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Ereri/Riren Fanfiction Rec List (Updated!)

This is a huge list. Like wow. This took a while.  Anyway, these are all really amazing fanfics, and y’all should check them out.  As you may be able to tell, once I find an author I like, I tend to read everything they wrote. Also, I know that a lot of these are present on other rec lists, but that’s because they’re just that awesome so I had to include them. I know that lots of these are available on both AO3 and FFN, but I just linked them to whichever site I read it on first. This list will be updated as I find new fics, cause there are just so many wonderful fics and authors for this pairing. 


Completed Multichapter

These are all AU for some reason.  I did not intend for this to happen but whatever. Less tagging for me.

Freedom of the Press- kylar04- 196k- M

Soccer player!Levi and hemophiliac college student!Eren. It’s so cute, full of drama and angst and fluff and wonderfulness. 

Steered Straight- kylar04- 128k- M

Modern military AU. just amazing. And sad. And happy. And everything

Shattered Facade- kylar04- 45k- M

Abusive relationship AU.  Really sad but sweet.

Rebellious Nobodies- PrincessSmutButt- 122k- M

College AU. This one freaked me out a lot but I’m not really sure why, so I guess just nonspecific TW. Unexpected ending and lots of emotional pain.

Crash- ObdurateSinner- 201k- M

The one where they’re both pilots. One of the first ereri fanfics I read and one of my favs.  TW for plane crash.

Danger Line- lunatrancy- 117k- M

Police officer!Eren and Mafia boss!Levi.  Lots of action and angst. It’s wicked awesome.

The Wolf and the Bat- hidansbabe503- 119k- M

Vampire!Eren and werewolf!Levi.  LOADS of errors and weird confusing dialogue where the person’s reaction to a sentence is right next to the sentence so it looks like that character said the sentence but they didn’t.  You’ll see what I mean.  Very sweet college AU anyway.

A Forged Wedding- mistyhollowdrummer- 202k- M

Levi asks Eren to marry him for a month.  TW for referenced child abuse. Some words or sentences that don’t make sense but great story nonetheless.

Threads of a Fairytale- lunatrancy- 88k- M

Cursed prince!Levi and poor farm boy!Eren. All the fairy tails and its adorable.

Sugar on Top- lunatrancy- 123k- M

Sugar daddy AU.  Not as creepy as I thought, with a mildly confusing plot twist at the end.

Temporary Mistake, Permanent Fix- Chappy-the-Bunny- 149k- T

Tattoo shop AU.  Interesting characterization and great story.

Feathers and Follies- Chappy-the-Bunny- 185k- T

Really really cool take on reincarnation AU.  Angel!Eren is the best thing ever.

A World of Our Own- LittleGreenPuppy- 187k- T

Modern arranged marriage. SO CUTE.  A bit of angst but not overwhelming.

Incomplete Multichapter

Not including word count cause that’s gonna change. 

Glitter, Glamour, and Ties- LiveToLie- M

Stripper AU.  Not really what I was expecting but it’s great.

The Change You Wish to See- mistyhollowdrummer- T

Eren is deaf and Levi works at a bookstore. So much fluff.

Why The Fuck Not?- HolyShitIt’sSenpai- M

High school AU.  Levi’s a badboy and it’s funny.


Completed Multichapter

Louder Than Words- TheArtOfWar- 142k- AU- E

Okay I tried reading this a while ago and wasn’t into, but I tried again yesterday and holy shiitake mushrooms. Read it. Really graphic violence.

Monster- loveatfirstsight- 48k- AU- E

Mental institution AU. Not the most realistic portrayal of things but idrk. It’s interesting and well-written.

Come in with the Rain- itsaroosterteeththing- 41k- AU- M

Super ridiculously fluffy teachers AU and I just want to snuggle them but they’re not real *cries*

1994- Vee- 124k- AU- E

90′s AU and it’s so freaking good. 

The Talk- WhiteSilverandMercury- 109k- AU- E

Hands down best stripper!Eren AU I’ve read. Super well-written and the plot twist at the end will fuck you up real bad.

