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[Pre-play, at Wittenberg]

Horatio, frustrated: Hamlet, will you stop messing around and help me with this paper!

Hamlet:…what did you just call me?


Horatio: I-I’m sorry, *my lord*, I shouldn’t have-

Horatio: *sigh* can you please help me with this paper?

Hamlet: only if you call me Hamlet again.

♦ Team up? (Pt.1)

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Summary: In which the reader is a high schooler by day and vigilante by night, doing all that she can to help the residents of Queens. Then one day Spider-Man is helped out by an overly athletic civilian who happens to go to Midtown High. It is not long until Peter Parker starts putting two and two together.

♦Pairing: Tom Holland!Peter Parker / Spider-Man x Fem!Reader / Secret Vigilante
♦Genre: Adventure//Fluff?
Word Count: A lot? 
Warnings: None 

Part 2

You had no idea what the hell hit the school but it infected literally everyone. Like Everyone. One second the Decathlon Team leaves for the Nationals then once they’re back suddenly everyone is infatuated with the Spider-Man. And why? Oh because he decided to do a backflip from the top of the Washington Monument on live television. 

You couldn’t help but scoff. 

‘Show off,’ you thought as you grudgingly slammed your locker shut. 

Just maybe - I said maybe - you were a little jealous that while you worked your ass off every night after curfew, juggling your teenage life, home work and being a vigilante (okay, on good nights, a superhero)  and this new guy who’s only been on the street for a year all of a sudden saves someone and he’s famous and everyone wants him to run for president. Jesus.

Not to mention he was such a rookie. Like his ‘techniques’ are really rough around the edges. (What? Of course you’ve been keeping tabs on the guy. It’s useful to know who’s patrolling your turf when you’re not around!)

You scoffed again as you remembered the day you spotted him stopping a guy from stealing a bike, then only to leave a note saying ‘Is this your bike? Do not steal.’

Whoever he is. He’s a dork.’ You concluded.

But still. It did bother you that your alter ego, who some idiot with a blog and a YouTube channel dubbed as ‘The Ninja Blur’ - you involuntarily rolled your eyes at that one - did not get as much recognition (or views) as the Spider-Man.

You sighed as you sat down at your desk in chemistry class, unpacking your books and opening them at the right page. Though deep down, you knew it’s not about the fame and the popularity. You don’t really mind that no one gives you credit for what you do because whether they do or not you will still do what it takes to make these streets safe at night. No matter what. 

And this Spider dude.

You frown at the thought of him.

He may not be so bad. After all if it weren’t for him, you may have lost your best friend, Liz forever. 

But still. It did bother you how advanced his suit was. Did he always have those web-wing things that they showed on TV?

You glanced at the clock. It showed 1.59 pm. 


The bell rang sonorously, as always, nearly splitting your head open. 

“Only 45 minutes to go.” You mumbled.

“And that’s how the -”

You didn’t hear the rest as it was a Friday and soon as the bell signalled for the end of class everyone evacuated, leaving the building as if it were on fire. Like literally someone forgot to take their bag. 

And before you knew it you were the only one in the room. 

Your teacher took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

“Thanks God it’s the weekend.” He said to himself.

“Sir, one upon hearing that would believe you aren’t fond of your profession.” You remarked as you packed your things.

He chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah. Never mind. Have a good weekend. Stay safe.” He added absent mindedly.

“Ok, I’ll try my best.” You called from the corridor. 

‘But no promises.’ 

The corridor was almost deserted and you ran towards the front doors when you felt a body slam into you from around the corner.


The impact wasn’t necessarily big but it hit your left side which was a victim of a mugger’s punch from last night and it still hurt like hell.

“Dammit.” You yelped as you rubbed your left side, your body bent.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” You heard someone say as they put their hand on your arm. 

You looked up through your glasses, though the lenses were only glass with thin silver frames. 

The first rule of being a crime-fighter is don’t let anyone find out you are a crime fighter. So in order to throw all suspicion off you always wore glasses to school. It was true, they did make you seem a little bit softer and less intimidating perhaps, it blended in with your usual quiet but observant demeanour, your long sleeved t-shirts so when you wore your long hair in a loose plait, you looked more like a cute bookworm rather than a butt-kicking crime-fighter. In school at least. At home or when you were with your friends, you let more of your true self show. You often congratulated yourself on your disguise. It was perfect, and necessary. 

“Yeah,” you said as you straightened up, with a little effort, “I’m fine, Jeez, what’s your hurry, huh?”

It was a guy, in a grey, long sleeved shirt, with dark brown eyes and messy hair. You definitely seen him around before.

“Yeah, I am. And I’m sorry, it was my fault! Are you gonna be okay?” He rambled on.

“Yes, I’ll be fine don’t worry.” You waved him off.

You saw relief wash over his face. Then, it appeared as if he remembered something life-threateningly important, his calm expression changed to a panicked one and he dashed off again.

You stared after him, dumbfounded. Then, you shook your head and hurried out the front door.

All the way home you couldn’t shake the guy from your thoughts. He was definitely in your chemistry class. He always had an extra beaker on his desk which is why you remembered him. Then he’s in your technology class as well. And physics too, though he’s always on his laptop.

What was his name…what was his name…


(1) New Message: from Liz <3</b>

Wanna chill at 4pm? Usual spot? 

You smiled.

To: Liz <3</b>

Message: Hells yeah!  I’m bringing the coffee this time X

You tucked your phone into your pocket as you waited for the subway. Then it hit you.

“Peter.” You said, with your eyes wide with realisation. 

