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References in DuckTales Episode Four (SPOILERS)


Part of me is kind of glad that every single episode isn’t littered with references and Easter eggs, but I also wish there were more than this. I mean, jeez, what’s a guy supposed to do? Anyway, there weren’t really any references or allusions. There was this:

When I first saw it, I thought it might be a reference to new character Mark Beaks but it really wasn’t since it’s a lounge. Unless Mark Beaks somehow started his fortune with lounges, which seems kind of unlikely.

I was happy to see that the Beagle clan is as numerous as the original show and comics, as well as Ma Beagle referencing her incarceration at Webby’s hands. Here’s the various Beagles, as Ma Beagle introduced them:

The Original Classics

The Glam Yankees

The Deja Vus (I like how the big one is using a ViewMaster and that later comments make it kind of clear that they aren’t at all French)

The Sixth Avenue Meanies

The SIxth Avenue Friendlies (which seem like they don’t really get this whole criminal family thing)

The Longboard Tacquitos (X-TREME TO THE MAX)

The Deja Vus

The Tumblebums (who could have been more horrifying, honestly, but it is a kids show and they were still pretty unnerving)

The Ugly Failures (which means they are somehow less successful criminals than the Sixth Avenue Friendlies)

And, finally, the Deja Vus

There’s also some random generic Beagles hanging around which makes one wonder how Beagle groups are formed. Obviously, there’s a rule of three thing going on. We’d have to figure that the generic ones just haven’t found their places yet. 

After this jump there’s a spoiler. There’s also a spoiler in the tags. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER

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