friends always stay


Okay, then, Attie, can I ask you something?

Shoot.” For a moment the only sound was the seagulls and the crashing of waves. A family was stationed not far from where they were, packing up all their beach stuff to call it a night. Everlie focused on their laughing and the sounds of normality before she composed her thoughts.

Do you think we’ll always stay friends?” Attie shook her head in confusion, causing Everlie to sigh heavily. “I mean, what happens if…I don’t know…what if I get tired of chasing you? What happens…if…hypothetically, I moved away.” Atticus brought together her eyebrows, tilting her head downwards to catch Everlie’s eyes.

Hey, what’s going on? Talk to me.” Everlie started walking again, this time Atticus was right on her heel. They walked for a minute until Ev stopped just short of the waves once more, staring out into the ocean.

I got an interview.” Was all she said.

Okay, cool. Congratulations. An interview to where?” Everlie flicked her eyes towards Attie but then decided against it.

To The Art Institute of New York City. To the school I’ve been wanting to attend since I was like five. My mom got me an interview with the Dean and they’re thinking early admin this fall. But of course, I would have to move to New York,” She turned to face Attie now, unsure of she was thinking. “One thousand miles away. From here. And you.” Atticus seemed to consider this. She didn’t seem to get mad, like Everlie thought she would be. She didn’t get upset or sad or defensive.

I thought you were applying to Brookside Community College in New Twinbrook City.

That was until I found out I had a real chance at getting accepted. I never imagined I could actually do it. Mom said they’ve already seen some of my work, and they like it. This doesn’t happen every day, Attie, and…I would be stupid to pass up this opportunity. We’re flying up there next week for the interview and to get a look around the city and meet people that would help me and it’s a big chance to have the job of my dreams…please say something.” Atticus was smiling. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she listened to Everlie ramble on, enjoying the sight of her getting all flustered and bothered. It wasn’t until she had calmed down that Attie came forward, closer than they had been earlier.


Okay? Okay what?” Everlie snapped.

Okay…go. Take the interview. Kick ass, like I know you will, and get in.” Everlie’s lips parted to say something to object, but nothing came out. She closed them, blinked, and opened them again.

I thought…that you would be upset. I mean we’ve always talked about us living together, getting an apartment, your apartment, renovating it…” A big gust of wind came through, knocking the pair even closer. Attie bent down and tucked a strand of hair behind Everlie’s ear, placing a ghost of a kiss on her forehead.

I don’t see why we can’t still do that. If that’s something you still want.

But…you want to move to New Twinbrook City. You want to move into your mom’s apartment. What about your friend there?

She bubbled, “Those things don’t matter to me, Ev. You, I care about you. I can find an apartment anywhere. But a home…Ev that’s only something I can find with you. So if you wanted to move to, I don’t know, Antarctica, then Everlie, I’ll follow you. I’d follow you anywhere. If you still want me to.” Atticus took Everlie’s hand in her own, rubbing her thumb on the back tenderly as Everlie’s face showed her bewilderment.

Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?” She laughed, letting Attie pull her into her arms.

I don’t know. After I left, you know, that night, and I went to the City….I couldn’t stop regretting my decision to leave, and I realized, that my entire life, there has been two things that have made life bearable for me. My mom, and you. Well, I lost her…and Ev, I don’t want to lose you too. So I’m trying. I’m trying my best from now on. I promise.”  Everlie wrapped her arms around Atticus, squeezing her with all that the tiny girl had in her, letting their faces linger inches from one another.

Thank you. That’s all I could ever ask.

I meant it, you know?” She whispered as their lips began to touch.

Meant what?” Ev asked, not really focusing on much anymore, other than their lips together.

I love you, Everlie Harris. I mean that. I love you.

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Who the signs are to you:


  • Aries: the person you don’t really know well, but you’re always having a great time going out together 
  • Taurus: that weirdo at work you just can’t get along with without any apparent reason 
  • Gemini: that from-time-to-time sex partner 
  • Cancer: your little sister you always have to protect from everyone 
  • Leo: shopping buddy 
  • Virgo: that one bitchy, arrogant chick you couldn’t stand at the first sight
  • Libra: future wife/husband 
  • Scorpio: that one ex you’ll always feel attracted to, even though it will never work out 
  • Sagittarius: crush 
  • Capricorn: that weird nerdy neighbour that looks quite lovely but you never spoke a word to them 
  • Aquarius: that one person that gets everything you want so much
  • Pisces: just a random useless person


