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mew-poo  asked:

What's your favorite canon moment for Creek? & What kinds of dates do you think k2 would go on?

aw ;v;

Creek - I dunno. If I had to chose I’d probably say the “cuupcaAkes” scene is def way up there because it was basically like seeing my own headcanon become canon lol.

k2 - I think Kenny would fucking love going out to eat, like going to those casual bar restaurant type places and sharing a big appetizer plate with Kyle. He likes the atmosphere and just being in their own little bubble. Kyle likes more romantic endeavors like walking around somewhere nice, but he also likes to just treat Ken to a movie and then just lay around at home for some private time kissin’ and sucking - down some ice cream. ;v;

so here’s just like a list of blogs i love and adore, which is def gonna be updated a ton. <3

  •  i’m probably gonna end up getting redundant but i’m not that creative w compliments sorry. 
  • everything below the cut so i don’t trash everyone’s feeds)
  • also this is in no way in any order!

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