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So, I came out to my friends, and one asked what gender I classify as. I said male, and he was like, "cool". After, they started being low key transphobic? Using words like "sh//em//ale//" and "tr//an//ny" They're really good friends of mine *my only friends* but they make me really uncomfortable and angry when they do that :/

Kii says:

People who call their “friends” transphobic words are not good friends. They are talking behind your back and that is not okay. I would definitely suggest confronting them about it, and if they aren’t willing to change their ways, they don’t deserve you as a friend and I would highly suggest seeking out new ones.

Hello! My name is Lucas, I am 17 years old. I was born in Cuba and I currently live in Mexico.


  • I consider myself to be really creative. I love art and I aspire to become a writer in the future. 
  • I love science with a passion and I love talking about it, specially Biology and Astronomy. I enjoy talking about Philosophy, History, Psychology and pretty much anything that I can learn as long as it exists.
  • Reading is one of my many hobbies. Surreal literature, Horror and Science Fiction are my favorites. My favorite books at the moment are Blindness by José Saramago, The Shining by Stephen King and everything that there is by H.P Lovecraft.
  • I am very interested in languages and cultures. I can currently speak fluently just Spanish (Native language) and English (Second language) And I can perfectly understand but barely speak Italian and French. I am currently learning Icelandic. I am a certified English and Spanish teacher! I have helped people in their language learning process.
  • I adore music and I am learning to play guitar. My favorite bands are Of Monsters and Men, Passion Pit, Magic Man, The Wombats, The Beatles, X Ambassadors and Sigur Rós. As you may have noticed, my favorite genre of music is anything alternative.
  • My favorite genre for movies and series are Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. My favorite film ever is Spirited Away followed very closely by Room and The Revenant. In series, I am currently obsessed with Stranger Things. Ask me about my list of anime titles!

About me

  • I am an INFP and a Scorpio.(Nov 22) Warning: I am a very talkative INFP.
  • I can read Tea Leaves, Tarot and Zener cards.
  • I am not religious but I am not an atheist either. I have my own sense of spirituality.
  • I am Asexual Panromantic
  • I am pursuing a degree in Journalism starting this January.
  • Each day for me is a chance to learn something new and/or become a better person. I have a very strong “Live and let live” philosophy and I respect any kind of different lifestyle people have.
  • People say I am very good at giving advice. I have been a listener in places such as BlahTherapy and 7cupsofTea
  • I have ADHD and Anxiety (Both professionally diagnosed) I am well medicated.
  • I have a loooot of hobbies, they are all related to art and crafts.

Me as a Pen Pal

I would love to write via Snail Mail or via YouTube. Instant messaging doesn’t work for me often because I tend to get into hermit mode and I will ignore messages if I don’t feel with enough energy to reply. That won’t happen via ways of communication that require more work.

However: If you are someone who is interested in learning Spanish or in a certain kind of reading, you can tell me so in my tumblr blog (At the bottom) And I will message you my Skype so we can be in contact!.

I tend to talk about Cuba, my native country, whenever I am feeling nostalgic. If you dislike nostalgia then…welp.

I love intellectual conversations specially in loooong messages (Reasons why I prefer the ways mentioned above)

Over Snail Mail, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t only send letters but also tiny simple gifts, doodles or anything that I would love to share with you. I don’t expect anything back, I just love showing stuff to people.

My ideal Pen Pal

  • Any country is fine! I am interested in all places! But I would enjoy hearing about people from Europe or Asia :) But it doesn’t matter what country are you from really.
  • Must like ramblings about useless knowledge! I am 78% useless knowledge. Must really like discussing stuff or talking about interests.
  • Any age is fine. Although, I would be more comfortable talking to someone between 16-19 years old.
  • That’s pretty much it! I am open to any sort of lifestyle and it is not required that you show your face if you don’t feel comfortable :)

Check my Tumblr:

Thank you very much!

Okay literally…

I just met this new girl in LGBT club, and she’s a lesbian. I don’t know like any lesbians here, so this is nice.

(She knows I have a girlfriend, so don’t get the wrong idea.)

She drove me home and we talked at my house for literally almost 3 hours.

I’m home alone for a few days so I didn’t even need to worry about my mom.

She now wants me to come over and meet her dog and make vegan food with her…

This is so so so awesome 😊