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Living With Teamiplier

Another one of the list-fics! 
I sorta tried to make it different than “friends with” because it would be similar. But it was alot of fun writing this! 

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-You were so nervous moving into the house with everyone. 

-But they were very friendly and you quickly fell into a routine, feeling comfortable with the change of scenery. 

-You’re always the last to get up. Unless something needs doing then you usually get up at the same time as everyone. 

-Ethan makes you coffee and Mark hands you a plate of food. He’s the designated chief since everyone loves his cooking. 

-If you have a YouTube channel, everyone helps with it. Giving you advise for new content. 

-You share challenge videos on all your channels. 

-Ethan helps you edit. You ask him how to do things differently, getting feedback from Katherine. 

-Your sleeping schedule is out of whack since you record and edit late into the night, sometimes going into the next day. 

-Mark makes sure you’re eating properly, sleeping well and that your actually looking after yourself.

-He’s the mum of the house. 

-Everyone calls him that behind his back.

-Tyler always reminds you to take breaks. He drags you away from the computer to go outside for a little bit.  

- If you get frustrated with something, Tyler will have some sort of distraction from it. Whether it be walking Chica, making a sandwich, anything to take your mind of it.

-Ethan is your support. 

-If you feel overwhelmed, or stretched, you’ll go to him and talk. He’s always happy to let you vent to him. And you allow him to vent to you. 

-The two of you become the twins of the Teamiplier family. The annoying siblings that everyone hates but absolutely adores.  

-They all get very protective if you have a date. 

-They’ll ask millions of questions and stalk them on social medias. 

-When you brought your date home, Mark had taken on the friendly but menacing father figure, while Tyler and Ethan stood behind him, glaring. 

-You never brought anyone home to meet them again. 

-Shouting is how everyone communicates around the house. 

-The house is rarely quiet. Every so often you’ll hear someone call your name and you’ll make a “Eh?” noise in response. 

-Misplaced objects become common. 

-Usually everyone just gives important items to Tyler to put somewhere safe. 

-There’s a list of where certain objects are so no one loses them. 

-Dinner is a where most of the talking happens. 

-You help Mark cook. Finding it really domestic and casual between the two of you. 

-He teaches you secret recipes and it becomes a competition between the two of you of who can make a tastier meal. 

-Tyler and Ethan love these competitions because they are always the judges. 

-Always checking ingredients for peanuts because of Ethan’s allergies. 

-Getting take-out when you’re all too lazy to cook. 

-Fighting everyone for the last piece of food. 

-Hiding your snacks and treats from everyone because you never forgave Mark for eating your chocolate cake.

-Having movie nights after long days. Throwing popcorn at each other and giggling at really bad moments because one of you made a joke. 

-Falling asleep on the couch and Tyler putting a blanket over you because no one wants to disturb you. 

-Them caring for you and loving you like family. 

tttickingcrocodile  asked:

What if the foxes found out Neil was Nathaniel wesninski a different way? What if the FBI was the first to catch up with him and came to arrest him for multiple counts of identity fraud, obstruction of justice, murder etc...

Oh-ho my god…
This could have been better. I’m satisfied because I’m very very tired rn. Also I’m sure you were hoping for something less like canon but I can’t see them giving Neil up for anything sorry.


Neil knows he’s being followed. He’s spotted the same three people, two men and a woman, circling him at a thirty foot radius all day like vultures. The second he left each of his classes he’d spot them all in quickly succession and they’d follow him to his next class. The back of his neck is damp with nervous sweat and he can’t hold still. His heart pounds each time he sees an exit and he actively /wants/.

He makes it back to Fox Tower still without meeting one of them face to face and he sees Dan entering, he alls put to her and she turns and smiles-

A hand lands on his shoulder.

His muscles tense and he wants to throw up as he turns and gives the female FBI agent his best smile. It feels weak like wet paper.

He hears Dan call out to him and he just wants her to stay /away/, he doesn’t want her to hear this.

“Nathaniel Wesninski,” the woman says crisply, “put your hands behind your back.”

He hears Dan cry out in confusion as one of the male agents comes up behind him and cuffs him. Memories from Castle Evermore roll through him and his stomach curdles.

“You are under arrest for multiple counts of identity fraud, assault, attempted murder…” she goes on and on as his hearing fades out. It comes back in sharp relief a moment later.

“Neil!” Dan calls in alarm and jogs to a stop as the third agent holds out an arm and they all begin walking.