You clicked your fingers.

“His name is Peter Parker.” You said, feeling proud that you remembered.

“Who’s is?” asked some random guy who was waiting beside you.

“Eh, never mind.” You said, suddenly feeling self-concious. Then the subway pulled up.

So you and Liz have been friends since the crib and she was basically your best friend which meant that you had to lie to her every ten minutes of hanging out together in order to keep her safe and not expose your ‘extra curricular hobbies’ which often included a slight risk of internal bleeding or fatal injuries.

But hey, you’ve been doing it for two years now, so it was child’s play. And luckily you didn’t need to lie this time because you actually had a legitimate excuse for being late. You had to help Spider-Man. Yeah. She wouldn’t believe it either.

It just sort of happened. It was very stupid of you, exposing your athletic skills like that but you didn’t have time to change. 

You were casually being fifteen minutes late, running across town to your favourite coffee shop, exhaling your order to the girl at the counter, ignoring the look she was giving you when you suddenly heard a car tyres screeching, followed by a thunderous bang!

Your heart missed a beat as you dash outside along with a few others to check what’s going on. 

You noticed a black SUV jeep, its engine smoking and its front practically slammed against a post box. People are approaching to help but then the door on the driver’s seat flew off and a thug with a mask ran from the scene towards your direction, carrying a black duffle bag. He was followed by two others.

You notice a few hundred dollar bills being swept up by the wind from the crashed jeep.

You squint at them as you realise what’s happening.

A robbery.

Before you knew it one of them was almost beside you and it is then that you decide to round-house kick him in the jaw and while he’s stunned kick his feet from underneath him. 

He landed on his back. Hard. 

Another guy, who seemed more than willing to fight you barred his fist but you front flipped behind him, only to punch him in the nose when he turned around and knock him out.

Your knuckles hurt like hell but whatever. You’re used to it. The last guy had more wits as he decided  to run on while you sorted out the other two. But you easily stopped him but slinging your backpack after him, hitting him square on the back of the head and kicking him where the sun don’t shine after you caught up with him. His knees buckled and he tumbled on the pavement. Oh yeah, you ruled.

You thought you heard a Thwip - Thwip sound.

While he was groaning, people started to gather around you, giving you a round of applause and you silently cursed yourself for being so careless in public. You sheepishly shrugged your shoulders as you put on your shy girl facade. 

“I guess, the self-defence classes paid off?”

“Yeah, it looks like it. Thanks for the help, Miss.” Said Spidey as he landed in front of you and the robbers to web them up.  You noticed him taking a double take. Almost as like as if he recognised you…

‘Oh come on.’ You think, ‘Miss?! How cheesy is that?’

You crossed your hands without realising and you pouted at him. Angrily.

Suddenly everyone is cheered for him and started taking photos, patting his shoulders and you just stare in disbelief as people just pushed past you to get to him. 

Finally you threw your hands up in defeat and fought your way back to the coffee shop. You saw the girl pointing to the two cups on the counter. You took the lid of your coffee and took a sip. 

You rolled your eyes.

“Aw, great. The coffee’s cold,” You complained, “Miss, can I have the same again please?”

The girl noded and started to make another two cups. You glanced at your watch. You were an hour late.

Beep Beep

‘Oh boy, I’m dead.’ 

(1) New Message from Liz <3</i>

Where are you? I thought you said 4pm was okay. Anyway, I’ve got to go. Rain check? Sowie.

You sighed and replied saying yeah.

You heard police sirens in the distance.

Just then the girl slid the two cups towards you. “That’ll be $21.99, please.”

“What?” You blurted out, “For four cups of coffee?” 

“Our prices changed. It says on the window.” She said as she pointed towards the front of the shop.

You frowned deeply. Of course they have.

Through the window you saw two police men dispersing the crowd and collecting the stolen money off the pavement.

Great. I save the day and what do I get? A praise from Spider-Man and a ridiculously pricey coffee bill. Stupid (Y/N). You and your morals.’ 

/author’s note/ Soooooooooooooo did you like it or nah ? Would you like me to continue? First fanfic posted on tumblr. Hope you like. Wanna be tagged? Drop me a message ♥  

Man Of Your Word

Summary: Dean constantly flirts with the reader, but Dean always flirts with everyone. The reader convinces herself it’s nothing, until Sam tells her something that might make her feelings for Dean valid. Dean walking in on the reader while she’s jamming out provides the perfect situation for them to figure things out. 

Word Count: 4057

Song Pairing: 

Author’s note: PURE SMUTTT! I realized I’ve been neglecting Dean and wanted to give you guys some good ole fashioned smut! This one is a good one, enjoy:) 

Hunting with Sam and Dean Winchester had been an interesting challenge, but had changed your life for the better. The real challenge was fighting your feelings for Dean, that was one monster you couldn’t kill. Dean was flirty by nature, and that was something you weren’t. He knew all his little comments had an effect on you and he loved it.

Dean would always tease you, and walk away like a smug bastard once he saw the red appear on your cheeks. The most recent incident was in the library the other day while you were helping with research. Sam asked if you could search for a certain book, “Sure thing Sammy”.

You’d already walked away from the table so you couldn’t see Dean’s reaction. He winked at Sam before excitedly getting up, tagging along after you. Sam shook his head as he watched the smug look appear on his brother’s face.

Walking past about five aisles of books you finally found the right one and as you walked down the aisle you felt someone watching you. Turning you saw Dean leaning against the shelf, “Thought you’d need some help princess”. You rolled you eyes and he smirked. Dean walked over to you, “Come on, what’s wrong with that?”.