  • Aries: an annoying guy at work who gets all the credits you deserve
  • Taurus: your first love you’ll never forget
  • Gemini: that two-faced bitch you’re a little jealous of
  • Cancer: that person you’re not really best friends with but to whom you can always turn when you feel down
  • Leo: that hot guy you secretly crave
  • Virgo: a childhood friend that helped you become who you are now
  • Libra: your boss
  • Scorpio: your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Sagittarius: crazy, odd creep that entertains you when you’re sad
  • Capricorn: bff!
  • Aquarius: your loving grandmother
  • Pisces: that one pervert you know who always makes you laugh 


  • Aries: a huge crush you can’t get over no matter what you do
  • Taurus: high school desk neighbour
  • Gemini: the person you laugh the most with
  • Cancer: your one & only real love
  • Leo: drinking buddy
  • Virgo: that one annoying person that always sees through you not buying your lies like others do
  • Libra: that girl intriguing all the time
  • Scorpio: that bitch with a few kilogrammes makeup on you just can’t stand
  • Sagittarius: best travel partner you’ll ever have
  • Capricorn: your older brother
  • Aquarius: the person you know has a crush on, but you can’t relate, even though you’re enjoying this fact
  • Pisces: the one who does all your homework 


  • Aries: you wish you had their confidence
  • Taurus: childhood neighbour
  • Gemini: your job partner who does all the work
  • Cancer: your opposite gender best friend, the prove that girl & boy can be just friends
  • Leo: they’re so beautiful, I wish I had a little of their beauty
  • Virgo: that person that tries to make you believe in how amazing you are
  • Libra: that weird person who never talks but you somehow still hang out with them
  • Scorpio: that one person who talks so sarcastically that you can’t understand if they’re being serious or not
  • Sagittarius: that annoying bitch bullying you all the time
  • Capricorn: that one person you will always like even though it doesn’t work out between you
  • Aquarius: how can you be so arrogant?
  • Pisces: best friend 


  • Aries: slaying together!
  • Taurus: that one friend you’re trying to make more social, ‘cause they’re actually pretty cool, but they just prefer to Netflix & chill at home
  • Gemini: that one sarcastic but charming guy you like, but they keep making fun of your attitude
  • Cancer: your spiritually obsessed uncle
  • Leo: your wingman who always steals your girls in the end
  • Virgo: that silent friend who gets crazy as hell when drunk
  • Libra: your personal clown, basically entertaining you through life
  • Scorpio: the only person that knows how to handle your ego, but you can’t trust them, ‘cause they have some kind of power over you
  • Sagittarius: cooking partner
  • Capricorn: your older, smarter sister, but you’re always beating her in being popular & hot
  • Aquarius: the only person you will fall in love with for real
  • Pisces: your boss who’s way too easy to manipulate


  • Aries: that one guy who gets all the girls you like because they’re hot & charming, but you’re just a shy potato 
  • Taurus: an actual friend
  • Gemini: that one person you feel kind of alike with but you still just don’t like them 
  • Cancer: your boo
  • Leo: that girl you thought was your best friend but she has like 5 other best friends and so you feel somehow friendship wise heartbroken
  • Virgo: that fling you had on a holiday but it was so good you won’t ever forget them
  • Libra: I wish I was as creative & adorable as they are
  • Scorpio: your wife who’s gonna leave you in the end ‘cause she will realise how different you are after 10 years of marriage
  • Sagittarius: that hot girl you totally have a crush on but she’s out of your league, ‘cause well, you’re still a potato
  • Capricorn: the only friend who actually knows how to deal with your weirdnesses and phobias
  • Aquarius: your psychologist 
  • Pisces: a girl you get perfectly along with, but can’t really understand why, because you’re so different


  • Aries: partner in crime
  • Taurus: your beauty idol you always try to copy
  • Gemini: only you can understand both of their faces
  • Cancer: that lovely person having so much bad luck that you always feel sorry for them
  • Leo: that flowers obsessed relative
  • Virgo: your neighbour 
  • Libra: that one boring person that always asks you to go out. You know it’s gonna be boring but can’t say no, 'cause they are actually really nice
  • Scorpio: that person you’re inhumanly attracted to 
  • Sagittarius: fiancé(e) that’s gonna leave you at the altar 
  • Capricorn: fiancé(e) that’s gonna marry you
  • Aquarius: long lost half sister who turns out to be really cool 
  • Pisces: the shoulder to cry on from time to time