“Where are you taking him-” Dan says and she sounds pissed. Neil doesn’t want her to be pissed. He’s choking on his own anger and fear and some kind of twisted relief, and he just wants her to leave before she hears any of this.

The woman stops staring his charges and inclines her head towards Dan as they all walk.

“We’re taking him with us to be used as a witness against his father,” the woman says. Her voice isn’t particularly unkind but it definitely isn’t friendly.

“Who’s his father? What are you talking about- Neil what are they talking about?” Dan asks as they move toward a nice too-discreet-to-actually-be-discreet black car.

“His name isn’t Neil,” says the man who’d cuffed him with obvious irritation.

“He’s been lying to you. This name is Nathaniel Wesninski and we’ll waive his charges in return for evidence against his father Nathan,” the man says as they reach the car. They open the door and prompt Neil in.

“Neil-” Dan begs and he meets her eyes before the door closes. He doesn’t know what to say, all the facts feel too heavy on his tongue.

“Wait,” he says and the woman holds the door open.

“Call Andrew,” he begs Dan, “let me talk to him.” Dan looks wary, and still confused and angry, but she takes out her phone slowly.

“I got his number from Nicky for emergencies,” she explains with no prompting, probably out of nerves. When it starts to ring she steps forward and holds the phone to his ear.

It’s rings seven times and Neil almost gives up hope but then it isn’t ringing anymore and he can’t hear Andrew’s faint breathing.

“Andrew,” Neil says and his throats feels swollen. Andrew waits.

“I’m sorry,” he says and there’s a sharp intake of breath over the line, “you were amazing.” He pulls his head away because if Andrew speaks Neil knows he’ll fight. He’ll fight and get in more trouble than before, just to give Andrew an explanation, to feel Andrew’s hands on his ribs, to get more /time/.

When he sits back and stares vacantly forward the woman encourages Dan out of the way and shuts the door despite Dan’s protests.


The drive isn’t long and Neil doesn’t pay attention during the drive and as he’s walked into a building. He retreats into his head and is only vaguely aware of his surroundings.

I’m dissociating, he thinks vaguely. It doesn’t seem pertinent and the thought slips away like a leaf in a stream. His thoughts are too fluid and he’s too tired to try and coherently hold on to them.

He’s put in a room, an agent comes in, he ignores them. The agent leaves and he’s alone. An agent comes in, he ignores them and they leave. He’s left alone. It cycles through like that, them failing to pull him out of the fog in his head that prevents him from telling them he wants to cooperate.

Another agent comes in and slaps a heavy file down on the table, jolting Neil enough that his eyes focus on the man and he blinks for what feels like the first time in hours.

“Good you’re alive,” says the man, “and I’m Agent Browning.” Neil blinks at him and then nods slowly.

“Alright,” Neil says, “what do you want from me?”

If the man is startled at the fact that he suddenly seems to be cooperating he doesn’t show it and just flips open the file. Neil sees a picture of his father. This is going to be a long day. Or night. He doesn’t know what time it is anymore.

“Your father has escaped.”


He answers questions, carefully avoiding the Moriyamas and doing his best not to incriminate himself.

Browning leaves him alone again around the time Neil’s throat hurts and his mouth feels dry. He hasn’t touched the offered water.

When Browning comes back he’s frowning, which isn’t unusual but in the past hour(s?) his face has been without expression up to the point Neil opened his mouth.

“Your… team is here,” he says in an almost disappointed voice, “and you’ve done a good job lying-”

There’s a crash and a yell outside the door, followed by gratuitous staring as the door opens and a small angry blond enters the interrogation room. Wymack is the one swearing, standing in the hallway and hissing for Andrew to come back.

Andrew darts around the table to stand behind Neil, a hand on his shoulder and scowl on his face.

“Minyard you need to leave-” starts Browning but Neil snaps, “No.”

Andrew looks at him with nothing akin to surprise. Only his apathy shows but Neil assumes there’s surprise in there somewhere from the speed at which Andrew’s head moves.

“I’ve answered your questions,” Neil says heatedly, “and I have nothing else to say. I want to go- I want to go.” He’d almost said home.

“You have nowhere to go,” Browning says rudely and there’s a cry of protest. Everyone’s head jerks to find the door still open and the Foxes crowded behind Wymack.

“Neil will go home!” Matt cries indignantly.

“With us,” Nicky adds, looking at Neil as if he knew what Neil was thinking only seconds before.