Trailing your fingertips over the multiple books in the shelves you finally found what you were looking for, “Looks like I don’t need help Dean, found it myself”. You reached up to grab the book but you were too short, even on your tiptoes.

Suddenly you felt Dean press his body against yours as he reached for the book. You turned back around, your body pressed against both Dean and the bookshelf. He licked his lips before handing you the book, “This isn’t so bad huh princess?”.

You tried to respond but all you could focus on was how good it felt to have Dean so close to you. Realizing how obviously distracted you were you blushed, looking away. He smirked, “I meant accepting my help….wasn’t so bad huh”. You mentally cursed yourself as Dean mentally praised himself for getting a reaction out of you.

He took a step back giving you enough space to walk away. You tried to save yourself, “I don’t know Dean, it was enough to leave me speechless”. You began walking back to the table and smiled as you heard Dean laugh.

Ever since that moment Deans flirtations had only intensified, your one comeback had ignited a flame. It was like you were almost in a constant state of having butterflies in your stomach and goosebumps on your skin from his little touches.

You were sitting in Sam’s room doing research, him at his desk and you on his bed. The only noise in the room had been his typing until he turned around in his chair, “ I can’t do this anymore (y/n), when are you going to do something about Dean?”.

Trying to downplay the topic you said, “I don’t know Sam I know he can be annoying at times but-”. Sam raised his hand and you stopped your comment and just looked at him. His voice was calm, “You’re one of my closest friends and he’s my brother, I can see what’s happening”.

You were confused, “And what’s happening Sam?”. He ran a hand through his hair obviously frustrated, “You both have feelings for eachother”. Once he said it you found yourself blushing, was it that obvious? You tried to push things further down, “I’ll admit it I have feelings for Dean but-”.

Sam stopped you, “Don’t even (y/n), he DOES have feelings for you too. I know Dean sure he flirts with everyone, but it’s different with you”. You shook your head, still not convinced. Sam rolled his eyes, “You should see how happy he gets when you come around, he literally lights up. You’ll walk away blushing and he’s just standing there smiling to himself”.

You couldn’t help but smile, you knew Dean affected you but the thought that you also had an affect on him…Sam pulled you from your thoughts, “I love you (y/n), I wouldn’t lead you in the wrong direction”. He suddenly laughed, “You know it’s so obvious even Cas has picked up on it”.

You laughed too, “Fuck, I thought it was just all in my head you know? I never would’ve thought-”. You stopped your sentence when you heard a knock on the door and then it opened. It was Dean, “Only you two would be in a bedroom with the door closed for hours and be reading”.

What Sam had told you had given you confidence, you felt daring. You grinned, “Who knows what we were doing before?” finishing your sentence with a wink.  It was your turn to smirk while Dean tried to process something you’d said. Sam interrupted, “What’s up Dean?”.

He finally regained his train of thought, “Bobby said he needed us to run an errand for him, go check out this library a town over see if it has this book”. Sam nodded his head and Dean explained that they should leave as soon as they could. Dean asked, “Do you want to come (y/n)?”.

You shook your head, “I have a couple things I have to do around the bunker, it’s only going to take you guys an hour or so right?”. Dean nodded his head but looked a little disappointed. Sam got up from the bed, “Yeah won’t be too long”.

He joined his brother at the door and before leaving Dean looked you over, “Try not to miss me too much princess”.  Normally you would’ve just blushed, convinced yourself that you were just another girl to him, but this time you acted differently. You looked him over too and licked your lips, “Try not to miss me either Dean”.

There was a different kind of look in his eyes after hearing you say that. He stood there for a moment, not wanting to leave. Dean only moved from his spot when Sam called out for him, “Dean come on”. After Dean left the room you sat there, processing. There had been so much tension in that moment, and what was that look in his eyes?

You were pulled from your thoughts when you got a text from Sam, “Nice job finally making a move…somewhat of one…Dean is eager to get back so we won’t be long”. You laughed after reading that, you one little comment did all that?

It felt thrilling to know that you could have Dean all flustered too, it made you feel powerful. Getting up from the bed you decided to start on cleaning up the bunker somewhat. You all took turns picking up when you could, and this would be the perfect time.

You actually didn’t mind cleaning, you blared your music and just jammed out. Sam had found a way to hook up the speaker system in the bunker to play music, and it was awesome. It was like your own personal concert with all your favorite bands and singers.

Before you could hook your phone up you got a facetime call from Charlie. Charlie hunted off and on with you guys and she’d become your best friend. She knew about your feelings for Dean and basically told you what Sam had, you and Dean had feelings for eachother.  

By now you were in the kitchen planning to start with the dishes. Leaning over the kitchen counter you picked up, “Hey Charlie, what’s up?”. She started right away, “Okay what is this I hear about you FINALLY making somewhat of a move on Dean?!!”. You laughed, word travels fast huh?

Next would Castiel suddenly pop in to congratulate you, “Sam told you?”. She nearly shook the phone as she screamed, “Yes Sam told me! He said the sexual tension in the room was so thick you could stab it with an angel blade!”.

You smiled, “I mean….wait this whole time have you and Sam been talking about Dean and I?”. Charlie rolled her eyes, “DUH! You two are totally pulling a Ron and Hermione, Sam and I actually call you guys by those names-”.

Your jaw dropped, “That’s why you guys always talk Harry Potter?! This whole time-”. She laughed, “You can be angry later now is the time we talk about your plan of action for Dean”. Plan of action? It just felt like things had started.

