Short update on Friendize.Me progress

After tweaking one or two lines of code (actually much more :) ), tomorrow we will be releasing a serious upgrade to Friendize.Me. Also, we will be inviting next wave of Friendizers-to-be in the next couple of days. If you want to be among them, don’t forget to sign up here. And bring your friends with you. Nobody likes to have fun alone :).

SEO makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around…

Remember that popular song by Liza Minnelli? It seems that nowadays SEO makes the world go around. Think about it - you are always getting data that was somehow filtered/altered/promoted/optimized and etc. in order to get in front of you. So now there is also SEO periodic table with all nice and not so nice techniques that can be applied. When you think about it, there is almost no information on the Internet you can trust 100%. And that’s something Friendize.Me (us) is going to change (at least at several segments of our life :) ).


Take a look on Friendize.Me awesome video. We can share it now since we invited first people to join :). To signup for future invitations, please visit

When we are meeting different potential partners, colleagues and investors, some not fully understand how people are making their purchase decisions today. The social trust is already one of the main factors and it is going to be THE factor quite soon. Just look at this diagram from eMarketer - already today, WOM from friends and family are second only to “legacy media” (which is known to be on decline).

That is one of the reasons we are so bullish on what we are building in Friendize.Me

Errr, we forgot to update...

Last week we finished the design and now the coding process is running full steam ahead. We hope to be able to share something with our early adopters in about 2 months. Please keep following our progress and spread the news!!! We will need you support and feedback to do it right.

Thank you!

The time has come. Next week, after several months of work and after Yom Kipur (We will pray :)), we will be inviting our first friends to join and try our new and cool Friendize.Me service.

For those of you who didn’t sign up yet, you can do it here. And don’t forget to spread the word and invite your friends. This way you will enjoy full service experience on Friendize.Me


Happy Hanukah to everyone!!

Our first post

Hi and Welcome to Friendize.Me. We will update here on the service progress and of course will be happy to get your feedback.

While we are working on the full blown UX/UI design and service branding, we entertained with Fiverr and got several proposals for logo that you can see below. Well, you usually get what you paid for :).. And we paid 5$ :)