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Man Of Your Word

Summary: Dean constantly flirts with the reader, but Dean always flirts with everyone. The reader convinces herself it’s nothing, until Sam tells her something that might make her feelings for Dean valid. Dean walking in on the reader while she’s jamming out provides the perfect situation for them to figure things out. 

Word Count: 4057

Song Pairing: 

Author’s note: PURE SMUTTT! I realized I’ve been neglecting Dean and wanted to give you guys some good ole fashioned smut! This one is a good one, enjoy:) 

Hunting with Sam and Dean Winchester had been an interesting challenge, but had changed your life for the better. The real challenge was fighting your feelings for Dean, that was one monster you couldn’t kill. Dean was flirty by nature, and that was something you weren’t. He knew all his little comments had an effect on you and he loved it.

Dean would always tease you, and walk away like a smug bastard once he saw the red appear on your cheeks. The most recent incident was in the library the other day while you were helping with research. Sam asked if you could search for a certain book, “Sure thing Sammy”.

You’d already walked away from the table so you couldn’t see Dean’s reaction. He winked at Sam before excitedly getting up, tagging along after you. Sam shook his head as he watched the smug look appear on his brother’s face.

Walking past about five aisles of books you finally found the right one and as you walked down the aisle you felt someone watching you. Turning you saw Dean leaning against the shelf, “Thought you’d need some help princess”. You rolled you eyes and he smirked. Dean walked over to you, “Come on, what’s wrong with that?”.

Trailing your fingertips over the multiple books in the shelves you finally found what you were looking for, “Looks like I don’t need help Dean, found it myself”. You reached up to grab the book but you were too short, even on your tiptoes.

Suddenly you felt Dean press his body against yours as he reached for the book. You turned back around, your body pressed against both Dean and the bookshelf. He licked his lips before handing you the book, “This isn’t so bad huh princess?”.

You tried to respond but all you could focus on was how good it felt to have Dean so close to you. Realizing how obviously distracted you were you blushed, looking away. He smirked, “I meant accepting my help….wasn’t so bad huh”. You mentally cursed yourself as Dean mentally praised himself for getting a reaction out of you.

He took a step back giving you enough space to walk away. You tried to save yourself, “I don’t know Dean, it was enough to leave me speechless”. You began walking back to the table and smiled as you heard Dean laugh.

Ever since that moment Deans flirtations had only intensified, your one comeback had ignited a flame. It was like you were almost in a constant state of having butterflies in your stomach and goosebumps on your skin from his little touches.

You were sitting in Sam’s room doing research, him at his desk and you on his bed. The only noise in the room had been his typing until he turned around in his chair, “ I can’t do this anymore (y/n), when are you going to do something about Dean?”.

Trying to downplay the topic you said, “I don’t know Sam I know he can be annoying at times but-”. Sam raised his hand and you stopped your comment and just looked at him. His voice was calm, “You’re one of my closest friends and he’s my brother, I can see what’s happening”.

You were confused, “And what’s happening Sam?”. He ran a hand through his hair obviously frustrated, “You both have feelings for eachother”. Once he said it you found yourself blushing, was it that obvious? You tried to push things further down, “I’ll admit it I have feelings for Dean but-”.

Sam stopped you, “Don’t even (y/n), he DOES have feelings for you too. I know Dean sure he flirts with everyone, but it’s different with you”. You shook your head, still not convinced. Sam rolled his eyes, “You should see how happy he gets when you come around, he literally lights up. You’ll walk away blushing and he’s just standing there smiling to himself”.

You couldn’t help but smile, you knew Dean affected you but the thought that you also had an affect on him…Sam pulled you from your thoughts, “I love you (y/n), I wouldn’t lead you in the wrong direction”. He suddenly laughed, “You know it’s so obvious even Cas has picked up on it”.

You laughed too, “Fuck, I thought it was just all in my head you know? I never would’ve thought-”. You stopped your sentence when you heard a knock on the door and then it opened. It was Dean, “Only you two would be in a bedroom with the door closed for hours and be reading”.

What Sam had told you had given you confidence, you felt daring. You grinned, “Who knows what we were doing before?” finishing your sentence with a wink.  It was your turn to smirk while Dean tried to process something you’d said. Sam interrupted, “What’s up Dean?”.

