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Ain’t no prince waiting for me

Soulmate AU
Pairing: Barry Allen x reader

Summary: In spite of her tattoo, Y/N Y/L/N has given up this soulmate thing. She simply doesn’t believe it, she’s convinced that she’s doomed to never find her true love. But will an unfortunate event change that?

Warning: Eddie’s still alive!! He’s not going to die in my AU either;))

A/N: OK, so I have always wanted to do a soulmate-AU, I simply find the clichés adorable! In this one, the soulmate thing is the partner’s first words the first time they meet each other, but hey! If you liked this, and want m to make another soulmate-imagine, send me your idea! Enjoy:))


“I’m telling you, Blaise, I just don’t believe in it!” Y/N was yet again arguing with her best friend about the idiotic soulmate thing. 
“How can you not believe in it? This is how life works, how God have made it easier for us to find one another!” It was almost pointless to continue. The two had two completely different ideologies. Blaise: the girl who believed in fate, in God, in the stupid tattoos. And then there was Y/N: the one that believed in science, in random happenings and that were convinced she would die alone.

“You will never understand, B, I will never have what you and Hunter have,” this provoked Blaise, how could her almost perfect, best friend think so little of herself?
“Of course you will, your wrist is proof of that, now stop the bullshit talk, Y/N,” her tone short and sharp. 
“But Blaise, I swear I’m cursed or something! My younger siblings have met their partners, my whole family has always found their soulmates at a young age. All of my friends have their partners, heck you and Hunter have a kid, Blaise!”

“You’re not cursed, Y/N,”
“Just look at this Blaise, it’s pure evil, my tattoo says ‘wow’! That can be anyone, it can be a creep, a jackass, it can be any guy on the planet!”
“You need to stop being so pessimistic, Y/N, it doesn’t suit you,” Blaise kept her mouth in a thin line.
“The complex is weird and unnatural,”
“You can’t just say that!”
“Watch me!” Y/N challenged, and shouted at the top of her lungs, which made Blaise just want to disappear. So she dragged her friend through the park.
“Don’t wake Amos, Y/N,” she excused, and their discussion stopped there, the next talking-topic being how Y/N was doing at work.

“It’s so cool,”
“It’s not that cool, Cisco,” Barry chuckled. His friend, teammate, and colleague had not stopped looking at his wrist in awe.
“But it is! I mean, come on! The damsel falling in love with her hero – it’s a classic!” Cisco referred to the words ‘Holy crap, it’s him!’
“You know, it can also just be a girl that doesn’t like me or something, or-“
“Nope, this right here, my man, is a line said in adoration,” Cisco patted Barry’s back, and they went back to their work. 

Y/N sat on the Haydens’ couch as her friend walked around her apartment.
“He gets to bed at-”
“Seven, you know Blaise, I have babysitted Seany before, I know the drill: Dinner’s at 5, so that’s out of the way, if he’s hungry I can give him some fruits, bedtime’s at seven, but it’s no crisis if it gets closer to eight, and there’s food for me in the fridge for me to take whenever I want. I’m not the teenager neighbor you had to book last minute, B,” It was Blaise and Hunter’s date night, and as usual Y/N was there to babysit ‘lil Sean.

“Of course, of course! I’m so sorry, just a bit nervous,” Y/N rolled her eyes at her friend, this was what happened each time, and Blaise would always start excusing herself for not 'trusting you enough’. This time, the difference was that Y/N managed to make that part take less time, and she pushed her almost hyperventilating best friend out the door to her husband.

“…And the Flash saves the day yet again,” Y/N closed her laptop and looked over to the other end of the couch, where the Flash’s biggest fan of the age of 3 laid with a clear view to her feet.
“Kiddo, that was the last article, sorry bud,”
“Have you checked Iris West?” What that still amazed Y/N about Sean, was that in spite of his lack of abilities when it came to naming the alphabet, and counting to fifteen like the other kids, he had this huge interest in The Flash – which made him speak of certain journalists as if he knew them.
“We just read Iris West, Seany, I’m sorry,“

“What does yours say, aunty Y/N?” Sean looked at her wrist, which Y/N huffed at. 'What is it with this world? Why are everyone so eager on those stupid tattoos?’ But she pulled herself together and forced a smile.
"You see, Sean, aunt Y/N isn’t as lucky as all the other ones, her tattoo doesn’t work,”
“It doesn’t?” The little boy looked up at her with big, worried eyes, which by some way made Y/N feel bad for him.
“No, but I’m sure yours work! Mommy’s and daddy’s worked, I’m just a bit less lucky,”

“Do you think the Flash has a tattoo?” Sean asks, which make Y/N laugh – if those words had come out of any other’s mouth, she would have rolled her eyes.
“I believe so, yes,”
“You are very pretty, aunty Y/N,” right there was one of the many reasons Y/N loved Sean. Sure, he wasn’t the best at keeping a conversation – that boy was more distracting than any kid Y/n had ever met. But in the end, Sean was this great, funny, bubbly guy that Y/N loved hanging out with.
“Thank you, that was a very nice thing to say, you’re very handsome as well," 
"What if Flash is your soulmate?” Y/N almost choked, but before she could say anything, Sean continued: “Or maybe Patrick, he’s very cool, he works with the big kids,” exhaling, Y/N was relieved her little random, darling duckling was back.

The all too familiar sound of metal meeting glass rang through the room, and so Barry tried his best at not sinking deep into his chair.
“I would like to make a toast…” It was his beautiful best friend, Iris, and her fiancé Eddie’s engagement party, and even though he couldn’t be more happy for the two, he couldn’t shake off the sad feeling in his heart. His parents, his friends – it even seemed like the little kids that were running around had found their partners for life. Barry couldn’t take one step anywhere, without being reminded that he hadn’t found his soulmate yet. 

“You know, I met my mate at the age of 13,” the drunk next to Barry stated.
“I heard the most regular age to meet is between 9 and 23,” Was it Eddie’s cousin that said that?
“How 'bout you, Terry? Found the love of your life yet?” 'How did I even end up here?’ Barry smiled at the old man.
“No, but I-”
“Gary! His name is Gary, grandpa!" 
"I’ll just go and find Iris,” Barry enlightened to the little party, and then left to do just so.

“Barry! Hey, I haven’t seen you at all tonight!” Iris had clearly gotten a few glasses, but when she saw right through the fake smile of Barry Allen, her tipsy state disappeared right away. 
“Uhm, babe, I’ll just go get more ice,” once Eddie had given his wife-to-be a kiss in acknowledgment, the two best friends found their way to the porch.

Iris had a feeling what had caused barry’s light frown but had let him talk out about it anyway. 
“Barry, you’re going to be fine. Look, I’m sure your girl’s just right around the corner, whomever up there would be a real ass if she’s not,” her last comment made Barry smile.
“Yeah, of course,” he nodded, regretting that he’d taken his best friend out of her own engagement party.

It wasn’t an everyday thing for Y/N Y/L/N to go to Tiffany’s to eat her breakfast. Thing is, she always had a wish to do so – let her inner Audrey Hepburn shine. So today, she could happily cross it off her bucket list. What she hadn’t thought of though, was Central City being a slightly criminal city, with many jewelry-loving evil metahumans. So in her little black dress, matching gloves, big dark sunglasses and pearl necklace, Y/N witnessed the first robbery in her life. It will be fine, Y/N. What’s the odds of anyone coming and ripping off your grandmother’s pearls in the middle of the streets? Oh God, what have I ever done to deserve this?’ Y/N thought of her earlier words to herself, almost shaking by the thought of the scene she frightened happening.

She waited for the alarm that never came and looked around herself. One babysitter strolling with a toddler, a man in a suit, and herself – that meant two witnesses if anything happened. When the nanny and the businessman soon disappeared, Y/N decided to try her breakfast at Tiffany’s another time. 'Time to use those ninja-skills you brag about to Sean,’
“Oh hello,” A not-too-friendly voice spoke up behind her. 'Oh merde,' 

Deciding to pretend she hadn’t heard him, Y/N sped up her pace, walking as fast as a girl in heels could. Suddenly she felt her necklace get pulled backward so hard she got troubles breathing, making her whole body follow.
“That’s some lovely piece of woman your jewelry got there,” that must have been the lamest, creepiest pick-up line Y/N had ever heard. With no one in sight, she tried her best to distract his attention away from robbing her. But instead of saying: “The pearls were my grandmothers”, whimpers escaped her lips.
“Flash,” the meta behind her seemed both tense and annoyed. If she could, Y/N would have breathed out in relief, but that being difficult, she tried her best just breathing normally.

Usually, when Barry went into Flash-mode, he didn’t notice the ones around him that weren’t in danger. His eyes were on the metas, and the metas only, so when he was done defeating the telekinesis, had sped him off to the old particle accelerator, his next task was at hand: Double check on the wounded. Though when he did came back, there weren’t many people at the crime-scene.
“Wow…” Barry said quietly, taking in the rich girl’s appearance. Her hair was sat up in a weird, kind of snobbish way, but that suited her in a way. And her lips! Her beautiful, pink lips, parted a bit because of the shock probably. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see the color of her, most likely, stunning eyes. The pearls were placed against her collarbones perfectly, and along with the black dress she looked very put together: Very higher-class: Very not the kind of people Barry hung out with – or were in his league.

At that same time, Y/N had just thawed from her frozen state: It was actually the Flash. He was in front of her. And before she could stop herself, the words spilled form her lips:
“Holy shit it’s him,” All she could think about was the face behind the mask. Would his smile match the warm, green and kind eyes? Would his personality do as well? Would he be a stuck up jerk, or the nicest guy possible? She wanted to see him, the real hero under the suit. Though just when she saw a blurred picture of him opening his mouth, Y/N lost control of her now numb body, and passed out.

“Now that’s one fine looking lady you got there, Bar,” Joe said, looking over to the other room at the rich girl. 
“Pretty good catch if she’s not a monster,” Cisco sucked on his lollypop while following Joe’s gaze. She’d been unconscious for about an hour, and Barry still hadn’t moved his attention from the sleeping beauty.
“Yeah…” He had answered, hoping for just that.

Y/N had found out, the hard way, that it was a terrible thing to pass out. Not only the uncomfortable feeling of not being able to see for seconds before she lost it, but also losing control of her legs. When she heard unfamiliar voices around her, Y/N decided it was for the best not to open her eyes completely just yet.
“Pretty good catch if she’s not a monster,” 'Oh dear God. I’m in my Holly-costume,“
"Yeah…” 'This honestly can’t get worse’Y/N kept thinking about the endless choices of near futures she had. Her rescuers could be kidnappers. The kidnappers could jury her in many ways, and considering her choice of outfit, robbery didn’t seem impossible. 'Oh please God almighty, please say they’re not rapists!’
"Hey, is it normal for unconscious people to have nightmares?” 'Crap, Blaise was right, I really need to work on my poker face! God dammit Y/N!’ Deciding her little act didn’t hold, Y/N opened her eyes, the first thing she saw being a wrist with black ink.

“Wow…” That was the second time that day. Barry just couldn’t stop himself, her eyes… They were the absolute perfect shade of Y/E/C. 
“Shit,” the stranger girl’s words were almost impossible to catch, but Barry did, and saw her eyes glued on his tattoo. His eyebrows furrowed, what was she doing? But once their eyes locked for what had to be the third time that day, he understood.
“It’s you,” he stated. His soulmate nodded.
“I’m Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N,” She whispered, still looking deep into his eyes.
“Barry Allen,” at that he closed the gap. They kissed. Her on the bed, and him hovering over her. It didn’t take may minutes before Cisco made a big deal out of it.
“I told you, man!” He outed right after a wolf whistle. And the happy couple smiled. They had finally found each other. After all that time.


A/N: The hard part of writing such clichés as a soulmate imagine, is that it’s almost impossible to write good! SO I hope the cuteness (hopefully there’s some cuteness in here…) made up for the bad writing and crappy ending:))


Description: Reader is put in charge of the kitchen, and to get Bucky to help, they share something close to their heart

A/N: I hope you like it! Any feedback would be appreciated so much!

