In Chamber of Secrets when Harry confesses not knowing what floo powder is, Ron’s immediate reaction is “Sorry, Harry, I should’ve realized”. As in him, Ron, should’ve remembered that Harry’s life is different from his own. No “you should’ve told me!” or “Why didn’t you say anything?” The first thing out of his mouth is to assure Harry that he, Ron, is to blame here, not Harry for not knowing a thing that’s everyday and ordinary to Weasleys.

Ron is an awesome friend.

If someone shows you their true colors, don’t try to repaint them. Appreciate them, keep them, love them even more than ever before. Because after all, this is love. Keeping the loved ones even closer after they show you their insecurities and flaws or even the bad side of them. You should never judge them or even have the urge to judge them, no matter what. Because if you do, even for just a second, you don’t truly love them and you never loved them in the first place. Keep them whole. Even the side of them they don’t like about themselves. Because I swear, that even the flaws will become flawless for you if your love for them is honest. And it’s not about ignoring the flaws - because well, you are aware of the fact that the person isn’t actually flawless, nobody is - but it’s about what comes with the person and once you have them in your heart, it’s not like you can start to have less feelings towards them just because they’re real in such cruel cold world as this one is.

Oh, the miraculous energy that flows between two people who care
enough to get beyond surfaces and games, who are willing to take
the risks of being totally open, of listening, of responding with
the whole heart.  How much we can do for each other!

~ Animation Motion by DarkAngelOne ( George RedHawk )

Below the cut are ideas for 1x1 and small group plots. I love horror movies, and I know a lot of people in the roleplay community do too, so I thought I would make a little guide with movies I though would make for good roleplay plots. This could potentially become a series, so if you want to suggest horror movies to me don’t hesitate! I have provided links to all the movies’ IMDb pages as well. Enjoy! 

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Making Friends as an Adult: a Primer

I have a lot of unanswered questions on this Tumblr- they come in fast and furious and I don’t have time to get to them all. (My many thanks for your participation and your patience.)

One question I get quite frequently is “I just moved to a new city/started at a new school/got dumped- how do I make friends as an adult?” and this is a fantastic question, so I thought I’d write a quick primer on making friends as an adult.

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I feel like we don’t talk about the Ronan/Blue cave scene enough and what a beautiful moment it is in their friendship.

I just love how Ronan, this guy who acts all tough and frankly very indifferent towards Blue at times, will display these incredible moments of compassion towards her. When she is having this break down about Maura he holds her tightly until she stops crying and tells her it will be okay. 

If you had told me the Ronan we first meet in TRB would have done this I would not have believed you tbh.