“This is not Neil,” growls Browning, “he is Nathaniel Wesninski and he is wanted for /murder/-”

“Wanted for murder which you can’t prove because I have made no inclination to having done it and you have no proof,” Neil point out, “and you already said you’d waive the identity fraud among other things for the information I’ve already given you.”

“Does ‘can’t prove it’ still mean he did it?” Aaron’s voice says in german from somewhere behind Allison and Nicky flaps an arm back to smack him.

“It will be better for Nathaniel to go into witness protection-”

Andrew’s hand clamps on Neil’s shoulder so fast he jumps and so hard it hurts.

“His name is Neil,” Andrew says with finality. His fingers tighten like they’re pressing the name, his name, into his skin. Like the press of a key into his palm.

“And you cannot have him,” says Allison snidely.

“He’s a pain in the ass but he’s ours,” Wymack says with surprisingly little gruffness.

Browning looks at the ceiling and appears to be counting backwards. Neil glances over as he spots movement and watches Aaron come out from behind the taller people and lock eyes on everywhere they’re touching. His eyes narrow.

Neil looks forward again as Browning sighs.

He’ll deal with Ichirou. He’ll deal with Riko. He’ll let these agents deal with his father, at least until they prove themselves inept.

He brings a hand up to cover Andrew’s on his shoulder cautiously. Andrew doesn’t move or twitch so Neil squeezes.

friendly reminder that Armin’s father works as a computer security expert so maybe he could help with that whole Iris thing

what I mean is that I want to go to Armin’s house and meet my virtual in-laws

“I just looked her in the eyes and told her it wasn’t her fault that her father Gene ran off. It was because he hated his job at the post office.”
“Oh, no, man. This whole industry runs on absent fathers. It’s the natural order.”

this season has talked about fathers and father figures a lot — there’s been a flashback with Bobby, the wrestling episode had many John mentions… and all this led to the return of the grandest absent father of all, God. 

Want a cosplay? Can't afford it? Don't have the skills?





You’re sitting there on your laptop, looking at all these amazing cosplays–look at the detail! Look how expensive it must all be!! That could never be you… or could it?

That’s where I come in, your friendly neighbourhood fairy cos-father!!

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A way to reliably contact you: Snapchat, Skype, tumblr IM, text, carrier pigeon, just make sure you’ll check it often!!

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Being Rick's daughter and dating Merle Dixon would include :

(Wooo more prompts! Wooo Merle :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-You and Merle truly falling for one another and him not wanting to be apart from you from the day you accepted his feelings

-Your father finding out soon enough and punching Merle multiple times to get his anger out as he’s yelling at him, only for you to try your best to stop him

-You trying yo explain to your father about your feelings but him just not understanding and begging you to rethink despite your mind being made, making him have no choice but to deal with it

-You laying low on the PDA when your father is around but Merle not wanting to and just being more affectionate with you whether it be lovingly or really sensual as long as it makes your father understand as well as uncomfortable

-Merle having no shame to walk into your room to spend the night even if your father walks by and sees him, even going as far as to cockily smirk at him as if to hint what was going to happen inside

-You trying your best to keep quiet and telling him to do the same whenever you both get intimate but him really not feeling the same and just doing anything he can to make you moan

-Your father subtly trying to get you with anyone else he feels like it’s a better choice by making you go on runs with them alone, only for Merle to quickly catch on and tag along, ruining your dad’s plan

-Him promising you to win your dad’s approval and acting genuinely nicer to him and everyone else, even going as far as jokingly telling your dad that he went from Officer Friendly to Friendly father-in-law, only for your dad to roll his eyes and reflect on the reality of things

-Your father nonetheless noticing how Merle has changed because of you and how he makes you so happy that slowly he starts to accept him as part of the family

-Merle having a serious talk with your dad and just telling him about how he feels and all for you and promise to him that he’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe, making your dad feel at ease and tell him that he accepts him until the day he ends up causing you any sort of harm


