Royalty AU!Eunwoo
  • you always thought that if not anything else, you’d at least be prettier than your future husband
  • then again, as a young five year old lady of the court
  • you had NO IDEA 
  • that
  • you’d end up arranged to marry your childhood best friend
  • Lee Dongmin
  • the prince
  • then again you should’ve seen it coming but small children rarely see anything coming so its excusable
  • Dongmin and you were both thirteen when you found out 
  • that someday you would share matching wedding bands
  • its pretty awkward finding out that someday you’ll be pretty much expected to like swap spit and hold hands with and sleep next to and fall in love with your best friend
  • and at first you are both
  • very, very angry
  • bc neither of you are getting to choose your own path in life and its unfair as hell
  • it makes you avoid each other for a short while
  • well
  • short relative to a human life
  • it ends up being five years
  • oops
  • well you know you’re gonna see him again eventually so it doesn’t matter and out of anger you kind of have a boyfriend until he breaks it off and shit happens 
  • typical teenage life
  • until one day you and your fam are called back to the castle and its not like you can ignore a summons from the king and queen so you go
  • after being ushered through the oh so familiar halls
  • you find yourself face to face with your old bffl 
  • and the person you’ve been avoiding 5ever
  • damn Dongmin got even prettier wtf
  • and taller you have to crane your neck to look at him
  • suddenly you find his and your parents throwing you two into wedding preparations
  • apparently thats still happening even though nobody has discussed it for five years
  • you get a dress and you’re made to pick the flowers at your ceremony
  • and you’re a mess
  • bc while you may have crushed on your soon-to-be-husband for years and even yearned for him for five long years
  • you don’t know what he wants and feels and god you’re about to be married at 18 
  • and you still haven’t actually spoken to Dongmin about it
  • and you’re going to marry him in 24 hours
  • luckily that problem solves itself bc at exactly midnight your ex bestie climbs in through your window
  • sits down on your bed while you’re staring at him in awe
  • and says
  • “I always liked you.”
  • thats it
  • and then when you don’t reply he’s like “I know you liked me too, if you still don’t. I still have a crush on you.”
  • why is he so smart smh
  • “I see you still do your hair that way before you sleep.” he smiles a lil, albeit slightly sadly
  • he still knows you so well after all these years
  • and you manage to squeak out a “Shit.” before you’re crying bc you’re going to get married soon and Dongmin is talking to you again and it is all way too much
  • and he’s across the room very soon and you’re in his arms and it gives you strength enough to say what you want to say to your future husband
  • “Maybe… we can give this a try.”

FriendLee advice from Adam C. Rosner #3am #Philosophy #420AM

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So this just happened. Or I guess a few hours ago, I dunno, I was out, and I came home to an ask mentioning this, so I’m just going to say this:

Thank you.

Thank you thank you thank you <3

You are all some of the most wonderful people it has ever been my pleasure to entertain. To think that 4,001 people sit down at their computers to watch an (in my mind) average-at-best horror series that I created out of boredom almost 2 years ago is one of the most incredible things to feel. You guys are the reasons I keep doing this, and moments like this are the things that keep me going, even when WF itself becomes a bit of a chore.

I made a promise when I started that, if I were to hit 4,000 subs, then I would start making merch. So consider this my official announcement. I am currently in the process of working on a few different t-shirts, as well as a poster or 2. And when this crazy ride comes to its end, there is a 90% chance I will make a DVD.

Obviously I wouldn’t be where I am without all the help I’ve recieved from my friends. The list of people who’ve helped me over the past 2 years is enormous, so I won’t go listing them all, but I appreciate and love each and every one of them. And of course, all of you who are reading this.

TL;DR: This is truly incredible, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much <3

~Lee “FriendLee” Esposito

Paskuhan 2012
All photos taken by Cilla Cabildo
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Being sick during the previous week, made me think that I won’t be able to join the annual Paskuhan in UST but God’s grace came over me and I was able to recover! Praise God!

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I went with a few close friends, Cilla, Joan, Ygan and Alexa. It was really fun having them around especially after being sick for a week. Seeing them, along with the fireworks makes me feel much better.


Went to UST today to do my weekly bond with my girlfriends.

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Juju, Ygan, Alex (photo above) and myself had our lunch at U-Scoop.

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Instead of hanging out to our usual tambayan Starbucks, we decided to have a change of environment and hung out at Joe Monkeys. I got JM’s Honeydew Milktea with coffee jelly. We stayed a bit longer there while Alex was having her Design class. I walked around the campus with Juju and Ygan.

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It was a quick meet-up and catching up but it was really worth it! I missed these girls to bits! More hang outs soon okay? And please, a much longer bonding time? :)


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