Stowaway- OneWhoSitsWithTurtles- 30k- AU- E

Pirate Captain Levi because what more could you possibly want.

10 Years- appleapple- 25k- Canon- E

Ten years after the war, Eren returns to find the world has moved on.

Hey Lover- wasterella- 228k- AU- NR

Eren is sick of being teased for not having a girlfriend, so he finds a site that gives the illusion that he has one. But Levi is not a girl, and this might be a problem. 

The Intern- Lutte- 399k- AU- E

High school (sorta) AU.  Check trigger warnings.  Much angst but so good.

Beyond The Walls- Light_Within_Darkness- 72k- Canon- E

Wilderness survival.  Jean is just awkwardly there.

The Red Long Johns, Or “Be Sure to Dress In Layers”- shulkie- 30k-AU-E

The one where they’re both teachers chaperoning a camping trip.  So fluffy.

Wanderlust- Sabrinanikkol- 109k- AU- E

Eren gets set up as Levi’s ‘travel buddy’.  They go to France.  Fun.

It’s Funny Because Eren Can’t Read- BlakeBrolovski- 109k- Canon- E

Eren can’t read. Second person POV omg it’s weird but cool.

Placing Faith- OneWhoSitsWithTurtles- 155k- Canon-ish- E

The one where 20 year old Levi adopts 8 year old Eren. So ridiculously sweet.

A Sound Like Breaking Glass- mongoose_bite- 53k- Canon-ish- E

Where they all live by the ocean and Eren longs to join Captain Levi’s ship. Right? Slightly confusing but cool once you figure it out.

Fireside- twisting_vine- 37k- AU- E

Modern Canada AU. The one where Levi’s car breaks down and he has to stay with friendly neighborhood farm boy!Eren. So fluffy.

Holding Hands In The Rain- twisting_vine- 101k- AU- E

More modern Canada AU. Absolutely beautiful and well written. One of my favorites.

Art of War- catsonfire- 53k- AU- E

Modern AU where Levi and Eren are neighbors and have fun screwing with each other.  Figuratively and literally. Cute oneshot epilogue:  Tying Loose Ends

am- loveatfirstsight- 101k- AU E

Great story. Trigger warnings for mental health issues and a boatload of angst.

Junkyard Dogs- acidtowns- 70k- AU- E

Prison AU. Honestly kind of disturbing but in the way that you can’t put it down. TW for violence, mental health issues and obviously, prison.

Haute Couture Love- SailorHeichou- 123k- AU- E

Fashion AU.  LOTS of grammatical errors and weird capitalization of random common nouns, but cute story anyway. 

Deal With It- Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house- 138k- AU- E

Sweet Omegaverse, one of the only good MPreg fics I’ve ever read.

Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid- mongoose_bite- 73k- AU- E

Cop!Levi and Vigilante!Eren.  Really interesting.

Epilogues Are Always Better Than Prologues- ninanna- 37k- AU- T

Publishing company AU.  Where Eren and Levi dated before and somehow end up at the same company. 

Night Drive- shotgunsinlace- 50k- AU- E

Levi is married(?) to Erwin, but no one seems to care.  Plot twist.

Warm Water- KeroseneShowers- 35k- Canon- E

Levi’s shower breaks. Eren attempts to fix it. 

Grounded- appleapple- 22k- Canon- M

Eren gets grounded for a year when he gets drunk and destroys a bunch of stuff.  Cute.

Incomplete Multichap

Again, not including word count.

Sometimes Things Turn Out For The Best- Resmiranda- AU- E

Levi is Armin’s editor and lil mushroom plays matchmaker with his editor and his roommate. Really gud.

Just My Luck- SecretGhostGirl- AU- M

Levi is Mikasa’s boyfriend and Eren has a crush.

Ein Riese, der Fliegen Wollte- Closet_Cleaner- Canon-ish- E

Eren is not a human that can turn into a titan, but instead a titan that can turn into a human. Really interesting and well-written.

What’s Eating You?- TheSpazzBot- AU- M

I thought this was about vampires and I was *mostly* wrong. This fic is amazing.

Misread- sciencefictioness- AU- E 

Eren has depression and Levi is his boss and they’re both just trying to figure their lives out. Pretty realistic, I think.