9x04 “Slumber Party”
On Real Life vs. Fiction and Strong Female Characters

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

In an earlier meta part to this episode I talked about how one could read the Wicked Witch as an Amara parallel. That is not the only possible mirror character for Amara though. Dorothy too can be seen as  an Amara parallel imo. And I find this moment here, right after Dorothy tells Charlie that she died and was brought back, very fitting in this regard. Throughout the episode Dorothy talks about her father and his writings “as the ravings of a sad old man” and multiple times breaks down the fourth wall when she tells the true story of Oz opposed to the “watered down” or rather “more family friendly” version of her father’s books. And even though she doesn’t think very highly of her “old man” and his books it turns out that as Charlie puts it “he left clues for her in the books” to use to her advantage in the fight for Oz. This not only is a direct parallel to the Winchesters’ story and how their father left clues for them in his journal, moreover one can also put Chuck and his writing about the Winchesters into the equation as well as the the bible and the tablets he had Metatron write down. At the end of the episode that parallel is even head on explored when Dorothy tells Sam “that he has no idea how weird it is to have a series of books written about yourself” to which Sam just deadpans and says probably one of the most important lines that I think the characters yet have to really act upon and move from possibility to reality. Because what Sam says is this:

“But at the end of the day, this is our story, so we get to write it.“

And this aspect actually brings me to the parallel existing here between Amara and Dorothy and the Wicked Witch. As Dorothy notes after Charlie learnt that she died (Charlie as the Dean parallel, who would later return from Oz being split in two and that also serving as one of the biggest mirror episodes to Dean’s entire MoC arc, this very Charlie dies in the episode and not anywhere, but inside Dean’s room and she is resurrected (much like Prometheus’ son is put down in Dean’s bed when dead and comes back to life in his bed too - see meta here) when laying on Dean’s bed (the same bed in which Dean at the end of the season would rise from the dead). As pointed out in the earlier part Amara and the Wicked Witch can be loosely seen as mirrors. Amara, who was described as a “femme fatale wtih an acid tongue“, who was the original mark, who was one with Dean, who while bearing the mark served as lock and key to keep her sealed away. Likewise Dorothy - as she couldn’t find a way to kill the Wicked Witch cut out the Wicked Witch’s tongue and performed a binding spell that trapped the Wicked Witch and her away for eternity (which imo is still the scenario in which S11 was originally meant to end: with Dean sealing himself away with Amara in the Empty), until the Winchesters came along and when the Wicked Witch was freed she picked up where she left off, she looked for a key to be able to get her army into the real world and shape it to her liking.

This all imo feels very very similar and comparable to Amara after eons being released and wanting to seek revenge on what her brother did to her and reshape his creation to her liking - after all much like Dorothy couldn’t find a way to kill the Wicked Witch, Chuck couldn’t and didn’t want to kill his sister and so simply locked her away for eternity.

And this is where Dorothy’s line from above imo connects the character with Amara. I have written multiple times about it during S11 how S11 with the introduction of Amara as a female force in many ways was making a direct comment on the treatment of women throughout the decades in which they were simply erased from history. Imo S11 was a very feminist season (and I know many will flatout hate me saying this and hate me for stating it, but that’s simply how I saw the season) Amara was erased from the entire story of the world, Dorothy was stylized to be the typical girly girl cause that fit the time better in which her father published the books. Both characters were put down and belittled and Dorothy very decidey makes no fuss about how she thinks the Men of Letters is a sexist bunch of guys who think women can’t do these things like men can. Well, if I may sound rather snappish here, maybe one should ask the question if the MoL was extinct too if the order had in fact more womanpower. It seems to me there at least is possibility to explore this as the British MoL at least with Toni Bevell nad Mary obvioulsly seem to find women just as capable as any man.

I any case Dorothy saying that sometimes “real life is darker than fiction” (and that is certainly something her, the Winchsters and Amara can agree on) fits perfectly to the world’s story, it’s real story, which was a few shades darker than Chuck/God had made everyone believe.

SVT - Click a Prince: Joshua/Jisoo

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Series: Click a Prince (intro

Member/s: Ot13 - Joshua x Reader 

Words: 1654

- 1 week later -

Weekly reports to your parents were troubling, especially when you didn’t exactly know what to tell them. It’s not as if choosing a husband was such an easy thing in the first place, having to pick an appropriate king that wouldn’t end the world on his first day was even harder.

It didn’t help that you had managed to hide yourself away like Rapunzel, but no Princes were coming to your rescue either way.

Through hidden passageways that you had managed to find, rather quickly to your disappointment,you would watch every morning as the boys gathered for breakfast, chatted lightly and then broke off to explore the castle. Their light chatter was the problem.

How was it that you were racking your brain trying to pick one of them from the video introductions that they were allowed to record, and from the files that your council had dug up on them.

You sighed sitting up from your bed, maybe a walk would clear your thoughts and make it easier.

Slowly you opened your door, hoping that it wouldn’t creak or squeak and alert everyone of your presence. You didn’t know where to go so you hoped that looking at the floor, or your feet would take you somewhere.

