friendly reminder both of these characters

Friendly reminder that Talia Al ghul is one of the highest profiled woc characters in comic and is an educated Arab woman with advanced degrees in biology, engineering, and business as an MBA and is an incredibly complex and multi-layered ANTI-HEROINE character who has as much (if not more) good in her as bad.

Stop villianizing her motherfuckers.

friendly reminder that sana bakkoush is both unapologetically muslim and unapologetically norwegian. throughout the seasons we’ve seen her talk about her muslim identity and how important islam is to her. but we’ve also seen how incredibly norwegian she is. she wore a bunad with her hijab in s2, she wants to participate in the russ tradition, etc.

sana represents the blending of traditions that’s happening all over the world, and how you can embrace one without rejecting another. pretending like she isn’t would be an insult to her character.

“Totally new characters”?? Are you people kiddin’ me

Season 1

Season 2

And my favorite friendly reminder who ended up Supreme Commander in place of Prorok and Thace

Are you sure we were watching the same show? 

Friendly reminder that if you like Overwatch...

… you also might enjoy Kaijudo, a 2012 cartoon series from Hasbro.

Kaijudo was co-developed by Andrew Robinson, who also served as story editor and wrote many episodes. Overwatch fans may recognize his name as the storyteller behind several of the Overwatch comics, particularly Symmetra’s “A Better World”.

But really, the similarities lie in that both are stories about a diverse cast of characters from various walks of life, regions, and cultures who nevertheless band together to fight for peace & make the world a better place for everyone… 

(…while also befriending awesome monsters and dragons and things)

Friendly reminder that both Denna and Kvothe are kids. He’s fifteen through a large part if the books and she is estimated to be about a year older than him, making her sixteen. I feel like many of the things people dislike about both of their characters are due to how young they are. Yes, they are both impulsive and dramatic, but they are still growing. 

Just… keep it in mind. 

Fenrys is the love child of Feysand!

Okay, okay. I know this theory has been circulating around for a while but a strongly believe this to be a possibility. Credit to whoever came up this first. Anyways, on to my reasons:

1. Connal and Fenrys are twins. Connal has dark hair *cough* Rhysand *cough* and Fenrys has blonde, fair hair like *cough* Feyre *cough* Okay so this doesn’t exactly prove anything but still.

2. Winnowing (I hope I spelled that right) Okay so we ALL know both Rhys and Feyre can winnow *cue epic music followed by those flashbacks of them winnowing into the mortal lands and through trees and shit* and in Eos during the battle ship massacre Fenrys winnows Aelin out of the water (Sort of) The only thing about this is that winnowing doesn’t have a name in the Tog series. When Fenrys tries to explain it to Aelin he tells her that no one knows what the fuck it really is and such. He also isn’t as good at winnowing as Rhysand-but winnowing is winnowing.

3. Fenrys describes his parents as being very similar to Feyre and Rhysand. I can’t remember the exact detail but he described his mother as strong and powerful. Whose strong and powerful. Feyre, that’s who.

4. Okay, this is probably my favourite theory yet. Fenrys and Cassian swear exactly the same.

“Mother’s tits, Rys!” - Cassian

“Mother’s tits, Rowan” - Fenrys

So we know Sarah can be quite creative when it comes to characters expressing their frustration: Brute, brat, prick, bastard… the list goes on and on. So why would Maas have these two characters curse the same way? Unless naughty uncle Cassian decide to piss of Rhysand and teach baby Fenrys a few swear words????

5. Guys the most obvious reason yet: Feyre and Rhysand=Fey ‘n Rhys=Fenrys! Boom!!!!!

Lol. I know this makes no sense. I’m leaving now.


If my theory is true both father and sons have been sexually abused by fucking bitches.