You explained, “Charlie it’s been 5 minutes and you’re asking about a plan? Look I love you but I need to just be  before I start to freak. I have this new confidence and I don’t want to lose it because I’m trying to make a plan”.

She understood, “Alright, I love you but this isn’t over. I’m going to come over tomorrow and then we’re going to have a nice long talk”. Laughing you agreed and then hung up the phone. Before anyone could call you next you decided to put your phone on do not disturb and just play your music.

You couldn’t help it but Dean consumed your thoughts, to be honest your dirtier thoughts. There was one playlist you had for times where you couldn’t help but think about his lips on yours. Since you were home and you’d have an hour you decided it would be fine to play it.

Between the music blaring and the water running you couldn’t hear a thing. You grinned as your favorite song blared all throughout the bunker, it was a rap song. Dean still remained outdated about his music choice but there was occasionas where he liked a certain song you played.

There was something about this song that just made you think of him, think about the things you could do while it was playing. You knew it was cliche but certain songs were just meant for things like that. You found yourself swaying your hips as it played.

I been walking ‘round like I don’t give a fuck, fuck, fuck
And it’s probably for the better baby

The lyrics reminded you of yourself, you hid the way you felt from Dean. Part of you had always thought that maybe he hid it too, and now you knew he did. You continued to wash the dishes, but found your mind elsewhere.

Brought your friends into my crib, But you’re the only one that’s staying
Well that’s me, just being a little cocky

The music was so loud that you didn’t hear the door open, and close. You didn’t hear the footsteps, and you didn’t see that Dean was back home. He stood there watching you dance to the music, licking his lips.

We can do it on the stairs like I’m Rocky, I could prepare you a three course meal but it’s not me, I rather eat her out like Hibachi

His jaw dropped a little at the lyrics as he thought, “This is what (y/n) really listens too?”. He felt himself begin to get aroused at the thought of you and such sexual lyrics together, was this what you wanted? Dean had begun to realize that there was a lot more to you than he truly knew, someone hiding behind that innocence.

So come over tonight, ain’t nobody home
We can fuck anywhere, you already know

By now you stopped washing the dishes all together, just dancing. Placing your hands on the counter you moved your ass in a slow circle before sliding down, your knees now fully bent. You bounced your ass to the beat and then moved back up, sticking your ass out while shaking it.

This ain’t no surprise party, We could start on the bed, end up on the floor
Fuck in every room, girl, I’ll give you a tour

Dean stood there watching you, his erection growing. He licked his lips while thinking, “Fuck I didn’t know (y/n) danced like that…her ass bouncing like that makes me think how she’d bounce on-”. Dean pulled himself from his thoughts, he was slipping to deeply into his other side.

This ain’t no surprise party
Girl, and you don’t need no invitation

Letting the music wash over you you closed your eyes as you turned around. You rolled your hips forward while moving your hands down your body, brushing your breasts and lightly grazing your thighs. When you opened your eyes your jaw dropped, how long had Dean been there?

You stood there breathless, unsure of what to say. Dean filled the silence, “I..Sam decided this could be a one man job…I texted you”. As he spoke he’d taken steps toward you, closing the space between you both.

Yo I woke up feeling like my life was excellent
She jumped on top of me like “Let’s have sex again”

You didn’t know what to say, “My phones on do not disturb..uh the song…I-”. By now he was only inches away from your body, and he looked you up and down. Since you were home alone you’d only been in an oversized tee and your underwear. You felt like you were melting while watching him take in your body.

He reached out but stopped himself by placing his hands on either side of the counter behind you. Dean was trying to restrain himself, he wouldn’t be able to hold back when it came to you. The truth was that there was a side to Dean that not many knew, an extremely dominant side.

This ain’t no investigation, I don’t even question it
I’m the type to inspire your girl to get undressed again

Dean allowed himself to flirt with you in hopes that it would be enough and suppress his intense urges, but the way you acted today made it impossible. He finally spoke, “When it comes to you (y/n) I just can’t control myself…”. While speaking his hands found your hips, and a thousand butterflies took flight in your stomach.

Your voice was shaky, “Then let yourself lose control Dean”. When he heard you say that his grip tightened, and you brought your body closer to his. He shook his head, “You don’t know princess I-”. With your hands you brought his head up, “Dean you’re not the only one who wants this, I want this so bad”. Dean bit his lip still unsure, he knew that once this started he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. To convince him you started to undo his belt, rolling with your new found confidence.

You leaned up to whisper in his ear, “I’m not some delicate thing you can destroy Dean, please”. Dean’s breathing had become more rapid, he’d never had someone affect him like this before. He suddenly took your face in both his hands, “Fuck (y/n) you don’t know what you do to me, if-”.

You cut him off by pulling his hips closer to yours, “Dean do you know how many nights I’ve spent unable to sleep just because some little thing you’ve said to me? Why don’t you finally become a man of your word and-”.

In his head he said, “Fuck it” and finally placed his lips on yours. It was a hungry kiss, tongues exploring each others mouths while your hands explored each others bodies. It was only a kiss but your entire body already felt on fire.

When the kiss was over Dean stood there with a smirk as he looked you over again, “It’s very naughty of you to only be wearing this when Sam and I could be home any second..”. His hands now played with the hem of your shirt, and he lifted it up slightly to see you were only wearing underwear.

You breath hitched as he took in your black lace thong, and he shook his head grinning. Licking his lips he said, “Only in your panties princess? Fuck I bet you wanted me to come home and find you like this…wanted me to just fucking take you right here huh”.