“Good afternoon, Princess.” Shit. Your head snapped up in the direction of the voice. His brown cat-like eyes, and soft smile interrupted gave you anxiety.

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soft palms good suit, realtor buy-the-house-after-one-room smile, he chuckles, “yeah, but,” sniffs in like he’s inhaling a sedative, “where do you hide the bodies in a place like this,” says: a place like this,

let me tell you about a place like this because under the trees and fresh paint and cars they get detailed with a toothbrush and windows that they cover with soap just to make sure ‘the cleaning people fully do their job’ (ha, ha, ha), let me tell you where they hide the bodies

let me tell you what their kids smell like, or maybe not, maybe your stomach isn’t strong enough. in our last week of junior year bella breaks down in the hallway and says, “i’m bulimic,” and i want to say, “no, you’re bella,” but instead i say, “why, why, why? you’re beautiful as it is,” bella’s history says: this is why, this is toddler in tiara turned young girl in tiara, turned teenager with too much baby fat on her to get anything but kicked out of beauty pageants (she hated them, she hated them, but what her mama wanted, her mama was gonna get), this is girl-on-cheer-squad looking down at her hands and thinking, “would i get a crown if they saw me today” and no, and no, and no, her body floats in a toilet bowl

let me tell you the body of justin with his chattering teeth who got straight-A’s but never stopped trembling with what we thought was caffeine: one day I caught him crying in a back room, he said, “please don’t tell, please don’t tell,” he said: anxiety. he said: self-harm. he said: been pushing myself too hard for too long and now it feels like everything is crawling down my throat and setting up camp on my vocal chords and sending little spiders through my bloodstream, now it feels like no matter what i do, i can’t feel anything. he said: look for my body next to the dean’s list, i have to make it, i have to make it.

where do they hide the bodies here? in senior year the captain of the football team killed himself when he didn’t get into the college his parents had pushed him for. randi’s stomach turned purple with the bruises her father gave her. david never got out of drugs after they made him drop art as his main subject. alex just wanted to be a boy in peace but his mother’s contempt refuses to acknowledge the “he” part of “she,” was struck down and suffocated by dresses and makeup. everybody wanted to be the best but only one person could be, which meant the rest of them were left upstream with nothing but fingers they rotted through while trying to catch their parent’s dreams.

oh, trust me, they murder plenty here, but they dress up the corpse and keep it running. wouldn’t want to ruin a long-term investment. wouldn’t want the neighbors to notice something bad is stinking up their jewel-green lawns, their soapy windows, their garden-by-the-pond. nothing different lives here, not for long. either you are one of their button-ups or you were made all wrong.

in a place like this, you got nothing but bodies. the houses are all too clean and the mothers drink too much and are overly friendly and the fathers don’t come home until way after their shifts are over. oh, sure, the kitchen floor is stunning and you gotta love the failing school system and you gotta love the community and you gotta love everything, just gotta, just gotta.

a place like this. a place like this. a place full of emptiness.

—  suburb kid // r.i.d

Rosemary Kennedy: September 13, 1918 - January 7, 2005

“Thank you for coming down to see me. I would do anything to make you so happy. I hate to disappoint you in any way. Come to see me very soon. I get very lonesome everyday.” 

These words were written by Rosemary, the third child and eldest daughter in the Kennedy family, in a letter to her father from the boarding school for disabled children she was attending. 

Rose Marie, better known as Rosemary, was born to Joseph P. Kennedy and his wife Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1918. She was their first daughter and seemed every inch the perfect, healthy, beautiful little girl. But as Rosemary grew, it was clear that there was something wrong with her intellectual abilities. She did not learn to walk, talk, or feed herself as quickly as her siblings had. In fact, Rosemary suffered from intellectual disabilities that left her developmentally challenged. This was due to her birth being forcibly delayed for several hours, causing baby Rosemary to be deprived of oxygen in the womb. 

In the following years Rosemary was joined by six more siblings, bringing the total number of Kennedy kids to nine.She was closest to her sisters Kathleen and Eunice. As her siblings grew up and attended school, Rosemary always fell behind in the curriculum that was not disabled-friendly. To her ambitious father, this was unacceptable. Rosemary was put in boarding school and was kept away from most of her family. But as Rosemary grew into a lovely young woman, she began to attract male attention and became more frustrated ad difficult to manage. Having the mental capacity of an eight year old, Rosemary tended to be friendly and trusting, and her parents feared the worst. Joseph “Joe” Kennedy was already planning political futures for his sons, intending for there to be a Kennedy president, and would not risk the family’s reputation by having Rosemary become pregnant. In 1941, Joe looked into having a new procedure called of lobotomy done on Rosemary. Either without consulting his wife or ignoring her objections, he had Rosemary lobotomized. The procedure almost entirely eliminated her ability to speak and interact, her mental ability was now that of a two year old. 

