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People really need to be more fucking careful of what they say. Especially online. The internet is not the place to express your “opinions”, there are so many impressionable kids out there. Your Snapchat story is not the place to share your thoughts on bi people, your instagram is not the place to comment about how there’s “only two genders!!1!” And don’t even get me started on fucking tumblr. It can be a great place to meet people who share your experiences, but no newly questioning 13 year old should have to come across “aces aren’t valid” when all they want is a label to hold onto.

Florida Supercon 2017 Barbara & Lindsay Q&A summary

I watched the Q&A here. I’ll just write down RWBY related stuff that I consider somehow interesting for this blog. They talked about voice acting a lot, a bit about working at RT, and I didn’t write down all of that. 

  • There will be new characters in volume 5
  • Lindsay uses Red like Roses pt. II to get into character, so that song is one of her favourite songs from the soundtrack. She also said the lyrics of the song are very powerful because of the meaning behind it, the interaction between Ruby and Summer we didn’t get to see yet on the show. 
  • Lindsay said that many of the songs have a deeper meaning behind them and tell us a bit more about the characters than the show does. She said that she can’t spoil anything but we might want to have a closer look at the lyrics of Bad Luck Charm because it might become important later on. (You don’t want the burden of my name? The Daddy Qrow fraction of the FNDM is going to freak out. If anyone is interested, that part was at 1:05:00.)
  • Armed and Ready was probably intentionally a pun, probably because Barbara likes puns, but she didn’t come up with the idea. Jeff Williams works with the producers and writers, not with Lindsay and Barbara, so they can’t really collaborate much. 
  • Someone explained their thoughts on Ruby’s semblance being speed and how it reflects her character. Ruby’s semblance is speed because she wants to be there for those who need her and is scared of being too late to save them, a reflection on Ruby’s desire to be the hero. Lindsay said they had nailed it, she thinks that Ruby is all action before thought, passionate, pure and honest. She has no “filter” and that’s why she clashes so much with Weiss, because Weiss thinks Ruby should control herself more. Ruby runs in whenever she feels like she should, sometimes without thinking. 
  • Barbara said about Yang’s semblance that Yang is strong for her friends and loved ones, the rock of whichever group she’s in. Becoming stronger when she takes damage is kinda how she sees herself. Lindsay added that her semblance being a temper tantrum is also because she’s very protective of Ruby, being an older sister. 
  • If Lindsay could give Ruby advice she’d tell her to allow herself to open up and stop containing all of her emotions. Ruby is very straight forward and believes she’ll achieve all her goals if she just keeps pressing on and Lindsay would tell her to take a second to absorb what has happened, be sad for a moment and go into self discovery. Ruby is so busy taking care of everyone around her she doesn’t look into herself and think about what she wants and what her mission is. 
  • Barbara would tell Yang “Your mum left you, she’s not worth your time, move on”. (She also said this doesn’t have anything to do with what happens on the show, I’m hyped anyway.)
  • Lindsay ships Nuts and Dolts
  • Lindsay described volume 1 and 2 as Ruby getting friends and volume 3 her friends getting screwed. 
  • Lindsay’s favourite RWBY fanart is a Rick and Morty interpretation of Qrow and Ruby. 
kpop tag

i was tagged by @gwangjuhope to do this, thank you 😅 get ready to read useless crap about me

Ultimate bias? Park Jimin, My Universe 💖

Ultimate Bias Wrecker? Seriously, like all of BTS are bias wreckers but my sunshine, Jung Hoseok will always have a special pull on my dancer’s heart, his stage presence is just so incredible and his passion is magnetising; not to mention the cute thing with his ears 😂

Favourite Kpop song(s)?  😵 umm what?! how can i narrow this down… i can’t even pick a favourite BTS song here is my current top 10 (in no particular order):
1. BTS - Go Go
2. BTS - Mic Drop
3. BTS - Save Me
4. Suran - WINE
5. BIG BANG - If You
6. DEAN - D (Half Moon) (Feat. Gaeko)
7. Akdong Musician - 200%
8. GOT7 - You Are
9. MoonMoon - 비행운 (Contrail)
10. BTS - Young Forever (Unplugged Ver.)

First Kpop Song? Haru Haru by Big Bang (this will be my forever jam) ☺️

Favourite Kpop Album/Single? HYYH: Young Forever by BTS 🤗

Favourite Kpop Ship?  In a purely platonic sense, Mini and Moni (NamMin? Jinjoon?) 💞

Hard Stan or Soft Stan?  soft stan always, Jimin gives me heartache like my headstone is gonna read “Death by Jimin’s softness” 💘

Favourite Kpop company? i don’t really follow any companies

Backstory of how you got into Kpop? Get ready…

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Just a friendly reminder that Tumblr’s anon feature is for people who are shy, not for you to send anon hate. 

Okay, not so friendly reminder. 

Anon hate is literally one of the worst things on this website. Other people’s feelings are valid just as much as yours are, and just like you, they deserve to be respected. 

So if you’re one of those people who send anon hate, just shut up. You’re obviously not mature enough to comprehend the fact that your words affect others.

Guys??? I have a serious question.

I know I’ve mentioned by now that I’ve picked up role-playing again, right?

I’m having a blast with it, the group I’m in is full of super sweet people and I feel really comfortable and welcome there all the time.

But I’ve also noticed that my actual role-playing is sorta??? I’m really rusty at it, so i worry a lot about any in-character interaction.

Also! I thought about actually starting another blog just for roleplay?

But I’m not sure if I could manage to do that, so i was wondering, if I were to reblog stuff for roleplay - like muse interaction stuff or prompts for it, would anyone actually be interested?

