Virtual Friends | Dipper Pines x Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes. 

Characters: Dipper/fem!reader. Mabel is mentioned.

(Y/S) stand for “Your state”/(Y/UN) stand for “Your username”/(Y/C) stand for “Your city”.

Word Count: 1676 words.

Though many people don’t believe, virtual friendship is possible. People often say it’s dangerous or that you can’t replace personal interaction with that… But what if that’s what someone is looking for? Dipper never had many friends in real life, and also didn’t have much luck in the virtual life, although he met some nice persons online. But he had something else. It was there that he met (Y/N).

The two of them had met on a forum about games and quickly became friends. And eventually he developed a crush on the girl. But of course he had a problem. She lived in (Y/S), which was far away from where he lived, lowering his hopes of someday get to see her.

But he never stopped trying. In fact, he had talked with his parents about it, but they didn’t seem to take the idea in a good way. They started to talk about how dangerous it would be to find someone who he had never seen in his life. Mabel seemed to cheer up, making thousands of questions about how the girl was and if they would be good friends. Possibly.

After the negative reaction that his parents had about his friendship with (Y/N), Dipper was upset all through the time he was in school. His mood has not changed much when he got home, throwing himself on his bed. He had told (Y/N) the night before that his parents were cool people when it comes to send him on trips to other states. He practically has confirmed to her about his trip to (Y/S). Now he would have to take back everything he said. Dipper could not stop thinking about whether she would or would not be disappointed with him.

The boy crawled to his computer and started to get into random sites, trying to distract himself from the bad day he was having. Suddenly a notification appeared on his screen, letting him know that a new message had been sent to him.

(Y/UN) (16:43): Yo Dipitty-Dip.

A smile appeared on his face and his heart began to beat faster.

(Y/UN) (16:43): I’m happy to announce that my last test was today and I’m dead, thanks.

PineSplicer (16:43): It means that you are already on summer break.

You don’t know how much I envy you.

(Y/UN) (16:44): Don’t be fool, I always knew it.

But it will come for you soon.


Dipper stared at the keyboard for a few seconds and took a deep breath before he started to type.

PineSplicer (16:44): About that…

I think it will not happen.


(Y/UN) (16:45): Oh that’s okay.

My BioShock 2 Multiplayer will have to wait a little longer. :c

He could not define if she didn’t care as much as him about they getting to meet each other or if she was just trying to hide her sadness with jokes. One or another, Dipper felt reality hitting him hard. They probably never would see each other.

He was in love with a girl who he would never see.

A girl who he would never hold.

Or kiss.


He never felt bothered about it before, just talk with (Y/N) has made him the happiest guy in the world, but he wanted more. More from her. More of them.

Dipper threw himself on the bed once again, staring at the ceiling for some minutes. He ignored when the sound of a notification of a possible new message from (Y/N) filled his room. He remained on his bed, slowly falling asleep.

The boy didn’t know if it was just him or if it happens to everyone, but the more upset he was, easier for him to fall asleep at random times. And usually these naps ended up lasting for hours, causing him to lose most of his day.

And that’s exactly what happened. Dipper woke up and the Sun could not be seen shining outside the window anymore. Darkness enveloped his room and only the moonlight gave the place a bit of light. He rose lazily from his bed, glancing at his phone. 22:55. The boy growled. He had really lost all day.

He stared at the nothingness in his room for a while, then turned his attention to his computer, crawling for it again. The page he was before going to bed was still open, as his conversation with (Y/N).

(Y/UN) (16:57): Dip?

(Y/UN) (17:12): Dippy?

Are you this upset for not being able to play Bioshock? haha

(Y/UN) (18:29): Dipperrrr.

(Y/UN) (19:35): Did I say something wrong?

I’m sorry.



Don’t leave me alone in this dark and gloomy night.

(Y/UN) (22:30): Dipper?

The boy felt embarrassed while he was reading her messages. He was upset but he didn’t have the right to leave the girl talking to herself.

PineSplicer (22:59): Sorry.

Are you still here?

(Y/UN) (23:00): As the old saying goes:

The flower always springs at night.

Once again a smile appeared on his face. It was normal that only a conversation with her improve his mood.

PineSplicer (23:00): I’m 100% sure that this saying doesn’t exist.

(Y/UN) (23:00): Where did you go?

Dipper could feel his face heating up.

PineSplicer (23:01):

I guess I was a little upset that I can’t see you.

I wanted to meet you.

I want to.

(Y/UN) (23:01): Oh Dip.

