friendly reminder that their storyline this season was a thing

Friendly reminder that the love triangle sl was meant as a reversal of the Topanga x Cory x Lauren sl, and it will not be continuing after Ski Lodge. 

1. LM x CL have a moment under the stars
2. Riley and Topanga date an idealized figure, yet quickly realize they want to be with their original love interest (Lucas/Cory)
3. Jellybeans (you’ll learn about this in season 3)
4. Ski Lodge = the end of the triangle on gmw, the beginning of the love triangle on bmw. 

It is a reversal of the storyline, however, one thing is clear. LM = CL and RL = CT, and just because Corpanga fixed their problems after Ski Lodge, it doesn’t mean that Michael Jacobs is all of a sudden going to recreate LM again. Especially since thematically, the Topanga x Cory x Lauren sl has been completed in gmw.