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Lewis Redman Imagine- Podcast

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Summary/Request: hey love your account! i was wondering if you could write an imagine where Y/N is related to Josh and she’s famous like a youtuber/singer and he invites her onto his podcast and lewis is flirting with her throughout the whole time? you can decide where it goes! thank you!!

A/N: Thank you lovely I hope you have a great day and sorry this took ages to write/post xx

Knocking on to the large wooden door that stood in front of you, you quickly took in a sharp breath. For reasons unbeknown to you, you were nervous. It had a been a while since you were back in England visiting your brother. After a short moment and hearing soft murmurs coming from behind the door, the door suddenly opened revealing a familiar face.

“Josh!” You spoke with a smile planted across your face; you released the breath that you didn’t know you were holding. “Y/N,” Josh replied, welcoming you into a hug. Taking in the familiar warmth of him that you had missed so much you hugged into him.

You had been away in America for important business deals to do with your YouTube channel and up and coming music. As much as you loved moving forward with your career, you loved to come back to England to visit your brother and spend some quality time together.

Pulling apart peacefully, Josh spoke as he allowed you to enter the house. “How have you been? How was LA? How long are you back here for?” He was rambling to you which you laughed clearly recognising he was excited to see you. “Actually, don’t answer I’ll ask you in the podcast” Josh finished.

Josh had invited you to be a guest on his new podcast that he had started on Youtube. It had been doing amazing; you had kept up to date with his videos while you were in LA. To say you were proud would be an understatement. Josh had wanted to interview you for his podcast to talk about your Youtube, your music and of course share some funny stories from your childhood together.

“Oh yeah, I’m very excited for it, when do you want to start?” You asked.

“Um give me about 10 minutes, I just need to sort some stuff out, you can chill in the kitchen,” Josh replied before leaving you in the hallway of his home.

You made your way into the kitchen and quietly sat on a stool at the bench. Even though Josh was your family, it still felt a bit weird to be in someone else’s house, seeing, as it wasn’t just his house.

You quickly distracted yourself with your phone beginning to read some emails and check Instagram when a voice broke you out of your distraction.

“Oh hey,” someone spoke from behind you, causing you to turn your head around and lock eyes with the person who had spoken. “Hi, I’m Y/N, Josh’s’ sister” you spoke awkwardly while still gazing at the boy who was stood watching you.

“Oh hey Y/N, I’m Lewis, Josh’s friend.” He spoke immediately clearing the air and grinning making you feel comfortable. You smiled back at him blushing slightly before looking towards the floor. “I’m on the podcast too,” He spoke stepping forward and sitting on the stool next to you. “Oh yeah,” you replied, “thought you looked familiar” you giggled.

 “Can’t forget a face like this can you?” He cheekily replied rubbing his hand against his smooth cheek with a smirk dancing across his lips.

“Yeah it’s a pretty ugly face so I try my best to block it out,” you teased back at him noticing the cocky and playful behaviour you both had in common. “I’m wounded,” he replied laughing and holding his hand to his heart. “I’m kidding, you’re obviously an eight out of ten,” You answered casually letting him know what you thought about him so far, lightening the mood with a flirty comment.

“Obviously?” He questioned with a smile looking back at you. “If you squint,” you quickly answered locking eyes with him before chuckling, as did he.

“Ready?” Josh entered the kitchen breaking up the small moment between yourself and Lewis. You couldn’t deny the fact that Lewis was attractive and the fact that he could easily joke and flirt with you made you reconsider your eight out of ten, maybe he was higher.

The podcast so far had gone smoothly; Josh and Lewis seemed very interested in your Youtube and music career so far. They had asked many questions about your time in LA, your childhood with Josh and of course going on many tangents.

“Did you spend time at the beaches in LA?” Josh asked you, intrigued about your down time in LA. “Yeah it was really relaxing, the weather was great and I got some good Instagram shots so it looks like I go outside,” You replied giggling slightly.

“Yeah I saw that,” Lewis sheepishly added smiling, “You look really beautiful.” “Thank you Lewis” you blushed sending a smile his way.

Two quick hours later and you had wrapped up the podcast with Josh and Lewis. It had been lots of fun to catch up with your brother and his friend while they learnt all about your latest trip to LA, your YouTube channel and your music. You had made your way back to the stool in the kitchen distracting yourself with unread texts, emails and scrolling through Instagram. 

“You know, you’re actually really interesting Y/N,” Lewis spoke as he entered the kitchen causing you to spin around and face him smirking. “Really?” you teased back to him, “compared to say… you?” 

“Well maybe if you give me your number you could find out how interesting I am?” Lewis cheekily spoke causing a smile to grace both of your faces. “Is that so?” You cockily replied. “Maybe we should hang out sometime and see how interesting we could be together?” You replied bettering his initial offer. 

“Sounds like a deal to me” Lewis simply replied with a smug grin across his face sending a slight rosy blush to your cheeks. Seems like your casual trip back to London to appear on your brothers’ podcast had landed you a date with a solid eight out of ten. 


✗ taehyung is a beauty vlogger, jungkook is a well known gameplaying youtuber and yoongi is a famous love writer. taehyung and jungkook are roommates and the annoying neighbors of yoongi. [2/??]


【羽・WINGS・Park Jimin】


inspiration for this was because i have a friend who’s 6′5″ and i am a solid 5′2″ and trying to talk to him is hilarious

also some scheming kids

(i realize wylan looked like kuwei in that scene but wylan and inej are my favorite to draw so oh well)

also THANK YOU FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS!! you grisha fans are so sweet i really appreciate every single message ♡ stay tuned for more soc but this time with kuwei ;)