friends crib

Posted in a local group looking for a bed frame recommendation, so that we can use a co-sleeper, and someone goes off about how her friend’s IKEA crib collapsed with the baby inside.
I’m sorry that happened to your friend, but that is not at all what I asked and I don’t need unsolicited furniture safety lectures, thaaaaanks.

just left a friend’s crib.
slightly tipsy , cus what grad student doesn’t drink beer or whine while having a homework sesh with otha grads? right.
smokes a lil, in the car while pullin off but feelin smoove cus i finished mad work.
.. cruisin in the dark , windy roads
plays Madiba Riddim , followed by Blem ..
you’re your most happiest.
you won’t accept anything but happiness for your life. you deserve every bit of the life you’re trying to build. you know exactly what you want. ✨

DIYs for a swell dwelling!

If you are totally jealous of your friend’s awesome crib but don’t have the dough to undergo a major room makeover, raise your hand. We got just the DIYs you need for overhauling your space and we promise you it’s not rocket science. So take out your scissors and glue guns and get crafting!

Tassel garland

These garlands add flair to any drab wall in no time!

Materials needed:

  • ½ sheet of 20" x 20" or 20" x 24" tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or cord


  1. Fold one piece of your tissue paper in half horizontally and then in half again vertically.
  2. Leaving about an inch margin from the fold line, start cutting your tissue paper into thin ¼ - ½ inch strips.
  3. Carefully unfold along the vertical fold you made earlier and cut the tissue paper in half to reveal two tassels.
  4. Then carefully unfold each half, one tissue paper at a time.
  5. Take the unfolded tissue papers and roll tightly along the middle crease. Once you are done rolling, fold in half and   twist to create a small loop for hanging. Secure the loop with glue if you want.
  6. Create multiple tassels using the same steps.
  7. Insert ribbon or cord into the loops to create your finished garland. And your garland is now ready to hang!

Shoe box caddy

If you are a klutz, this DIY is exactly what you need to tame your clutter.

Materials needed:

  • Large shoe box
  • Toilet paper cardboard rolls or rolls made with cardboard paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Glue


  1. Take a shoe box and wrap it with wrapping paper with nice prints.
  2. Colour the cardboard rolls if you want.
  3. Arrange the rolls inside the box the way you want.
  4. Secure the bottom and sides of the rolls to the box with glue and let it dry.
  5. Store all your pens or craft supplies in this cute caddy. You can also store your cords here.

so this fella followed me from my car to my friends crib .. waited outside for an hour .. Followed me back to my car & literally wouldn’t let me leave … He was tapping on the glass trying to get to me. weirdest night ever lmao