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When Louis gets the brand new car he’s always wanted, there’s nothing in the world that can bring him down.

That is, until he figures out that his assigned parking space is right underneath what seems to be the most popular pigeon hangout in the city.

Will Louis convince his (stupidly attractive) neighbour to stop feeding the pigeons before his clear coat and his sanity are ruined for good?

Alternatively, the bird poo fic.

I also have Vigil’s cage door open next to me for the past 30 minutes to see if she’ll come out on her own, and she’s just staying in her corner forever. so sad. please come see me my dear brown poo friend.

nicknames for vigil:

pile of rocks
poo friend


This common sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos) pair was chilling on the rock and doing their evening groom as I walked by. Common sandpiper is the smallest wader in Finland, and every time I see one I first think it’s just a small passerine bird. But when you look more closely, it’s clearly a wader. It’s just so incredibly small for a wader, about the same size as a waxwing. Common sandpipers breed in most of Europe and Asia, and apparently it has a sister species in America called the spotted sandpiper (A. macularia), and these two species occasionally hybridise. 

In my video you can see the left bird poo as it lands on the rock after changing places with its friend. Yay for poo!

Preference #27: Your Kids Bios' (Michael)

Alex Michael Clifford

As a Baby:

You and especially Mikey are a bit clueless as first time parents, but somehow you get by just fine! His only experience with babies is Luke’s son, who he would barely let Michael near him for the first few months of his life. You try your best and even though most days are a of mess of baby puke, pureed carrots thrown at Michael’s head and dirty laundry, Alex is a happy healthy baby loved dearly by his parents. His first word was Dada, and when he said it, Michael’s face was priceless, better than a child at Christmas.

As a toddler/child:

As Alex gets older he reminded you more and more of Michael. He looks so like him and you dress him just like his daddy. The fans love him almost as much as you do, because he’s a little charmer. He’s so cheeky and giggly and he is always begging you “Dye hair purple like Daddy?”. He loves to play Legos with his Dad, lazy mornings in bed with his Mum and watching cartoons with his baby brother. He has lots of friends in school, and proudly tells them “My Daddy’s in a band!” He doesn’t like staying at home with mummy and having to go to school. He wants to tour the world with his dad, even if he does forget to feed him fruit and veggies and never puts him to bed on time. He loves what he calls “Bus Life”. He may make fun of Luke’s older son at school, but on the tour bus they were best friends. He loves being with his uncles on the tour bus, even if Calum is always annoyed because he keeps pushing little Sienna Hood over. Michael is sure its because he has a crush on her - and he’s right.

As a teenager:

He is just like his Dad was at his age, cute, constantly getting in trouble in school (and constantly failing math), he loved bands and he was certainly “fringe-tastic”. He likes to die his hair a lot as a young teenager, and by the time he’s 15 it has already been all the colours of the rainbow. Thankfully, he grows out of it, realising that all the Saturday detentions aren’t worth it. Instead, he wants to pierce his ears and lip and everything else and one day he comes home with a self-made infected tattoo. He wasn’t the smartest and he was cheeky, but really he was a sweet caring guy, so you and Michael was easy on him. He was a huge flirt, but also a huge gentlemen when it came to girls. He was one of the “popular” guys in school, but he is a family guy. If someone bullies his brother or hits on his little sister he will not hesitate to punch them.

Nickname: N/a

Eye colour: Blue green

Hair colour: Blonde

Style: He had kind of a preppy/skater look

Personality traits: Cheeky, Kind, Flirt, Sociable, Little Bit Vain

Likes: Girls, Comedy Movies, Toffee Popcorn, Skating-boarding, Annoying teachers and parents.

Dislikes: Homework, School in general, people who flirt with his sister, vegetables, pigs.

Best Friends: Ryan Clifford, Dawn Malik, Lia Irwin and Maeve Horan.

Girlfriend: Sienna Hood

Pets: A family dog named Alfie and a turtle name Bob


Ryan Oliver Clifford

As a baby:

Ryan is the giggliest baby ever. He has all of your friends and family cooing over his cuteness. He hardly ever cries and smile when ever he sees anyone. As soon he can toddle he is trying to get fans to pick him up if you are out in public. He loves to cuddle with his Dada all day and he loves when he Mummy reads him stories, but his favourite person ever is his big brother Alex. There is only 11 months between them and Ryan’s favourite thing to do is listen to his big bro’s endless babbling, even if no one including him can understand it. Everything seems to run more smoothly with Ryan as he is your second baby so you have way more experience.