Warnings: Fluff, insecure Bucky

Tags: @bucky-plums-barnes This is the anon, please let me down gently if it’s awful

Words: 1299

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

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1997 [3]

Part 1, 2

Characters: Dean Winchester, twin sister!reader, Sam Winchester, characters from 4x13, OC characters.

Words: 1500

Tags: @daughters-and-winsisters @evyiione  @darkestgrungeuniverse @fabulouslycassie @delessapeace-blog @mariairwin666 @1amluke @saveprettydays @cookee50 @yoursmilemakesmeloveyou @samanddeanshotsis

A/N: Just gonna clarify that this could be any town, I’m not thinking of anywhere specific while writing this. The episode ”After School Special”, where I’m taking names and characters and so on from — I’m using the setting — might take place in a certain town, I don’t remember, but yeah. My series doesn’t, it’s just a small town, that’s all.

Music suggestion: Tennis Court - Lorde (Again, I just listened to it while I wrote, and didn’t think of the lyrics, so yeah.)

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The beautiful thing with moving around and switching schools like you and your brothers did — was that you could become anyone. No one knew you from before, no one knew what you’ve been through — and they definitely didn’t know what your father did for a living either for that matter.

So, you were free to be whoever you liked, because the only ones who really knew you — the real you — were your family. Because, no one ever got to know you. Because, before you could make friends, true friends, you had to leave again. Just like Sammy had said.

Dean usually hung around the ”cool” kids. With his sarcasm and charisma, he had no problem with getting people to laugh. And for some reason, he was popular with the girls too. You didn’t understand that one.

Sometimes, you joined Dean and hung out with those crowds. But, other times, you went a different way. You tried out hanging with almost every type of group that existed in high school.

It was just that you didn’t bother this time. This time, as you said to yourself, you were going to keep to yourself. It would spare you energy, and then it wouldn’t be hard at all to leave. There would be nothing to miss.

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Magic (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt Scamander

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Muggle!Reader, No-Maj!Reader

Title: Magic

Requested by anon:

Can you do a Newt Scamander imagine where he gets jealous because his beasts like the reader more than him and he realizes he’s on love with her please? I love your blog!!!

Requested by anon:

can you do an imagine newt from fbawtft about where one of his creatures(i forgot the name) was stealing christmas items and stuff and reader and newt has to save christmas then in the end they meet under the mistletoe and you can end how you want. 

A/N: I will change the second request a little bit because it’s not currently Christmas, but I’ll do something similar anyway. 

New York could be awfully boring sometimes for such a big and exciting city. I was just making my way on the streets as usual, minding my own business when something out of the ordinary happened.

Almost like I was tempting fate by being bored of my routine. Almost like it was making me want to be careful for what I wished for.

It wasn’t anything too crazy, but it was crazy enough to get my attention.

A poster turned to life! I was calmly walking along the sidewalk when I noticed something with the corner of my eye, and it was the fact that a poster in the wall on my left was moving!

I frowned and stopped, thinking that it was impossible. Then I glanced at it and saw the man on it was blinking! Until I blinked myself and it was no longer there.

I would have thought I was seeing things if it weren’t for the fact that a nearby dog barked at whatever it was too.

“I must be tired” I just said to myself nonetheless, shaking my head and carrying on with my life.

While I was at it, I accidentally bumped with a woman who gave me an unfriendly glare.

“Sorry” I mumbled with a forced smile.

“No-maj…” She said under her breath before she walked away.

“What did she just call me?” I wasn’t sure, but I could feel it was an insult.

I shook my head in outrage and just kept on walking.

Had I know that wasn’t even the beginning.


I wasn’t sure if people were bumping into me on purpose or if I was the clumsy one. However, I bumped into someone yet again.

“So sorry” The man mumbled quietly.

“My bad” I apologized too, proceeding to keep walking.

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As Long as You’re Mine

This is my and @falling-for-fandoms entry for my 1k Musical Challenge.  Originally @falling-for-fandoms sent in a request for me to write this story, but then she also ended up helping plan the entire thing and added in some details! :)

Summary: You’re a witch who gets into a spot of trouble, bringing back the one man you’ve ever loved to your house to either hunt or help you.

Warnings: injury, angst, some fluff, Dean x Reader

word count: ~3500

Your hands shook as you tied the hex bags together.  You set each of them to the side, ready to use them when or if necessary.  You had anti-demon, auto-exorcism, and hellhound repellers ready to go, multiple sets of them just in case.

When the hex bags were all done, you grabbed the goofer dust from your trunk, sprinkling it all along the windows and doors of your house, right inside of the salt line that was already permanently under the floorboards there.  When that was finished, you stood in the middle of your living room, heart pounding and mind racing.

Why was this happening to you now, of all times?  You’d been peaceful, living in this small town, staying out of the way.  You had a job, friends, a life.  You hadn’t done anything bad in years, couldn’t even imagine reverting back to your old self, what you had once been.  Wicked.

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anonymous asked:

78. “You weren’t supposed to hear that.” with Barba?

 Prompt: “You weren’t supposed to hear that.” 

A/N: dedicated to @of-badges-and-guns, thanks for the shoutout, streamy !! x

Barba had a long day, in fact, even a longer week. In all honesty, he couldn’t wait to go home and sleep his exhaustion away. Instead, he was stuck inside his office, filing paperwork with a glass of scotch in his hand. The ADA was not easily distracted, usually focused on his tedious tasks at hand; however, today was a different story. His thoughts were composed of a certain detective, one who he simply could not rid his thoughts of. You engulfed his mind, distracting him from the possibility of ever finishing the mountain of work in front of him.

Detective [Y/N] [L/N] was someone–something entirely different. You were infuriating, quick-tempered, and quite annoying. There wasn’t a sole day that went by where he did not wish you would simply shut their mouth and listen for once. In the first few months of meeting, Barba made you well aware that he could not stand your presence. Sarcastic remarks, teasing jokes, and snarky quips were answers to most of your questions or comments towards the councillor. Unlike most people he has encountered, you didn’t back down for his defensive attempts; instead, answering with your own jokes and wit. At first, this only infuriated him further, his passion for hatred festering each time you open your mouth. However, there was no denying the sexual tension between the both of you.

He may not believe in love at first sight, but he sure as hell believed in lust at first sight. There was no denying the fact that you were attractive, the same type of person he enjoyed taking back to his apartment and spend the night together within his sheets. But this time it was different, you were not an attractive person he met in a bar or restaurant; instead, you were a co-worker, someone who he would continue to see after that night of passion. He wasn’t that foolish, and surely could keep it in his pants from there on out. Yet, he could only assume this was when the feelings began.

Rafael was certainly not the one who caught these type of feelings easily, instead preferring to distance himself before he became susceptible. But this time he couldn’t leave, you were a detective within the Special Victims Unit, someone who would be testifying for him, gathering evidence for him, and seeing him every single day. He was assigned to the unit to prosecute their cases, he couldn’t leave. It started when he witnessed one of your many encounters with Sonny Carisi. He was well aware that the overly affectionate and cheerful man was your partner, and he has witnessed an abundance of meetings before. Yet, this time something was off. The unit was celebrating another successful win in the courtroom as well as the case in general. It was another perp put away, another victory in court. Barba has seen the two of you together, Carisi and your encounters were usually quick and friendly, but today he could swear Sonny was doing something to spite him.

His hand was on your arm a little longer than it should have been, his face a little too close to your ear. Rafael’s blood was practically boiling, the minute Sonny asked you to dance, and he could swear he would lose his temper right then and there. He was emotionless, not someone who would lose their temper over a person, especially someone who he disliked considerably. Still, he wasn’t one to dismiss evidence. There wasn’t a way for him to deny the heat rushing to his cheeks or his heartbeat skipping a beat when you glanced in his direction. It didn’t take a genius, let alone a brilliant assistant district attorney to figure out the truth: he was falling for you.

Not that he would admit, but these feelings scared him. He hasn’t felt this way about a person in a long while, and especially a coworker, which protocol practically forbade him from seeing. But damn, he couldn’t help himself, he was certain that these feelings were not going to disappear any time soon. Barba knew he needed to make a move soon since the lingering touches and flirtatious behavior from Sonny would be the death of him.

He found himself being called by Liv near midnight, a suspect was apprehended and was being questioned down by the station. Finishing his glass of scotch, he placed the empty glass onto his table and begin to clean up for the night. Closing the lights and locking the door as he exited the building and stepped into the busy New York night, hailing a cab before arriving.

Before he entered the department for the Special Victims Unit, he could already sense your warm presence engulfing the office. He could feel the restlessness of the butterflies fluttering around in his stomach, causing his palms to feel a bit clammy. Despite the confidence he radiated inside the courtroom, he seemed to have lost it all when attempting to ask you out. You radiated confidence, being the epiphany of grace and beauty with your hand rested casually on Sonny’s shoulder as you laughed at his joke. That only made his blood boil as he stood off to the side watching the scene; however, with a few deep breaths, he kept his anger under control. Until Sonny leaned in close–a bit too close for Rafael’s liking–and whispered something inside your ear. It seemed to be the breaking point for him, as he propelled his legs forward and through the doors. He easily glided past other members of the unit, before reaching the particular person he wanted to talk to.

“I’d like a word with you, inside the interrogation room.” He turned away, calmly making his way to the empty interrogation room, before shutting the door and placing his briefcase on the table. It wasn’t long before the door opened and a figure entered the room, shutting the door behind them, as Rafael opened his mouth to speak.

You couldn’t hear anything that they were saying, the closed door blocking any noise from escaping the room. Barba looked pissed, an emotion you did not see too often on the councilor’s face; but, when it does come out, you were certain you did not want to be on the receiving end. There seemed to be no cause for his abrupt change in behavior, however, you were somehow sure that you had something to do with it. Both you and Sonny were harmlessly chatting before the lawyer asked to speak with your partner, with a less than pleasant look on his face, and you couldn’t help but feel responsible.

The rest of the squad didn’t seem to notice the two had disappeared, instead making preparations for the interrogation of the perp, as soon as the two men emerged from the room. Yet, their absence was beginning to gnaw away at you, as you continued to wonder what they could possibly be discussing behind the closed door. The possibilities were endless and yet, you could feel as if there was an important conversation happening behind your back. So, as stealthy as you could manage, you crept into the office conjoining the interrogation room. From there, you turned the dial, making sure you could hear fully their conversation, as you listened to the gossip inside.

“—don’t understand, if you just calm down, I’m sure we can talk this out.”

“There is nothing to ‘talk out’, do I have to remind you that you’re in a work environment? There is no time to fool around and flirt while there is a suspect to be interrogated, or evidence to be collected.”

Sonny’s voice of reason did not persuade Rafael, instead only seeming to further infuriate the councilor. From the looks of it, it seemed that the two had been engaged in a fight—well, a one-sided fight. The lawyer seeming livid at the thought of Sonny’s misconduct, while the detective merely attempted to reason with him. You should have probably went in there and reminded the hot-headed attorney that you all had a job that you needed to do, and that there was no need to signal out Sonny when clearly Rafael was not doing his job either. But, at the mention of your name, you didn’t see any harm in sticking around a little longer.

“This is about [Y/N], isn’t it?”

An unusual all-knowing smile came over the detective’s face, as low grunt escaped the councilor’s lips. Of course, you were completely oblivious to the nature their conversation, having no clue why your name was included in this argument of theirs. It peaked your interest, especially since it has to do with Rafael Barba, the most illusive and reserved man you have ever worked with. You admired the councilor, much more than a coworker or even a friend should. He was attractive, intelligent, and witty enough to respond to your comebacks and quips. Not that you necessarily believed in soulmates, but you were sure that if anybody was going to fill that role, you were sure it would be him.

Clearing his throat, the assistant district attorney tugged at his tie before answering, “What do you mean? This is about you, Carisi, stop trying to change the subject.”

The detective shook his head, chuckling at Barba’s attempt at an excuse. He was making this too easy, “You love them, don’t you?”