The Strange and the Usual- lalazee- AU- E

Levi owns a halfway house for possession victims. Confusing but really good.

Red Heat- Sciencefictioness- AU- E

Probably the best Omegaverse AU I’ve read.  Lots of action and violence.

The Stag in the Dark- shulkie- AU- T

Knitting AU. I didn’t know a knitting AU was a thing but it is and it’s great.

Under The Bed- Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house- AU- E

Demon!Eren.  There is a portal to Hell. Excellent. 

Shotgun Blues- Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house- AU- M

Hitman!Levi and photojournalist!Eren.  Awesome. 

Everytime I Poop, I Think Of You- suckaknob- AU- M

Levi and Eren get drunk. And married.  Hilarious. 

Demons and Darkness- Sciencefictioness- AU- E

Demon AU. Obviously. Very interesting.  Violence.

One Shots

Okay I’m a little weird but I consider anything that’s completed with under 20k words a oneshot. So don’t be surprised if some of these have like 12 chapters. These are all on Ao3 by the way.  

Uber Attraction- MicellaneousShenanigans- 1k- AU- NR

“The Uber driver Eren one-shot you didn’t know you needed.”

Acute Myocardial Infarction- missmichellebelle- 14k- AU- G

Doctor! Levi and Eren is so adorable oml. 

Bon Anniversaire, Mon Cheri- Opulence- 8k- Canon- T


Be Good for Me- TheSpazzBot- 15k- AU- E

This is just PWP but its really good PWP.

No-Smoke, No-Gamble-  PresquePommes- 9k- AU- M

Eren is fob from Germany and his inability to English is kawaii as fuck.

Don’t worry I’m weak to you- myoue- 6k- AU- E

Delivery boy!Eren gets stuck in Levi’s apartment during a storm.

Heart of Ink- OnewhoSitsWIthTurtles- 15k- AU- E

Because we all need another tattoo parlor AU, right? 

My Home Is Where Your Heart Is- bfketh- 14k- AU- E

Levi is needs a babysitter for his daughter Mikasa and Eren seems like the right guy for the job. Adorable.

beyond the sea- TheSpazzBott- 12k- AU- E

Merman AU. Really cute. 

Last Customer- mongoose_bite- 5k- Canon- E

After the war,  Levi owns a coffee shop. Such fluff.

Don’t Speak Against the Sun- appleapple- 18k- Canon- M

Erwin thinks Levi and Eren are spending too much time together.  Such a beautiful story. 

Strike Twice- shulkie- 9k- AU- T

At Mikasa’s wedding Eren is tasked with keeping Levi there until cake. Funny and cute.

Hit or Miss- Monsoon- 4k- AU- M

Levi is an assassin who just broke his cardinal rule.  Funny.

Trump-l’œil- appleapple- 11k- Canon- M

He has never minded the bitterness at the bottom of the cup. Wonderful.

meeting people is easy- foreverautumn- 4k- AU- NR

Super sweet and funny. Read it twice and it’s even funnier.

Give The Dog a Bone®- TheSpazzBot- 16k

Hilarious modern AU where Levi’s dog likes Eren a little too much.

The World Has It’s Shine- catsonfire- 7k- AU- T

Another coffee shop AU. There can never be too many.

Grind- TheSpazzBot- 14k- AU- M

Levi owns a tea shop and Eren owns a coffee shop. They become arch nemeses. Funny modern AU.

Bemused!- mongoose_bite- 8k- AU- T

Really interesting idea and super cute story.

Of Mistletoe and Shitty Fake Boyfriends- TheSpazzBot- 13k- AU- T

The one where they pretend to be dating. 

Blackbird- inkshaming- 9k- Canon- NR

After the war. Absolutely beautiful story.

Christmas at the Ackermans- zhedang- 8k- AU- T

Levi is Mikasa’s cousin and Eren has to pick him up at the airport. Sweet and festive.

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nevermind my last ask lol "the right way to hunt" kys you disgusting animal hating creep. they did nothing to deserve to die.