Rosemary was put into a home at the St. Coletta School for Exceptional Children in Wisconsin. Her siblings were not told of what had happened to her or her whereabouts. Only after Joe Kennedy suffered a stroke in 1961 were Rosemary’s siblings, including President John F. Kennedy, told what had become of their sister. After this, Rosemary was visited by family or brought to visit them, but she never forgot the days of her abandonment by her parents. Rosemary died of natural causes in 2005 with her four remaining siblings by her side. She was 86. 


There wasn’t much in the way of conversation on the way to the restaurant, and so when they were seated at their table, the atmosphere was more than a little awkward. Eventually, Jasey couldn’t stand the silence as it made the background hum of the restaurant pound against her eardrums.

“We haven’t been here before, have we?” she stammered out, lips curling into a strained, friendly grin. Her father shook his head, relief flickering briefly across his face.

“Nope, we decided we’d try something a little different tonight. Someone at your mom’s work recommended it, right, honey?”

Happy father’s day!! Did you know that Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination is for all ages? From finding ways to be creative, to escaping into books, to making dinner for your imaginary friends, to coping with your health, these powerful stories are for EVERYONE!  

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Parents - jm imagine {part 2}

A/N: as asked and promised, here’s part 2 :) you’re welcome


About a month has passed since I convinced Jason to meet my parents and finally, the day has come. I picked out a simple sun dress to wear meanwhile, Jason was still busy doing his work. He actually helped me pick this dress out.

Once I was satisfied, I began rummaging through his endless wardrobe of clothes. His closet looked like the inside of a clothing store. Piles upon piles of shirts, pants, shoes, you name it!

“Jason, don’t you think that you should be helping me pick something for you to wear?” I questioned, resting my hands on my hips. “You know I can’t do this on my own. Your two cents are needed for once.”

He glanced up from his work, raising an eyebrow. “My two cents are always needed Y/N. Just let me finish this last sentence and I’ll help you.” He continued typing away before he finally hit enter and sent the e-mail. “Okay. What do you need help with?”

“Well, I was thinking maybe you should wear a black top, with your Adidas jacket and pants.” I said. Jason gave me a questioning look, so I knew I had to elaborate more. “You were complaining about showing off your tattoos, so that’s why you’re going to wear something over your top.”

“But I never not show off my tattoos.” He replied, “Watch out so I can get through because you’re going to make me look worse than I already am.”

I let him into his closet, looking for something to wear. I sat at the end of the bed, waiting for him to show me his choices. It seemed like an eternity that he was in there. Did he get lost or something?

“Jason?” I called out his name, awaiting a response.

“What? I’m busy!” He called back.

“Sorry.” I apologized, “Just making sure you’re still alive in there.”

“You’re so funny Y/N.” He sarcastically remarked. I rolled my eyes, adjusting my dress.

Justin finally came out of the closet showing off one of the many things he picked out to wear. Like I told him earlier, he went with what I suggested.

“Hmm. Doesn’t look that bad.” I admired him for a moment, “Are you going to wear it?" 

"Don’t know.” He shrugged his shoulders. “These seems like the complete opposite of what a person should wear when meeting parents." 

I felt my phone chime in my pocket and I looked to see who it was. "Oh. My mom just said that we’re going out to eat and we should dress nice. So, maybe that outfit isn’t the best idea." 

"Didn’t I tell you that?” He scoffed. “Why does nobody listen to me around here?” He walked back into the closet, looking for something once again. “I’m never going to find anything to wear. Might as well go in my birthday suit." 

"Shut up Jason. You’ll find something.” I rolled my eyes. It was going to be a long day. 

 After what seemed like eons, Jason came out of the closet, covered from top to bottom in black. Black looked really nice on him. He showed himself off before opening his mouth to talk. 

“What do ya think? Too fancy or what?" 

"It’s nice.” I started, “It’s not too fancy so I think you’re good. Can we go now before I fall asleep on this bed?" 

"Yeah. Let’s go.”