This was the moment where the councillor would normally put on his cold facade, making sure to fervently deny your partner’s question and intentions, putting a simple end to the conversation. Yet, you could only assume this was the one time you would ever see Rafael at a loss of words, for he made no move to answer the detective. You couldn’t believe what you were witnessing, nor could believe the slight pink color infiltrating his cheeks. It was completely unlike his character, so much so, you could assume this feeling was genuine. You couldn’t deny the increased pace of your hammering heart nor could you ignore the way your breath suddenly caught in your throat.

The rest of their conversation suddenly slipped from your mind, as you opened the door in a daze. You walked a few feet to your right, before tugging the handle to the interrogation room open, basking in the glory of both surprised men. Carisi immediately took your entrance as his cue to leave, shutting the open door on his way out. 

By the look on your face, Barba could immediately tell there was no use hiding anything. If he did, it would only end badly for him. Rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, he met your bewildered gaze with an sheepish look of his own, before speaking.

“You weren’t supposed to hear that.” 

“Well you should be glad I did,” you replied leaning in closer, “maybe we can grab drinks after work and talk all about it.” 

With a small smirk sitting on your lips and a twinkle in your eye, you turned around and begin your way back towards the rest of your colleagues. And you could practically feel the heat radiating off him as you exited the room, his embarrassment being the key to unfolding a beautiful relationship between the both of you.

My story is a bit different than most, in that it has a relatively happy ending. 

In October 2015, when I was 15 years old, I was raped. Orally raped, technically, but given that rape is any form of nonconsensual penetration, I don’t feel that I owe specific details to anyone. So I just say I was raped, because really, it doesn’t make a difference where my body was violated. 

It happened at a church youth group. I had been going for about 2 years, since I was in the 7th or 8th grade (I was a sophomore in HS at the time of the assault). That’s where I met Jackson. I never paid him much attention; he was a run-of-the-mill jock who always caused trouble but never did anything bad

In March 2015, at a youth group outing, we started flirting. I thought I had a “crush” on him. About a month later, he asked for my number. When he spelled his name in my phone, he wrote Jaxson, which I thought was badass and intriguing. I was excited that a popular football player was paying attention to me. 

We didn’t really talk after that until a night in May when he texted me out of the blue. He told me that he had always thought I was pretty, and he’d wanted to tell me before, but he’d bailed out. He asked me if I had ever hooked up with someone. When I told him I hadn’t, he asked me if I’d want to hook up with him, or if I “wasn’t like that”. I said “sure” and we made plans to meet in a park the next day. 

May 4, 2015. I met him in the park. We made out. He wanted to go further; I said no. He would stop (trying to grope and finger me) when I said no, but he would start up again less than a minute later. He was like an octopus - his hands where always somewhere, and the second I would pull one out, another one would go in somewhere else. This being my first sexual interaction ever, I had no idea that this wasn’t okay. Besides, it’s not like he forced me. He was just so into me that he couldn’t control himself, I told myself. He’s just a teenage boy. He really wanted me.  

Later I found out he had hooked up with 4 other girls (my best friend’s friends) that same week. We all made a group chat to gossip about him and kind of cut him off. 

October 25, 2015. I went to youth group that Sunday. I was never very religious, but my mom made me go, and since it wasn’t a very religious group anyways, I didn’t mind. Jaxson was there, and it was only the second time since I’d seen him since May. We went to go get pizza. Everyone piled into the car - I was on the left in the back seat; he was in the middle, and the youth group leader drove us. On the way back to the youth group center, he started touching my leg. Soon he was prying my legs open and trying to finger me - in a car full of people. I was shocked and terrified, but I didn’t say a word, for fear that someone would notice. 

When we arrived back at the youth group, Jaxson told me to meet him in the bathroom. The center used to be a priest’s house, so the bathroom was a house bathroom - co-ed, that is. I complied, thinking we’d maybe kiss, which I was fine with doing. 

When I got to the bathroom, Jaxson told me to go wash my hands. I did. When I came out, he was standing in the doorway with his pants down. He told me to “blow him”. I said no, not right now, not like this, I don’t want to, maybe later, I’m not sure, there’s not enough time, people are going to come. I was scared. Once I realized that he wouldn’t take no for an answer, I started doing what he said. About 5 seconds into it, I tried to stop, and that’s when it happened. He pushed my head down forcefully with his hands, making me choke and gag. I couldn’t breathe. I was trying to pull away, but every time I tried, be pushed my head down harder and said “don’t stop” and “keep going”. I held my breath and willed myself to not pass out. I don’t know why I didn’t bite down - I froze. Finally he finished, and I got up and left, without a word. 

November 22, 2015. My dad drove me to the local police station at 10 pm. I was ready to report; after spending a month consulting friends and online resources, I had decided that what happened to me was, indeed, assault. I had no idea how terribly sexual assault cases are handled in the justice system, and if I had known, I would likely not have reported. I am so, so very glad that I did. I met with a female detective and a two hour long interview. She was so kind and I felt incredibly safe. At one point she asked me what I was wearing, but she prefaced it by telling me that it really didn’t matter, and it was only protocol. 

Two days later I came back to do a pretext phone call (recorded call) with Jackson, where the police got a recorded confession from him saying that yes, I had said no, and yes, he had ignored me, and “fuck, sorry”. 

Months went by. I called the police officer to check back in. She directed me to probation. I started getting generic letters from the courts saying that my case had an official case number now. 

July 2016. I received notice that my case had been taken up by a prosecutor in juvenile court! My DA became my idol. She was young, friendly, she listened to me, and she was dedicated to my case. I attended every hearing between then and November. 

On November 17, the case was set to close. Jackson had been charged with two felonies - oral copulation with a minor, and oral copulation by force or fear. He was going to plea to the first count, which was a lesser charge that could be sealed from his record when he turned 18 (a year from now). I had expressed my displeasure of this outcome to the DA prior, but she reminded me that juvenile court was intended for rehabilitation an not punishment, so a plea was totally acceptable. 

So on November 17, I showed up to court ready for the case to close. Instead, the DA informed me that things had changed, and another girl had reported him for rape. The DA felt that unless he was punished, Jaxson would do this again, and she wanted to take the case to trial to get a sex offense on his permanent record. 

I cried when she told me. This was such a blessing. Not that he had assaulted someone else, but that now there was a chance at justice. 

The case went to trial in mid December, right during finals week. I enjoyed the direct exam quite a bit, actually. Cross exam went pretty badly, but I did well. At one point, I answered a question in a way that shifted the blame right back on to Jackson, and it stunned the defense attorney into silence for a moment. Good

Jackson cried during the trial, which made me happy. During multiple occasions, I made eye contact with him and his mother. 

So anyways, Jackson was found guilty of one felony count of oral copulation by force or fear. California law deems that a 707(b) felony offense, which means that even though it’s in juvenile court, the offense is so serious that it stays on his permanent record. Other examples of 707(b) offenses are arsony and murder. That made me feel validated, that my assault really was that bad. 

During sentencing, I read an 11 page long victim impact statement. I grilled Jackson. I grilled the defense attorney. I grilled his parents. It was so fucking powerful. I had been warned in advance that this judge was incredibly unsympathetic to victims and would likely try to cut me off, but she didn’t, not even once. 

My statement made the DA choke up. It made Jackson put his head between his knees in shame. It compelled the Judge to admonish him for 15 minutes after I was done. The DA later told me that in her entire time working with this judge, never once had she seen her admonish a juvenile during sentencing. Not once. One line that the judge said to Jackson that really stood out to me was “Young man, this type of behavior is not going to be tolerated. Not now, not in the “real world”. If you are still doing this by the time you get to college, you will be back here.“

He only got probation and sex offender counseling, but it is still on his permanent record. That’s not enough for me, but it’s more than I ever expected. 

So here I am, a year later. How am I doing? Depends on the day. Sometimes the flashbacks torment me and eat me alive. Sometimes I am doing just fine. But there hasn’t been a single day, with the exception of one, where I haven’t thought about it.

The thing is, if I had the chance to go back and undo my assault, I would not. As horrible as it was, I feel that it has made me a better, braver, fiercer, stronger person. Because of the assault, I am now an activist. Because of the assault, I now know that I want to become a district attorney, and pursue justice for people like me. 

Sorry for the rant. That’s my story I guess. There’s no real ending because it’s still in progress. 

Jungkook makes a habit of showing up drunk to a nearby flower shop. Bad puns and fluffy pining ensue.

Or, a college!au in which BTS are all frat boys, Namjoon is a science club president,Jimin just wants a good party, and Jungkook is hopelessly fascinated by the girl who takes care of flowers in her free time.

author’s note:  once again - this is my first ever fanfiction (so go easy on me, hey), and to be completely honest- it’s a long ride. so strap in, and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions. Also there is a soundtrack/playlist for this fic! If you enjoy listening and reading (or, if you just want to have a g list of songs) you can find it here !

disclaimer: All mentions of the university in this fic are purely pulled from my ass— I don’t claim to know anything on a deep, spiritual level about university clubs, classes or frat parties. Side characters, that aren’t specifically Bangtan Members™, are all made up and therefor fictional .

f you’d prefer reading on AO3 the link is here

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Part 5 - Good Cop, Bad Plan

Before I start I want to thank everyone who has been sharing and reblogging. Your nice notes really make my day, so if you like the story or have thoughts I’d love to hear them! 

I’ll be taking the weekend off from posting new parts (Part 6 will be out on Monday), so if you haven’t had time to catch up, take the time to catch up on the parts you haven’t read with the hyperlinks below:

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe:

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Part 5 - Good Cop, Bad Plan

I stirred thanks to the faint sounds of life beyond the closed bedroom door. I was wearing the clothes I’d been in last night, and instinctively checked my pockets. It was unlikely that Kirisawa would have taken my money, but as a New Yorker, old habits die hard.

I was more worried about the money than anything else since it was clear to me that Kirisawa would never take advantage of a passed out woman. It was also clear that, like Soryu, he’d put me to bed and slept outside on the couch. I could barely remember Kirisawa’s in-the-flesh appearance, but I knew before I stepped out of his bedroom that I’d have to keep my wits about me.

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Zootopia / Robin Hood fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.27 Dark Promise

(AN/ Hey Guys it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, this is a real quick update, so thank you to everyone who supports this fic and let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 27- A Dark Promise

“Look at your daughter then look at my kit,” Marian instructed to the Hopps matriarch, before taking a gulp of her beer “they love each other just like any other couple, nature had nothing to do with it.”

Bonnie was quiet for a few seconds, she then opened her can of beer, downed half of it with one gulp before saying to Marian “Fine, let’s talk.”

“Ok, there’s one thing I want from you before we continue any further,” Judy demanded “I want you to apologise to Nick and me.”

Nick noticed Bonnie’s fur stand on end and whispered to his girlfriend “Wrong move carrots.”

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fallen silk // TAEHYUNG [PT2]

summary - Enrolling at one of the most renowned fashion schools was what you have been working towards ever since you first had a needle and thread in hand. You made sure that nothing would come between you and your goal, but you didn’t expect an effortlessly handsome boy to completely overrule your priorities.
word count - 2.7k

genre - fashiondesigner!au, fluff, angst + smut in later parts
pairing - Taehyung x OC/Reader
warnings - none

A/N - just a little note that i changed the gif for this fic~

Originally posted by mvssmedia

PART 1 // PART 2

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[This fic was requested by the greatest little nugget @lilsizzler, I hope you all enjoy!]