  • Aries: a huge crush who doesn’t really like you back but you keep trying, even though you know it’s gonna hurt
  • Taurus: your favourite singer
  • Gemini: the best person to have late night conversations with
  • Cancer: a lovely family member you will always support
  • Leo: that bitch needing attention all the time but you’re too busy being self-absorbed
  • Virgo: the sign that 90% of your crushes are
  • Libra: your best freaking sex partner ever 
  • Scorpio: childhood love that never really faded
  • Sagittarius: that one cheater boyfriend you somehow forgive over and over again 
  • Capricorn: your daughter you can act like best friends with
  • Aquarius: unexplainably undesirable person 
  • Pisces: best friend you never dare getting in a romantic relationship with because you know you’ll hurt them


  • Aries: your modelling partner 
  • Taurus: that stubborn little shit always trying to ruin your life
  • Gemini: you don’t know it yet but they’re the love of your life 
  • Cancer: that person with an amazing taste in music so you can’t stop admiring it
  • Leo: drinking buddy
  • Virgo: your favourite actor  
  • Libra: your make up artist
  • Scorpio: your witch neighbour, you don’t believe she actually is one but she scares you anyway somehow
  • Sagittarius: best travel buddy 
  • Capricorn: that gloomy person, you never what they are actually thinking 
  • Aquarius: on/off relationship 
  • Pisces: that one person always trying to joke but has an awful sense of humour


  • Aries: your female friend that is amazingly beautiful & kind but just doesn’t believe it and all you do is trying to build up a little confidence in her
  • Taurus: your gay best friend
  • Gemini: lovely & interesting person to spend time with without any real trust
  • Cancer: that one adorable human being you will always wonder about like: how can you be so lovely & innocent?
  • Leo: that one bitch always trying to ruin your life, making drama around you now and then
  • Virgo: that person you get along with perfectly, you understand each other without words, you absolutely love them, but you’ll always stay friends because there’s a lack of physical attraction 
  • Libra: they want you.
  • Scorpio: a fling
  • Sagittarius: that person you like somehow but it never comes to a real relationship, they seem not to notice you the right way
  • Aquarius: that annoying relative always judging you
  • Pisces: that one fake ass ex you’ll never forgive yourself dating


  • Aries: a friend that always manages to cheer you up
  • Taurus: that lovely person you always wanted to get to know, but you have no idea how to start a conversation
  • Gemini: just… bae
  • Cancer: head up, your crown is falling. Oh wait, which crown?
  • Leo: your most beautiful friend. she’s the only one allowed to be more beautiful than you are
  • Virgo: your long-lost child
  • Libra: that one friend that lives on the other side of the world but you stay friends no matter what
  • Scorpio: a person that life always puts as an interference to you, so you end up hating them
  • Sagittarius: that one relative you never meet ‘cause they’re always travelling
  • Capricorn: that one friend that seems completely heartless to you
  • Aquarius: a bitch you’re always competing with 
  • Pisces: you fell in love with their kindness


  • Aries: wait… who? 
  • Taurus: that one person who protects you in difficult situations every time
  • Gemini: they seem so lovely why can’t they stop bullying me?
  • Cancer: cry buddy
  • Leo: that person with a huge heart, it isn’t obvious at first sight but you can trust them with anything
  • Virgo: future husband you will finally feel secure with 
  • Libra: they are so beautiful you can’t help falling in love with them 
  • Scorpio: gossip girl friend 
  • Sagittarius: stupid high school buddy 
  • Capricorn: your long-term love that you can’t forget 
  • Aquarius: that married guy you can’t stop wanting
  • Pisces: bestie

Requested: One where Shawn and the reader are out and pap like grab her arm and Shawn freaks out and gets mad.


The shouts are deafening and the flashes are blinding. You don’t know why you’re in the front of Shawn and his whole team, but you are. Shawn is close behind you, so at least you have that as comfort, but the only thing you want right now is to get out of this crowd and into the safety of the building. The paparazzi are shouting Shawn’s name, and some of them are even shouting your name, trying to get your attention, but you aren’t about to give it to them, not at all. 

You feel a hand on your arm, and just by the way it is gripping you, you know it isn’t Shawn’s or his bodyguards, which spreads alarm through you. When you turn to look, you notice it’s a paparazzi who has grabbed you in an attempt to get your attention. It worked, but before you even have a chance to do or say anything about it, Shawn’s already by your side. “Don’t touch my girl.” He practically growls in the paparazzi’s face, and the pap immediately lets go. Shawn wraps his arm around you, leaning down to say into you ear, “I’m sorry baby, we’re almost inside.” And he keeps his arm securely around you. The two of you fight through the crowd together to make it to the lobby of the hotel. When you’re inside, he stops and really looks at you, “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?