We walked into the restaurant and began looking around for my parents. Finally, the familiar faces came into sight. “Let’s go.” i said to Jason. He followed behind me closely—I could literally feel him breathing on my neck.

“Oh! There is my gorgeous daughter Y/N! How are you sweetheart?” My mom got up to hug and greet me. I hugged her back and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. I greeted my father as well, doing the same process as my mother.

I completely forgot that Jason was here too. Some kind of girlfriend I am.

“Y/N!” my mother called from behind me. I turned around to look at her and see what she wanted. “You never introduced me to this very handsome, young man!” she was referring to Jason. I was getting there anyways.

“Right. Silly me.” i laughed. I walked over to Jason’s side and did the talking. “Mom, Dad, this is Jason. The guy of all your speculations, and maybe dreams,” i muttered to myself.

“Jason. What a nice name for a nice boy, please sit down.” my mom said to him. She took her seat first before Jason and I did. I walked over to the table and he pulled out my chair for me to sit. I silently thanked him, making myself comfortable. He sat down as well, sitting back in his chair.

I kicked him in the shin for him to sit up, which he did. He looked over at me with a scowl look. I ignored him and focused on my parents. “So, first impressions?” I questioned.

“Well, I thought he was going to be a bad guy but, he is quite the gentleman.” my mother complimented him.  “He has most certainly exceeded my expectations.”

“Thank you Ms. Y/L/N.” Jason smiled. It was an actual, genuine smile, unlike the fake one he always puts on.

“Oh please. Call me Y/M/F/N.” she smirked. Okay, now she was getting too friendly with him. My father and I sat there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. Didn’t want to interrupt their “flirting” session but, this was my man. 

“Okay, mother,” i called to her to get her attention, “That’s enough. You seemed to have forgot that you’re married with kids.”

“It’s no bother Ms. Y/L/N. I don’t mind.” Jason spoke up. That’s what i admired about Jason: he always had manners, regardless of who it was that he was dealing with.

“Alright, well, let’s get on with the rest of the evening, huh?” my father suggested.

“Yeah, let’s do exactly that.”


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just us two - luke hemmings (part 9)

Luke knew that parenthood was never going to be easy when his girlfriend left him standing in the delivery ward with their baby clasped in his hands. his 5 year old daughter striking up a feud with the son of a coldly beautiful single mum was not a complication he had anticipated though. nor was falling in love with her.

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‘And I’ll be back around eight okay?’ Y/N asked as she whirled around the bedroom, re-tying her hair, touching up lipstick, gathering piles of papers and sorting through folders.

‘And you’re also going to remember to breathe before then, alright?’ Luke chuckled lightly, stopping Y/N in her flurry of activity by placing his hands on her shoulders. ‘You’ve done so much preparation for this case you’ll be fine.’

‘Well I don’t just need to be fine…’ Y/N said worriedly, distracted eyes drifting to the papers still scattered over the bed.

‘You’ll be perfect.’ Luke corrected himself, leaning down to press a reassuring kiss to her lips.

‘I love you.’ She smiled once he had pulled away, a noticeable calm now smoothing her features. As the weeks wore on between them the freedom of saying those three words, without having to remember the people they’d been said to before, increased and their conversations were filled with them.

‘I love you too.’ He smiled back, a familiar flutter in his chest as he looked at Y/N. ‘Now not to bring back the panic but…’ he gestured with a nod of his head to the clock on the wall.

‘Shit, shit, oh my god you’re right I’m going to be late!’ Y/N exclaimed, pushing past Luke to throw the rest of the papers haphazardly in her bag and dash down the stairs.

‘I said no more panicking!’ he couldn’t help but laugh as he followed her at a more sedate pace.

‘Bye Sammy! Bye Luna!’ Y/N called into the kitchen as she tugged on her shoes.

‘Bye mommy!’ they called back in unison, happily ignoring her panic as they ate their breakfast.

‘Bye Luke!’ Y/N said finally as she dashed out the door.

‘Wait! Y/N you forgot something!’ Luke yelled as he followed her across the drive.

‘What? Is it my laptop? Have I…’ before Y/N could finish Luke dipped his head down and kissed her deeply.

‘You forgot that.’ He said simply, unable to keep the grin off his face.

‘Honestly if I wasn’t such a sucker for all this romantic shit you pull Hemmings you would be so dead right now.’ Y/N half laughed, half sighed.

‘There she is, making empty threats at me, that’s the woman I fell in love with.’ Luke laughed outright.