“I hate him!”
           My fingers stilled on the keys and I couldn’t help but smile softly. Picking up my mug of coffee I turned around in my seat just as Julian stormed into the room. I don’t know what it was about Barry Allen that worked him up so much, I mean technically I did, but part of me felt like there was more to his hatred for Barry then he was letting on.
           "What did Mister Allen do this time?“ I asked.
           "He’s a fool, a stupid, gangly little fool with little to no regard for anyone but himself-”
           My brows furrowed, Julian seemed angrier today. I was used to the odd rude comment but the venom in Julian’s tone was surprising.
           Setting my mug down on my desk I crossed the room, touching his arm and his gaze jerked to mine his anger fading slightly. It was only then that I noticed the bandage on his arm and the hospital bracelet.
           "Did Barry-“
           "No, but he bloody well have!” He hissed.
           I smoothed the deep line between his brows and he sighed closing his eyes. I traced his face with my fingertips, running my fingers through his hair as I pulled him close and held him to me. He noticeably relaxed in my arms and I felt his lips on my shoulder before he pulled back slightly and looked into my eyes tiredly.
           "Why didn’t you phone me and tell me where you were these past two nights. You said you were working a case but you lied,“ I said gently, moving a lock of hair out of his face.
           "It’s nothing serious, a concussion and frostbite. I didn’t want to worry you needlessly, Y/N,”
           I leaned up to press a kiss to his lips, “I always worry, I missed you,”
           He smiled then, it was a small one but it was a smile none the less.
           "And I, you,“
           "You can tell me all about Allen in the morning, but for tonight I’m going to run you a hot bath and you are going to rest,”
           I turned to go to the bathroom, looking back at him when he wouldn’t release my hand.
           "What did I do to deserve you?“ He whispered.
           I smiled softly, "I have no idea,”
           ***Julian’s P.O.V***

           I was sprawled out in the tub, the aches and pains in my muscles were slowly being soaked away. I had hated Barry from the beginning, but this whole business with Caitlin Snow had only served to confirm all of my suspicions. He liked to play the oblivious and innocent role and he may have had everyone fooled but not me. He never fooled me for a single second.
           "You’re thinking about him,“
           My eyes snapped open and I watched as Y/N slowly lowered herself into the tub across from me. She pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her chin on them. She was so beautiful it almost hurt sometimes, I can’t imagine a life where I didn’t know her, I couldn’t imagine a life without her.
           "Come here,”
           She moved to me and turned so her back rested against my chest and I wrapped my arms around her.
           "How have you been?“ I asked, feeling guilty that I seemed to make everything about me.
           She shrugged, drawing nonsense on the palm of my hand, "Nothing exciting,”
           She turned her head when I made a small noise, “Does your head hurt?”
           "A little, but I’m fi-“
           My blood grew thicker in my veins, an almost euphoric feeling washing over me for a few blissful moments before it was gone. My eyes opened again a few moments later and I felt no pain. Y/N had grown paler but she smiled at me, placing a kiss on the back of my hand.
           Taking her chin between my thumb and forefinger I guided her lips to mine. Her tongue slipped past my lips and I wound my fingers into her hair, feeling a growing need for her with every passing second.

***Y/N’S P.O.V***

           We washed and dried ourselves, but when I pulled on my silk robe he grabbed my wrists to stop me from tying it. His hands moved up my arms and he slipped my robe off my shoulders so it fell to the ground. His mouth burned a trail down my neck and I reached down to stroke him.
           "I want you, Y/N,“ he whispered, and I felt heat pool into my belly.
           "I want you so much I can scarcely take it,”
           He lifted me into his arms, entering me as he carried me to the bed and I let out a long sigh.


           I woke up with my cheek on his chest in the early hours of the morning. He was awake, I could tell by his breathing so I decided to break the silence.
           "What did Barry Allen do?“
           Julian sighed, running his fingertips up and down my spine.
           "His friend, Caitlin Snow is a meta, and not the friendly kind. She is a danger to this city, yet Allen had the gall to try to defend her, she’s ‘ill’ he says. He had the audacity to come to me in the hospital and implore me to be silent about his 'friend’. I could have been killed and yet he defended her. He’s insane!”
           I bit my lower lip, “Julian, if he believes Caitlin is sick I could understand why he would want to protect her. I’ve met Caitlin Snow, she’s a very sweet and intelligent per-”
           "Don’t you start now, too. She is a menace! She is dangerous!“ he groaned.
           "Look,” I propped my head up on my hand so I was looking at him.
           "If she wasn’t in control, perhaps Barry wanted to protect her because he knew the police wouldn’t be able to get her the help she needs. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. When I met you I thought you were  the most arrogant asshole in existence,“
           "Ahh, splendid, that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside-”
           "And I was right, you are an arrogant asshole. However, you also happened to be very gentle and kind,“
           His brows furrowed, "Are you trying to say that Allen is a delight underneath it all?”
           "I’m saying you’re not really giving him a chance to see-“
           "I’ve given him plenty of chances, Y/N,” Julian scoffed.
           "Have you though? Really? It’s not really a chance if you are rooting for him to fail. How can anything he do convince you he is innocent if you are so dead set against him? When you met me do you remember what you said to me?’
           Shame crept into his eyes and he looked away, “Don’t remind me,”
           "You said I was foolish, you said that I had my head in the clouds and not a cruel bone in my body. You said that this city would squash me like a bug… and when you found out I was a meta. Even before you found out what my powers were, you said that I was the scum of the earth,“
           I turned his head so he was looking at me, but I wasn’t angry, instead I smiled.
           "You said all of those hurtful things and yet here we are. Were you right about me?”
           "No,“ he said softly, stroking my cheek, "What I once found insufferable and revolting about you has only served to make me love you more, damn you,” he sighed.
           "If your opinion of me could change so could your opinion of Barry,“
           "You want me to fall in love with Barry Allen?”
           I laughed lightly, rolling my eyes, “You’re such a dick. If falling in love with Barry Allen is the only way you can get along with him then so be it, but all I want is for you to give him the benefit of the doubt,”
           "I don’t think that is possible-“
           "Try, I think you’re making a lot of assumptions with only half of the information. Whatever you decide though, whether it is to hate him for all eternity, befriend him, or forget about him all together I will follow your lead,”
           He placed a kiss on my forehead, “You’re far too good, do you know that?”
           "Are you complaining?“
           "Never,” his lips found mine. 

FanFic: The Fall of Friar

A/N: This is it…the final chapter of The Fall of Friar. I can say that this has been the most emotionally raw fic I have ever written. As stated in previous A/Ns…this fic hit home on way too many occasions. 

If you have read my other fics, you know the future life I’ve imagined for Rucas. This fic takes place before Charmed Moments. Things changed slightly as this fic developed so there are some inconsistencies.

I owe many people for their advice, encouragement, and support. @gmwpluto @zombeeemomeee @drizzyyjayy @frankchurchillsaysrelax @shebe67 @madelinecoffee @pipereliza14 @grapes-day @spamiam77 @mtsunlodge … thank you!

Special thanks to @siennese You asked and I hope I delivered.

Apologies for any formatting issues…. posted this from my phone

 Chapter  [1] [2] [3] [3b] [4] 

Chapter 5- Shadows of the Sun

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Title: The Secret (Part 3)

Code: LB0004

Requested by: @alfabravo666

Words: 1,276

Note: Part 1 Part 2
Hello hello, friends! I’m thinking most likely one more part after this, but we will see.

“That’s what you want to do?” Gibbs asked, looking at you as if you had grown two heads.

“I’m bored!” You whined. “There’s nothing on TV, my wine is almost gone, and I’ve been here alone for three days.” You stressed and whined at your former boss.

He chuckled, shaking his head in annoyance or frustration, you didn’t know what, and stood. “Fine. Let me get the bourbon. I’m gonna need it if we’re playing this juvenile game.”

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as long as you keep comin’ round (2/3)

Rated: Mature
Warning(s): Underage
(Read on AO3)

part one + playlist 

“Dude,” Miller huffed, amused at Bellamy’s retelling of the incident. “I wouldn’t believe it, but it’s you.”

“Bellamy Blake, human disaster,” Raven agreed. “Come on. Just because she says she’s got a boyfriend doesn’t mean she actually does; that’s just what girls say. It’s basically an anti-douchebag reflex.”

Miller raised an eyebrow. “Like you’ve ever done it.”

She sighed dramatically. “In a perfect, non-patriarchal society, absolutely not. But some boys won’t take no unless it’s coming from another guy, so…”

“So — to return to the topic at hand, aka my actual crisis — doesn’t the fact that she said she had a boyfriend negate any signals she may or may not have been sending?” Bellamy let his head drop to the diner table. “Why are girls so complicated?”

“Hey,” Raven interjected mildly.

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The Key is Positivity (Klance Fic)

Pairing: Keith/Lance (Klance)
Rating: T (Panic Attack)
Word Count: 3348


“So does this mean you have super powers?”

Keith looked down at where Lance had his head resting on his lap because no amount of Keith shoving him could get the other boy to stop doing it. “What are you talking about?”

“Well you’re part alien and if comics taught me anything, that means you’ve got to have some super human abilities.”


“Yeah. How do you not know what comic books are?”

“I know what they are. I’m just confused why you’re using them as a basis for real life situations.”

“It’s not like I have anything else to go off of! Come on, you can’t tell me it wouldn’t be cool to have powers like Superman or-”

“Wasn’t Superman all alien?”

“That’s…” Lance glared angrily at the ceiling once he realized Keith was actually right about something pop culture related. “What about Star-Lord or Captain Marvel or-”

“I get the point and I have no idea who you’re talking about.”


“So what, Lance?”

“Do you have any enhanced abilities or super powers because you’re part alien?”

“You’re not going to let this go, are you?”

A huge grin spread across Lance’s face like a cat that caught the canary and Keith seriously debated smothering that look away. “It’s important for the team that we know that answer. Battle strategies and all that.”

“Fine. If it will actually get you to shut up about it, let’s do it.”

“Do what?”

“Figure out whether I have abilities or whatever you want to call them.”

“Super powers.”

“No.” When Lance opened his mouth to argue, Keith quickly pushed himself off the couch so Lance fell to the floor with an impressive thud. “Are you coming? I do actually have things I need to do today that don’t include humoring you.”

“Where are we going?”

“The training room. Where else would we go to figure it out?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t think you would actually agree to do this.”

“Good to know you really thought this one through.”

“Same amount of thought that goes into your plans. See enemy, attack enemy.”

Keith stopped walking so suddenly that Lance collided straight into his back and nearly lost his balance. “I’m about to attack someone.”

“I’m going to tell Shiro on you.”

“You won’t get the chance.”

“You don’t mean that. Do you? Keith?” The pitch of Lance’s voice raised just a little higher as Keith continued on his way to the training room without bothering to answer. “Keith?”


“This is ridiculous. I didn’t magically develop the ability to see through things and I’m pretty sure the Galra can’t even do that.”

“I know that.”

“Then why am I wearing a blindfold?”

“I’m going to throw things at you and see if you can hit them.”

The blindfold blocked Lance’s view of Keith’s eyes narrowing in response to Lance’s blasé statement. “You’re just taking this as an opportunity to hit me.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I haven’t accidentally hit you on purpose in months. I just want to see if you’ve got freaky abilities that you didn’t know about before. Now get your sword up.”

“I’m seriously questioning my decision to agree to this.”

“Too late!”

The sound of something cutting through the air was the only warning Keith got that something would soon be hitting his face. On instinct, he brought his sword up to deflect whatever it was like he would deflect a blow from an opponent. Whatever the thing was knocked against the blade and fell to the floor at Keith’s feet. Keith could practically hear the sound of Lance’s jaw dropping in shock before he started spluttering.

“How did you do that?”

“Heard it.”

“No way. That’s not even possible.”

“Your other senses get heightened when you take one away. My hearing is just compensating for my loss of vision.”

“Not that well, that quickly.” The sound of things banging around then Lance letting out a triumphant sound reached Keith’s ears. “There’s an easy way to test this. I’ll just move around randomly throwing things at you and we’ll see just how good your hearing is.”


Keith gripped the hilt of his sword tighter as he listened carefully to the sound of Lance moving around him in a circle. When he finally tossed another object at him, it came from the back on his left side so he had to twist his body around to block it. The next one came much quicker from the same direction he had been facing before and made a sharp sound when it met his blade. Three more were easily deflected off his blade in quick succession without Keith even having to think about what he was doing.