His words were turning you on so much, you felt your panties begin to soaken. Dean wanted a reply so he loosely placed a hand around your neck, “Answer me (y/n) is that what you wanted to happen?”. His grip made it slightly hard to breath, making it even harder to process.

You barely got out, “Yes Dean, yes”. Dean bit his lip, thinking. Suddenly he lifted you up and placed you on the counter, his hands resting on your knees. He looked up at you, “Dirty little girl….you’re making things harder for daddy”.

When you heard Dean call himself daddy you automatically moaned, it was something you’d secretly always wanted. You were starting to see what he’d been talking about, the other side to him. Dean of course picked up on it, “You like it when I call myself daddy don’t you, fuck you’re going to ruin me princess”.

He spread your legs grinning at how wet you already were, “So wet and I haven’t even started”. While speaking he grabbed your legs by the backs of your knees and pulled you closer to him. Looking down at him you rested your hands on his shoulders, your breath hitched in anticipation.

Dean lowered his head and slowly dragged your underwear down, “You look so good (y/n)”. This was something you’d always wanted to happen and had played out roughly 100 times in your head. You decided to respond how you would’ve in your mind, “I taste even better Dean”.

His jaw actually dropped and he looked up at you with pure desire in his eyes. He placed a leg over each shoulder and you moved your hands to his hair. Dean licked his lips one more time before finally moving his mouth centimeters away from your pussy.

You closed your eyes as his hot breath sent shivers down your spin. Dean shook his head, “Open your eyes for daddy princess, I wanna see your beautiful reactions”. You just nodded your head, but then you remembered what happened last time so you responded, “Yes Daddy”.

He smirked, “Good girl”. Dean then used two fingers to spread your folds, fully exposing your clit. He took your clit between his lips, lightly sucking.

You bit your lip to hide a moan, it felt so good. Dean groaned which made your entire lower region vibrate, “Fuck Dean”.

He moved his head up and down, moving his tongue up and down your slit. You grabbed a fistfull of his hair and he groaned again. When you tugged on his hair it felt so good for Dean, almost massaging his scalp.

Dean started to move faster with his tongue and you bucked your hips toward him. You moaned, “That feels so good Dean”. This encouraged him and he moved even faster with his tongue. He made his way back up to you clit, focusing solely on it.

He took it between his lips again, but this time lightly nibbled on it. The slight pain felt so good and you moaned his name. You felt him smile against your skin, obviously proud of himself. If you weren’t feeling an immense amount of pleasure you would’ve cursed him.

Dean put his hands on your hips angling your body so he could get more of you. You were guiding his head with your fistulls of hair, needing even more of him. Every once and awhile Dean would flick his tongue over your clit, causing goosebumps to appear all over your skin.

The eye contact between you both made things even hotter, and you felt yourself so lost in it all. Dean moved his head in multiple directions, almost licking as much of you as he could. He’d change speeds, going extremely fast and then slow again, causing you to gasp.

Dean loved every moment of it, looking up at you and seeing how much pleasure he was causing you. He wanted nothing more than to watch you come undone at his touch, having complete control over you. Dean lifted his mouth away for a moment, “I want you to cum for me (y/n), cum when I tell you to”.

Dean’s demanding side was so arousing to you. He put his mouth back on your clit and you moaned, “Yes Dean”. He groaned against your skin again at how submissive you were for him. You felt yourself getting closer to orgasm, and Dean could feel it too.

He almost nodded at you, his way of telling you to finally cum for him. After that he started moving his tongue even faster, shocking your entire body. His tongue moved in every direction, changing patterns, but going faster and faster.

You held tightly onto his head as your orgasm shook through you. An earthquake of pleasure traveled all over your body, your core the epicenter. Dean felt your walls closing against his tongue, and he moaned into you.

He watched you hit your climax, and your orgasm shake throughout your entire body. Watching you come undone like that was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. You screamed out his name as your body literally shook, and he felt you pulsating.

Dean also watched you recover from your orgasm, your chest rising and falling rapidly. You opened your eye again and looked down at him, his tongue still inside you. Slowly he moved his head away, but placed a kiss right above your clit.

He now stood up normally, perfect eye level with you. Dean wrapped one hand around your waist and the other on your cheek, “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known (y/n)”. Somehow after everything that had just happened you found yourself blushing and looking away.

Dean lead your head back to him and smiled, “I mean it….I’m in love with you”. You placed one hand on his chest while wrapping the other around the back of his neck. Smiling you replied, “I love you two Dean, so much”.

He rested his head in the crook of your neck and laughed, “It finally took us long enough”. With both hands you brought his head back, kissing him lightly. You felt him smile through the kiss and you knew you were in for it now.

How could one man go from making you call him daddy to being completely giddy by kissing you? You smiled while shaking your head, the multiple sides to Dean was what made him so perfect. He had his classic smirk on his face, “Seeing you dance like that put a thousand different thoughts into my head (y/n)”.

You laughed, “Oh really like what?”. He bit his lip and then opened his mouth to speak but stopped once he heard the door open and close. You realized that your music had stopped playing awhile ago, and now you could hear the footsteps.

You went to jump down from the counter but it was too late, Sam was already in the room. Dean turned his head, greeting his brother with an extremely smug look. Sam looked confused, “Dean I don’t know why you’re looking at me like that while you two are both fully clothed”.

Dean looked to you and winked before answering his brother, “Who knows what we were doing before?”. You buried your face in Dean’s chest, a mixture of embarrassed but also amused. You and Dean both began to laugh while Sam shook his head, “I’m happy you two finally told each other how you feel, but stop celebrating in places where we eat”.

