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genuinely heartbroken to see the terrifying, disturbing message that tonight’s US electoral result has sent to racial and religious minorities, to women, to disabled individuals, to the lgbtq+ community, to immigrants… for all those who will wake up tomorrow in fear for themselves or their loved ones under an america that let ignorance and intolerance win.


Herd of friendly elephants including some youngsters, Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa

anonymous asked:

im getting married in a couple months and i will talk to some older trusted godly women about my wedding night, sex, etc. i was wondering if you knew any online websites or information that i could research to be more informed, especially from a Christian perspective. i totally agree with you in the fact that we should be educated on this. thank you.

I actually don’t know of any Christian sites - my source of information has always been mostly from my sex-having friends (there’s a lot to sift through there lol), both Christian and non-Christian. I know there are plenty of resources on the internet, but I’m not sure where to begin - people have suggested certain bloggers to me before but the whole “explore urself! buy sex toys! uwu” shtick gets annoying to me, but if you’re okay with that, those can be easily found on Tumblr and YouTube (along with our friendly elephant in the room, Planned Parenthood). A no-nonsense, honest, not sugar-coated Christian sex resource would be great to have, though! (Someone develop that please!)

I would talk to BOTH older married women and also young, recently married (in the last 5 years or so). Both will probably give you good perspective! Personally, I’d probably talk to older women for ‘how do you make your marriage work?’ questions since they have more experience in making a long-lasting relationship work, and the younger women for sex questions as it’s been more recent for them and young people are less likely to see sex as taboo as older women. But whatever works for you!