friendly pit bulls

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I know you have so many prompts right now, so no rush on this. But could I request something where Frank has a dog and because said dog has pretty much adopted Karen as his second owner, Karen often times takes care of the dog when he's away/busier than usual. And it doesn't take long for someone to start putting two and two together about who the dogs main owner is.

YES!! This turned into a monster of a fic tbh (3.5k words wtf), but I hope you enjoy anyway! ^^

week one–

It’s closer to midnight than sunset when Karen’s unlocking her door, shuffling inside and leaning back against the solid wood tiredly to kick off her heels. As soon as she’s sent the second one flying somewhere towards the back of the couch, something furry and solid knocks against her shins. She yelps as it starts licking one of her knees.

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Ok so I’m a personal trainer who also works at a dog-friendly cafe and this woman just came with an extremely energetic and friendly pit bull/black lab mix who literally dragged her over to me and almost caused all her food to fall out of her arms, so I offered to take the dog while she shopped. I didnt even have to try to control this puppy, because 1) apparently I’m much stronger than I thought and 2) she was so happy to meet me and rub her waggy body all over me. Even the owner noticed how much the dog loved me, and she was so grateful and sweet.

So now I want to read an AU Holtzbert fic where Erin’s oversized dog drags her over to Holtzmann, who’s then able to control the massive fluff effortlessly

Friendly reminder that pit bulls, Rottweilers and other “scary” dogs are not actually genetically bad, the ones that have bitten people or hurt people did so because people were horrible to them. Another friendly reminder that pit bulls were actually considered “Americas dog” a long time ago, and the reason so many people hate them is because people (Vick and others) use them as fight dogs, and for some reason rather than punish the people who made dogs kill each other and tortured dogs, we blame the dogs for being “violent” and “hard to control” even though that’s all they’ve known