Dean smirked again, “Oh but Sammy I was eating-”. You hit Dean’s chest stopping him from finishing his sentence, but Sam had already gotten the idea. Sam put his hands up in defeat, “Don’t need you to paint a picture for me Dean, this bunker has a hundred rooms go find one”.

Dean stepped back, letting you step down from the counter. You turned to walk away and Dean slapped your ass, “Will do Sammy, will do”. You started to laugh and Dean took you by the hand and lead you to his room. Sam had put an idea into his brother’s head, Dean was now determined to explore every room in the bunker with you…..even Sammy’s.

Pining. (Kuroo x Reader)

Can i ask for some headcanons/scenario (whatever floats your boat)in which Kuroo has an unrequited feelings for his female childhood friend? Thank you!

A/N: Aaaaa i love this kind of stuff. Angst is my passion.

“You’re ugly.”


Kuroo sat on the purple bean bag chair in your dorm, laptop in lap, trying to work without your consistent distractions. Tonight, he was staying over at your dorm to help you finish your English project, the key word being “trying”. You continued to distract him often, attempting to get a rise out of the seemingly “calm and collected” captain. You two often quarreled like this, but Kuroo was immune to your playful insults of any caliber. Yeah, this type of relationship didn’t suit everyone, but you two were exceptionally close.

You and Kuroo had been best friends from the crib, your mothers introduced you at a young age, and the two of you were pretty much conjoined at the hip ever since. You two did everything together, you even tried volleyball because of Kuroo. You two were inseparable. And, just as expected, your relationship has held just as indomitable ever since. You two were in Uni now, yet still as close as ever. It was almost as if nothing had changed since childhood.

Although a bit nettled, Kuroo couldn’t help but think of how cute you looked right now. A mischievous smirk laced your face and your eyes were fixated on him, calculating for just the slight movement of his face to see if he was close to laughter. Kuroo maintained his poker face, trying not to give you the satisfaction you craved. Your short attention span was what caused you to have to ask for his aid, and he was not going to indulge you. After a few seconds more of studying his face, you ceased fire and slumped back in your computer chair, sighing in boredom. Kuroo chuckled a bit at your over dramatic action, and you excitedly shot back up again.

“HAH. Made you laugh!”

Kuroo playfully rolled his eyes. “Whatever. You’re dumb.”

“You’re more dumb.”

“It’s dumbER, not more dumb. No wonder why you needed help on your English project.”

You sighed in frustration, ungraciously accepting your defeat. “English is hard….okay….don’t judge.”

Kuroo raised a brow, making slight eye contact with you. “It’s hard not to judge when you don’t even know how to properly use your words.”

You pouted, adorably, if he may add. “Oh, I can use my words. In fact, I have four that fit this situation perfectly. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.”

Kuroo chuckled again, a bit louder this time. You were funnier than you gave yourself credit for. He tried to focus on finishing the project again, but decided it was probably time to quit working for the day anyway. You guys still had a couple of days to finish, and you seemed to be getting reckless. Yeah, he supposed he has some time to humor you right now. Kuroo shut his laptop and looked up at you sprawled out on the computer chair.

“Hey. Let’s call it quits for tonight. We still got time to finish later.”

You looked up from the floor and at him, pleasantly surprised. “Really? Are you sure?”

Kuroo nodded. “Yeah. I’m bored too. Let’s do something else.”

Your face broke out into a wide grin, Kuroo felt his heart stop. “Nice! What do you wanna do?”

After a second of recovery, Kuroo answered. “Weeeeell…I am kinda hungry. If you wanna go grab something to eat.”

You furrowed your brows and looked up, insinuating you were in thought. “Where should we go…other than a fast food place…It’s kinda late right now.” After a few seconds, your face lit up in realization and you hit a hand against your palm. “I know! There’s this cool ramen bar downtown! We should hit it up, they stay open pretty late.” Your

Kuroo was a little interested-ramen sounded good-but he wasn’t fully convinced. Right now, his ass was practically glued to this comfortable bean bag chair. Couldn’t you guys just hit up McDonald’s or something?

You noticed his apatheticism, and decided to bring out the big guns. “Aaaaaand…they serve mackerel…I heard its good too….”

Kuroo stood up and stretched. “Alright, I’m in.”


The restaurant was pretty packed, despite it being pretty late now, however, the atmosphere of the place had a comforting, homey vibe. Upon walking in, the smell of spices and cooking meats made your mouth water. The two of you walked up to the counter and sat down, and you took this time to take in your surroundings.

Red paper lanterns were strung from the ceiling around the bar, suffusing the room with a dim, orange light. The walls were burgundy and lined with black around the edges, giving the simple ramen bar a more prestigious vibe. A few charcoal tables and chairs were placed in the middle of the room, obviously for customers looking to dine in for a while. You turned to the bar, spotting the many colorful bottles of alcohol lining the whole wall.

Hell yeah. You need some sake right now.

Thankfully, the bartender was present quickly and quickly got your ramen and drinks together for the two of you. While you ate, you made conversation with Kuroo, listening to him tell a humorous story about he and Bokuto.

“Yeah, I lost, but Bokuto kinda did too. He got so excited about winning, he breathed in too hard and threw up all the marshmallows!”

Kuroo watched you slam down your glass, laughing heartily at his comical tale. He didn’t think it was that funny, but he figured the effect of alcohol was influencing you. Also, he wasn’t complaining. The sound of your chuckling was music to his ears, and the casual hit to his shoulder delivered afterwards only had him craving to touch you more. He admired the beauty of your face in the warm candlelight. The soft glow accentuated your features, and the longer he stared, the more he felt his heart flutter in his chest. Although it was late, you still looked as gorgeous as ever to him. Your upturned lips and happy, slightly inebriated gaze was infectious. He couldn’t stop a loving smile from sneaking onto his face.