You just shake your head, “No, he didn’t really do anything.” You tell Shawn, somewhat surprised at how harsh his reaction was over something so small.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just worry. I don’t like people touching you when you didn’t give them permission to.” And you can tell he’s still angry and even flustered by what happened back there.

You lean into him, grateful. “Thank you, Shawn.” You tell him, “Thank you for protecting me and loving me so well.”

Me, jokingly: “Do you like her now?”
Him after minutes of silence: “Yeah, I think I do.”
“That was quick.”
“Yeah well, I’ve always kept her as a back-up. Most people have back-ups. You probably have one too, a friend you always stay friends with just in case, you know, a closet falls on you or something.”


We had been dating for 7,5 years and living together for 3 years. Ever since our first day of living together I felt like he wasn’t invested in our relationship, in anything. The girl he talked about had been a mutual friend of ours during those 7,5 years as well. He made me feel like I was crazy, when I questioned him about whether he still loved me. Because it didn’t feel like he did.

In December 2016 I told him it might be best to live apart for a month. Not break up or take a break, just live separately. I reasoned that if that went better we could start loving one another again, and it would give us both the space and time to think. He moved out on the 1st of January 2017. His choice. On the 4th of January he texted me for meeting up for dinner. I hoped that this was the start of fixing things, even though it seemed unfixable. On the 5th of January he broke up with me, on our way to the restaurant, not even 5 days after living apart. I had asked him so many times if he still loved me, and why he didn’t talk to me. Why he was being unresponsive, unloving and uncaring and he always guaranteed me that he loved me and that it was just my depression acting up.

I’m angry with him for not thinking about our relationship sooner. If you’re capable of breaking up with me after 4 days of living apart, you’re capable of thinking about our relationship before that.

He told me this after we arrived at the restaurant. He’d met the girl the day before he met me. He went to the hairdressers before he met her, so that’s why I asked whether he liked her. He doesn’t go to hairdresser that often.

They had sex within two weeks after we separated.

I hear they’re together now.

I’m better off without him, but I’m only 24. I spent nearly a third of my life with a guy who thinks it’s okay to keep back-ups. Sometimes I hate myself for trusting him so much. It sounds cliché, but I’ve lost all faith in love.

I made some bad mistakes afterwards. I hope I’ll recover.

NEW (Blake Siblings x Reader)

Request: Can you do a bellamy x reader where the reader is new at school and Octavia becomes her friend. Octavia and bellamy end up falling for the reader? 

 The hallways smelt old yet new at the same time as you walk through them on your own. Being at the school for three days already, you’d think you would have at least one friend but you don’t. It doesn’t bother you though - at least you try not to let it. A nervous breath makes its way past your lips and you open the classroom door. Time to start a new life. 

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Thought you’d be with your friend… aren’t you going to ask me how he’s doing?”

Apologies to a 15 year old me

I’m sorry I’ve dyed and cut and permanently straightened your hair so much- it was better the way it was and now it will never be the same.

I’m sorry I quit gymnastics- I know you loved it. And soccer and track and tennis and skiing and the piano. I’m so, so sorry- I was lazy. But you don’t regret it as much as you thought you would.

I’m sorry I didn’t use more of that cream on your scar or maybe I’m sorry I used as much as I did- because now, 10 years later, you’re still not comfortable with it and it puts a strain on a lot of your relationships. But know that you’ve grown to accept that it’s part of who you are and there is no “you” without that scar.

I’m sorry I hurt that boy you cared about so much once you finally got him. You’ll know who I’m talking about in 3 years. That is something I didn’t mean, that was a mistake.

On the topic of boys, I’m sorry I’ve talked to and done more with boys you would never have wanted me to talk to. But you’ll understand what it’s like to not use your brain. It’ll take a few years because you always use yours now and you won’t start actually drinking until junior year of college. But one day in 2009 and then again in 2011 and 2016, you’ll understand what it’s like to fall so quickly for someone you shouldn’t.

I’m sorry that I didn’t live up to everything you and everyone else knew I could be. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to buy dad a car yet and I didn’t get into Harvard Law and I don’t have a secret modeling career on the side. I’m also sorry that everyone else led you to believe you could do anything in the world and be amazing at it because sometimes that’s just not possible and it has nothing to do with you or how amazing you are.

