I’ve been at my family home for a few days now and I’m starting to get really…homesick. Like, my family are great and all but…I miss my friend-family. Cat @literallycatbug, Andrew @coconutdrummerboy, Sean @wcisl0, Houses @onehundredpercenthouses and Tay @thattay…you guys feel like my real family and I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that you guys are in my life.

List of very specific fanfic things I wanna read not write:

  • Reincarnated into a mob au where everyone gets separated into different social statuses and the leader started out as an outsider of the life of crime, very normal but gets dragged and somehow becomes very influential because they started remembering their past life.
  • Protag leaves hometown, creates their own friendfamily group, bonds with them, and changes (gains powers, or trauma and maybe even the weight of murders, or sometimes physically/becomes a monster) and when they reunite with their old family/friends, they hardly can recognize the protag anymore.
  • Outsider POV of the previous prompt with the outsider not knowing anything about why and how they changed, completely mundane person pov.
  • Post Series thing where protagonists gotta deal with the consequences of their fame, both good and bad, involving media attention and becoming internet meme, among other things, and how it also affect their loved ones.
  • Parents trying to protect their children from strange strangers who are teaching them how to protect themselves partly because the parents are scared of them getting hurt even further and another part is because parents are scared they won’t be needed anymore, causing a rift between the family members.
  • Ascended to Godhood AU where loved ones started remembering the now divine being protag as who they were when they were just a mortal. Example: Parent of the new god having a different child and sometimes feeling like bad parents because they don’t feel like that child is theirs.

puro instinct - stilyagi (featuring ariel pink)

for claire. i mean MELS.