The moment the fifth one clinked off his blade Keith moved the blade to point at where he knew Lance was now standing and removed the blindfold. A dumbfounded expression was plastered on Lance’s face as he stared unblinkingly at Keith with wide eyes. The objects he still had cradled in the crook of his left arm fell to the floor and scattered across the ground. He finally managed to close his mouth with a sharp snap, but continued to stare at Keith like he didn’t quite understand what he was looking at.

“My hearing might be a little better than a normal humans.”

“Might be? Might be! No human would be able to do that without tons of training and they still might not be able to do it. That was insane.”

“What good is it going to do in combat? So I can hear things better. Who cares?”

A bunch of indiscernible noises came out of Lance’s mouth that vaguely reminded Keith of a strange cat he used to feed. “There’s plenty of situations it could help! If you have to fight in the dark or we need to hear what someone’s saying, but we can’t risk getting closer. I’m sure Shiro could think of more.”

“Okay, it might be helpful sometimes. It won’t when we’re flying or using Voltron.”

“I’m glad you mentioned that.”

“What now?”

“Well the advanced hearing is great and everything, but that doesn’t account for how fast you were able to react.”

“It was just instinct. Even you have enough instinct to keep something from hitting you.”

“Doesn’t mean you’d be able to react in time.”

“I’m going to regret asking this, but what do you exactly plan on doing to test my reflexes.”

“We’re going to need Shiro.”

“Whatever you’ve got in mind, he won’t agree to.” Keith let out a heavy sigh at the excited grin Lance had on his face. “Stop smiling and go get him. Remember I have-”

“Things to do today like brooding and glowering. I get it.”


Somehow Lance managed to get not only Shiro to come to the training room, but all the other occupants of the castle except for Coran. The excited way Allura and Pidge were talking together had Keith wishing he had refused to humor Lance and done anything else instead. Not even the friendly thumbs up Hunk sent him made Keith feel any better about what was about to happen. He was so distracted by Pidge and Allura he didn’t notice Shiro coming over to put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“You doing okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” The hand on Keith’s shoulder gave a gentle squeeze then dropped down to Shiro’s side. “We understand if you’re still having trouble adjusting. No one would think any less of you.”

“Really, I’m fine. I’m still me, right?”

“Right. Lance mentioned something about you having enhanced hearing.”

“He threw things at me while I was blindfolded.”

“That was mentioned, too. It’s good to know though. It could prove useful in the future.”

Keith nodded his head in acknowledgement and turned his attention back to where Allura and Pidge were messing with some sort of Altean technology Keith hadn’t seen before. “Do you have any idea what they’re doing?”

“Allura mentioned they had a device they would use for similar purposes that Pidge could fix up to do what we need. It might take a few minutes. Perfect time for us to talk.”

“What did you want to talk about?”

“I was wondering what’s going on between you and Lance. You’ve been… closer since we found out.”

“We’re friends. I guess.”

“Just friends?” Something about Shiro’s casual tone had Keith turning to look at the older Paladin and was confused to see a knowing smile on his face.

“What else would we be? Best friends?”

“Nothing. I was just curious. I am glad the two of you are friends. It will be good for the team dynamic.”


“Looks like they’re done. What will we be doing?”

Pidge moved her attention from the laptop in front of her to Shiro and Keith with an excited gleam in her eyes. “This little device is going to fly around shooting little energy bursts at you that you’ll have to block or dodge. It’ll gradually increase in difficulty every minute. Whoever gets to a higher level has faster reflexes.”

“Sounds simple enough. I’ll go first.”

After grabbing a practice shield and sword, Shiro took a defensive stance in the middle of the room with his eyes focused on the little robot. The robot started shooting energy bursts at Shiro with plenty of time in between each one for Shiro to prepare for the next one. Slowly the speed of the shots increased until they could barely be seen before Shiro was blocking them. It didn’t take much longer for Shiro to get hit in the chest by a shot he couldn’t get his shield up in time to block.

“You’re up, Keith.”

Keith took a deep breath as he readied himself for the small to devices to take its first shot at him. All his focus narrowed in on the device until he completely forgot about the others still in the room with him. His eyes stayed trained on the device as it flitted around in the air trying to catch him off guard. By the time it finally managed to succeed with a well-aimed energy burst to his weaker side, Keith was drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. Every muscle in his body ached, but he still felt like he could have gone a little longer and worked a little harder.

“That was truly incredible.” Allura’s bright eyes were totally zoned in on Keith along with an absolutely radiant smile meant all for him. “It has been a long time since I have seen such a fine display. Very impressive.”

“Thanks. What was my time?”

Pidge pushed her glasses up her nose and held her hand up for the little robot to rest down on instead of zooming spastically around her. “You lasted three minutes longer than Shiro. Lance was right. Your reflexes are quite a bit faster than a regular human’s reflexes. It’s not surprising you never noticed. There aren’t many situations you would need to be that quick for and even if you did, it would just seem normal to you.”

“Is there anything else that might be different?”

“Well the Garrison makes all their pilots take vision tests so if there was anything different about that, you would already know. We’ve all seen how much you train so we know you have great endurance, which might have something to do with the Galra part of you, but we wouldn’t know unless we had data of humans at peak endurance levels and we don’t. We can only use Shiro as a comparison for so much. Your strength seems pretty normal for a person of your size and built, but I could be wrong. What do you think, Shiro?”

“I think your right. His strength isn’t greater than it should be.”

“So I have enhanced hearing, reflexes, and maybe endurance.”

“Not really surprising considering the Galra are a militant race. They’ve trained their kind for centuries to be excellent soldiers and all those things would help reach that goal. I may be a tech person, but even I can appreciate how incredible biology can be.”

“Yeah, incredible.”

“You know, I should be getting back to work. Things to do. Hunk, you coming?” The speed that Pidge managed to bounce up with her laptop in her arms surprised Keith and had him opening his mouth to ask about her sudden change in topic, but she was already dragging Hunk out of the training room.

“What was that about?”

“Nothing. Allura and I need to go talk strategy about the next mission. Do you need anything before we go?”


Shiro reached up to ruffle Keith’s hair fondly before he followed Allura out of the training room, leaving Keith alone with Lance again. Suddenly the shield and sword he was still holding felt unbelievably heavy and Keith found himself letting them fall to the floor at his feet. He became acutely aware of his hands shaking violently at his sides and no amount of clenching made them stop. The feeling of his legs giving out took him by surprise so his knees ended up slamming painfully against the ground.

Everything around him began to blur and dark spots started to dance around his vision where there hadn’t been any before. The realization of how out of control Keith was in his own body made him feel helpless and scared as his vision got darker and darker. His own breathing was so loud he couldn’t hear all the ambient noise he had become used to since he started living at the castle. It was all too much and Keith had no idea how to make any of it stop.

The feeling of warm pressure on his cheeks broke through the isolation his body had been sinking into and reminded Keith that someone was still there. That simple reminder seemed to be enough for his body to decide to calm back down until he could hear again. The buzz of electronics, the whoosh of air being supplied to the room so they could breath, the sound of someone singing something in a language Keith didn’t understand. Being able to hear again bled into slowly being able to see everything around him once more. First in blurs, then back to the clarity Keith was used to.


The warm hands on Keith’s face pulled away, but were quickly replaced by strong arms wrapped around his waist instead so their bodies were nearly pressed chest to chest. “It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay. Just a panic attack. It’s going away. Everything’s fine.”


Something about the certainty in Lance’s eyes made Keith feel reassured and let him feel safe enough to let his exhausted body fall completely into Lance’s body. Tears started to pour down Keith’s face and dampened the soft fabric his face was resting on. His body shook uncontrollably, but he didn’t feel everything fading away from him like he had early and he felt grateful for that. It’d been a long time since he’d felt utterly exhausted and he was sure he would pass out if the same thing happened a second time.

Gradually the tears slowed down until he was no longer crying and his body stopped shaking so he was completely still for the first time in what felt like hours. The hands that had been steadily rubbing up and down his back stilled then dropped back down to Keith’s waist. Lance tried to lean his body away, but Keith just tightened the hold his hands had on his chest until he stopped. One of Lance’s hands came up to push his hair out of his face, but he didn’t try to move him again.

“How did you know to do that?”

“One of my little sister had really bad anxiety. We didn’t realize how bad it was until one day when we were at the beach. It was just the two of us. I went to get some water to put in the moat we made for our sandcastle and these boys decided to pick on her. New people always made her nervous and them picking on her only made things worse. It was all too much and she had a panic attack. I had no idea what to do. I was like nine or ten at the time. I’ve never felt more helpless than I had that day. Luckily, a young couple noticed what was happening. The girl was studying to be a psychologist so she knew what was happening and helped me calm my sister down.” The fingers on Keith’s waist dug in a little harder and Lance’s head dropped sideway onto Keith’s own. “After that, I made sure I knew exactly what to do. I wanted to be sure I would be able to help my sister if it ever happened again.”

“Thank you.”

“It was nothing.”

“I felt completely useless. It was like I was trapped in my own body and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.”

“Makes sense.”

Keith pulled his head back just enough that he would be able to look Lance in the eyes. “Why? This has never happened before. I’ve… I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

“My sister told me that’s how she would feel during panic attacks. Completely helpless to do anything to stop it once it started and it only ever happened to her when she felt that way. When those boys were picking on her, she felt out of control and every panic attack she’s had since then has been because she felt utterly helpless. You’ve just found out you’re part alien. Panic is a better response to that than a lot of the alternatives.”

“I’ve been this way my whole life, but for some reason it feels like everything’s changed. In my mind I know it really hasn’t, but knowing just makes it different.”

“Not to me. I still hate you.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“Got you to smile.”

“No, it didn’t.” Keith tucked his head back down against Lance’s neck so the other Paladin couldn’t see the small smile on his face. “What if we find out there are other things different about me? Things that make me dangerous.”

“We’ll have Hunk hug it out of you or his girlfriend. Shea might actually be better at hugging it out of you.”

“She’s not his girlfriend. He just admires her very much.”

A cut off snort was buried in Keith’s hair as Lance’s body shook with laughter that made Keith’s body move with him. “No one believes that and no one cares he’s got an alien girlfriend. Just like no one cares you’re part Galra. Although, it does explain the mullet. Only the Galra would think that’s a good look.”

“At least I don’t wear an ugly, puke colored hoodie jacket.”

“What? My jacket is awesome! Yours isn’t even a full jacket. Who wears half jackets? Losers named Keith that’s who and don’t get me started on the stupid gloves.”

“The gloves are to prevent blisters!”

“That doesn’t mean you have to wear them all the time! Do you even wash them?”

“I’m not an animal, unlike you when you eat. Pigs have more manners than you.” Keith felt a pleasant hum through his body at the familiar teasing that made him feel more normal than he had in days. It reminded him of the night he found out and Lance had come to his room to comfort him so he didn’t feel alone. Their bantering back and forth had done the same thing then that it did now. There was something about their exchanges that made Keith feel at ease and less like the walls were closing in on him. It made the future seem brighter than what Keith imagined when he was left alone with his thoughts. Like he would be able to get through the struggle of coming to terms with this new part of him and come out on the other side better for having done so.

anon:answer - part1

Anon ask : please do theories from jongin’s perspective ;_;

Eyy there anon-nie, sorry for the very delayed reply (actually I had written my answer earlier, but my tumblr inbox crashed /cry blood/ bc apparently my gifs+nonsensewords game is too strong)

your eyes, prepare them *dundundun*

ADDED: SORRY, I have posted it earlier/yesterday but shit happened (the gifs/picts missing mannnn) and then I had to delete it /le cry blood again/ since im such a tumblr noob

[As always, this is how I perceive things* (*things = dem kaisoo moments), I am not a professional nor qualified nor certificated nor expert of “body language and all that jazz”. i do not know these boys personally, everything is based on things* I have found/seen on internet cuz I have no life, this prob will be weird and deluded af]

Note #1: even tho this is “from jongin’s perspective” my words are written NOT on the behalf of jongin nor kyungsoo. I don’t and never will claim to speak on the behalf of either of them. This is from deluded 3rd person/outsider/stranger’s point of view.