Although he was relishing your happiness and presence, Kuroo realized you probably needed to get home soon. You were obviously a little wasted, and the hour on the clock was creeping to the single digits. Being the less drunken, responsible one, he decided he’d do you a solid and take you home safely.

“Hey, c’mon. Let’s go home.”

“BUT…Kuroo~ I’m having….fun..” You spoke energetically at first, but a yawn interrupted your sentence.

“Nah, it’s late. And we can definitely have fun at your place.” He emphasized the end of the sentence with a playful wink.

You reacted by jokingly squaring him in the shoulder. Kuroo winced a bit at the hit, but didn’t hold it against you. You weren’t really aware of yourself right now.

“Shut up…PERV.”  

Kuroo snickered, then raised his hands in innocence. “Hey, I was just talking about a nice game of Monopoly. You’re the only perv here.”

“Whatever. Idiot.”

Kuroo stuck his tongue out at you and set some money down for the tab. He grabbed your hand and let your reluctant and plastered self out of the bar.

The drive home was short and sweet. Kuroo got you home with ease, and sneaked you back into your dorm.

Kuroo closed the door softly and sighed deeply. Although he had fun, he was relieved to be back in private again. The clean smell of your dorm eased his nerves. It smelled just like you. He took a deep breath through his nose and savored the scent of you, allowing himself to be enveloped in the comfort.

The sanctity of the atmosphere was interrupted by the sound of you plopping onto the couch and yawning loudly. Kuroo puffed some air out of his nose in amusement to your actions and walked over to the couch, sitting in front of it.

“How’re you doing, kitten?”

You groaned lethargically, then answered. “Tired…”

Kuroo rolled his eyes lightheartedly. “Duh. Hangover hitting you already?”

“No…I only had, like, one glass….”

“Two, actually. And we both know you’re a lightweight.”

You snorted at him and replied. “I’m not a lightweight! You…are…and you’re dumb…”

Kuroo smiled at your comment. “Yeah. I know.”

The atmosphere around you two became silent, yet it was still comfortable. Even in moments that would be awkward for others, you two always seemed to have an pleasant vibe no matter the situation.


Kuroo was a little startled by your sudden comment.


“For taking me home…thanks.”

Ah, the alcohol. You’re getting sappy.

“It’s no problem. I got your back.”

You were silent again for a couple of minutes, Kuroo began to think you were asleep, however, you spoke again.

“You’re…good, Kuroo.”

Kuroo remained silent, trying to process what you meant.

“You’re a good person….You always stick up for me…I want you to know I got your back too…” You paused for a few seconds. “You’re my closest friend.” Another pause. “I love you…”

Cue record scratch. Wait, what did you say? Kuroo’s heart began racing in his chest, and his mind raced at a mile a minute. He knew he really shouldn’t be taking what you said in your drunken stupor seriously, especially since it was preceded with an entirely platonic context, but he still couldn’t ignore the glimmer of hope peeking from the horizon of his mind. Could you maybe, possibly, by the alignment of the stars, reciprocate the feelings he bared for you?

“You…love me?”

You laughed quietly, as if this should be obvious knowledge to him. “Yeah, man. You’re my best friend.”

His heart stopped, this time not from something positive. It instantaneously weighed a thousand times more than usual, and plummeted to his stomach. Kuroo never felt so…betrayed. He really believed you harbored some sort of similar feelings for him…yet that was quickly negated by one word.


Kuroo couldn’t help but regard how ironic it was that the definition of the word could turn from so optimistic to depressing in a swift amount of time

He managed to reply. “Yeah..I’m the best….friend.”

The word felt like a burning poison rising from his throat as he spat it out. Whoever said words don’t hurt was fucking wrong. He’d prefer sticks and stones to this right now.

A soft snore impeded the crestfallen thoughts rushing his mind. He looked over at you and noticed the odd, uncomfortable position you somehow passed out in.

Although he was aware of your feelings, he couldn’t cease his own. Kuroo picked you up from the couch, allowing himself a few seconds to appreciate your peaceful, sleeping face, then brought you to your own bed.

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I can’t sleep.

@otterandterrier @prncsolorgana

Is what she heard in the little mewls, the ones too small to get picked up on the baby monitor but that wake her up because she’s a light sleeper. A light sleeper who also sleeps four feet away from a really light sleeper, even though her mam and da promised she was mostly sleeping through the night now. This had been – not a lie, but what her mother would call lightly wishful thinking. But Lynnie didn’t mind.

“Sh sih-plait,” she implored in a whisper from her bed in the general direction of the crib. 

The new baby mewled again, twisting restlessly. I can’t sleep, I’m scared. She’d been there, oh yes, she had, so many times – but she was bigger, her voice louder, her parents always heard her, every time. The new baby’s voice wasn’t nearly so big.

Lynnie crawled out of bed with one of her friends and approached the crib slowly, pressing her face against the bars. “Ana… sh-sh sih-plait. Go is sleep…” 

She wriggled again, mewling a little louder, and Lynnie slipped a hand between the white bars, and used one finger to stroke the baby’s little fist. The baby who was her sister. “You is sleepy but gotta sleep otay,” she whispered. With her other hand, she ducked her friend into the crib, attempting to nuzzle it against the baby’s face. “Fwiend otay? Pleaaaaaase go sleep?”

