They Were Driving This Pregnant Woman To The Hospital But What Happened On The Road Is Unbelievable!
When a woman is giving birth it\\'s very important to get her to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. However, there might be obstacles on the road to prevent this. This man was driving his pregnant wife to the hospital but what happened on the road is unbelievable. These are the most beautiful and...

Newtina is one of those canon cute, healthy, loving ships like Chandler and Monica from Friends or Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine Nine. Only for me it’s more fun cuz they have magic. It’s so nice to see relationships like this on screen ❤️

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Imagine you’re a volunteer at a local shelter for abused men. Loki is the newest resident, fleeing from his abusive girlfriend. The two of you become friends, and soon fall in love and start dating. He’s being very cautious, but he’s starting to open up to you as you, through good words and kindness, show him that love isn’t supposed to hurt.