He finally regained his train of thought, “Bobby said he needed us to run an errand for him, go check out this library a town over see if it has this book”. Sam nodded his head and Dean explained that they should leave as soon as they could. Dean asked, “Do you want to come (y/n)?”.

You shook your head, “I have a couple things I have to do around the bunker, it’s only going to take you guys an hour or so right?”. Dean nodded his head but looked a little disappointed. Sam got up from the bed, “Yeah won’t be too long”.

He joined his brother at the door and before leaving Dean looked you over, “Try not to miss me too much princess”.  Normally you would’ve just blushed, convinced yourself that you were just another girl to him, but this time you acted differently. You looked him over too and licked your lips, “Try not to miss me either Dean”.

There was a different kind of look in his eyes after hearing you say that. He stood there for a moment, not wanting to leave. Dean only moved from his spot when Sam called out for him, “Dean come on”. After Dean left the room you sat there, processing. There had been so much tension in that moment, and what was that look in his eyes?

You were pulled from your thoughts when you got a text from Sam, “Nice job finally making a move…somewhat of one…Dean is eager to get back so we won’t be long”. You laughed after reading that, you one little comment did all that?

It felt thrilling to know that you could have Dean all flustered too, it made you feel powerful. Getting up from the bed you decided to start on cleaning up the bunker somewhat. You all took turns picking up when you could, and this would be the perfect time.

You actually didn’t mind cleaning, you blared your music and just jammed out. Sam had found a way to hook up the speaker system in the bunker to play music, and it was awesome. It was like your own personal concert with all your favorite bands and singers.

Before you could hook your phone up you got a facetime call from Charlie. Charlie hunted off and on with you guys and she’d become your best friend. She knew about your feelings for Dean and basically told you what Sam had, you and Dean had feelings for eachother.  

By now you were in the kitchen planning to start with the dishes. Leaning over the kitchen counter you picked up, “Hey Charlie, what’s up?”. She started right away, “Okay what is this I hear about you FINALLY making somewhat of a move on Dean?!!”. You laughed, word travels fast huh?

Next would Castiel suddenly pop in to congratulate you, “Sam told you?”. She nearly shook the phone as she screamed, “Yes Sam told me! He said the sexual tension in the room was so thick you could stab it with an angel blade!”.

You smiled, “I mean….wait this whole time have you and Sam been talking about Dean and I?”. Charlie rolled her eyes, “DUH! You two are totally pulling a Ron and Hermione, Sam and I actually call you guys by those names-”.

Your jaw dropped, “That’s why you guys always talk Harry Potter?! This whole time-”. She laughed, “You can be angry later now is the time we talk about your plan of action for Dean”. Plan of action? It just felt like things had started.

You explained, “Charlie it’s been 5 minutes and you’re asking about a plan? Look I love you but I need to just be  before I start to freak. I have this new confidence and I don’t want to lose it because I’m trying to make a plan”.

She understood, “Alright, I love you but this isn’t over. I’m going to come over tomorrow and then we’re going to have a nice long talk”. Laughing you agreed and then hung up the phone. Before anyone could call you next you decided to put your phone on do not disturb and just play your music.

You couldn’t help it but Dean consumed your thoughts, to be honest your dirtier thoughts. There was one playlist you had for times where you couldn’t help but think about his lips on yours. Since you were home and you’d have an hour you decided it would be fine to play it.

Between the music blaring and the water running you couldn’t hear a thing. You grinned as your favorite song blared all throughout the bunker, it was a rap song. Dean still remained outdated about his music choice but there was occasionas where he liked a certain song you played.

There was something about this song that just made you think of him, think about the things you could do while it was playing. You knew it was cliche but certain songs were just meant for things like that. You found yourself swaying your hips as it played.

I been walking ‘round like I don’t give a fuck, fuck, fuck
And it’s probably for the better baby

The lyrics reminded you of yourself, you hid the way you felt from Dean. Part of you had always thought that maybe he hid it too, and now you knew he did. You continued to wash the dishes, but found your mind elsewhere.

Brought your friends into my crib, But you’re the only one that’s staying
Well that’s me, just being a little cocky

The music was so loud that you didn’t hear the door open, and close. You didn’t hear the footsteps, and you didn’t see that Dean was back home. He stood there watching you dance to the music, licking his lips.

