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Dinner alone tonight, on travel, scrolling through my dash and here comes another post I quickly flick past because, you know, a guy juggling dildos ain't quite appropriate in the local, close-quarters, friendly Thai restaurant I like. Except: it was the wing of a plane. I had to go back and look and it was planes. Haha! (thought I'd share that you made a random stranger laugh miles from where you are). Hope your well and enjoying yourself tonight! cheers, b.

I’m glad my blog could make you laugh, I hope you’re having a nice trip! :)

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Thailand travel tips

We have had the pleasure of visiting Thailand many times.  We met some nice  and friendly thai people. It is a great place to go.  But there are a few things you should know.  Here are a few tips for traveling to thailand:

Be polite.  Thai people are very cool people but that does not mean you can misbehave in their country.  It will just cause animosity against foreigners visiting their country.  While we were there we saw an middle eastern man yelling at the police.  He was making a complete fool of himself.  Things like this make you and everyone who looks like you look very bad.

Great food Beware.  The food is amazing but if your stomach is not used to too rich spices, you may want to avoid it.  If you are a foodie with a strong stomach, you will be in heaven.  Thailand is a food adventure especially if you can handle hot food.  Try the grass hoppers, they taste like potato chips!

Backpacking.  You will see lots of young, European backpackers walking around.  If you decide to do it, you should be prepared.  Thailand is very hot and humid.  Bring some sunscreen and very comfortable shoes.

Bring Condoms.  Thailand is one of the most sexually open places in the world.  They don’t see sexuality or sexual orientation like Westerners.  You may have many opportunities for sex.  Protect yourself.

Money. Bring only what you intend to spend for the night. There are so much entertainment in both Bangkok and Pattaya. It is hard to control the temptation of spending when you are in the middle having fun.

The crowds in some parts of Thailand are overwhelming.  Pattaya, for example, is a very touristy area and you can expect that everywhere you go will  have a crowd.  There are also many foreigners who settled in Thailand and get married to Thai women.