friendly reminder that darcy is first and foremost a fashion stylist by trade

I… I just bought a pair of shoes while sitting in my Sociology class. I can’t believe I just did that. 

But you have to understand, I’ve been COVETING these for the last four months and when I FINALLY got the funds to buy them, they were sold out in my size, so I waited a couple of weeks for them to come back only to find out that they were NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I even went to the brand’s website and ebay to try and find them again. I just wanted them for so long and I was looking forward to finally being able to have these because everything else in my life is so actual fucking shit right now.

But then today I went back and looked at my wishlist and AS IF BY MAGIC they reappeared. IN MY SIZE. ONE SINGLE PAIR. THE LAST PAIR.

So I bought them. This is my confession of the time I actually bought shoes in the middle of class. I just wanted to thank the powers that be for understanding how much this actually means to me.