Note #2: I am a trash and I have no shame to remind it to y’all. So if u think shipping is annoying, kaisoo is annoying, kaisoo shipper is annoying and fking deluded and loud cuz they cant control their feels and apparently they are at fault too bc many people appreciate their works (such as fanfics and fanarts etc) –

tbh how can that even be their fault? Like u mad cuz other ppl get compliments, like honestly? r u for real? Like fuck logic, yeah? And you are angry cuz we are loud here in tumblr? Loud about kaisoo on kaisoo tag? Like what? I mean what? Just… I don’t understand? I thought we r all liberals here man. I don’t know that our freedom of speech is limited here on tumblr? Then where should we speak out loud then? where should we spazz and vent out our feelings then? on the street? Yelling like an actual crazy person? I thought dictatorial communism isn’t part of internet but I guess I am wrong, of course we have to follow you oh the mighty and glorious majesty, the ruler of the internet, of course we shall seal our lips, or more like tie our fingers, to stop us worshipping our holy ship. Of course.

– anyway, if you are one of those people, skip this post. Don’t ever look at it. Forget it exists. you can leave me a hate mail and I wouldn’t care – please be creative if you do though ahaha no.

Note #3: since I feel this topic has a really wide range (since there are so many things that had happened on this ship to be discussed), so im gonna separate this answer into parts (the reason is bc I don’t want to risk any thing again since this is my 2nd attempt already and if this thing becomes too long again and then shit happens, like crashed or the image wouldn’t load bc of my noob-ish-ness, at least it wont take such amount of time for me to re-do it…),

anyway, this [PART1] will contain: jongin’s “don’t want to eat with that hyung” moment that turned into “become the closest the fastest”, to how he smiles at soo, looking, touching, ‘cute&love’ associated w/ ksoo

again im crazy dont listen to me /hurr-durr/ 

Now lets get this started; just like with soo before, Im gonna start with “I don’t want to eat with that hyung”

He looked so guilty when yeol mentioned and then yeol mentioned they [kaisoo] became the closest in exo. Im gonna be honest here, I don’t have any conspiracy theory/delulu shit to say opinion on jongin’s part/action, since this event of misunderstanding was occurred bc of ksoo’s action and I think I have explained it enough in my first post about the reason that I believe why ksoo couldn’t look at jongin

still im gonna remind y’all why I take astigmatism as such a bullshit reason, bc:

1. no other members had complained about this “he didn’t want to look at me” about soo, it’s only kai, and as far as I know the only thing that lil bit similar to this was; (in some translation notes) lay said that “i thought d.o was cold but turn out he isn’t, he is friendly” ((?) not exact words but basically that was what he said, btw this is from magazine interview, I don’t remember what magazine),

yet (IMHO) this feels very far different with jongin’s “don’t want to eat w/ that hyung”, bc even tho lay thought ksoo was cold it didn’t have that much impact on him, lay only said this as his first impression (bc he said “I thought…”, meaning that he only felt like that, right?) and he didn’t push it any further, unlike jongin who seemed to take it – ksoo’s attitude – seriously (proven by him didn’t want to eat with ksoo)… well of course I mean jongin did say ksoo didn’t want to look at him (so it makes sense?) and unlike in lay’s case, “he felt/thought [ksoo was a cold]”, in jongin’s case “he experienced it [soo didn’t want to look at him]”, do u get what am I saying? can you already feel my delulu radiates from your screen? Hm?

2. Now let’s “pretend” that astigmatism was the real reason ksoo couldn’t look at jongin. then why only jongin? I suspect ksoo must have avoided jongin(‘s eyes) often in their early/first encounters, bc it left such a deep impression (that made jongin didn’t want to go out together w/ him), if it was only one or two times ksoo didn’t look at jongin when they were talking….

(why I assume “when they were talking” while the gif[‘s sub] only said “he wouldn’t look at me”? bc jongin knew soo didn’t look at him, meaning he looked at soo while soo doing this [avoiding his eyes/face], then why he looked at soo when soo did this? why he found soo’s action was rude? at that time they just barely met, if soo was idle or busy doing his own things, ofc jongin wouldn’t find it rude for soo not look at him. thus it makes sense to conclude that soo didn’t look at jongin when they were talking),

…then jongin wouldn’t have such an impression about soo (bc if its just once or twice, you wouldn’t think about it right? You prob wouldn’t make a big a deal about something that happened for once or twice that involves someone you just met, but jongin had such impression about soo, meaning this had happened quite a lot/in repetitive pattern for him to notice and took it inside his heart/mind).

I’m not that knowledgeable about astigmatism but what I know is this eyes condition mainly causing your vision to be distorted and blurred, so based on these two major symptoms, (imo) it doesn’t make sense that astigmatism caused soo couldn’t look at jongin’s properly while they were talking…. (if jongin said “ksoo stared at me a lot when we’re talking” or “ksoo often squinted his eyes when he talked to me” etc etc… then it would match [more fit/appropriate] with ksoo’s eyes condition, instead of “he [ksoo] didn’t want to look at me. i thought he was in bad mood…” being paired with “bc ksoo has astigmatism”, imo it doesn’t fit at all….but prob just me idk IM A TRASH OKAY, A BIASED TRASH, don’t listen to me)

And after this “didn’t want to eat w/ that hyung” incident happened and solved they became the closest. I cant make any speculation/delulu theory about how they made up, bc until this day there is no interview about it nor any other members *coughchanyeolcoughcough* blabber about it, so I assume that how the way they solved this misunderstanding is only exclusive for them to know (perhaps someone outside exo knows or maybe other members know, but like I have said before that maybe there is some sort of unspoken rules for certain things between other members…)

I suspect that this misunderstanding was solved w/ jongin as the initiator bc i had mentioned jongin is a blunt person (as it had been said by some members in a radio interview)  even tho he is quite reserved like ksoo in my prev post, 

so MAYBE he asked soo why soo avoiding to look at him or MAYBE this thing was resolved bc they were being paired in the same room in the dorm and sooner or later soo had to look at jongin (soo couldn’t avoid him forever) and then bam they became closer; prob bc they have same interests? Like movie, anime/cartoon; pororo, prince of tennis, one piece: [jongin’s phone stickers, soo imitated franky on the stage when exo in japan], jongin’s ‘crayon/pencil shincan’ sticker on his phone case… (I sound so creepy rn… don’t judge me mmkay, I gained this information once upon a time when I was browsing tumblr at 2 AM. my brain decided to burn this info inside my memory…) MAYBE is the key-word cuz I don’t know shit okay, im deluded af

I mean MAYBE, I am all wrong here, maybe all the things i have written are bunch of crazy bullshit, maybe we are all wrong here, and need to visit the asylum for seeing things, bc they could be just a pair of mere co-workers, nothing beyond that, it could be just how S.Korean men do skinship to show the over-flowing cares and attentions they have to each other inside their beautiful, blooming and wonderful friendship. what do I know anyway I’m just an uncultured ignorant swine

something interesting also happens between the members bc of this “don’t wanna eat w/ that hyung” incident bc they like to make fun of jongin about this matter, like why? why the other members love to rub this incident on jongin’s face? do they think this incident as something special, is it bc this thing is so ironic since now kaisoo is the closest? But don’t you think it’s a lil bit too much, I mean IF kaisoo just a pair of regular friends then why other members try that hard to remind jongin of his awkward misunderstanding about his closest hyung in front of the camera? Why do they enjoy it so much to put jongin in such flustered condition? Why?

I just love how chanyeol threw that topic, again, twice.

I mean look at him, his smile was so full of guilty… and the smile only lasted for few seconds…

“cant look bc of astigmatism”…  later on this guy stretched himself on top of jongin without blinking

Now lets move on from ‘don’t wanna eat with that hyung’ to ‘become the closest members’, as you may have known, after a while yeol moved in kaisoo’s room, in radio interview (I don’t have the link, nor I have watched it, I only saw the gifs or was it translation notes? Idr…) yeol said that kai always locks the bathroom door when he takes shower (I assume that each room in the dorm has its own bathroom, since if yeol was talking about shared bathroom, then why he mentioned this habit of kai few weeks later after he moved in with kaisoo then? why he didn’t notice this habit and then blabber it sooner before he moved in? hence I think he was talking about kai’s habit in their shared bedroom’s bathroom),

(Okay thanks to the anon who told me before, I watched the video again, so basically the lady asked kai (for dancing in the shower) bc D.O mentioned it first. It was around the minutes 35-ish. Exo Sina Interview.)

 the gifs above telling us that ksoo walked in when jongin was taking shower (and dancing too), why he didn’t lock the door when (as far as I know at that time) he and soo shared bedroom only for 2 of them? Hmmmm? yeah there is probability his habit of locking the bathroom door started bc of this event, BUT when he mentioned about D.O saw him, he didnt look, uncomfortable? ashamed? he giggled… like “lol hyung saw me”, so it makes me doubt he starts the locking bathroom door thingy bc of this BUT HEY THIS IS PERHAPS JUST ME SEEING THINGS FROM DELUSHIT EYES

Look at him changing his shoulders stance and then threw a damn smirk at the end. He was in ‘guarded’ position – his arms were placed in front of his body (according to some articles that I have read, if a person lying they would put something as a barrier; it could be their arms, purse, a cup, etc, between them and the other person / interviewer), so hommie aint lying about their pororo ritual bc he ‘unguarded’ as soon as he mentioned “me and kyungsoo…” (again this is just how I see things, also notice he gulped first before he spoke, his cheeks/jaw tensed and then his corner lips tugged up too. Before he spoke he was in hunched position, when he spoke he moved his upper torso, leaning it forward, like in “attacking” stance? Like um, proud of the words that flow out his mouth? IDK IM CRAZY YO PERHAPS JUST OVERNANALYZING THINGS

Many others (including me) have notice he often has a proud expression when he talks about ksoo (or when other praises soo, like when suho talked about ‘chart’, or when ksoo sings), and that damn smirk he gave after he said “[we] watch pororo together” was like a mocking? Idk like ‘bitch me and soo have special ritual and u don’t how sad ur life is /laughs/’. idk maybe this is just me ;__; /save me from this delusional state/

Also speaking of pororo I heard that jongin bought his niece a bucket of flower and a pororo doll /cue to scream like banshee/, the anon (not my anon btw, it was kyungsoosbumhole’s anon who said this) speculated that the reason jongin brought 2 gifts bc one of them from ksoo? Idk if it’s true but even tho im not sure but just thinking about it makes me giddily happy  