We can do it on the stairs like I’m Rocky, I could prepare you a three course meal but it’s not me, I rather eat her out like Hibachi

His jaw dropped a little at the lyrics as he thought, “This is what (y/n) really listens too?”. He felt himself begin to get aroused at the thought of you and such sexual lyrics together, was this what you wanted? Dean had begun to realize that there was a lot more to you than he truly knew, someone hiding behind that innocence.

So come over tonight, ain’t nobody home
We can fuck anywhere, you already know

By now you stopped washing the dishes all together, just dancing. Placing your hands on the counter you moved your ass in a slow circle before sliding down, your knees now fully bent. You bounced your ass to the beat and then moved back up, sticking your ass out while shaking it.

This ain’t no surprise party, We could start on the bed, end up on the floor
Fuck in every room, girl, I’ll give you a tour

Dean stood there watching you, his erection growing. He licked his lips while thinking, “Fuck I didn’t know (y/n) danced like that…her ass bouncing like that makes me think how she’d bounce on-”. Dean pulled himself from his thoughts, he was slipping to deeply into his other side.

This ain’t no surprise party
Girl, and you don’t need no invitation

Letting the music wash over you you closed your eyes as you turned around. You rolled your hips forward while moving your hands down your body, brushing your breasts and lightly grazing your thighs. When you opened your eyes your jaw dropped, how long had Dean been there?

You stood there breathless, unsure of what to say. Dean filled the silence, “I..Sam decided this could be a one man job…I texted you”. As he spoke he’d taken steps toward you, closing the space between you both.

Yo I woke up feeling like my life was excellent
She jumped on top of me like “Let’s have sex again”

You didn’t know what to say, “My phones on do not disturb..uh the song…I-”. By now he was only inches away from your body, and he looked you up and down. Since you were home alone you’d only been in an oversized tee and your underwear. You felt like you were melting while watching him take in your body.

He reached out but stopped himself by placing his hands on either side of the counter behind you. Dean was trying to restrain himself, he wouldn’t be able to hold back when it came to you. The truth was that there was a side to Dean that not many knew, an extremely dominant side.

This ain’t no investigation, I don’t even question it
I’m the type to inspire your girl to get undressed again

Dean allowed himself to flirt with you in hopes that it would be enough and suppress his intense urges, but the way you acted today made it impossible. He finally spoke, “When it comes to you (y/n) I just can’t control myself…”. While speaking his hands found your hips, and a thousand butterflies took flight in your stomach.

Your voice was shaky, “Then let yourself lose control Dean”. When he heard you say that his grip tightened, and you brought your body closer to his. He shook his head, “You don’t know princess I-”. With your hands you brought his head up, “Dean you’re not the only one who wants this, I want this so bad”. Dean bit his lip still unsure, he knew that once this started he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. To convince him you started to undo his belt, rolling with your new found confidence.

You leaned up to whisper in his ear, “I’m not some delicate thing you can destroy Dean, please”. Dean’s breathing had become more rapid, he’d never had someone affect him like this before. He suddenly took your face in both his hands, “Fuck (y/n) you don’t know what you do to me, if-”.

You cut him off by pulling his hips closer to yours, “Dean do you know how many nights I’ve spent unable to sleep just because some little thing you’ve said to me? Why don’t you finally become a man of your word and-”.

In his head he said, “Fuck it” and finally placed his lips on yours. It was a hungry kiss, tongues exploring each others mouths while your hands explored each others bodies. It was only a kiss but your entire body already felt on fire.

When the kiss was over Dean stood there with a smirk as he looked you over again, “It’s very naughty of you to only be wearing this when Sam and I could be home any second..”. His hands now played with the hem of your shirt, and he lifted it up slightly to see you were only wearing underwear.

You breath hitched as he took in your black lace thong, and he shook his head grinning. Licking his lips he said, “Only in your panties princess? Fuck I bet you wanted me to come home and find you like this…wanted me to just fucking take you right here huh”.

His words were turning you on so much, you felt your panties begin to soaken. Dean wanted a reply so he loosely placed a hand around your neck, “Answer me (y/n) is that what you wanted to happen?”. His grip made it slightly hard to breath, making it even harder to process.

You barely got out, “Yes Dean, yes”. Dean bit his lip, thinking. Suddenly he lifted you up and placed you on the counter, his hands resting on your knees. He looked up at you, “Dirty little girl….you’re making things harder for daddy”.

