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RWBabies: Snow Monkey

Name: Aubrey James Schnee

Goes By: Aubrey, Bre

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Hair: Snow white hair, slightly messy and down to the top of his neck

Eyes: Blue (shifts between a deep cerulean and a pale icy blue depending on lighting)

Faunus Trait: Snow white monkey tail

Height: 5′11″

Weight: 153lbs

Siblings: Crystal Schnee (Younger Sister)

Weapons: Custom built Bo staff with rotating Dust chamber used to augment Glyphs

Semblance: Glyphs. Hereditary Schnee Semblance, Aubrey often focuses on using them to increase his team’s mobility on the battlefield and adding elemental effects to their attacks.

Team: LAVR (Lavender), 3rd Year

Relationship Status: Taken (Currently dating LAVR teammate Rosalyn Arc)

Personality and Quirks: Has a friendly competitive streak, always looking for a good challenge to have fun in; empathetic, often offers an ear to listen to other’s problems; strong disdain towards racism towards Faunus and towards nobility and the higher classes in general

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Why is Legolas popular? What is so great about Legolas?

What is so great about Legolas? WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT LEGOLAS, YOU ASK!?

  • He is the Prince of Mirkwood, possibly one of the most dangerous forests in Middle Earth
  • Thranduil is his father (Legolas’ dad has got it goin’ on)
  • He was a member of the Fellowship (it’s not exactly Club Everyone)
  • His friendship with Gimli went against CENTURIES of Elven/Dwarven quarreling, and it bridged the gap that had divided their races
  • SICK MOVES (He pulls some real Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon shit)
  • He’s a sassy son of a bitch and often engaged in friendly competitions with Gimli DURING MAJOR BATTLES
  • He was always a good sport, even when he lost a competition to Gimli by one kill
  • After the Ring had been destroyed, he honeymooned with Gimli all over Middle Earth like they had agreed
  • Then this motherfucker went back and restored the forests and war damaged lands that suffered as a result of the War
  • Legolas stuck around Middle Earth until Aragorn died, then decided to peace out
  • BUT NOT WITHOUT GIMLI, so he built a ship with his own two hands and sailed West with Gimli, who was the first and only Dwarf to sail West to the Undying Lands
  • He is a major rule/tradition breaker. Elves are all about memory and commitment and then there’s Legolas, doing not as he pleased, but what he felt was right, even if it meant going against what he was taught
  • He was portrayed by Orlando Bloom in the movies

I mean, look at that….am I right?

RvB: Aqua

Both of them were native, and the war was just another quake going through Chorus. Just their luck that they end up with these secondhand war heroes, these rumors filtering through the ranks until the Reds and Blues had supposedly saved entire planets and killed an army of robots protecting an evil dictator.

Rodgers and Cunningham weren’t always posted together, but the fact was that the rebellion wasn’t winning - cells broke and reformed into smaller pieces, and the two rookies gravitated back together. This was largely considered a good sign.

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