good to hear the whole audience singing together =v= (yoi opening was a magical moment<333)

Anyway, it was too hot, I almost died when I came back (I forget each time the torture of the transport////) =v= 

Tomorrow, let’s try to assist to the masterclass of Kubo & Yamamoto, hey hey oh! ^0^)/

근데, 하지만, 그치만, 그렇지만
EX: 제가 행복해요. 하지만 제 친구는 슬퍼요. | I’m happy, but my friend is sad.

EX: 제가 행복하지만 제 친구는 슬퍼요. | I’m happy, but my friend is sad.
~는데 (verb)
EX: 저는 자고 있었는데 방금 일어났어요 | I was sleeping, but I just got up.
~ㄴ/은데 (adj) (는데 for past tense)
EX: 제가 못생긴데 제 친구는 예뻐요 | I’m ugly, but my friend is pretty.

~와/과 (와 after vowel 과 after consonant) (nouns)
EX: 나와 너 | me and you
~하고 (nouns)
EX: 엄마하고 아버지는 자고 있어요. | Mom and father are sleeping.
~고 (verb/adj)
EX: 읽고 쓰기 좋아해요. | I like reading and writing.

EX: 배고파요. 그래서 먹을 거예요. | I’m hungry. So I’m going to eat.

~서 (verb/adj)
EX: 여자는 예뻐서 남친이 있어요. | The girl is pretty, so she has a boyfriend/ because the girl is pretty, she has a girl friend.
~기 때문에 (verb/adj)
EX: 공부하기 때문에 심심해요. | I am studying so I’m bored/ because studying, I’m bored.
~때문에 (noun)
EX: 아버지때문에 저는 슬퍼요. | because of my father, I’m sad.
~거든 (verb/adj)
EX: “왜 안 왔어?” | why didn’t you come?
“콘서트에 있었거든” | because I was at a concert.

아니면 (if not)
EX: 집에 가고 싶어요? 아니면 집에 가기 전에 카페에 가고 싶어요? | Do you want to go home? Or do you want to go to a cafe before you go home?

~(이)나 (noun)
EX: 책이나 만화를 읽고 싶어요. | I want to read a book or a manga.
EX: 쇼나 영화를 보고 싶어요? | Do you want to watch a show or a movie?
EX: 쇼나 볼 거에요. | I’ll watch a show or something.
~거나 (verb)
EX: 달리거나 걸어다니고 싶어요? | do you want to run or walk?

♪Conjunction junction, what’s your function?♪
~짱보라 ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


His light shines as bright and brief as the setting sun.


ah tonight i’m in that mood wondering what it is about me that drives all my friends away :c

Sleepover Saturday!