When you heard Dean call himself daddy you automatically moaned, it was something you’d secretly always wanted. You were starting to see what he’d been talking about, the other side to him. Dean of course picked up on it, “You like it when I call myself daddy don’t you, fuck you’re going to ruin me princess”.

He spread your legs grinning at how wet you already were, “So wet and I haven’t even started”. While speaking he grabbed your legs by the backs of your knees and pulled you closer to him. Looking down at him you rested your hands on his shoulders, your breath hitched in anticipation.

Dean lowered his head and slowly dragged your underwear down, “You look so good (y/n)”. This was something you’d always wanted to happen and had played out roughly 100 times in your head. You decided to respond how you would’ve in your mind, “I taste even better Dean”.

His jaw actually dropped and he looked up at you with pure desire in his eyes. He placed a leg over each shoulder and you moved your hands to his hair. Dean licked his lips one more time before finally moving his mouth centimeters away from your pussy.

You closed your eyes as his hot breath sent shivers down your spin. Dean shook his head, “Open your eyes for daddy princess, I wanna see your beautiful reactions”. You just nodded your head, but then you remembered what happened last time so you responded, “Yes Daddy”.

He smirked, “Good girl”. Dean then used two fingers to spread your folds, fully exposing your clit. He took your clit between his lips, lightly sucking.

You bit your lip to hide a moan, it felt so good. Dean groaned which made your entire lower region vibrate, “Fuck Dean”.

He moved his head up and down, moving his tongue up and down your slit. You grabbed a fistfull of his hair and he groaned again. When you tugged on his hair it felt so good for Dean, almost massaging his scalp.

Dean started to move faster with his tongue and you bucked your hips toward him. You moaned, “That feels so good Dean”. This encouraged him and he moved even faster with his tongue. He made his way back up to you clit, focusing solely on it.

He took it between his lips again, but this time lightly nibbled on it. The slight pain felt so good and you moaned his name. You felt him smile against your skin, obviously proud of himself. If you weren’t feeling an immense amount of pleasure you would’ve cursed him.

Dean put his hands on your hips angling your body so he could get more of you. You were guiding his head with your fistulls of hair, needing even more of him. Every once and awhile Dean would flick his tongue over your clit, causing goosebumps to appear all over your skin.

The eye contact between you both made things even hotter, and you felt yourself so lost in it all. Dean moved his head in multiple directions, almost licking as much of you as he could. He’d change speeds, going extremely fast and then slow again, causing you to gasp.

Dean loved every moment of it, looking up at you and seeing how much pleasure he was causing you. He wanted nothing more than to watch you come undone at his touch, having complete control over you. Dean lifted his mouth away for a moment, “I want you to cum for me (y/n), cum when I tell you to”.

Dean’s demanding side was so arousing to you. He put his mouth back on your clit and you moaned, “Yes Dean”. He groaned against your skin again at how submissive you were for him. You felt yourself getting closer to orgasm, and Dean could feel it too.

He almost nodded at you, his way of telling you to finally cum for him. After that he started moving his tongue even faster, shocking your entire body. His tongue moved in every direction, changing patterns, but going faster and faster.

You held tightly onto his head as your orgasm shook through you. An earthquake of pleasure traveled all over your body, your core the epicenter. Dean felt your walls closing against his tongue, and he moaned into you.

He watched you hit your climax, and your orgasm shake throughout your entire body. Watching you come undone like that was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. You screamed out his name as your body literally shook, and he felt you pulsating.

Dean also watched you recover from your orgasm, your chest rising and falling rapidly. You opened your eye again and looked down at him, his tongue still inside you. Slowly he moved his head away, but placed a kiss right above your clit.

He now stood up normally, perfect eye level with you. Dean wrapped one hand around your waist and the other on your cheek, “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known (y/n)”. Somehow after everything that had just happened you found yourself blushing and looking away.

Dean lead your head back to him and smiled, “I mean it….I’m in love with you”. You placed one hand on his chest while wrapping the other around the back of his neck. Smiling you replied, “I love you two Dean, so much”.

He rested his head in the crook of your neck and laughed, “It finally took us long enough”. With both hands you brought his head back, kissing him lightly. You felt him smile through the kiss and you knew you were in for it now.

How could one man go from making you call him daddy to being completely giddy by kissing you? You smiled while shaking your head, the multiple sides to Dean was what made him so perfect. He had his classic smirk on his face, “Seeing you dance like that put a thousand different thoughts into my head (y/n)”.

