friendly persuasion


That scene started about 9:30 in the morning, and by 1 o'clock the unions at that time declared that we had to go to lunch, right in the middle of scene - right before my close-up. And Wyler came to me and he said, “I’m really sorry about this. You’re doing a fabulous job and I want you to hold on to this, if you possibly can. Why don’t you go back to your room and sort of, concentrate and re-read the script? I’m very, very sorry, we’ll start again in an hour.”

Well, I went to the commissary and had two cheeseburgers and a malted, and came back, sat down, and just started over again. I didn’t have the self-consciousness as an actor to find that that would be a difficult thing to do. So since I didn’t think it was going to be difficult, it wasn’t… Even after two cheeseburgers and a malt it didn’t strike me as something that was going to be, you know, difficult and soul-searching, and “how will we ever find it again?” It didn’t occur to me.

- Anthony Perkins on Friendly Persuasion, September 1992 (x)

You know how the trope is how everybody knows Jack and Gabriel are either lovers or want to be lovers? What if nobody knows? Like, you’ve got these two guys who are heading up one of the most important organizations in the world and the covert ops branch of said organization respectively. They’ve got to be awesome at keeping secrets.

Hell, maybe they’re even totally, legitimately married but the right amount of friendly persuasion and vague threats keeps the certificate from the hands of the press. Not that anybody’s looking. Nobody thinks they’d ever be lovers.

That they’re each other’s emergency contact isn’t surprising given their respective positions in life, lack of serious relationships, and friendship.

Then, of course, somebody finds out. Maybe McCree is snooping through Gabriel’s stuff and finds his wedding ring. Maybe Tracer blinks at the wrong time and finds herself warping through time to a point where Gabriel and Jack were making out in Jack’s totally secure office. Maybe some overzealous income tax auditor sees something ‘amiss’ in their respective tax forms, and starts an investigation, so they have to prove that no, they didn’t file wrong.

Save The Date!!
  • Yes! Save the date Anthony Perkins fans!! Because if you have cable or satellite, on Saturday October 12, Turner Classic Movies will be showing Friendly Persuasion!!! It’ll be on at 8pm EST/ 5pm PFC. I know I will be watching! (And totally fangirling over how hot he is in this movie AND the fact that I get to watch it on our 55 in. TV) Will you be watching it too?? Hopefully you can!


Complete schedule, all in EST:

October 6:

8:00 PM - The Actress
9:45 PM - Friendly Persuasion
12:15 AM - The Tin Star
2:15 AM - Tall Story

October 13:

8:00 PM - Five Miles to Midnight
10:15 PM - Phaedra
12:30 AM - Green Mansions

October 20:

8:00 PM - Mahogany
10:15 PM - Winter Kills
12:15 AM - The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
2:30 AM - Remember My Name (this is a rare one!!)

October 27:

8:00 PM - Psycho
10:15 PM - Pretty Poison
12:00 AM - The Champagne Murders (another rare one!!)
2:00 AM - Fear Strikes Out
4:00 AM - The Trial

American fans make sure to check it out! If you’re unable to, I should have access to most of these movies still (The Champagne Murders was a challenge for me to locate, especially since it’s in French), and I’d be happy to go searching for them again!

Born Today, May 7, in 1901 the Legendary Gary Cooper… 

Over 115 films, Silent and Sound, including he Winning of Barbara Worth, Wings, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Meet John Doe, Sergeant York, Ball of Fire, Beau Geste, The Pride of the Yankees, For Whom the Bell Tolls, High Noon, The Fountainhead, The Cowboy and the Lady, Saratoga Trunk, Unconquered, Friendly Persuasion…