K. I’m going now. Feel free to hate me.


Well shoot! Thank you for the compliment! I just saw a post about how tumblr was glitching & not telling people when they had asks, so I thought what the heck, maybe I have one, and this gem hahaha haah was sitting in my inbox. I hope this isn’t too late, it can’t have been hanging out too long since my @gemanimate post isn’t that old. Either way it’s probably worth posting?

I used toon boom harmony. And I hope this is helpful, and not just a mess of things I think are coherent. It’s a lot of answer for a simple question, and I hope it doesn’t come off as condescending, but the glow wasn’t just one glow, it was a bunch of slightly different things and trickery that made the efx what they are. Efx are so cool and I like animating them so much in case that wasn’t clear. Each image has a caption clarifying what process it explains if it’s not super clear. 

Please feel free to ask for more clarification of anything if you’re more of a ‘words’ learner. I felt like it’d make more sense with visuals, especially since the network is a confusing concept if you’re not familiar with it. At least, I think it is.
On to the second part of your ask: how long this mess took me to throw together? Time for another absurdly long answer to a simple question! And if I’m real, I’m writing this all out because I need to admit it to myself more than anything haha. 

My shot is only ~3 seconds long, and I started the animation portion of my shot
two-ish weeks (maybe more) before the due date of august 29th. I should have been able to finish with tons of stress free room for technical error/other unforeseen issues, but I actually took another week and a half past the 29th to finish (thank you @gemanimate team for being understanding).

So here is a friendly, caring, and cautionary reminder–to anyone reading–to plan for both the practical aspects/requirements of a shot as well as your personal mental/emotional capacity to work. The hours needed to finish a shot aren’t necessarily the hours you need to finish a shot, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you plan accordingly. Bolded for the cheap seats (it’s for myself, I am in the cheap seats in my own life). For example, the first few nights I was working on it, I set up a file. Next night, laid out the characters, etc. Eventually, I got into a groove where I was actually animating, but I hadn’t planned for that slow start, or any of the snags I hit in life that tripped up my work flow along the way. Plan cushions for that mind game stuff that I can’t seem to acknowledge if that’s something you deal with, in addition to the technical needs of a project. 

Moving off the soapbox, the hours I put into it that were actual work hours were maybe 15 - 20 hours? Maybe more? I unfortunately did not keep time, and I’m not great at recalling stuff like that. It’s like it wasn’t finished one day, and now it is, and heck if I know what happened between then and now.  

But I guess if you were asking about time because of the complexity of the compositing/glow stuff, that was the last 1 - 2 hrs of work. Once the animation is done, the comp is just throwing in some modules and messing with them until they look the way you want. Messing with their settings is how you learn about them & how they operate. There are tons of different means to achieve the same end in toon boom, a lot like photoshop. None of what I’ve said here is a set in stone ‘correct’ way to composite for a glowy effect, but it is one way. 

Happy animating! And again, please let me know (anyone) if there’s anything that you’d like further clarification on!

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Dont you think people are overreacting to this Captain America thing? Friendly reminder that this is a fictional story with fictional characters.No one did or has died because of this so let's all just relax you can't force Nick Spencer to change the story so I don't see the point of crying over spilt milk.

Friendly reminder that making Captain America, the invention of two Jewish men who created the character because they thought America should be doing more in regards to WWII, a Hydra member and therefore having him both Nazi adjacent and an allegorical Nazi is beyond antisemitic and should not be tolerated, especially since antisemitism is on the rise.

Friendly reminder that antisemitism and other forms of racism should never be tolerated in media

Friendly reminder being vocal about our disgust at the storyline Spencer is writing and tanking the sells can show Spencer that he shouldn’t try this garbage shit again because it won’t make any money

Friendly reminder fuck you for trying to trivialize the justified anger and sadness people have about this new line of comics involving Hydra Cap.

mod v

PSA - Fan Artists! Please Read!!!!

Friendly reminder to anyone drawing DEH characters! Mike Faist has Sectoral Heterochromia Iridium!

What is that, you ask? Well, Heterochromia Iridium is where the eyes have different colours. SECTORAL HCI is where one, or both eyes have two colours at the same time!