Just posting this as an example. Please read through this and try to have an open mind. People have different ways of viewing the world. That’s totally ok. Some people hate hunting, and on the other end some are really obnoxious when it comes to hunting. But, from a biological and wildlife management standpoint, things are going to die awful deaths constantly no matter what. To ignore how cruel nature really is is to ignore reality. This doesn’t make it morally right to hunt or to abstain from hunting, it just boils down to a personal opinion. Wildlife is literally always considering that they are going to die and we can see this in their fecundity. When a frog lays a couple thousand eggs in a sitting, it’s doing so because it knows 95% of their offspring is a snack. Rabbits are similar. Deer, wild turkey, and other commonly hunted animals are almost solely funded (in management and scientific studies) by hunting dollars. Wild turkey was actually extinct for a period in NY before hunting funded a complete reintroduction of the species. That’s not me trying to make hunting seem great, it’s just a fact.

Right now hunting is significantly more environmentally friendly than eating farmed animals. Not to mention that even if you are completely vegan, when vegetable farmers harvest crops with machines they’re killing any creatures in that field. Skunks, rabbits, mice, snakes, raccoons, even bedding fawns are frequently killed when tractors harvest crops. Especially when it comes to corn and wheat raking. Even to plant large vegetable fields is taking away and fragmenting natural habitat. You can just never really know the entire journey your food is making unless it’s being harvested yourself. If you only garden and collect wild edibles then you’re about as guilt free as you can get, but that’s a nearly impossible lifestyle to keep year round. I will not criticize you for being vegan or abstaining from meat, because who am I to say what’s right and what’s wrong.

John is literally obtaining a phd in wildlife science, so based on our shared education what’s right for us is a hunter gatherer lifestyle. We don’t trophy hunt, and we eat almost everything down to the organs. I’m not just going out into the woods with a thirst for blood or just to have something on my wall. We harvested two deer last season and since have not bought an ounce of meat otherwise. The only protein we buy regularly is fish and even then we opt for bottom of the food chain fish to avoid large bioaccumulaters when possible.

Deer are especially overpopulated in our area. The problem with an overpopulation of deer is the spread of CWD (chronic wasting disease), which is extremely contagious and debilitating. In order to avoid massive population destroying diseases like that the Department of Environmental Conservation calculates a healthy amount of population to be removed through hunting. If CWD is found to be present DEC will literally send sharp shooters out to lower the population and continue testing. Geese are also extremely over populated in our area so DEC must literally put oil on goose eggs in the nest (killing the baby without the parents noticing so they don’t re-lay) to control the population.

My point is, death really is a requirement to maintain a healthy population. In places that are really lacking predators, like where I live, wildlife populations are prone to disease and starvation from too large of a population. At some point nature will take care of overpopulation. The risk of letting nature take its course (when predators are absent) is the spread of diseases that can last 5+ years just in the soil or overgrazing to the point of mass starvation. Too sheer of a drop in one population creates a domino effect among others, and eventually leads to mass death that may take years and years to recover from.

Like I said, I am not going to claim my lifestyle is better than yours or anyone else’s. I am very welcoming if you’d like to speak with me privately about your concerns and promise to be open and honest. Let’s have this conversation instead of just being mad at each other, ok? I’m sure at the very least we can find some middle ground!

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Santana-san! I have a video game you'd be good at! It's wwwrrrrrryyyyyyyly good! *slides over a copy of Harvest Moon

Let’s Do This...

This is my submission to @atc74 Angelina’s 2K GIF Challenge. Congratulations on the awesome milestone my dear!

Dean x Reader, it’s complicated

Teen & up


Warnings: Angst

Tagging my forevers and some who may be interested:     @whispersandwhiskerburn  @wi-deangirl77  @smoothdogsgirl  @zombi3gyrl07  @laurenw1025  @ashleymalfoy@iamflanneltrash  @kristaparadowski  @mrswhozeewhatsis  @plaidstiel-wormstache@atc74  @babypieandwhiskey  @jjsoccer11 @aiaranradnay @mysteriouslyme81 @jensen-jarpad @anticipate1003  @notnaturalanahi  @supernatural-jackles @samwinlover@evansrogerskitten @girl-next-door-writes  @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @riversong-sam  

“Let’s do this.” Dean headed inside. Shotgun loaded with salt at the ready. It was just a simple salt and burn, but after weeks of nothing, Dean was all too happy to take down Casper the not so friendly house ghost.

