friendly reminder that you should stop making people feel bad abt what they like

anonymous asked:

ok hold the fuck on. did you get wat i was saying at all? because you gave this whole spiel about how 'bullying sucks and i hate rude messages telling me to update fuck you' but the message you said 'no.' to did not look rude to me at all. cos last i checked 'pretty please' doesn't mean 'update bitch or i will kill you'. if you had to be rude about it you could have used a message that was actually rude?(since you get so many apparently) 'oh but why should i care about that i juggle life and..

(cont) fanfiction!’ look lady i admit you get pissed when people tell you to update but you can ignore the nice ones and give shit to the rude ones not the other way around. and i know you’ll lash out agn cos i’m back ‘tormenting’ you but seriously im just here to tell you to not be rude about things for no reason. you don’t owe anyone fic but you do not need to have a fucking attitude abt it. seriously youre no greater superior being than all those pestering anons stop behavin lyk tht.

You know what, anon, you are right. We are no more superior than any of you. We’re humans. We have emotions. We get frustrated when there are continuously people being rude to us. Let me ask you something: have you never ever in your life snapped at someone who didn’t really deserve it because you had a shit day/week/etc before and they just ticked you off for some reason?

Just, for one moment, look at it from Whitney’s side. Or Jane’s. They say, repeatedly, “Please do not ask for an update. It will not speed up the process of writing it.” Yet people completely ignore that because they simply do not think further than “I love this story so much and I want the next chapter.” I do not want to accuse anyone of malice if they are like that. Seriously. I get it. I’ve been there. And now that I’m (somewhat indirectly) on the other side of it, I’ve begun to change it. And everyone else can do that too. You know what gives us writers motivation to keep writing? Our love for the stories. You know what you can do to help? Tell us how much you love it. Don’t ask when the next chapter will be ready. Just gently, friendly remind us that there are more people than just us who love the stories.

Yes, anon, you are right that the ask does not really look rude when you consider it innocently. But, as I said, if you’ve had a dozen of people asking, you get tired of being nice. You get tired of “ignoring” them, because they’ll just keep coming. Again, there need not be malice in that behavior. We all know tumblr isn’t exactly the most reliable at delivering messages. And we know that messages sometimes go under.

So no, anon, we are not high and mighty. But we are frustrated. And we go on rants because apparently people do not care enough to go through a few blog pages to maybe see if we have already answered their question. So we need to repeat ourselves over and over. It is tiring. I hope you get at least that. And because we are no better than anyone else, we sometimes lash out at people, and sometimes someone gets caught in the crossfire who didn’t really deserve the full brunt.

Also, I understand your anger because you feel like we tear your valid opinion to pieces with our hysteria and “attitude”. But I, personally, believe that to be in a position to call someone out on rude behavior, you need to not be rude yourself. So before you send us another message, please review this one carefully. Polemic (“cos last i checked ‘pretty please’ doesn’t mean 'update bitch or i will kill you’”), swear words (“hold the fuck on”, “fucking attitude”), and, frankly, bad spelling and grammar (“lyk tht”, “lash out agn cos”) are not helping you make a point. Those things make you seem like a twelve year old who’s throwing a rage fit, tossing pillows around, screaming and spitting at anyone who comes near him. The way you say it distracts from what you say, and it seems more designed to get a rise out of us than to actually make a point.

I hope you actually read all this and get what I’m saying. I get that you’re angry, because what everyone said yesterday certainly wasn’t pretty. However, your original message yesterday was, in some ways, out of line. You were accusing Whitney of being “fucking rude”, and in my book, that line itself is rude. So while I see why you are upset about the response, I cannot get myself to feel sorry for you. I only hope that you can let it be now, and maybe learn something about making a point without being offensive.