I’m sorry you eventually forget most of your languages and stop trying to learn them but you pick up a little bit of a few new ones and you eventually make it out of the country. And sorry, but you hate it.

Lastly, I’m sorry your current crush gets married in college and I’m sorry your next crush won’t give you the time of day and I’m sorry your amazing SAT scores still weren’t enough for Columbia and I’m sorry that I didn’t try in high school because maybe if I did, they would have been. And I’m sorry you lose touch with your current best friends but it’s okay, really. And I’m sorry but no, the boys in high school don’t ever give you the attention you for some reason want but they’re all fat and bald now and you’re somehow even more pretty.

And I know it might not sound like it but you are so happy right now. You get that sister-like best friend you always wanted, you stay up until 5am laughing your ass off with friends and strangers more times than you can count, you still have abs, you get more boys than you know what to do with, you graduate the best college you could have chosen summa cum laude, you have neighbors that show up at your door with wine and ice cream (yes, seriously), you learn so many new games and expressions that you love, Grandma makes it to 100, Uncle Rich is still the coolest uncle around, and it takes 7 more years but you finally get your first puppy.

Oh but most of all, you haven’t lost sight of who you are. And you never, ever can. Shine bright, you crazy diamond. I love you and everything you become.
Location - Stiles Stilinski

Word count: 1,624

Y/M/L/N : Your mom’s last name 


**Your P.O.V**

I had gone on my daily jog around 8 pm in the woods. It was dark and it was a full moon, my friends always told me to stay in on full moons but I hadn’t really realized it. As i kept jogging I heard a howl that didn’t sound familiar, I picked up my pace because I had felt like someone was following me. I went on for a while until I tripped over a rock. 

“Shit” I cursed to myself trying to get up but fell back down.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The man standing over me asked

“Please just let me go” 

“Why should I do that”

“I don’t know I haven’t done anything please just let me go”

“Oh Y/N I wish I didn’t have to do this” he said as he raised a crowbar and hit me on the head making me unconscious.

** Stiles P.O.V **

“Guys she isn’t picking up her cellphone” I said worriedly “ this isn’t like her what if something happened to her”

“I’m sure she’s fine, she probably has it off or on silent” Malia said

“She normally goes on her daily runs at 8 in the woods but she would’ve been home by now” Lydia said 

“Okay that’s it I’m going to her house” I said 

“Yeah let’s all go” Scott suggested

“Yeah fine let’s all go” 

*ten minutes later* 

“Her car’s here” Liam pointed out 

“Yeah but everything looks off, come on let’s ask her mom maybe she knows something”

“Wait how do you know her mom’s here?” Kira asked

“She’s barely pulling up, I recognize her car, she works at the hospital with my mom” Scott said

As we got off I just started thinking of all the bad things that could be happening to Y/N. What if she got kidnapped? 

“Excuse me Mrs. Y/M/L/N” I said

“Hi guys what are you guys doing here” she asked 

“We’re looking for Y/N” Allison said with hopefulness in her voice 

“She should be inside come on in” Y/M/N was a very nice woman once she let us in she yelled out for Y/N “Y/N your friends are here!” but there was no response or movement

“I can’t catch her scent” Scott said both Liam and Malia agreed with him.

“That’s weird she’s always home by now” Mrs. Y/M/L/N said with concern 

“We’ve tried calling her a few times as well but she didn’t pick up so we came here” I said worrying more now

“Stiles i’m going to call your dad she’s not picking up my calls” Y/N’s mom said and I could tell she was starting to panic. So I went up to her and hugged her

“Listen, we’re going to find her and she’s going to be fine” I said with reassurance and she started calling the police.

** Your P.O.V **

I woke up with a headache and a small pool of blood in what looked like a cellar, There weren’t that many things down here just a bed, mirror, small table and chair. I was alone, and I knew that I wasn’t going to leave anytime soon. I thought of how everyone is probably worrying about me. I got up and immediately started to look for an exit but there was nothing until I saw a small window that was covered with paper. I tried to uncover it and tried to break it with a chair but instead of the window breaking the chair broke. With that I started to panic more. There was an old mirror down here and I took a look at myself… I had blood on my head, bruises on both legs and both arms, and a werewolf bite on my left rib. I began to cry and heard footsteps heading towards where I was. The door opened and it revealed a young looking man who was maybe in his late 20′s.