As a toddler/child:

As he gets older he follows in his brothers footsteps and want to be more and more like him. When his brother is playing soccer he kicks tires to kick the ball but he falls over and hurts his knee, but it is okay because his Daddy kisses it better. He likes to dress up as Spiderman and play superheros. He has quite an obsession with bananas and elephants. He is just as cheeky his brother and even more charming. He has had a girlfriend at age 4, his first kiss at age 5 and he is engaged by age 7. From a young age both your boys slack off on homework a lot and figure out ways to prank you and Mikey instead.

As a teenager:

When Ryan started high school, he was bullied, much to you and Michael’s surprise. He has always had lots of friends and little girls literally swooning over him, but now it seems that people don’t like his outgoing, cheeky sightly overpowering personality. It knocks a lot of his confidence. His only friend is his brother for a while, until he starts talking to Luke’s daughter more. Luke’s daughter is an outcast, like Ryan at the time. Although their personalities are poles apart, they manage to bring each other back out of their shells. Soon enough, Ryan is almost back to the cute idiot he was. He keeps to himself a lot, but knows how great he is because of his now girlfriend, Aria Hemmings.

Nickname: Ry (by everyone)

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Brown

Style: Mostly skater but kinda punk from Aria’s influence.

Personality traits: Shy, Funny, Likeable, Honest, Dependent

Likes: Music, Pineapple, Dogs, Being a goof, and surprisingly, Disney movies.

Dislikes: Most people at school, being looked down on, milk, geography and when people say “You’re Michael Clifford’s son!)

Best Friends: Aria Hemmings and Alex Clifford.

Girlfriend: Aria Hemmings

Pets: A family dog named Alfie and two fish, Nemo and Jaws.


Lilia Rose Clifford

As a baby:

Michael wanted a daughter more than anything. He loved his boys, but he always wanted a little girl to spoil. He was over the moon when you got the news that you were going to have a little girl. He spoiled her so bad and called her "Princess” and ran to her whenever she cried which usually happened to be from 2-6 in the morning. Other than that she was a relatively easy baby. You dressed her in cute little pink outfits and Michael took endless picture of her. He loved to hear her laugh, so Mikey would run around the house after her and tickle her belly as she giggly, waving her chubby toddler legs in the air

As a toddler/child:

Lilia is literally a little diva. She likes to dress up as princesses a lot and paint her nails. She has been on top of ever fashion trend even as a toddler. She doesn’t just have you and Michael wrapped around her finger but her two older brothers as well. She was 6 years younger than Ryan. If she wanted a new dress at the mall, Michael would get it for her. If she wanted to watch something different than what was on TV, Ryan would instantly pass the remote. If she wanted to go for a playdate at her best friend Harry Irwin’s house, Alex would walk her there. She was definitely the boss of the household. She was beautiful. She had long blonde hair and Michael’s pale skin, but she had your eyes.

As a teenager:

Lilia Clifford is a smart, beautiful but horribly spoiled teenager and Michael wouldn’t have it any other way. She was definitely a diva, and maybe she owned over 50 pairs of shoes and more dresses then she could wear, but it was okay, because she was an intelligent down to earth girl. She a Daddy’s girl as always. She has only one boyfriend (that you know of anyway) in her teen years, mainly because Michael didn’t approve of all the other guys she liked. He desperately wanted her to date one of Luke’s sons, but when it turns out that she did, Michael had a freak attack because he was almost 3 years older than her. Thankfully, Cody Hemmings was sensitive and smart and crazy about Lilia. She still loves watching Disney movies with her brothers and baking cookies with her mum. She may be a beautiful grown up lady, but she was definitely a child at heart.

Nickname: Lily (everyone), Lily-pie (Family) & Lily-poo (her dad)

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Blonde

Style: Girly

Personality traits: Sweet, confident, friendly, funny and loving

Likes: Animals, (especially lambs), grapes, Rom-Coms, Shopping, makeup, pink.

Dislikes: Spiders, being sad, the odd time her dad yells at her, sports, the colour grey.

Best Friends: Poppy Tomlinson-Styles, Harry Irwin, Kaylee Payne, Lia Irwin, Noah Horan.

Boyfriend: Cody Hemmings

Pets: A family dog named Alfie


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