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interrupting your daily schedule to let you know that With Great Yawns and Stretchings by sugar_crew is a great fic. i’ve soft spot for draco+cats, so imagine my reaction to draco owning a CAT CAFE. good times.


Handcrafted Celtic pouch from up-cycled leather and hammered wire ornaments called Pouch of the Dwarven Lords. It comes with its own beard made from faux sheep hide. Super soft, this little bag is perfect for keeping coins, your pet’s treats, tobacco, seeds, dice, MTG creature’s counters, and any amount of tiny things you may need to carry!  You can find it here! And if you are interested in the complementary Celtic necklace seen in the background, you can get one here!

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Hi there britney mckenzie! The name I just mentioned is my "friendly" nickname fur you <3

Does that mean you have a naughty nickname for me?

I get called Britney regularly by people mishearing my name!

Incroyable, mais vrai et, finalement, logique. Un parfum nommé À rebours existe, probablement en hommage au chapitre neuf du livre de Huysmans. Il se trouve chez la marque Friendly Fur. Voici ce qu'en dit le créateur :

“Luxuriant et verdoyant, A Rebours reflète la rosée de la Rose sauvage, de la violette et du chêne vert. Il combine la sensualité naturelle avec la fraîcheur et la distinction des influences urbaines. Un parfum élégant, qui marque indéniablement sa Note. Le vert électrique rencontre le renard roux germanique. L'Art avant-gardiste rencontre la campagne. La société Bohémienne rencontre la terre natale des contes de fées issus des Bois et des Prés.”

Bizarre tout de même, le flacon, enrobé de fourrure imitant celle du renard…


1. The products will only cost $5 to $8.

That’s for lipsticks, lip pencils, lipglosses, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, and highlighters. Not bad.

2. Their stuff is super long-lasting.

These matte formulas are known for staying on literally all night long.

3. Karrueche named the products after her favorite streets in LA.

“There’s Crenshaw, Beverly, Sunset… all the street names for where I’m from,” she told Galore.

4. If KaePop had a song, it would be…

“Definitely ‘Latch’ by Sam Smith and Disclosure,” Karrueche told us. “I love that song. It’s free-spirited, fun, something to dance to, you know, I love that song so much. I’m really into music like that right now.”

5. Parent company ColourPop is also a favorite of Kylie Jenner’s.

She uploaded a shoutout to them on Instagram after people noticed her products and theirs were made in the same factory.

6. KaePop and ColourPop are cruelty-free.

The LA-based company is “100% fur baby friendly, bunny approved,” they say on their website, adding that they “only test our products on humans – the ones in our HQ to be exact.”

7. It’s for sale exclusively online.

KaePop comes out on Feb. 4 and will be available on only.

8. To make KaePop products really pop, follow Karrueche’s three best beauty tips:
“Always wipe your makeup off at night. I used to go to sleep with makeup on, and it makes such a difference. Drink lots of water. That’s very important for clear skin. Oh, and face masks. This whole week I’ve been filming, so I’ll go to Target’s beauty section and get their face masks, and just use those once a week. They make such a difference.”


Bombers, Borg, & Turtlenecks

3 Things I Can’t Do Without This Winter

It seems like every winter people try to find new ways to stay warm. Whether it’s blanket scarfs, capes, puffer blazers, or quilted pants the winter fashunz are getting more innovative (slash maybe crazier?) when it comes to fighting the cold. This year I’ve created my own triple threat combo to ward off the icy winter, and I have to say it’s pretty damn impenetrable. Layer one starts with the turtleneck. I’ve been wearing them a lot this year and the extra coverage on your neck keeps that chill from blowing down your back. Bonus points for heattech turtlenecks! They’re the perfect no-bulk layer. Layer two is borg anything. Not only is this synthetic fur aminal friendly - it’s warm and looks great. And lastly, layer three is the bomber jacket. One that is lined with down fill is perfect for the winter and the classic silhouette looks great on nearly everyone.


Alpha Industries Bomber  //  Topman Borg Sweater  //  Uniqlo Heattech Turtleneck  //  Your Neighbors Pants  //  Adidas Superstar 2 Sneakers  //  Topman Snapback


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my hate for this prompt comes from all the samoyed videos I accidentally ended up watching but I hope this is as fluffy as one.

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