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FRIENDLEADER- Chords and Lyrics

Chords and Lyrics to a Karkat Fansong by PhemeiC

Bb    Dm

Bb                             Dm
There will be no soft sounds this time
Bb                         C
no arms, not mine at least
Bb                        Dm
should’ve expect this, I guess,
  Bb                        C
no “shh” can sooth your beast
   Bb                        Dm              
and it was my problem once,
          Bb                   C
that violence inside your eyes
Bb                                 Dm
bright red and high with death and pie,
      Bb                   C
and rage that never dies

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homestuck scale of character niceness

john - “pure heart and shit” tier

jade - “precious cinnamon bun” tier

jake - “wellmeaning but oblivious” tier

roxy - “friendleader-in-training” tier

jane - “spoiled but sweet” tier

dave - “less of an asshole than he used to be” tier

karkat - “jerk with a heart of gold” tier

kanaya - “just don’t piss her off” tier

rose - “grimdark was just a phase” tier

dirk - “asshole but at least he doesn’t kill people for fun” tier

terezi - “only murders the ones who deserve it, mostly” tier

vriska - “8luh 8luh huge 8itch” tier

gamzee - “who the fuck even knows” tier


TG: so yeah go to the dave<3jane team

GG: Come on, you get a master rapper and a huge loser to draw and write about.

TG: this huge loser gives this ship 5 out of 5 hats

Yo we only have like 2 people on the Dave<3Jane team, and I know there’s a lot of us out there. Also I’m friendleader and while I will be bugging you about our entries on the most part I’m pretty lazy lenient about it!

Also look at that quality art I made for this. The other two I didn’t draw were credited up there but will do so again here:



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upd8 like
  • Dave:I don't want to be a hero, but I feel I've been chosen to kill Lord English. I genuinely do not want this responsibility and am afraid of combat due to my child abuse and resulting PTSD.
  • John:As the friendleader of this group and a competent fighter, I feel that I would be qualified to handle this battle with Lord English if I have all my friends behind me.
  • Davepetasprite:I'm orange and green, prophesied colors that may lead to English's doom. This symbolism, combined with Davesprite's inner depression, drives me to the final fight.
  • Vriska:im gonna fuckign wreck this green turd

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