The new baby didn’t take nicely to having the little toy in her face, though, and started to whimper in earnest.

“Sh-sh-sh, je t’aime please…”

The baby whimpered again, I can’t sleep, I’m scared, I miss my mam, and Lynnie frowned, she knew how that felt… 

“Do tu want is hold? 

She was reaching up to try to unhook the gate so she could cradle the baby herself when her Mam appeared in her doorway, rubbing her eyes in confusion for a moment and then rushing forward – stumbling really – to hug and kiss Lynnie away from opening the gate. “No-no-no, what’re you doing, ‘loved?” she asked, blinking sleepily and running her fingers over Lynnie’s nighttime braids and gradually becoming aware of the squirming baby.. 

“Ana is say wanna hold,” she whispered, peering up at her mother – how pretty she looked, in her long white nightgown, her hair all crisscrosses into a halo. 

“She told you that she wanted to be held?” Leia translated sleepily, rubbing her eyes again and going back to the crib.


“Mmm… you heard her before I did, did you?” she asked, lifting the squirming baby out of the crib and holding her close. “Did she hear you before I did?” she whispered to the baby, kissing her hair. “Did she hear you first, before anyone else?”

“Yes,” Lynnie said, hugging her mother’s leg.

“Mm – you’re very lucky, you know,” she murmured sleepily into the baby’s hair. “This one’s very thoughtful, very sensitive. I couldn’t imagine a better roommate – or big sister, as it were – to have.”

Lynnie held onto her leg tighter, blushing faintly. “Je is lookit tu, otay?”

“You’re going to look out for her?”


“Very lucky indeed, then.”


Jun 27th, 2016: Recently I’ve been sleeping late and somehow still waking up at 6:33am. And today was no exception. Like every morning, I wake up and feel the pressure. And after many previous experiences I knew there was about 5more minutes before I broke 💔. So i scrape my bowl for whatever crumbs of weed I had left. And blazed…. ✌💕 I happily replied to all the messages from the prevoius magicaly night, completed my morning ritual 🍌💡🎶💪💃 and chill with the d og, phut phut🐩. Luckily about a hour later, my home girl stops by and smokes me ups. I lowkey fall a little more inlove with her for that. We talk about our relationships, share a beer and then get ready to go. I was asked to come to a stress exhibit (to help my depression) so I had to be on my way. I get 2 snacks for 2.22 to break the 10$ and help the stoner♉munchies. On the metro, the beautiful sister sitting in front of me turns around and asks me directions to Penn station (Baltimore - DC). I told her I was going that way (which I was 😉) and I’d walk with her to the station. She’s cool with it. We walk, talk, laugh. After asking my age and calling me young 😏 we exchange info. The 11 bus is coming, so I hurry, hop on, hop off at 22th st. and hike my way to the stress exhibit. It was dope. Good art, music, people and vibes. Im asked to draw what stress looks like to me. So I sit and try. And try. And try. But nothing. The thought it self starts stressing me. So i walk out front the venue for fresh air. After a few minutes, I talk to an OG photographer about how i always seems to notice all the negativity around me and in the world. But when i have the camera i see more beauty in the world. And i look to capture that beauty. I told him, I felt like seeing that beauty helps my depression. Its was my first time saying that. After connecting with a few more very awesome earth sign entities, who also agreed that the couch was the best spot in the venue 😂 I go back out into the matrix and stop by a friends crib to chill. Lone and behold, after getting the message 4🌙22. Only she was there. Instantly i felt the disconnection and ask what wrong. She basically told me, she has done all she could do to help me and was ready to move on… And honestly, that shit hurt but i respected it. She said she wanted me to kick it longer. But I figure id leave before my crybaby side showed and immediately left. I start to feel the pressure again. So I get the 2 for 15$ from some brother and some 10$ beats headphones from a another brother on the bus stop. Snacks✔ Weed✔ Music✔ I’m prepare for any unwanted ♊thoughts tonight. I wait over a fuckin hour for the bus. I finally get home, lay back and fall down into the rabbit hole. 🌸 211 🌸

Scarlett Prequel Snippets

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a little insight into those three years Sherlock was away destroying Moriarty’s web and Molly dealing with her pregnancy

Four Years Ago

They didn’t say a word as they simply lay side by side in the silence; what do you say to the supposed dead man you’d just spent the night with, anyway? Molly Hooper pondered that very question as she chewed on her lip, her stomach churning with nerves. She peered next to her at him, Sherlock Holmes, the man she’d killed. In a sense. He’d be leaving soon – apparently, destroying Moriarty’s web was effective first thing in the morning; she watched him for several moments, committing every bit of him to memory. His bright, wonderful eyes were closed but no less focused – Molly could almost see his mind whirling. She wondered what he was doing in there. Saving…or deleting.

“That was a mistake.”

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A Couple Years Ago I Was At My Chicks Friend Crib Watchin Movies An I Convince My Chick To Tell Her Friend We Was gonna Go To 7/11 To Buy Snacks. an We Did But Also Went To The Park Across The Street To Have Sex In This Park/Baseball Field.. We Doing Our Thing On The Field.. Im On Top Missionary And All Of A Sudden I Hear A Chopper In The Sky.. A Light Shine On Us While Im on top. told My Chick That We Need To Put Our Thumbs Up So They Know I Aint Raping You. We did and they ended up leaving.



so this fella followed me from my car to my friends crib .. waited outside for an hour .. Followed me back to my car & literally wouldn’t let me leave … He was tapping on the glass trying to get to me. weirdest night ever lmao