It wouldn’t be forever, actually it probably wouldn’t last long at all, but as a trial run for “can Aston manage a roleplay blog without being horribly out of character”

I dont want to do this if no one wants to see that on my blog, though! If no one is interested, I’m 1000% willing to just drop the idea all together! But I thought I’d ask??

So some guy from my village who was just as old as my cat lady friend died of natural causes. She said she’d go to his funeral and I was curious if she’d actually go and called her this evening to find out.

Not only did she really go there and detect my being nosy from a mile away, she also went down the “well shit I’m as old as him for all we know I could be dying right now”-route.

And then she said: “But it’d be a very small funeral. I’d only invite close friends and a few family members. Or maybe just the cats, hahaha!”

Of course my so-not-funny ass had to reply with: “The cats alone would fill the church to be honest!” and we both fucking lost it.

When she had kinda regained her composure, she immediately started giggling again, this time because she had a rather macabre thought: “They’d probably place mice on my coffin instead of flowers!”

And I didn’t have anything better to do than to yell into the phone: “That smell would probably wake you up again!”

I was answered by roaring laughter and I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who’s laughed so wholeheartedly about their own death. And I especially didn’t expect it from a 75-year-old. I’m crying.

  • Friend: If you're calling to tell me that you just binge-watched FTWD for ADC, I don't know what the hell you were thinking.
  • Me:
  • Friend: Alicia Clark is living in a world, trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. In the original series, they've already killed off female characters just to shock viewers. If you think she'll be safe and well-protected you've got to be lying to yourself. Your precious cinnamon roll too good, too pure for this world will most likely be 1. Shot, 2. Infected, 3. Eaten Alive. You're going to be devastated all over again, and she won't even die for being queer, but as a heterosexual.
  • Me: So what do you think about Elyza Lex, Alicia's potential love interest in season 2?
  • Friend: You're getting yourself screwed over. However, if Eliza Taylor joins FTWD named Elyza Lex and ends up with Alicia, I will gladly accept that ship. Because AbsoFuckingLutely would I enjoy a badass not to mention hot and beautiful couple killing Walkers. Besides we need someone to lower Alicia's walls and who better to do that than Elyza Lex. Clexa will live once again!
  • Me: That was easy.

anonymous asked:

I kinda wanna write a thing for your kid au...I have some ideas but did you have any particular thoughts on it story wise?

rhys destroys a space station and kills thousands at the tender age of 12 and jack ruins everything despite being a literal projection nothin too different from actual canon plot i guess

lmao jk some ideas ive had for this au under the cut since im prolly not gonna draw all my ideas out?? might as well put it here! in case someones interested!!

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The 100 Story Recap

There once was a girl named Clarke
She lived among stars on the Ark
She fell from the sky
Discovered mom’s lie
And it nearly tore them apart

Acid fog melted people all ‘round
Finn and Clarke hooked-up underground
When up from above
Crashed his first love
And Clarke cried a little deep down

War with the grounders broke out
Mount Weather was bleedin’ kids out
Clarke made a pact
With Anya in fact
But a bullet took the girl out

Mount Weather turned Lincoln a Reaper
Octavia’s love just grew deeper
Shocked back to life
Lincoln proved right
And the grounders, they turned true believers

But the Commander demanded more blood
It came from the boy that Clarke loved
Finn died like a man
By Clarke’s own hand
And Lexa fell instant in love

A kindred spirit would soon unfold
But betrayal would also take hold
Clarke stood at the mount
Left a huge body count
And disappeared to kill panthers we’re told

Jaha shared chips with his friends
While Lexa tried making amends
Bellamy and Pike
They started a fight
And ruined Clarke’s happy “The end”

Clarke and Lexa finally made up
But Titus was like, “what the f**k?”
He pulled out a gun
Shot on the run
And Lexa was sh*t out of luck

Kane started making his moves
While Alie was losing her grove
Raven broke free
What’s up Bellamy?
You’re letting your friends get screwed!

So far, for this season that’s it
Oh, yeah, the Commander lives on in her chip
But one thing we’ve learned
When love has been earned
The kiss of death, it lies on Clarke’s lips

A few months ago, a friend of mine made a video for Madi Diaz. She was not signed to a record label at that point, and had given my friend permission to make the video (and was excited about being a part of it). She was IN THE VIDEO. We had a ton of fun that day, in the woods, enjoying ourselves and making something. It was, definitely, one of the better experiences I’ve had on a set.

A week or two after we shot the video, while it was still in editing, Madi signed to a SMALL record label. They gave my friend the run around for almost two months, and have now told him he can’t show the video. They even took it down from Vimeo, even though they have no legal right to do so (my friend was given full permission to shoot the video and use the song before she was signed to the label).

I’m incredibly diappointed with how this has turned out. I find it laughable that a SMALL record label, with FOUR artists (five with Madi), who claim on their website to be a new and different kind of label for the next generation, would do something so old school. This is something I would expect from a big record label, the kind that has million dollar interests to protect, not from some “Indy” record label with a roster of artists most people haven’t heard of.

On top of that, the video is really good. It’s beautiful and makes you think about youth and all of the great times you’ve had, and, hopefully, continue to have. There’s a certain disparity between the imagery of the woods in the winter, and all of the people in it still having fun and being young, being beautiful, but its a disparity that inspires and ignites. This is a video about striking out into anything that the world has to offer, taking ownership of it, and making it into something amazing.

Its also sad that there is bad blood now, and the potential for a legal battle. Just goes to show - “Sometimes, when people go after a dream… they make an innocent decision, for innocent reasons, that has profound consequences.”