And I know this is about jongin now, but look at soo when jongin said soo was the tidiest and soo fucking bit his lips cuz he was so fucking giddy like “omigash jongin praises me AFHGSFDHLG” 

soo fucking folded jongin’s shirt and when he got praised by jongin he looked so giddily happy and it seems he only does this to jongin bc no other members said about this (like for ex other would say ‘yeah he folded mine too! He is so tidy!’, but no one did so)… again just jongin… /groan happily/

i’ve heard that soo helps around the dorm, I heard he cooks (the manager said he does this often on weekend, suho also said that ksoo helped him in the dorm – something involving cooking while if its cleaning, xiumin will handle it), he even wiped luhan’s sweat, he tied tao’s shoelaces and he helped yeol often too (with his mic, outfit, etc)

but when he does it to jongin, it’s different? I mean he blew jongin’s mic for fuck sake and always there to fuss over about jongin (jongin’s mic – the one that being hold and the one that being glued on their face/cheek, non-existent eyelashes, water bottles, clothes, etc), its like jongin gets special treatment,

also folding shirt is quite personal don’t cha think? like usually people would just nag and throw the shirt somewhere else if their just-platonic-hommie-bro-roommate being a pig, …or the hommies would be ‘like nah man just move it somewhere else I’ll deal with it later’, perhaps ‘they would say thanks dude for folding my shirt’ but will they show it off later to the world? Like ‘hey you know what? My hommie folded my shirt yesterday! He is so neat! … and also very cute and also he makes me want to coddle him, and he makes me smile all the time idk he’s just very cute, and his lips look so plushy too, I want to touch them while I feed them sweet, but you know, of course in the most heterosexual way… #no homo’

and this might sound sexist (I know this does NOT apply to ALL, so sorry in advance boys) but it’s rare for boys do this, especially do this for another boy’s sake; unless they are really really really close like so close they did eskimo kiss on the stage… and don’t give me, OMIGOSH ITS JUST ABOUT THE ANGLE OF THE CAMERA, bc no, man, no, they were standing straight right in the front of camera – if baek and jonghyun didn’t stand in front of them, we could see them clearly – so, what angle? Like what is this angle do you speak of? Is this angle the same creature as kim jongin’s non-existent fallen eyelashes that do kyungsoo picked off his cheek? I mean if its from the side, sure, but straight in front of camera? and they also pressed their cheeks together after that eskimo kiss, is that the magic of camera’s angle again??  Sure, hon),

ofc this is just camera’s angle playing trick to us

another version


there are many other moments about jongin showing off his love  uh-pardon me—i mean his very platonic best friend :)  soo to the world (or more like stage, just look how often he points soo when soo is singing) or showing off how close they are (like that “we watch pororo together”, “we created fake cinema, JUST THE TWO OF US, with popcorn too”, “he saw me dancing naked”, “I dun call him hyung cuz we’re close”, “he is not quiet you have to know how to approach him” etc…), it would make me write a damn book with sequel too if I decided to discuss about all of them moments, cuz there are so many…

now lets move on to how jongin always associate ksoo with cute, heart, and love… tbh I would like to simply just say ‘hommie is so whipped af’, but I think the asking anon wouldn’t be satisfied if I only answer with that

so again, IMO, It seems that jongin really adores ksoo,  bc the constant “cute” and “love” he keeps associate with soo seem sincere, I don’t believe this is part of fanservice… like when he chose that s.e.s – love song for soo, too subtle to be fanservice and when he called soo cute (when baek said soo looked dumb) he looked startled ((?) like ‘oh shit’) when he realized that there was a camera, or that “hyung should take care of his voice, I’m worried, I love you”, he looked really sincere when he said this, but what do I know I’m just a fucking trash

he mouthed gwi yeo weo  귀여워 , which means ‘you’re cute’, right?

yeol and luhan hesitated but jongin immediately pointed at soo

lol hyung so funny

look at jongin stopped smiling as soon as baek looked at his direction (and baek had his mouth clamped when he saw jongin muttered cute) 

in the video he didnt even laugh/grin when he said this, his face just straight (and then he dropped the paper and that was it)

Mind you that he said “i’ll only give you an unchanging love” instead of S.E.S – love (bc it was supposed to be a clue, I guess, so he couldn’t say the song’s title)

his name wasn’t even mentioned by soo yet people know it was him who wrote this bc;

1. He had said this to soo before and had associated the word love with soo before (showtime),

2. He grinned happily and had expecting eyes looking at soo when soo read the poem,

3. Soo didn’t mention any name and immediately talking about chanyeol’s poem, even tho the host said “ah the member who wrote this must be lovable/precious”, if it was nothing for soo, soo would tell  who was the one who wrote it [read out loud the writers name] after the host mentioned those words, but he didn’t. why?

The point is jongin never cracked a mocking grin or made an awkward face when he declared his love, he either said it seriously or he grinned happily (when soo read oranghae poem) and for the “cute part”, I think it’s obvious enough for us to see that kim jongin finds do kyungsoo cute. Maybe this is just me being a trash biased, but imo jongin looks at soo with so much adoration in his eyes /cry cuz it’s so beautiful/ and don’t give me that OMIGOSH JONGIN LOOKS AT EVRY1 LIEK THAT bc fuck no. has he ever followed the other members’ movement w/ his eyes like this?

Or has he ever turned around 180o so he could look at other members?

has he ever been immediately snapping his neck just to see them speaking? (look at his neck/nape/shoulders twitched when soo began talking)

idk this is prob bc im deluded af but near the end i see his neck/jaw twitched before he turned around to face soo, as if he already wanted to turn around but refrain to do so since he was still talking to suho

chanyeol talked again but he still looked at ksoo

has he ever ignoring ksoo’s speech so he could look at other members like this?

baek singing but nini still stared at soo

soo only spke 2 words, i remember watching this video, and i think soo said “thank you”, kris was speaking bc they were interviewed in english, anyway soo only spoke 2 words then kris continued speaking again and jongin still has his eyes at him

suho spoke, baek was in his own world, yeol stare at the cameraman’s soul while kaisoo stared at each other, look at soo gulping, he looked at jongin and then his orbs darted down and the corners of his lips twitch

Also I have seen in YT where ksoo beatboxing and sehun danced, jongin looked at sehun BUT he didn’t smile, yet we have seen jongin smiled when soo dances in front of him

near the end of the gif, he tilted his head to soo’s direction and then smiled

near the end, his body already wanted to move to the left (our left) to do hip-thrust, but his head still in ksoo’s butt direction

there is nothing to be pointed out bc clearly his eyes were checking out his bae soo

Talk about smiling, maybe this is bc im so fking deluded and biased trash but I notice that whenever jongin laughs, he often turns his head to soo, like he wants to see soo when he’s laughing, just check on pepero commercial for example and there are also gifs 

it was soo on the bottom, and tell me right in the eyes that he didnt stare at soo and smiled )later on he got distracted bc suho got up)

why he didnt just smile at yeol instead, and i notice lay (i think) spoke too, why only smiled at soo’s talking? HMMMM?

he stared for a bit, turned around but then soo started laughing (snorted) and he turned his head again to face soo and then grinned

And like before, I have read some articles about if someone turns their head to [face] another person when they’re laughing/smiling basically meaning that they want to share their happiness to that person, and also it indicates that person as the source of their happiness/joy/good feeling/etc – hence that’s why they want to look at that person when they’re smiling/laughing, unconsciously hoping that their smile/laugh will become contagious to that person. Plus I heard smiling is one of the signs of attraction…



lets move on to touching,

first I would like to point on how they always do this naturally, and it makes me thinking perhaps it’s a habit? And we have seen how they often do this backstage (when they aren’t performing, when there is no fangirl to be satisfied with “opparr playful gheiness”);

he could just tap soo’s clothed arm/bicep and then told soo to move closer, but noooo he decided to grabbed soo’s bare hand instead

pulled off soo’s hoodies then rubbed soo’s shoulder

he stared at soo and then moved his head closer (look at him treated soo like a puppy (honestly the way he stares/acts at soo remind me of how someone would stare at their kids/puppies/kittens/lovedones/cutestuffs, like awwwing, but idk CUZ IM DELULU TRASH)

/grab soo’s arm and dragged soo closer/ i wonder what xiumin thought

compared to chen, he only nudged chen lightly ‘OMG HYUNG THIS HAND’S MOVEMET IS SO FUUNNYY AHAHAAHASGHKHDK’

first pict, look at him grabbed soo’s arm

he dragged soo to be closer with him, and i notice there was a lady there, so either he wanted to speak/whisper to soo (but soo’s mouth aint moving tho, it could be he just whispered) or he didnt want to soo to get close to that lady

Second, how they touch these so called intimate area or erogenous zone

soo looked at camera and also rubbed nini’s hand

then arm rubbing stopped, jongin rubbed soo’s knee (bc soo’s arm looked free now/off jongins hand/ behind the bottles), broship much

soo moved back when he noticed there was a camera

sliding from nape to throat

why jongin ducked his head when soo stared at him, was he shy? jfc nini u had ur hand on his neck, u practically manhandled soo to stand closer yet u got shy when he stared at you? that male host tho

External image

jongin moved his leg so their knees touched, also it seems his leg placed under soo’s leg/calf

Anyway neck is one of the erogenous area, you could trigger a wet/bonner/both moment if someone caressed ur neck, or u prob will feel ticklish , or both (horny+ticklish) but soo doesn’t react about this, as if jongin is used to do this to him (and lemme remind u when chen and tao tried to touch him – on his thigh – he removed their arms, but when jongin did it, he didn’t. jongin put his palm on his neck, bare neck. Don’t u think bare neck is more sensitive than clothed thigh? and not just bare neck, but the front part – the soft and vulnerable part – of his neck, not his nape (bc I notice some ahjussi would put their arm on some youngster’s [clothed] nape or other members would do this to him too/each other)

Sure this can be seen as something playful (bc once upon a time when I was in HS, some guys did this as a type of joke – they would ewwwwww-ing and then laughing like a llama after they did it)

But this? THIS? most ppl would flinch/back away like “dude the fuck r u doing?” as soon as they see their mate’s hand flying directly to their crotch, but soo didn’t. he just stood there, as if it is NOT something surprising for jongin to do.. hmmmmmm.. and don’t give me that’s how S.Korean men skinship works bullshit /HONESTLY?/

Speaking of zipper, I also have something to say about this… this shit has been bugging me for a long time;

am I the only one who think that jongin was talking about soo’s belt? (bc I have seen this gif set couple of times in this site, yet the caption is always about “what do you mean jongin?” or “what?” etc) and what I mean belt is not the seat belt, but the belt around the waist, the belt that you wear on your pants.

jongin mentioned about soo’s baggy pants, meaning soo wears belt so his pants won’t drop (cuz it’s so baggy/lose yo), but why would jongin mention such thing then? it makes sense to wear a belt if your jeans/outdoor pants lose, so it makes me thinking that the “baggy pants” he mentioned was indoor pants, like sweat pants/hip-hop-pants/soft-clothed-material-pants, and then the belt perhaps the cloth-rope that usually loops inside part of the waist (hope I explain this correctly, me no speak English as firsteu language yo), cuz usually ppl would just wear the pants without giving a shit about that cloth-rope but perhaps soo adjusts and ties it around his waist? Idk

but my point is, does that mean jongin often sees ksoo wears pants? They shared a bedroom tgther, so yeah it’s not that big deal, it’s common, but then doesn’t that mean jongin not only just sees but pays attention to soo when soo puts his attire – especially his pants – since jongin was able to burn soo’s little quirkiness inside his memory and then unconsciously blurted it out to yeol + camera. And on the 3rd gif soo immediately froze and stopped looking at camera (he looked at yeol instead) and on 4th gif jongin was eyeing ksoo then he laughed it off like ‘nvm dude’ when yeol asked him “what?”

Now lets move on how they comfort/take care of each other, it seems that ksoo showing his care more behind the closed door/inside the dorm… 

(for ex folding his shirt, cooking, remember when he mentioned jongin couldn’t cook, or in exo showtime jongin said I expected more than this when he ate that burnt meat that was cooked for soo (does that mean he often taste delicious foods made by soo then if he commented like that?) or when jongin praised soo’s cooking in EXO ASK BOX –

– ugh speaking of EXO ASK BOX i just rewatched it bc of writing this, and I just love it when yeol answered that D.O as the member that he likes to prank but always fail (bc ksoo ignores yeol’s pranks) and then jongin was like ‘bruh I got this’ and then explained everything about how and why (ksoo ignores yeol) and then when chanyeol got question about ‘which movie u would like play/star in?’ sehun answered “horror” and then baek made fun of ksoo saying “horror kyungsoo” and then ksoo was like “this isn’t about me! it’s about chanyeol!” and other members made fun of him and then ksoo went to torture baek (which he didn’t do bc he went back to his seat again) and baek was like “I thought this is about you” and then others laughed and jongin immediately cut in “it’s horror for chanyeol too” like whaaaaat?