The ancestral farm of Obadiah Nix had fallen into disrepair as the ghost of ol Obi had scared off or eliminated all of its attempted inhabitants.

Obadiah himself had been murdered by cattle rustlers in order to steal his meager 50 head of cattle.  The ghost had spent the last century ensuring there wouldn’t be a repeat.  In doing so, old man Nix had murdered at least a dozen people himself.

Fortunately for the hunting trio, they quickly discovered that the farmer had been buried under his favorite oak tree at the back of the ranch property.  Armed with shovels and salt rounds they put the good ol boy to rest without so much  as a scratch amongst them.

“Well that had to have been the easiest hunt we’ve had in-”

“Ever.” Sam finished for his brother.

“Hey! Don’t jinx us guys!” Y/N chastised.  “You know that’s going to bite us in the ass later.”

Leaning on the trunk of the impala, they brought their beers together in salute to a job easily done.

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When you think about it, anti-porn tumblr sounds just like vegan tumblr.

“Uhm, listen sweaty. (: (: (: If you eat meat watch porn, that totally means you’re okay with animal abuse rape! Don’t you know thousands of cows women get murdered raped because of YOU just eating meat watching porn, totally not because their farmers employers who are the ones actually abusing them?!”

“Friendly reminder! Eating farm-raised meat watching and supporting camgirls is totally the same as supporting corporate! Farmers still KILL their cows camgirls still PRESENT THEMSELVES AS SEXY and killing an animal is ALWAYS ABUSE sex is always bad!”

“Did I tell y’all hunters independent sex workers are STILL bad? They still kill animals have sex on camera even if it’s not for corporate, and that’s BAD.”

Castle on the Hill

English Literature PhD student Emma Swan just needs money to pay for her last semester of grad school tuition. Killian Jones has always dreamed of opening a bookshop but has never been able to afford it. So when the small principality of Misthaven is looking for their lost princess, the pair decide that this might just be the perfect money making scheme.

A Multi-chapter Modern Day + Lost Princess (think Rapunzel/Anastasia-esque) + Book Lovers in a Coffee Shop AU

Rating: T

Word Count: 40791/ ?

Prologue (Part 1 + 2) // Ch 1 // Ch 2 // Ch 3 // Ch 4 // Ch 5 // Ch 6 // Ch 7

Read on: Ao3

Emma wonders how thin the floor below her is. She also wonders if the person who lives below her can tell that she’s been pacing for the last hour. It’s always been her nervous vice- when starting a new family, before English exams, waiting for grad school acceptance letters- she’s always taken to walking in circles. And despite what Killian told her the day before, despite the millions of assurances she’s told herself- it’s not stopping her from walking in circles around her apartment’s floor.

When her phone rings, she flinches before pulling it out of her bag. The phone was an early investment, a Misthaven Sim card so that she’d be able to get calls while here. Now, she extracts her phone from her purse on the counter.

She’d spent hours before worrying over what to wear. What does one wear to meet a queen? She finally settled on a navy knee-length skirt that tied at the waist, a striped blue and white button up, and fake pearl earrings. A little make up, a professional pony tail, and a suitable brown leather tote finished her look.

“Hello?” She says into the phone.

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Rural Solarpunk

solarpunk focuses heavily on things like how urban spaces can be restructured to be green and modern and sustainable and beautiful. Suburban spaces are generally not focused on (and in a lot of ways, argued against) in favour of better green space and more efficient city planning and the elimination of the unsustainable american dream of everyone owning their own huge house with its own yard and its own car and all that jazz. 

So what about  rural environments? Obviously farming communities are integral to solarpunk, with greenhouses, ideal farming spaces, shaded hanging irrigation systems, round-the-year farming when feasable, and maybe even large scale community gardens, but I’m drawing a blank on what else can be done. Communal farming equipment sharing? Solar panels on greenhouses? How do we bridge the gaps between the solarpunk cities and the farming and green space created and required by these cities? Where do we draw the lines between modern environmentally friendly, efficient farming and the questionable factory farming? How can we strike the balances between efficiency and humanity?