You laughed, “Oh really like what?”. He bit his lip and then opened his mouth to speak but stopped once he heard the door open and close. You realized that your music had stopped playing awhile ago, and now you could hear the footsteps.

You went to jump down from the counter but it was too late, Sam was already in the room. Dean turned his head, greeting his brother with an extremely smug look. Sam looked confused, “Dean I don’t know why you’re looking at me like that while you two are both fully clothed”.

Dean looked to you and winked before answering his brother, “Who knows what we were doing before?”. You buried your face in Dean’s chest, a mixture of embarrassed but also amused. You and Dean both began to laugh while Sam shook his head, “I’m happy you two finally told each other how you feel, but stop celebrating in places where we eat”.

Dean smirked again, “Oh but Sammy I was eating-”. You hit Dean’s chest stopping him from finishing his sentence, but Sam had already gotten the idea. Sam put his hands up in defeat, “Don’t need you to paint a picture for me Dean, this bunker has a hundred rooms go find one”.

Dean stepped back, letting you step down from the counter. You turned to walk away and Dean slapped your ass, “Will do Sammy, will do”. You started to laugh and Dean took you by the hand and lead you to his room. Sam had put an idea into his brother’s head, Dean was now determined to explore every room in the bunker with you…..even Sammy’s.

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happy noises

                     “ Don’t get too excited, dude. You’ll be disappointed.

Scarlett Prequel Snippets

(x) (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI)


a little insight into those three years Sherlock was away destroying Moriartyโ€™s web and Molly dealing with her pregnancy

Four Years Ago

They didnโ€™t say a word as they simply lay side by side in the silence; what do you say to the supposed dead man youโ€™d just spent the night with, anyway? Molly Hooper pondered that very question as she chewed on her lip, her stomach churning with nerves. She peered next to her at him, Sherlock Holmes, the man sheโ€™d killed. In a sense. Heโ€™d be leaving soon โ€“ apparently, destroying Moriartyโ€™s web was effective first thing in the morning; she watched him for several moments, committing every bit of him to memory. His bright, wonderful eyes were closed but no less focused โ€“ Molly could almost see his mind whirling. She wondered what he was doing in there. Savingโ€ฆor deleting.

โ€œThat was a mistake.โ€

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who are the people you wrote into 'the things i'd never say'?

Ooh okay –

My best friend:
Please stay with me – I want to die in your arms.

The first person I kissed: 
You were all lies wrapped up in grace and charm. 
don’t love you, but, Jesus, I could try, 
couldn’t I?

An old friend who I’m growing distant from: 
Even though I think there’s mold 
growing on your heart, black and cold,
there’s still time for words to bloom –

The last person I tried to love:
I have torn myself to pieces over you. 
And your name is a scar, bloodless and dry. 
It wouldn’t have been if you only fucking tried.

My mother:
And I know it’s the veins that tie our wrists together, 
because your mouth is a black hole I never wanted to weather.

My father:
Even when your death sounds like gunshots 
I sit soft, I sit still, I let the poetry rot.

My brother:
As if love is something you ever wanted from me.

My last ex:
As if love is something you ever wanted to see.

A boy who touched me without consent:
Keep your hands off my soul, with your splintered ribs, 
with your bleeding wrists and your empty cribs. 

A friend I don’t speak to anymore:
You made me into wreckage and sin,
the sound of your voice keeps my body thin.

And I was in love with an idea – the bait, and I bit,
but, God, it was beautiful.
It was, wasn’t it?



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A Couple Years Ago I Was At My Chicks Friend Crib Watchin Movies An I Convince My Chick To Tell Her Friend We Was gonna Go To 7/11 To Buy Snacks. an We Did But Also Went To The Park Across The Street To Have Sex In This Park/Baseball Field.. We Doing Our Thing On The Field.. Im On Top Missionary And All Of A Sudden I Hear A Chopper In The Sky.. A Light Shine On Us While Im on top. told My Chick That We Need To Put Our Thumbs Up So They Know I Aint Raping You. We did and they ended up leaving.



so this fella followed me from my car to my friends crib .. waited outside for an hour .. Followed me back to my car & literally wouldn’t let me leave … He was tapping on the glass trying to get to me. weirdest night ever lmao

Niall Blurb - Truth or Dare

Request: Yes

Rated: PG-13

So to whoever requested this, I hope it’s somewhat what you were asking for. Enjoy!

