fic ideas:
  • it’s A’s birthday and they don’t have a lot of money so B sends A to the store and while they’re gone B attempts to bake a cake but it looks like a bag of flour exploded instead and there’s frosting on their nose
  • A works in a bookstore, B buys a book by Ayn Rand (I hate her) so A tries to reel in their irritation but can’t and so they go on a big spiel about how terrible she is only to find out that B agrees and was only picking the book up for a friend
  • meeting at a PRIDE parade
  • A & B don’t know one another but the ferris wheel just stopped working and they’re stuck in the same seat near the top so B tells A stories to calm them
  • A works at a hardware store and B doesn’t know a damn thing about stuff like that but they see A and fire questions at them like “do I need an S bracket to install that with?” or “can’t I just use the same nail size for everything” just to have an excuse to talk to them and it becomes a thing
  • A & B are sorta famous on the internet and accidentally stumble upon tumblr posts shipping them and/or fic and art and it’s awkward but that thought is in their heads now and maybe?
  • A & B live together and B is always complaining about how A leaves dishes in the sink and throws their laundry in the hamper from across the room (which means they miss 9/10 times). A leaves for a week for one reason or another and B starts leaving little messes to make it feel like A is still there
  • “I’m sorry I squatted in your house, it was so bare that I thought it was empty and you seem like a lonely person. I’m not a serial killer I’m just in between jobs and down on my luck”
  • A & B work in a public library and they bond over suggesting books for one another and leaving Post It notes on the pages like pg 185: “betchu didn’t see that plot twist coming”
  • “I didn’t mean to interrupt but I really love the book that you’re trashing, lets fight about it”
  • my date cancelled and you’re my best friend (but I wanna be more) so lets use the reservation for the romantic restaurant together
  • A leaves little things (their fav brand of gum, a box of their fav donuts, a brand new bag of pens because they’re forever losing them) for B around the apartment/flat they share and pretends that it wasn’t them when B asks
  • “that’s not a lemur, that’s a monkey” A & B meeting and bonding over B’s bad eyesight
  • “I didn’t mean to take a picture of you I swear. I was trying to snap one of the obscure lesser known relic behind you bc I’m a huge history nerd” and my apology is rambling and embarrassing but you find it cute
  • I said your name at the wedding instead of my partners “I take thee ____” and you saw it happen so I’m in a real pickle but it’ll make for one hell of a ‘this is how we got together’ story since my almost partner dumped me on the alter
  • A & B are best pals and are in a bar in the ‘40s and they have a moment but can’t do anything about it (bc they’re in public) so they confess their love by giving one another opposite sex names and saying things they always wanted to say/using the fake name so no one suspects “ ‘mae’ stopped tying ‘her’ hair back and i think shes gorgeous either way” “I’m not sure if mae loves me or not” “she does, she always has
  • A & B are undercover and quickly kiss as a cover because they’re about to be discovered. the danger passes but they’re still kissing
  • A & B go to the gym to work out together and somehow B ends up pinning to the ground with A on top and they have eye sex
  • A & B were thisclose to becoming a couple but life got in the way, they stay friends over the yrs but don’t visit much. A goes on a blind date only to see that it’s B and this is the second chance they’d both longed for
  • we met at a stargazing event/blankets on the ground in the warm summer night and I know all of the constellations but you see me squinting at them and assume I’m trying to figure out which is which so you scoot closer and name them. in reality it’s only because i left my glasses at home but i don’t wanna ruin whatever this is
  • “I looked at you and saw futures that I never knew I wanted until I found them in your eyes”
  • you’re supposed to bring a baked good for the charity auction but yours is charred and mine is only slightly better so i buy yours to make you feel better and that’s how we meet. you’re amazed that anyone would actually buy/eat it
  • we’ve been best friends for years and everyone knows how much i love you except for you so I draw it during a group game of pictionary and you don’t get it at first but when you do, the feeling is mutual
  • we both want the same person but said person rejects us both so we date one another instead (same sex) (inspired by Fuller House)
  • we live together and you need to borrow my phone to make a text to our mutual friend. when you pull up their name there’s a lengthy convo about how i’m in love with you and it’s terrifying and ‘no i’m not going to tell them’ so i pretend that i didn’t see it and slowly start building up to telling you i feel the same w/little gestures