Friendly Farm House!

This is a farm house that is vaguely pets inspired, requested by the lovely @mayor-boey! She bribed me with a gif of a duckling and basically had me sold. I hope you like it!

The house has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and it was decorated for a toddler and their parents! With a spare room for a guest and or another child! There is a stable which is obviously not usable but hey, a girl can dream, huh? 

  • I have most of the stuff packs and all  the expansion and game packs!
  • Cost $140,600
  • 3 bed 3 bath
  • Unusable barn/paddock
  • Lot size 64 x 64 though it can definitely fit on smaller!
  • To install, download all of the tray files and copy them (there should be 7 files total) into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray folder.

  The CC I used in this lot is: wallpaper, wallpaper, oh, look, more wallpaper


Or my Orgin ID is: Milly1112 (remember to turn on CC to see it!)

Interior Photos

(also if anyone could tell me how to put all the tray files under one folder? that’d be nice?? thank you!)


Version 4.0
Harvest Moon: (M)FoMT - True Love Edition

The latest version of everyone’s favorite gay-friendly farming simulator is here!  If you haven’t heard by now, the True Love Edition switches the player characters from the GBA games Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.  This means that, for the first time, all you farm-girls can date and marry all the gorgeous ladies of Mineral Town, and all you farm-boys can date and marry all the dorks who wear strange headgear with their tuxedos…

This version is mostly a bunch of bug fixes in both the original game and the TLE edition.  Characters no longer spout random bits of German/Japanese, and many item names and spelling mistakes were corrected.  While I couldn’t quite fix all of them (some are notoriously difficult to test), this version should be very close to the final version of the game.

I want to thank everyone for sending in bug reports.  They helped greatly, and I managed to hammer out all the kinks.  I also want to thank who have been making tumblr posts about their game progress.  Reading your blog entries really put a smile on my face.  I, of course, want to thank everyone who has sent kind words in my inbox.  I don’t really get to answer all of them (mostly because I’m terrible at the whole blogging thing), but all your messages make me smile uncontrollably.

Without further ado, it’s time to fall in love all over again!

Harvest Moon: True Love Edition

i mean with regard to the “agriculture is evil and leads to disparity and capitalism” thing in anarcho-primitivism, i feel like they’re being overly reductive and havent done any research on the vast and varied history of american indigenous agricultural methods which included the development of inedible plant species into edible cultivars, ensuring healthy ‘wild’ populations of fish, shellfish, grazing animals, etc, in essence creating systems of ecological permacultures. environmentally-cooperative agriculture. i mean its not unique to the americas, you can see environmentally-friendly farming in many places if you really look for it. it’s pretty ridiculous to dismiss farming as a concept, especially… as a white person? 

…part of me feels like anprims just have a hardcore case of white guilt they need to address. But that’s My Opinion As A White Woman so take it with, a grain of salt if you will. 

lesbiancarlyrae replied to your post: speaking of cowboys alternate universe where jack…

they meet because they’re all each other’s beards and just live in joy and solidarity breeding mustangs

this is a universe where they don’t need to beard they just meet at a bar and are best friends immediately, they share the apple trees that grow along the edge of their properties, they breed mustangs and sell dairy and they’re the PINNACLE of the environmentally friendly gay farming community and it’s great


WIP ! *Eco-friendly farm - NoCC*

This wil be a cc-free lot, but I’m very slow. Because I do not use money cheats on my gameplay, I’ve to wait way too long before they get their coins. A single window is a pain in the ass, because they’re all so expensive *sob* I move most of Pietra and Akaï stuff in the backyard. I still need to add a lot of details on the exterior before furnish it.

I’ll take better screenshots when I’m done because my computer is crazy and old (but I do love him). Interior will be mainly furnish with wood textures. Pietra is working hard on the wood-working table and I put every items on her inventory. Same goes for the fish collection of Akaï. I want something cosy and warm. Finger cross Pietra write some best-sellers or something…