“So what’s new in Starkhaven?”

“Well, we’ve had an outbreak of yoga.”

“Yoga?  How could yoga be problematic?”

“…  gravity.”

Friendly Advice: Fiyero and Bland

Dear Smarticle Lemony Person

So, I was with my friend Loli- he’s super adorable BTW, and single ;)-   and he told me vodka had, like, a bajillion calories, and I was like, no way, it’s clear! So, like, he looked it up and it said it did but like Google totally lies! It’s a super hush and stuff, like, illuminate. So it’s not true, right? Vodka totally doesn’t have calories, that’s super duper silly.

Oh, and like, so, you’re a smarticle person, right? Do you know where I can get another kid to do my homework? Like, my last one got a girlfriend, so she won’t do it for me anymore. What am I supposed to do, do it myself? Pfft, like, how silly can people get, right?

Any who, Love ya, Lemon ;) Thanks for all the help! <3 <3 <3

Fiyero Deamorte~

PS: Like, I don’t know how mail works and my agent not picking up so I’m just gonna put this under your door.

Perfect. That’ll totally show Loli. Like, come on, how could Vodka have calories? It’s clear. Which means none of the evil fat-causing stuff can be in it. It was basic knowledge! Really, Loli could be so funny sometimes. 

With a hum, he approached the  door, giving two light knocks and a hum. “Sweetheart! Like, special delivery~” Giggling, he adjusted the newsy cap on his head. Thought it was fitting. “The smarticle advice person, right?” 

You’re Smart!

I absolutely hate it when people think that just because someone is smart they can get good grades. Not everyone is capable of getting straight A’s and grades have noting to do with actual intelligence anyways. If you’re smart, you’re smart, no matter what your grades are! 

So yeah, I made this one for all those teens out there who are tired of getting judged based on their grades, or having people try to force them to improve where its not possible. If you’re already doing your best then you have nothing to be ashamed of!

Reblog if you feel the same way, or if you want to support those who do! Spread this message around. Don’t get discouraged if your grades are low, guys!! <3

hey guys don’t start playing a dair fanmix while you’re trying to do something productive because no matter what volume that shit is on or how little you’re paying attention to it it will slowly creep up on you and you will end up on the floor crying 100% guaranteed

Just remember that sometimes the way you think of a person isn’t the way they actually are. 

anonymous asked:

Just some friendly advice. I've been to a few clipping concerts (they're great you'll have a wonderful time) and I know Daveed and the rest of clipping prefers to not get Hamilton related questions/ requests. Etc. regardless with what you do I hope you have fun. :)

I’ll be chill fam dont worry

If you really love your body

Do yourself a favour and take up exercise. Not only will you be slimmer and more attractive, you will also feel healthier, stronger, faster, and will defnately live longer than those HAES types who deny proven medical and scientific facts. You will also be able to walk longer distances without feeling tired, be more resistant to extreme temperatures and won’t get sick so often. It’s easy to find 15 minutes to work out even if you are a very busy person, and the results are worth it. Even I, while eating some junk food during my day in the uni( because the student cafeteria has either crisps or the horribly cooked canteen food, which I’d rather stay hungry than ever touch), still manage to lose some weight. Unless you have some severe disease that prevents you from exercising or the doctor advised you against it( in which case my condolences), exercise is good for you. Don’t listen to the HAES idiots. Healthy obesity is a lie. Obesity is a disease. Don’t let your body be diseased.


JiHyun stood in front of Jimin as the older brother crossed his arms. The two hadn’t talked since the phone call, but it had been a couple weeks and JiHyun was put into the house as a form of detention before his trial.

Hyung. JiHyun tried to speak, but Jimin walked away. The guards followed closely behind. Since JiHyun’s arrival, the guards had to be extra cautious around the brothers because Jimin had almost snapped in front of everyone. Now, Jimin rarely had a moment to himself. He sighed and looked at the guards.

I’m just going to my room. He said and walked into the room, shutting the door behind him. Taking the phone that he was given, he scrolled and found your number. Dialing it, he waitied.

Hello? A confused voice came on the other side and Jimin smiled.

Hey, long time no talk! He exclaimed and your breathing hitched.

What? Jimin? Is that you? You asked. You had never given him your number and Jimin knew that. He had gotten the number during on of Yoongi’s hacks to the system, now he sat on his bed and praised God for the little bit of good that came out of that breach.

Yea! How are you? The house isn’t the same. Jimin continued the conversation and you laughed a little.

Uh, things are okay. I heard that JiHyun was taken into custody. You said and Jimin sighed.

I just can’t look him in the eye. Jimin started. Every time I look at him, I see my mother and how upset she was. I see my dad and how desperate he was to tell the truth, I hate to see how he feels now.

You sighed from the other end of the phone. You had actually gotten in contact with Jimin’s father, but he wanted nothing to do with either of his sons, he saw them as a disgrace to the family and that was not something you could tell Jimin. These past two weeks had been torturous, somehow you had realized that Jimin had changed from being your patient to someone you cared for on a romantic level. Now you just wanted to try and forget him, but you couldn’t.

Y/N? Jimin’s voice came ringing through the phone and you snapped out of your thoughts.

Yea! Sorry, I got a little distracted. You said and Jimin chuckled.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. Jimin sighed. You could tell that he was putting all of the guilt onto himself and you shook your head.

Sometimes you can’t protect everyone from everything. Sometimes, you have to let people fall so you can help them back up. JiHyun needs to realize that he has made a mistake and he needs to learn from it, you can’t stop him constantly from doing that. You replied and Jimin thought about it.

For him, this was easier said than done. He had promised himself that he would protect JiHyun forever, but now he couldn’t stop what was happening. He thought he had done everything, but it didn’t stop JiHyun from committing a crime. He realized that JiHyun needed to pay the consequence, but he was fearful of how it might hurt JiHyun. The two of you stayed on the line, although you were silent. It was like the two of you just wanted to continue to try and stay together through the phone. Then another call came to your phone.

Jimin, I have to take this, but we will talk later. You said quickly and before Jimin could reply you were gone. He stared at the ended phone call and shook his head.

You answered your call.

Yes, this is Y/N. You answered the woman’s questions as you tried to keep all of your information straight. Yes, Park Jimin. I have enough evidence that proves he can be set for a parole sentencing rather than house arrest. You continued to answer the woman’s inquiries before hanging up the phone.

Jimin had no idea what was coming.