“Oh good you’re awake” he said with a smirk 

“What do you want from me?” I asked and as he came towards with me I realized it was my science teacher Mr. Douglas

“It’s not what you have” he paused “It’s who you have that I want”

“Who do you want Mr. Douglas”

“I want Corey” he said 

“Why do you want Corey? Why did you bite me?” I said getting up from the bed that I didn’t even notice I was on.

“You have a lot of questions don’t you”

“Well no shit, I’m in a freaking cellar with a werewolf bite, bruises all over my body and a gash on my head from where you hit me with freaking crowbar!”

“Now little miss Y/N that tone won’t get you any answers” 

“Can’t you just let me go, why do you need me to get Corey and you still won’t tell me why you want him”

“I won’t tell you why I want him but I will let you go, just know that I will be watching you, making sure you don’t say anything or I will get you again” he finished through gritted teeth

I looked at him scared and asked “Wait, you bit me right? You’re the thing that’s been killing people? Does this mean I’m becoming you or will I be just a -” He cut me off 

“I turned you for a reason and that reason is so you do stuff for me and if you don’t do what I ask for then I’ll have to kill you” he said serious. “Now go, and just a reminder don’t say a word” he finished and I nodded getting out of there as fast as I could.

I was limping on the side of the road when I saw a police car drive past me immediately came back and stopped next to me.

“Y/N” Sheriff Stilinski yelled out, he and Parrish were both together and ran towards me. I turned around but I felt myself falling to the ground but Sheriff Stilinski got to me me right on time catching my fall.

“Parrish go call an ambulance and call dispatch let them know we found her” he told him

“Yes sir, I’m on it”

“Y/N what happened to you?” He asked me

“I was out on my run when I heard a wolf howl which caused me to trip and roll down a hill and hit my head with a rock and I must’ve passed out from the blood loss”

“What about those bruises” he asked curiously

“I probably got them from rolling down” I said clearly lying 

“Okay did you see anyone that could’ve probably done something to you while you were unconscious” 

“No I didn’t see anyone”

“Okay I called your mom and told her we found you she’s meeting you at the hospital”

“Okay thank you Sheriff”

“You’re welcome, Stiles was worried sick about you too” he mentioned 

“He was?” I asked him 

“Yes I’m actually about to call him but I think you should call him yourself” he suggested and i nodded

I got my phone out of my pocket and dialed his number, it rang once and he picked up immediately.

“Y/N thank god where are you I’m coming, are you okay, are you hurt, what happened” 

“I’m fine Stiles I am with your dad and with Parrish waiting for an ambulance”

“What happened? Do you have any injuries? Y/N send me your location from your phone” he said 

“I’m fine and i’m on the side of the road by the old hale house” I said 

“Okay wait for me I’m coming” he said and we hung up

**five minutes later**

When Stiles arrived I was sitting in the ambulance while one paramedic checked my blood pressure and the other looked at the gash on my head.

“Y/N” I heard my name and there he was the boy I was in love with along with everyone in the pack including Corey 

“are you okay what happened to your head” Lydia asked

“How did you get those bruises” Scott and Liam asked

“Why is there blood on the side of your shirt” Corey pointed out

I cursed to myself forgetting about the bite that Mr. Douglas gave me.

“I had to take my shirt off so I can clean the blood on my head from when I hit my head with the rock”  I said worried that they’d know i was lying to them.

“We’re just glad you’re okay” Stiles said I knew he had so many questions that I still hadn’t answered. 

“Okay we’re heading back to school, feel better Y/N” Malia said and Stiles stayed behind with me. As they walked off I heard Malia say “Am I the only on who was listening to her heartbeat when she explained what happened?”

“No I did too” Liam said

“Yeah so did I, she was lying about something and I smelled another werewolf too maybe someones watching us” Scott said 

“Are you okay Y/N” Stiles asked me, I had forgotten I was listening to their conversation

“Yeah I’m fine”

“Y/N were you lying about all of that” 

“No why would you think I’m lying”

“I’m just asking because the blood on your shirt looks a lot like the stain a werewolf bite would leave”

“I didn’t get bitten I would’ve had a mark” I felt bad for lying but I just couldn’t tell him the truth yet.

“Okay, I was worried sick you know” he said

“I know your dad told me”

“My-my dad told you”

“Yes I think It’s cute” with that being said he leaned in and kissed me, once we pulled away he said “I love you Y/N”

I smiled and replied “I love you too Stiles” 


So I’m thinking of making this a mini series, what do you guys think? Message me if you’d like a part 2 or if you’d like an imagine!!!