If you look at Mike’s eyes, you will notice his right eye is not completely blue. In fact, there is an even split, vertically down the middle, making the right half (his right) brown, and the other half blue! Please do not forget to include this in your fan art! I know it’s a minor detail, but it’s very unique, and I would love to see more people acknowledge it! Thank you for your time.

Hi guys,

This is just your friendly reminder to please keep comments on both Tapastic and Smackjeeves respectful and nice. I also hope you will refrain from posting comments that are overly crass or reduce my characters to pieces of meat, if you will. Someone recently voiced their concerns about the comment section on the comic which, in part, led them to no longer read the comic. This is also not a new issue and I have addressed it many times before, so I just ask that you please be mindful and aware that others will read your comments. Let’s keep it a safe space for everyone, the comic itself already deals with tough issues. I will also take more care in the things that I say. I usually speak in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way in comments and commentary, but I will try to avoid this in the future to avoid misunderstandings.

I will do my best to do better at monitoring comments. If a comment is or seems offensive or makes others (including me) uncomfortable, I will delete it.

Actual Friendly Reminder

Twenty years ago, Maria Snyder wrote a fantasy series with a major (and majorly powerful) transgender character; a gay couple; and people of all skin colors and backgrounds.  In this series, good and bad characters can be male or female; white or POC; gifted or ordinary.  It also exposes the pros and cons of both a military socialist society and a republic, and the realities of how these two types of societies view each other.  If you’re looking for a series that is diverse without artifice and that seems simple on the surface but is in fact deceptively complex, read The Study Series.  (Poison Study, Magic Study, and Fire Study.)  The writing might not be as lush as that of some current authors, and some of the tone is typical of 90s attitudes, but don’t be fooled, these books are brilliant.

Dear Tumblr friends:

Friendly reminder that PIETRO Maximoff IS NOT PETER Maximoff.

Never asked why they have different names if they are the same character? Yes, they both are /Quicksilver/ but because in the comics you can see there are many different parallel universes in which not all the characters are the same.

Pietro Maximof:

─ Is related to the Avengers Universe.
─ He is the twin brother of Wanda.
─ His parents died when he was 10.
─ He is Russian.

Peter Maximoff.

─ Is related to the X-Men Universe.
─ He doesn’t have a twin sister.
─ His both parents are alive. (In fact, his father is Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto)
─ He is American.

So please, P L E A S E, stop tagging Pietro in Peter’s posts when they are not in the same universe. It’s alright if you want to mix X-Men’s Universe with Avengers’ Universe, but if a post is ONLY about Peter, please, don’t tag Pietro as well because they are not the same person. It is very annoying to be looking for Pietro’s post and be forced to watch all Peter’s posts when it’s not what I’m looking for.

Thank you.

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Friendly reminder Isak and Even are not just the healthiest relationship on tv ever made but also the healthiest m/m relationship focusing on the struggles of both lgbt and mental health ever made. Their "drama" is real life struggles that are solved with a positive look and reinforces communication and self care. Talk about support of each individual as a force but let them interact with other characters while learning their mistakes. Also we have portrayal of lgbt characters in every aspect.


B.A.P As Characters From Brooklyn 99

Yongguk: Captain Holt - this may be a very unsurprising pick, but that’s simply because the two have many similar traits. Both can have difficulties in expressing their emotions, especially in terms of their affection for team members, both are the leaders of their respective teams and both have been known to act as father figures for their teammates. With a very mellow exterior but a very kind and caring interior, both men are always working towards helping others and improving their work (although many may try to characterise Yongguk as Rosa due to his intense and fierce stage personality, anyone who has seen him on camera for 0.2 seconds off stage will know that he’s actually very VERY shy and sweet, and most importantly loses this tough-guy front immediately unlike Rosa who does have a soft side but constantly tries to hide it).