“(Y/N), truth or dare?” Louis asked you, taking a sip from his beer.

You were sitting in a group of eight: Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall, you, and a few other girls you didn’t know extremely well.

After you and the boys went out to dinner for a little break from work, they insisted you come along with them to a night club. You’ve never been to a club before, so this was all new to you, i.e. getting drunk and partying.

You’ve only drank alcohol twice; once when you went wine tasting with your parents, and once when you went to Europe the previous Summer. Plus, you had only recently turned eighteen, so you were just barely legal.

Inside the club, the music was loud, and drunk dancing young adults stumbled around the building. Before you had entered the room, you leaned over into your best-friend-since-the-crib, Niall’s, ear and whispered that you were slightly nervous. He gave you a smile and insisted it would be fun.

Now, after a few heavy shots and fancy cocktails, you were feeling quite tipsy, and all your nerves had somehow been flushed from your body. You were sat in between Niall and Liam, while your group was playing an alcohol-influenced game of Truth or Dare. Everything the other players had been dared to do previously always ended in a fit of giggles within the entire group. Now, it was your turn.

You narrowed your eyes and looked to Louis. “Dare,” you boldly replied. If you had been sober, hell knows there was no way you would let that word fall from your lips.

“Okay.” Louis rubbed his hands together and licked his lips. His eyes darted back and forth between you and Niall, and the side of his mouth was tilted upwards into an almost evil smirk. “I dare you to kiss Niall.”

You gasped. You and Niall had always been so close, sometimes you even referred to each other as brother and sister. You had never, ever dared to think of him in any other way, especially sexually. You shook your head furiously. “Pick something else!”

“Nope, you chose dare. Either do it or quit,” he said. You looked around the group at Harry, Liam, and Zayn, whose faces all held the same smug grin.

Looking to Niall, you took in his appearance. His cheeks were glowing red, his eyes were wide, and he sat so still, you almost wondered if he could move at all. Then, he looked down to you.

Christ, you thought, he is gorgeous. His blonde hair was styled perfectly into a peek, and it shone gold in the lights of the club. His icy blue eyes pierced into yours and you felt your pulse begin to race. You never thought of Niall in a sexual way… until now. Now, you couldn’t stop thinking of those pink lips; the way they move when he slurs his words, and how they would be just perfect moving with yours…

“(Y/N)?” Niall chirped, snapping you from your daze.

“Oh, uh, right.” You looked at him and mumbled under your breath, “…ah, fuck it.” Then, you crashed your lips to his.

He tasted like mint, and smelled alluring. Scooting closer to you, he sat cross-legged in front of you. His hands traveled up to your face, cupping your cheeks in his calloused hands. You opened your mouth, deepening the kiss, and he took the opportunity to slide his tongue in. He pulled you onto his lap by your hips, and you straddled his waist.

As his tongue explored your mouth, you brought your hand to his hair and tugged on the roots. He moaned into your mouth at the action. His lips were soft as they traveled down to your neck, lightly sucking and biting the sensitive skin there. You whimpered.

He slid a hand under your shirt, and as his hand found your breast, you could feel him grow underneath you. He then brought his plump lips back to yours and lightly slid his tongue over your bottom lip, then bit down softly. A chill ran down your spine and your breathing was momentarily lost in your throat. “Niall…” you quietly moaned. You brought your mouth to his ear, and started nipping at the skin just underneath it. You felt him shiver from your touch.

Suddenly, someone cleared their throat. You jumped away from each other, startled. You had forgotten other people were watching. Your cheeks red, you sat back down on your bum, both a panting mess.

“Woah,” Harry said, “we had a feeling you liked each other, but not that much.” The boys all laughed and smirked at you, and you looked over to Niall. He looked just as embarrassed as you.

“Look at Niall! He’s so red!” Zayn laughed and pointed.

“Shut up,” Niall mumbled. “C'mon (Y/N),” he said, standing up, “let’s go somewhere and finish what we started.” He winked at you, then held out a hand to help you up.

The rest of that night was spent in a cleaning supply closet, learning more about Niall then you ever thought you would… ;)

LOL this was fun to write. Please give me feedback. Request more preferences and blurbs! xx