‘Okay I’m actually leaving now, any more dramatic love proclamations and you’re getting run over.’ Y/N warned with a grin as she climbed into the car.

‘I got my goodbye kiss that’s all I wanted.’ He held his hands up in surrender to her. ‘See you tonight.’ He finished with a wave as she rolled her eyes at him, turning round a moment later to blow him a kiss.

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so like your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what this is. Again it’s kinda different, kinda ceo!Luke and I kinda don’t hate it.

You worked hard to keep your cool, eyes scanning the passing scenery, trying to let the occasional flash of bright light that cut through the darkness soothe you. You had to remain calm otherwise your father, sitting next to you in the back of the chauffeur driven car, would see through you in no time. And you couldn’t have that. As the car slowed to a smooth stop, you took a deep breath, getting your head in the right space for what you were about to do.

Years of being trained on how to exit cars gracefully came into play as you followed your Father, managing to keep your dignity from being stolen by the constant bright flashes, the press obviously having been alerted that two members of one of the most powerful families, and businesses, would be at the club belonging to another of the city’s most successful citizens tonight.

This one, however, was significantly younger than your CEO Father despite having power and wealth to rival his. Both men were smart, obviously given their status, and had met long ago - knowing how useful it was to keep your biggest competitors in your good graces. Not that this meant they were friends, every time they interacted there was an undercurrent of tension. Neither got to where they were today by being nice to everyone and that attitude ran so deep in them both you’d argue it was probably ingrained in their DNA. But tonight was just a friendly visit, for your Father - who also happened to be your boss at the multi-million family business - anyways. For a change it was you that had come with the agenda, having no issue with recommending you both pay Luke a visit, stressing the importance of nurturing valuable alliances.

The loud music washed over you as soon as you were ushered inside the club, not even bothering to glance in the direction of the queue that stretched along the block knowing no one would dare kick up a fuss about you gaining instant entry. People like you that carried weighty names like yours didn’t wait. Nor did they mix with those that weren’t on their level, again there being no question about where you were headed as two large men dressed in black led you up a staircase and away from the packed, sweaty sea of people below. This wasn’t your first visit to the club in any sense, you’d come here purely for pleasure on several occasions - Luke was no idiot and he hadn’t amassed his riches from owning half-assed hole in the walls, the place was dripping in exclusive luxury. And it rubbed off on everyone who entered, regardless of where they came from for the hours they spent there they were able to experience what it was like living as the other half. But you didn’t have to queue for hours and pay an extortionate fee to get in here, which was why you were being lead to the balcony reserved purely for the owner and his personal guests. That’s where you belonged.

His eyes were on you as soon as you took the last dainty step, trailing his gaze slowly from the tip of your sky-high shoes all the way up to where your hair sat in a sleek bun atop your head, drinking in every inch of you. He smirked from where he sat comfortably on a large couch, expensive bottles lining the table in front of him, associates and scantily clad girls crowded around him. However as you and your Dad approached he cleared them out with a wave of his hand, just his security remaining. You paid no attention to the jealous glares that were being shot at you from every angle from the ladies he’d just dismissed, walking as confidently as always, the fact that you knew they had nothing on you making him grin in approval. Equally he managed retain a cool exterior as he caught a few of his business friends rake their eyes over you - knowing exactly what companies he’d be pulling his investments from come tomorrow morning.

While his business relationship with your Dad had reaped countless benefits for him, they were nothing compared to the benefits he’d received from his secret relations with you. You’d met several times, you being the deputy at the company and so being at many of the meetings he was at, both of you finding it difficult to focus on the figures being thrown around, hyperaware of the other’s presence from the very first introduction. It was inevitable really. You were both similar ages, attractive and accustomed to the same kind of lifestyle with neither of you having time to be tied down in a relationship. Not to mention the possible blow his investments in the business world - and most likely his pretty face, too - would take if one of his most valuable friends found out he was banging his daughter. But the risks involved combined with all the aforementioned factors, plus a generous helping of the allure of two people in power in such a fast paced, cut throat profession made it far too enticing for either of you to resist. None of it was ever planned, no pressure being put on either of you to feel anything. They were merely secret trysts, spontaneously dragging the other into deserted offices or conference rooms and allowing the overpowering lust to take over.

And now you were here, wearing a dress that made his head spin and looking immaculate as always, on his turf for once. But this time accompanied by the one person that made your game that little bit more difficult, although he had to admit that he was excited for the challenge. Except you weren’t here for that this time. You were going to try something far riskier.

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