Did he just defend his baby? Or this is me just seeing delulu shit, bc I interpret “it’s horror for chanyeol too” as a form of defending soo bc ‘soo in horror = joke’, so he put yeol in horror too to equalize the joke/mock, and after he cut in the joke faded away and yeol was like “yeah it’s horror for me”,

also jongin laughed when baek joked “I heard you took cooking class” to soo, suho snorted while yeol and sehun were smiling a little, he was the only one laughed ‘HAHAHA’, it was short but loud like other members didn’t find it that funny –

– back to cooking thingy, when baek said “d.o makes good spaghetti” then jongin quickly added “he makes great kimchi too” like he wants to show it’s not only baek who knows about soo’s best dishes but he knows that too (PROB JUST MEANT NOTHING THO… im just a trash anyway),

… while jongin often shows it on stage/public – not in fanservicely manner – like he would put his arm around soo when soo nervous

their heads touched

Or when he defended soo

all other members sans yixing and jongin wanted to hit soo, yixing had his reason, bc he was told to heal soo later with his “power”, what was jongin’s reason for not wanting to hit soo?

Or answered for soo

soo was like “um…”

then after jongin answered for him, soo nodded and was like “ah yes that’s my unique trait”

Or when soo got embarrassed he went to jongin even tho yixing was right between them

Or when jongin asked soo instead of yixing

Or dis

lol trolled by baek

Or when jongin encouraged soo to step forward or “promoting” soo

/hides behind jongin/

“no my love, dont hide, stand beside me”

Now lets move on to his stare, above, I have mentioned why I feel his stare for soo is different (full of adoration and all that fairy tale bullshit /im a bitter person/) from the way he stares other members, and how often he gets caught staring at soo FOR NO REASON (while w/ other members, he stares at them when they speak/perform/etc) but with soo, he just STARES even tho soo doesn’t do shit (like other members are talking/giving speech but jongin stares at soo instead).

tell me right in the eye he didnt just look at the mirror to see soo’s butt reflection (while sehun looked at soo bowing instead)

he looked at soo biting the sandwich (?) and then he blinked and flicked his eyes on the right (not on soo anymore), also look at his arm, very subtle there

Again perhaps this is me being biased deranged trash but I see kim jongin stares at do kyungsoo’s lips like he wants to kiss the fuck out of that man’s heart shaped lips

[zoom this shit if u dont believe me] sure this gif is SLOWED, but it didnt hide the fact that jongin flicked his eyes to soo’s lips then. meaning he did look at soo’s lips, also if this once/twice happened and got caught on camera, what makes you think that he doesnt do this off camera? and has he ever done this before to someone?

Sometimes you look at someone’s lips when that someone talks to make it sound clearer (according to some science program on BBC idk I don’t remember whats that show’s name), your brain connects your hearing sense with seeing sense, thus the brain will be able to retrieve more information and digest it so the result will be much more defined / clear. (in simple explanation : people talk - -> you hear = good brain reception; people talk - -> you hear + you see them lips moving so fine = better brain reception)

Also it had been said that if you’re engaged in interesting conversation you would stare at that person’s face (not only their eyes, but their entire face). does that mean jongin and ksoo often engage in such interesting conversation (I often see how other members cant get inside their bubble)? also does that mean jongin really wants to hear ksoo’s words, like he doesn’t even want to miss a single word? 

or was it bc he is intrigued by soo’s lips and makes him to want to kiss dem plushy  (remember he was the one who answered “heart shaped lips” as soo’s unique feature, while in showtime baek chose “wide-white-part-of-the-eyes” as soo’s unique trait), and I’ve heard somewhere u would often stare at your crush’ lips (idk if this is true tho), not necessarily u want to kiss them, but bc someone’s mouth often moves a lot (wetting their lips, smiling, talking etc), so when u stare at ur crush face u often will focus ur stare on their lips (beside their eyes too)… but idk

I think that’s it, I cut it and made it shorter than before – some parts that were originally here aren’t here anymore – I would add them later in the next part.

Once again, sorry for the very late reply dear anon; reasons: motherfuckingassignment, inbox crashed in the middle of answering /le cry blood/, my kaisoo stash folder is really fucked up and un-organized its very hard for me to find the appropriate gifs/picts, my nooby skill is over 9999 and I managed to fuck up and deleted the already posted/answered ask—which is yours anon—/le cry blood 2x/ bc the picts+gifs wouldnt load after that so i thought it better to delete and re-post (SORRY DUDES and DUDETTES)

And for the anons that had asked me about jelly!kaisoo, ill merge them together with the next part of this post

[below this is purely my 2 cents, there is no “theory” anymore, skip it if you prefer it]

kaisoo have become SO obvious it hurts I think my “theories” aren’t needed anymore? (and somehow calling it theory makes it sound snobbish and scientific, that’s why I always put this [“”] sign between them, to make it not to be taken seriously, just take this as the usual stuffs you found on the internet, like that quote : everything’s on internet is true – Abraham Lincoln )

I feel I don’t have to explain shit anymore since it’s already there in front of our eyes, ksoo practically kissing jongin’s ear on stage, I cant believe if someone still doubting them? like “I think soo and kai have something going on… but but im not sure, they could be just friends… friends as in platonic, I’m not sure… I ship them though, romantically, but im not sure

do your friend eskimo kiss you? do your friend kiss your earlobe? do your friend caress ur throat/thigh/ear? do your friend occasionally touch your lips? do your friend stare the fuck out of you like they want to kiss you, fuck you, and coddle you? do your friend get jealous if you speaking/being close w/ someone else? if they do, then lets have a moment for out fallen brother/sister in the friend zone… I mean how could you still be in gray area? after all this time – all these recent moments? how? does ksoo need to stick his tongue inside jongin’s earhole to erase those clouds of doubts of yours? his lips on jongin’s ear is not enough for you?

oh btw soo’s lips on jongin’s ears is not the work of glory magical camera’s angle, okay? have you seen how many fans posted the picts from different angles?

from jongin’s back (why yeol judging them?)

here from different angle, sure soo’s lips didnt touch the ear cuz of timing but it doesnt hide the fact that his nose tip did touch jongin’s ear, It’s either soo’s lips or soo’s nose that touched nini’s ear, so what now? wheres your god camera’s angle now?

“yixing is busy talking, this is my chance!”  /goes to jongin to kiss whisper to him/

jongin was like “huh?”  bc in the first gif he was busy feeling soo’s lips/nose on his ear instead of listening soo’s whisper

and it’s not like jongin is any different, (this was when they were in japan, if im not wrong)

the work of perfect camera angle. sure.

sorry for my rudeness, but in case u don’t know this answer also being posted as a retaliation post, (I know some ppl who come to this tag to have fun but then when they see somebody talks shit and burst their bubble, it would leave a sour taste in their mouth man, not everyone have blessed life, perhaps they have shit going on in their life and escaping to this side of internet gives them giggles, so please stop giving us hate/self doubt),

me lurking kaisoo tag just to have some fun but then there will be a post saying shit about thing that I adore so badly (the post had mentioned about “its not just kaisoo shippers who are talented” too. wut? jelly much? our fandom has many good fanfics, I know.. i know..),

and often posts/messages like this would be added with “…don’t ship too seriously. you’ll get hurt later”, like do you think we don’t know that? do you think we don’t know it’s risky for betting our feels on the idea of two guys – that we don’t even know how their real personas/personalities are, who live far away from (some of) us, who see us as another number of views in YT or sales in music store – being together and in love for real? do you think we are that dumb? we know it but we still do it cuz it’s fun… cuz it gives us feels to spazz over, cant u just let us be crazy in our little world?

Idk where this hate comes from, bc I see kaisoo shippers all about kaisoo~kaisoo~kaisoo~, they rarely complain about other ships (they even rarely bat an eyelashes to other ship, sure other exo ship, but that’s it, “yay ot12!”, etc no hate whatsoever). Sure we can be loud and be like “OMGKAISOOSOREAL”, ‘#realestshipever’, “why u don’t ship kaisoo? What hurt u in the past?” or posting ‘this kind of post’ for exmpl (in my defense I have said the warnings about me being deluded trash etc), 

so yeah I understand that we can come out as annoying,  but these things only exist on this tag, of course there are will be people that cruise this ship or even helicarrier it, so why even bother? why don’t just avoid kaisoo tag or unfollow ppl that post/reblog kaisoo, for your convenient sake. So much simpler than writing a rant and then get many random anon messages or being attacked passive-aggressively by a trash blog, yeah?  

(uggggghhh im sorry im very rude but this thing just makes my fingers itchy to write a rant)

I have seen a lot about SM ships KaiSoo and there are some who aren’t really fond of this idea, bc then their “realness” will be gone. Tbh, SM has my blessing to ship kaisoo, sail it SM, fucking cruise it, makes it fly to the moon, why? then kaisoo don’t have to play cat and mouse anymore, they could practically making out on the stage and ppl would buy “oppar just do fanservice!!1!” this is better than “covering them”,

I mean with recent incidents, the company couldn’t afford anymore scandal (or could they? perhaps they could still give us “surprise motherfucker” moments). anyway, as vulgar as it will sound, this group is their main ‘money milking tool’ right now. so I guess them playing along with this ship is more beneficial, since 1. It’s a trending, it attracts ppl, there are ppl who ship them first then get dragged along and drowned in exo world, casual fans bcme hardcore  = actually spending money than spazzing over them on internet since they are now tied/attached emotionally, 2. also: less works, less shit to deal with, less money to be thrown. It’s simpler and easy, 3. Both parties are happy (fans = nonshipper – don’t have to get jelly cuz oppar still single, shipper – YEAH BISH OUR SHIP RULES, nongiveafucker = meh, they can date whomever they want as long no other member will be out anymore; while the company = yay money! yay getting support to fight another company! *coughYcoughGcoughcough* yay popularity – gets aided by big/major brand *coughSAMcoughSUNGcough*)  

it’s indeed such a low and shitty move (how dare them play w/ our maidens feels??), but if SM values kaisoo’s interaction and see it as money maker, at least the pair will be given support, right? (yay for a “shield-card”) even tho I think SM doesn’t have the balls to push kaisoo that far… but we shall see it later. We shall see.

it’s fun and game until you realize how easy they could lift and stomp your feeling like snapping fingers.

Again you may feel that I’m talking like kaisoo is real and in relationship already, bc that’s how I FEEL (IM FUCKING DELUDED TRASH WHAT DO YOU EXPECT) 

A.N: I want to take a moment to thank to whomever up there for blessing this year with many “intense” kaisoo moments; aggressive soo + gentle nini.

fucking bless.


As always, sorry for my rudeness and my mistakes (wrong grammar, mistyped words/names, profanities, delulu shit). Bye /get swallowed by earth/

i have this feeling // m.c.

okay this got way out of hand im sorry omg but this is for @0kbutmichaelclifford and @smartsetclifford‘s sports blurb night (but there really is not a lot of sports in this….sorry) edit: also this is punk!michael and ballet!you but yes anywho! enjoy!
wc: 2,619

Michael fell in love. Again. He fell in love with the motions of your dancing, he fell in love with the way you pinned your hair up, and he fell in love with your little smile at the end of every dance. You were the beauty of the campus, the apple of every professor’s eye; yet he was the psycho, the bane of every professor’s existence. He shouldn’t have fallen for you, he should have just kept walking, but he didn’t. He stopped in front of the dance studio. He watched you twirl as if you were a feather caught in the wind. And he watched his heart jump off the deep end of love without his permission. Michael fell in love with you, but you only saw him as the boy with piercings and tattoos.

He works as a volunteer at the animal shelter across from your studio. That’s how he first noticed you, besides the astronomy class you both have. At first, he didn’t notice that it was you whom danced in the late evenings, but then he got a glance at your face. Michael likes to pride himself on the fact that he remembers faces quite well. And you, well, you were etched into his mind forever. You were a true masterpiece; from the bun that set on top of your head, to the pink tutu that surrounded your waist. If he was an artist, he’d paint you. But he wasn’t. Michael was the quiet guy with crazy hair and tattoos who occasionally volunteered to cuddle the animals that no one wanted. He supposes that maybe him and the animals aren’t that different.

He remembers the first day you came into the shelter. You still had your dance uniform on, and your bag was settled on your shoulder. Your hair was down, though, and he swore you looked like an angel who was gracing him with their presence. He was in the back, trying to focus on the puppy who was gnawing at his fingers, but he couldn’t help overhearing your conversation with the owner.

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