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Hi this is @honeyheonie previously @wonholypeach​ or Jaz as most of you know me. Its already time for my second follow forever. I had my first 2 months ago with 500 followers and now I am back with 1000+. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! I love you all, even if we don’t talk just know that I see you and I appreciate you. I have met so many nice people and some who I am so thankful to call true friends. Everyone has shown me such immense love and supported my fics and moodboards and I just thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making my Tumblr experience so blessed. So onto before I bore you all. Tagging my wonderful mutuals who I hope to never lose. You all are super special too me!! And a huge thank you to @ckyun for the beautiful graphic she made for me. Im still blown away and I don’t know how to repay you. Please if you aren’t already following her go and do it now and check out her amazing gifs and graphics 💜 

Honorable mentions and mutuals/friends who I always talk with are Bolded!

#’s: @1leeminhyuk (My sister would be first lol. Ilhsm💜)

A’s: @ameehhhhh, @aka-minhyukuu​ (Take me too the moon😂 Forgive me Natalie💜)

B’s: @babywoon (Stan Beauty! Stan Sherry!💜), @bryony-raylene (She understands the pain Jooheon and Wonho bring me💜)

C’s: @ckyun (An honest to goodness angel. ILHSM💜), @ch-hyngwn (Idk if you all are aware but Janie is the shit💜), @cngkyns (My precious little bean💜), @chubby-burrito, @chiqkihyun

D’s: @daisydokyung​ (One of my youngins. I love her💜), @daehdream, @datingmx (Kai is bae. Get too know Kai now💜), @dorkyun

E’s: @evaxsy (Check out the amount of art and talent on this blog💜), @eternally-nocturnally

F’s: @flawlesskihyun (This smol makes me so happy💜)

G’s: @girlinawardrobe (A.K.A my soulmate. I love her too the moon💜)

H’s: @hyungnu (1/3 of my bestie trio. I Don’t know what I would do without her💜), @honeybeerapper, @himu-kwon (My precious smol bean!💜), @hotseok, @hidingintheshadowx, @honeyvevo  

I’s: @im-all-in-for-you, @ikonic-monbebe, @igot17jams, @in-wonhos-dreams (Massive love for my Lulu bug💜)

J’s: @jackseung (Look all you should know is this is boo💜), @joreneee (Another of my youngins.Treat her right!💜), @jikoo-k (this is my lub. You can’t have her!💜), @jooheonster (My daughter, and a damn good writer!💜)

K’s: @kimyumbin (The other 1/3 of my bestie trio. I love this girl more than I can say!💜), @ksuu (Another of my beautiful daughters💜), @kihqun, @kaimikachan, @kittyminhyuk, @kihyunsbb

L’s: @lostinmonstax (My sun kissed princess💜), @laviette (I love you Romi Bear💜)

M’s: @monstax-monbebex, @monstax-things,@minpuphyuk (My precious little pup💜), @moonxgi (The love of my life! My Baby Girl💜), @madtwn, @minhyuksmelody (Such a sweetheart💜), @monstax-trash-valora, @milk-hooney (My other Lulu love💜)

O’s: @osakishinya

P’s: @pinkinmyimagination (She’s a sweetie pie💜)

S’s: @supersaiyum (It’s my super Sam💜), @spicyramyeonmonbebe (I MISS YOU💜), @seoulscapes (Precious Em Em💜)

T’s: @tomatoholmes (My Ana Bean! Ily💜), @thedodoslastmelon, @thequirkyone (Hobi’s wife and my boo and a goddess💜)

U’s: @untimelyy

W’s: @wonholes (My other half. I love her to bits💜), @wonhos-monbaby, @wonhontology, @wonhosthiccthighs, @wonhopes

Again thank you all for making my tumblr experience so special. If I missed anyone, I’m sorry!


So i was doodling this in my sketchpad the other day and now i’m cackling because Bill would be so giddy and stress free with a kid Ford because it’s easier to manipulate a child but like a young adult Ford being flustered and shit has him all confuse like IDK BILL MAYBE HE HAS A CRUSH ON YOU WHO KNOWS HAHAHAHAHA


RIP Pete Shotton (4 August 1941 - 24 March 2017)

“Pete was John’s best friend from the age of 5, and they were inseparable. They tormented teachers at Quarry Bank School, getting themselves into trouble almost daily. John could keep a straight face while Pete would have hysterics at anything his partner in crime did. When it came to starting The Quarrymen, Pete had to be involved as he was John’s best friend. As he wasn’t musical, Pete was given the washboard. He didn’t last long in the group but was always there at his friend’s side.

"Even after The Beatles became famous, John had Pete working at Apple and would give Pete whatever he needed, famously setting his friend up in a supermarket on Hayling Island. The pair remained friends. He will forever be mentioned in the same breath as his friend John Lennon, a friendship that survived fame and remained as strong as ever.”

-David Bedford

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When did japril started? Which season and episode?

Colleagues 6x05 - until like 6x20
Friends 6x20 - until forever
Lovers 8x21 - for the rest of their lives

Little Friend Application! 🍦🖍🌟🍼

I did this like 3 years ago on my first little blog, but I sadly never made a best friend out of it. But I’m serious about it. I really need a little bff. Someone that wants to be friends forever, not someone that will just leave me randomly, you know? You can reblog this too if you want littles to send you friend applications! 💖

Answer every question below and send me your answers in the messaging system, not my ask box, please!

Name? (and any nicknames you like to be called by friends)
Preferred pronouns? (I don’t want to to refer to you in the wrong way!)
Are you in any specific age regression community?
Favorite little activities?
Favorite non little activities?
Favorite movies and shows?
Favorite video games? (if you play any)
Do you have a caregiver? And are they a platonic or romantic cg?
Are you able to give good advice and comfort?
Do you like weird memes? (I like friends with a weird sense of humor tbh)
Anything else that you would like me to know?

If we start talking, I’m only available to text on kik! I don’t really like messaging back and forth on tumblr, sowwy! 💕

  • Yurio: I didn't understand why people care so much for their dumb friends until I got a dumb friend myself.
  • Yurio: *picks Otabek up*
  • Yurio: I've only befriended Otabek for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and myself.