When I Last Saw You


AUTHOR: WhosLexiWolfe

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are a half-Asgardian child of fairly noble birth, and spent many years in the presence of Odin and his family in your younger years. Loki, overly-guarded against a youngling at first, grew to like you when he realised the two of you could get into a lot of mischief together and share the blame, thus not get badly punished. He became your best friend. As a young teenager, you leave for Midgard and years go by. When fully grown, you finally return to Asgard and are greeted warmly by everyone who didn’t expect your coming. You find Loki keeping his own counsel and it takes him a moment to recognise you… But when he does, he stares dumbfounded at how you have blossomed beautifully and cannot help but blush…

RATING: Family Friendly

NOTES/WARNINGS:  I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to post a fourth chapter.  Life totally got in my way this summer! (in a good way)  Thank you to all those who have read, reblogged and enjoyed and I hope you’re still liking this work - despite not being able to attend to it v well, I’m still loving writing it!

I have also EVER SO SLIGHTLY changed the above… I’ve had her moving away while she’s still small instead of as a young teenager, but that feels like the best course of action…


The palace slowly started to become more and more accustomed to the occasional yelps of surprise or slight distress that permeated the lofty rooms.  No one was perfectly safe from the pranks that Loki and I committed.  The day after the Volcano Seeds, all the jars in the kitchen had their labels changed.  The servants brought us food that tasted odd or just plain disgusting for days.  But even on empty stomachs, Loki and I tittered at one another quietly as the others sighed and rolled their eyes.

Then, fairly soon afterwards, the All Father’s golden eye patch could not be found anywhere.  For hours he searched, and others searched for him, as he became more and more frustrated.  His brow furrowed as he caught me in a corridor, my eyes wide as I looked up at him.  He asked me if I’d seen it.

“No, sir,” I replied.

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