“It always makes me a little sad when people say that the Cinderella is lame or anti-feminist. Choosing to be kind, domestic, friendly, patient, and above all loving, seems very feminist to me! I watched Cinderella almost every day growing up, and I still try to model her patience, nerve, and resolve as a young adult.”

irish people are amazing

I only have been to Ireland once last summer but I hung out in many pubs, drank a lot pints of Guinness, smoked weed with very nice people and talked with the Irish people. The Irish people are the friendliest I’ve ever met. Many people may seem friendly but I’ve never met anyone else like them. They are extremely interested in others. 

They get it. They understand what it means to come from a group of people that is connected to one another. They understand that it’s people that matter. They aren’t concerned with popularity, fame, riches, or ego! 

I had the best time chatting with the Irish people and fuck I can’t wait to go back..

[TRANS] 14/4/2015 Another recruit mentioned Jaejoong in his letter:


“Ah, Jaejoongie hyung isn’t like a celeb but a hyung next door. He’s very nice. Recently everyone in the dormitory became close and we got to hear some gossips in showbiz from Jaejoongie hyung. So much fun. He’s really like a nice neighbor brother. He has big eyes, tall nose, white skin and beautiful body”

trans: the_little_pear