friendly farms

hey friendly reminder farming memes are for hicks and yokels (those are reclaimed words btw) so if you live within spittin distance of any kind of establishment in which you can buy any human food (stock feed does not count) please refrain from rbing them

Rural Solarpunk

solarpunk focuses heavily on things like how urban spaces can be restructured to be green and modern and sustainable and beautiful. Suburban spaces are generally not focused on (and in a lot of ways, argued against) in favour of better green space and more efficient city planning and the elimination of the unsustainable american dream of everyone owning their own huge house with its own yard and its own car and all that jazz. 

So what about  rural environments? Obviously farming communities are integral to solarpunk, with greenhouses, ideal farming spaces, shaded hanging irrigation systems, round-the-year farming when feasable, and maybe even large scale community gardens, but I’m drawing a blank on what else can be done. Communal farming equipment sharing? Solar panels on greenhouses? How do we bridge the gaps between the solarpunk cities and the farming and green space created and required by these cities? Where do we draw the lines between modern environmentally friendly, efficient farming and the questionable factory farming? How can we strike the balances between efficiency and humanity?

Friendly Reminder

I know it’s cool and hip to start screaming in the void these days, but please stop. The void sends the screams to hell- I mean State Farms Offices and it’s annoying. Our workers sure do love to work, but when your screams echo all over the place it drowns out our screams of agony from slaving away in a cubicle. -State Farm Management

You heard em kids. Stop screaming.    

When you think about it, anti-porn tumblr sounds just like vegan tumblr.

“Uhm, listen sweaty. (: (: (: If you eat meat watch porn, that totally means you’re okay with animal abuse rape! Don’t you know thousands of cows women get murdered raped because of YOU just eating meat watching porn, totally not because their farmers employers who are the ones actually abusing them?!”

“Friendly reminder! Eating farm-raised meat watching and supporting camgirls is totally the same as supporting corporate! Farmers still KILL their cows camgirls still PRESENT THEMSELVES AS SEXY and killing an animal is ALWAYS ABUSE sex is always bad!”

“Did I tell y’all hunters independent sex workers are STILL bad? They still kill animals have sex on camera even if it’s not for corporate, and that’s BAD.”


WIP ! *Eco-friendly farm - NoCC*

This wil be a cc-free lot, but I’m very slow. Because I do not use money cheats on my gameplay, I’ve to wait way too long before they get their coins. A single window is a pain in the ass, because they’re all so expensive *sob* I move most of Pietra and Akaï stuff in the backyard. I still need to add a lot of details on the exterior before furnish it.

I’ll take better screenshots when I’m done because my computer is crazy and old (but I do love him). Interior will be mainly furnish with wood textures. Pietra is working hard on the wood-working table and I put every items on her inventory. Same goes for the fish collection of Akaï. I want something cosy and warm. Finger cross Pietra write some best-sellers or something…

drove by my town’s backroads farms today and got sad because farms look so pretty to live at and I wish I could work at one again, but also farm fandom is full of problematic people and the money has gone from mom and pop farming to Big Farma, the only money is in raising cattle rather than crops. the whole farm culture is just not looking good. Where are the days of decently lucrative, local, eco-friendly farming. modern farming has no soul