friends and their cats

ID #26774

Name: Adrian
Age: 17
Country: Australia

I love animals (I have cats and a cockatiel)
I like imppressionist art (Monet in particular)
I’m into musicals
I’m studying to be a counselor when I leave school
Learning to speak German, English is my 1st language
Writing is a hobby

Preferences: Age 17-21
No one homophobic or transphobic


Weird Whānau Sketch Dump #I’ve Stopped Keeping Count: Tui’s Tattoos are Hard and Dingo Cannot Multiitask

Saturday is supposed to be my art day, dammit.

At one point during the chat everyone talked about dogs. I love dogs. So the sketching stopped and we all ended up spamming pictures of our dogs. Later not only was I assaulted, assaulted, with Tui/Sina cuteness but I was also personally victimised by the addition of Troy Kingi and the Tetseo Sisters as conversation topics, and so at various points my brain just shut down to make room for the squee.

Also there was another mug I was working on that just wasn’t coming together so that’ll have to wait till later.


Picture 1: Updated rough sketch and flats of the Weird Whānau. Left to right: @leradny, me, @masterwayfinders, @crab-child, @peri-plumz, @renee-niels, @sliceoflove. As always, any clothes and hair preferences, just send to me. I’m also cool with just making stuff up.
Picture 2:  @crab-child as the Deadly Sin Gluttony and the Heavenly Virtue Diligence. In the Gluttony panel he is holding open an entire box of pizza. Which I was then informed he finished himself in T W E N T Y   M I N U T E S. In the Virtue panel he is studying in bed. Can confirm, as his friend/grandfather/unofficial cousin who lives fourteen hours into the future, he studies very late into the night.
Picture 3: Coloured version of my Tui/Sina sketch of them as Ruby and Sapphire. Tui is tossing Sina into the air like Ruby did when she and Sapphire were reunited in the season one Steven Universe finale. I … may or may not plan more Tui/Sina Ruby/Sapphire redraws. If I can stop squeeing long enough to actually draw, Paper.
Picture 4: Mockup of a private Zazzle item referencing a line College AU Whiro likes to say to reassure family members that he won’t eat them. The mug is a two-tone black and white mug with black inside and a black handle. The background is black with WHĀNAU IS NOT FOOD written over and over in white in the style of a child having to write out lines as punishment at school. It really doesn’t work out of a private joke context, so it’s just there so crab-child can get his mug if he wants it.
Picture 5: Follow-up to the painting of Prof kissing Agnes before they eat breakfast. Two out of nine panels of a mini comic of Tamatoa Elisi discovering Prof has spent the night at their apartment. And by the looks of it, he and Agnes didn’t sleep much. The first panel is a rough sketch of Agnes drawing Prof in for a kiss on the mouth. A wordless exclamation belonging to someone off screen is in the corner. The second panel is Tama recoiling in horror, yelling, “GRAMMA?!”

ID #94700

Name: Kira
Age: 24
Country: USA

I’m artsy, I like animals, I like music, i love journaling–especially bullet journaling. I work in the non-profits… I live in the Pacific Northwest… I’m about to start my Masters degree. I’m a cat mom. I am looking for penpal friends of any gender or age from any part of the world!

Preferences: Nope

ID #80770

Name: Asha/Ash
Age: 13
Country: Canada

Hi!!! I really love cats. I am pansexual and am a vivid feminist. I really love scary people and towns but not horror movies except classics like The Shining. I love shows like Shameless (US), Supernatural, and Eyewitness (US). I’m looking for a friend to chat with.

Preferences: Age: 13/14
Gender: preferably female but male is ok (other genders are also ok)
Prefer to write online


Grandma LOVES her doggie.

Video by Angelo Varriano