• Taro: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the things you have lost throughout your life.
  • Rival-chan: it would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
  • Info-chan: oh wow my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.
  • Oka: my will to live, I haven't seen this in 15 years!
  • Osoro: I knew I lost that potential somewhere.
  • Ayano: mental stability, my old friend!
Uncreepifying the creepy rivals

I had some more ideas for making Hanako and the adult rivals less creepy

Muja: is related to Taro (maybe his aunt?) and notices his health is on the decline, and with the worrisome things happening in school she decides it’d be best for Taro to move. It’ll take her a week to convince his parents, so she’s with him whenever she can be during her week to help keep him safe. They’re close and Muja is a mother figure to Taro. Ayano is jealous that she gets so much of his attention, and can’t let her convince Taro and his parents to move.

Mida: is really shy and nervous about her new teaching job, and after the first class has an anxiety attack because she got fired from her last school (maybe someone accused her of molesting them just to mess with her reputation because they were evil, and since there wasn’t much proof and the school didn’t want their reputation ruined, they just fired her. This could be a reference to her current personality.) And she’s scared of getting fired again. Taro walks in because he had forgotten something, and comforts her. He helps her with her anxiety and she tutors him, since his grades had slipped. They become fast friends, and Mida immediately notices Ayano is stalking Taro. She doesn’t want to hurt any of her students, so she tries to tell Taro about it instead of outing Ayano to the school. She’s nervous about telling him because she doesn’t have any proof and she’s scared Taro won’t believe her, so it takes a week for her to gather her courage.

Hanako: falls in love with you after running into you in the morning on the first day of her week. If you don’t find a way to eliminate her, she confesses and reject her, and senpai hates you for hurting his little sister, resulting in a game over. The befriend method would be convincing her you and her should just be friends.


Hey, guys.

PewdieCry month is comin’ to the end. I have something to end this wonderful month.

yeah that the short comic that i’ve promised to publish several days ago. Sorry for being late ‘cause the comic was in chinese,  translating it  into English took me some time.

Hope my translation is good enough to let all you guys understand it. And sorry for the 4th page is in chinese though, I was just so tired D:

Pewds and Cry get coop again on the tuber simulator again ! I’m so glad to see that ! VaultovertheWoods is my id, we can make friends if you want it.

Last but not the least, hope you enjoy my pewdiecry fanart ;D


anonymous asked:

How would the 104th propose to their S/O. Girls can propose too lol!

This will be modern au just to spice it up a bit. 

Eren would do something ridiculous and perfectly cheesy. He would plan a flash mob with their friends. He’s put it in a cake at a squad party. He would plan a scavenger hunt all over the city, to all the places that mean even the tiniest thing to them, only to have them end up at one of their apartments (or their shared one, depending,) where he’s waiting with a ring. Eren would do something fun and unforgettable to engrave the memory of their engagement in both of their minds forever. 

Mikasa’s proposal would be more intimate, probably just the two of them. She’s tell everyone beforehand, of course, but would pop the question when they’re all alone. She would be super traditional about it, probably starting the night with a date to their favorite restaurant or somewhere they like to go together. Then, once they’re home, just talking, she will get down on one knee, ( “Cause that’s how you have to do it, Eren!”) and will propose with a really sweet speech she wrote, but can hardly get through cause she’s probably crying cause she’s so happy. 

Armin would go for the easily hidden ring strategy. He’d write a speech, first of all, ready for use whenever it feels right. Then he’d get creative. He’d put the ring around a flower in a bouquet casually brought home for no reason, following the discovery with his speech. He’s put it in the frosting on top of a cupcake. He’d manipulate a gift exchange to get his S/O and make their gift the ring. He would find some subtle way to have them find it for themselves, and then pop the question after. 

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Anonymous said: Oka-chan as the leader of the occult club, the Basu Sisters as a Succubus and a Vampire, Kuudere-chan as an Angel, Mai-chan as a hentai girl, Midori-chan as a Magical Girl… Dude, is this an hentai supernatural anime, like Highschool DxD?