Himchan: Terry Jeffords - loving, affectionate, second-in-command, tough and responsible when he has to be but adorable 99% of the time. He’s an extremely caring person and is very protective of his group members, especially Yongguk and the youngest two, but isn’t afraid of some friendly banter (most commonly with Youngjae and Daehyun). Greatly loved by all members of the team, these two are talented and irreplaceable.

Daehyun: Jake Peralta - passionate about his work, lives for for praise and acknowledgement by his peers, competitive, stubborn and can internalise thoughts and feelings until they bubble over. Can at times be quite childish but is still  very much loved by those around him. 

Youngjae: Amy Santiago - competitive, intelligent, resourceful, also extremely passionate about his craft and always working to improve. Can come off as brash to those that don’t know him well, but those who do know him as kind, funny and well meaning. (He also reminds me of Gina Linetti due to his bucket loads of glorious sarcasm and sass but I feel like defining him only by this trait is an unfair and very 2-dimensional way to view his character). Just like Peralta and Santiago, the competitiveness between Daehyun and Youngjae is both friendly and entertaining to watch. 

Jongup: Rosa Diaz - Although certainly not as aggressive as Diaz, Jongup is a very private person, both in terms of his personal life and in terms of his thoughts/emotions, as well as being very intelligent and talented. Despite the hard outer shell that is tough to crack, his introverted, shy and loving interior has resulted in jongup being a very much loved member of the team, constantly receiving affection and acknowledgment from his teammates even if he seems to disregard this attention at times (mostly due to embarrassment and being a little socially awkward).

Junhong: Charles Boyle - ok so he isn’t a middle aged white police officer, and certainly possess many useful talents in terms of his occupation, but Junhong is an extremely hardworking individual whom the team often treats as someone to be treasured and taken care of. Bubbly and optimistic if not shy, he takes criticisms harshly but actively works to take these criticisms and improve himself (he can also be quite dramatic which is always enjoyable to watch).

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Ut uf us sf asgore meet bowser koopa! Bouns: Ut uf us sf asril meet bowser jr.

I’m p sure I know what brought this on. (I hope you don’t mind me changing Bonus character in Swap and SF) ~Mod Feral

UT Asgore

He’s confused and surprised. Is this man a Boss Monster as well? Could he possibly know how to get out of the underground? Well, whatever the case, he’s gonna be friendly and welcoming, as always.

UT Asriel

This other kid’s a little rambunctious. It kinda reminds him of a more hyper and younger Chara. He enjoys Junior’s company, but wishes he’d stop making messes.

UF Asgore

He’s enjoying talking with Bowser greatly. They both seem to have violent tendencies, but still manage to be good fathers. He’s glad to have met the Koopa King.

UF Asriel

The two are off to pull pranks. A lot of pranks. All of the pranks. Stop them, someone.

US Asgore

He’s a little disappointed in this man. He could’ve found better ways to deal with his problems, but at the same time Bowser refuses to admit having problems. It’s hard to try and reason with someone who refuses to listen to reason.

US Monster Kid

OMG this turtle kid’s the best company they’ve ever had! He’s just as active and sneaky as they are, and they love it! Let’s just hope neither one of their parents find them sneaking around the place.

SF Asgore

He’s torn. On one hand, he’s glad Bowser’s never really killed anyone, showing some restraint that’s not very common. On the other hand, he’s violent and short-tempered, which increases the odds of him killing someone eventually. Maybe he could make Bowser stay long enough that he can convince him to not do anything violent?

SF Monster Kid

Once again, the pranks are nuts. They’re both pulling as many pranks as possible. Stop them.

friendly reminder that it is okay to want to start an interaction with someone/someone’s muse because you like their faceclaim but it is NOT okay to 

a) be gross about said faceclaim (unless ya’ll both are then that’s chill)

b) only care about the faceclaim and ignore everything about the CHARACTER

c) tell them they should be rp’ing a character a certain way bc of their fc