In Chamber of Secrets when Harry confesses not knowing what floo powder is, Ron’s immediate reaction is “Sorry, Harry, I should’ve realized”. As in him, Ron, should’ve remembered that Harry’s life is different from his own. No “you should’ve told me!” or “Why didn’t you say anything?” The first thing out of his mouth is to assure Harry that he, Ron, is to blame here, not Harry for not knowing a thing that’s everyday and ordinary to Weasleys.

Ron is an awesome friend.

Oh, the miraculous energy that flows between two people who care
enough to get beyond surfaces and games, who are willing to take
the risks of being totally open, of listening, of responding with
the whole heart.  How much we can do for each other!

~ Animation Motion by DarkAngelOne ( George RedHawk )

Imperial Agent Gathering (aka Spyjam 23 ATC!)

Quick Information

Host: Puren (Empire, EBON HAWK SERVER)
Who: Sith Intelligence Agents and support personnel
What: Gathering of Sith Intelligence personnel
Where: Puren’s SH (will be giving invites and silver keys to a few folks)
When: Thursday 25 May @ 7:30pm EST
((Thanks as always to @rhomellegacy for the wonderful art!))

Greetings, fellow SWTOR RPers! It has been a crazy few years for the operatives, infiltrators, direct-action experts, and support personnel who make Sith Intelligence the paragon of professional excellence that it is. With everyone fighting their own far-flung actions, it can be hard for Agents to stay abreast of what their friends are doing in the shadows. At the behest of Sith Intelligence leadership, any personnel who can make it have been recalled to Dromund Kaas to update each other, network, rekindle old friendhips—and ensure that no one accidentally compromises someone else’s operation

This will be in Kaas City, specifically at Kobus Puren’s command post (helpfully portrayed by my SH), at 7:30 PM EST.

Anyone and everyone who wears the uniform of Imperial Intelligence! Whether you’re a sneaky Cipher, a calculating Watcher, a dogged paramilitary operative, or one of the thousands of support personnel who enable their operations, you are welcome to come out and chat with your fellow agents.

A Note On Sith Attendance

Meetings of this nature are intended primarily for the Agents of Sith Intelligence, the non-force-users who make the organization what it is. By longstanding tradition, rank, role and designation chauvinism are left at the door so that everyone can engage equally as intelligence professionals. However, if your Sith [i]does[/i] wish to attend, they will be expected to abide by these same customs, and should expect to be treated like any other denizen of the Empire.

This will be a non-combat social event at Puren’s command post, broken down into two parts. The first will be a meeting of all Intelligence personnel for everyone to update each other of their campaigns: everyone’ll sit down in the audience, Puren will ask for volunteers to come up and discuss their ongoing operations. This is your chance to let everyone know how awesome your ongoing stories are, and possibly create hooks for other writers who might want to join in! Just try to keep it concise, because if there’s heavy turnout we need to make sure everyone who wants to go can get a chance.

The second part will simply be a social hour upstairs in the lounge area of the command post (cause even Agents need some downtime). Mix with your fellow operatives, talk about good and bad ops alike, and enjoy the best booze that a spook can ask for.

Hope to see you all there—for the Empire!

Below the cut are ideas for 1x1 and small group plots. I love horror movies, and I know a lot of people in the roleplay community do too, so I thought I would make a little guide with movies I though would make for good roleplay plots. This could potentially become a series, so if you want to suggest horror movies to me don’t hesitate! I have provided links to all the movies’ IMDb pages as well. Enjoy! 

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Making Friends as an Adult: a Primer

I have a lot of unanswered questions on this Tumblr- they come in fast and furious and I don’t have time to get to them all. (My many thanks for your participation and your patience.)

One question I get quite frequently is “I just moved to a new city/started at a new school/got dumped- how do I make friends as an adult?” and this is a fantastic question, so I thought I’d write a quick primer on making friends as an adult.

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I feel like we don’t talk about the Ronan/Blue cave scene enough and what a beautiful moment it is in their friendship.

I just love how Ronan, this guy who acts all tough and frankly very indifferent towards Blue at times, will display these incredible moments of compassion towards her. When she is having this break down about Maura he holds her tightly until she stops crying and tells her it will be okay. 

If you had told me the Ronan we first meet in TRB would have done this I would not have believed you tbh.


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