Someday we’ll see each other, we just have to wait.

Meanwhile we live like banana with sugar.


PineSplicer (23:02): Seriously now, from where do you get these things?

(Y/UN) (23:02): Family xD.

PineSplicer (23:02): My sister also say some strange things sometimes.

(Y/UN) (23:02): TRUE!

PineSplicer (23:03):


You don’t know my sister.

(Y/UN) (23:03): ACTUALLY…

(Get ready for the biggest shock of your life).


~Plot Twist~

The possibility began to hanging around his head: Mabel could be (Y/N)? Both of them acted similarly sometimes. And he had never seen a picture of the girl, as he had always refused to show himself to her. A shiver ran down his spine. He could not be in love with his own sister.

(Y/UN) (23:04): Just kidding.

But I talked to her today.

Okay, Mabel have talked to (Y/N) and this could be worse than Mabel being (Y/N). His sister knew shameful stories about him and let her talk alone with the girl he liked could not be a good idea. Dipper held his breath.

PineSplicer (23:05): Don’t.






(Y/UN) (23:05): MabelDash.

Funny girl.

PineSplicer (23:05): I don’t know how to react right now.

What did she say to you?

(Y/UN) (23:05): Meh, she didn’t say anything important.

Finally his breath was released and he was relieved to feel the air filling his lungs again.



She send me a photo of you.

Okay, it was definitely worse than anything Mabel could have told her.

Of course, someday Dipper expected (Y/N) to see him, but it had to be on time. With the right photo. Why the hell did Mabel had to do that? What photo did she send? Did she just ruined every chance he had with the girl?

PineSplicer (23:07): No.



(Y/UN) (23:07): Don’t worry Dip.

You’re super cUTEE.

If Dipper’s cheeks were no longer hot after confessing how he wanted to meet her, after the girl’s compliment it must have been like two tomatoes. Then he saw his chance to get to see her too. And he used it.

PineSplicer (23:08):

We’re in an unfair situation here.

(Y/UN) (23:08): Hang on.

Didn’t take more than a minute for him to receive a photo, making his heart beat a little faster than normal. (Y/N) was beautiful, perhaps not the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life, but she has charm. A lot of it.

(Y/UN) (23:10): Gimme your opinions.

PineSplicer (23:10): You’re super cUTEE.

(Y/UN) (23:10): Learning huh Pines?

You love me so much.

Don’t deny it.

PineSplicer (23:11): I don’t.

(Y/UN) (23:11): Good.

Because your sister told me that you’re whisper my name around your house. c:

That’s enough.

First, Mabel had sent a photo of him to (Y/N) without his consent, then had told the girl about his crush on her? Why did Mabel had to talk to (Y/N) in the first place?

Dipper was lost looking at the screen. Then at the keyboard. Then back to the screen. He didn’t know how to react. What should he say? Admit it? Deny it?

(Y/UN) (23:16): Too quickly?

I wasn’t subtle.


But hey…

Look at the bright side:

You’re my virtual crush too. o/

Dipper stared at the screen, rereading again and again the words written by (Y/N), trying to take in everything that was happening. That day had already taken so many twists that until midnight he was sure he would have a heart attack.

(Y/UN) (23:20): Too quickly again?

PineSplicer (23:20): Nah.

You always say things on the perfect time.

(Y/UN) (23:20): Cheesy.

I like it.

Keep doing it.

Another smile appeared on his face, this being wider than the others. Nothing over his day could have prepared him for that, for their conversation, he had a chance with her and he wasn’t going to waste. Anyway, nothing could have prepared him for what was coming next.

(Y/UN) (23:27): My parents wouldn’t let me go meet a virtual friend who lives in another state either.

But I may or may not have some relatives in California.

And I may or may not have been able to convince my parents to go visit them.

Your sister may or may not have helped me to convince them to let me go there during the trip.

And I may or may not already be on my way to Piedmont.

PineSplicer (23:28): Don’t.





(Y/UN) (23:29): Going into a tunnel here. :c

See you soon Dippy ♥.

Heart attack processed successfully.


Never believe your best friend is only someone you talk to face to face. You’re best friend could live across the state, country, or world. Your best friend is someone who makes you laugh. Who you share a connection with even if your hearts are apart. I love my best friend, she lives in another state and life would be pretty dull without her.

My mother just told me that, despite me having a good job, a home that I take care of, a cat that I take care of, volunteering with blind seniors, a friend group, living independently in another state, she feels that she and my dad have “failed as parents” because of the fact that I have depression


l m a o

If these are the standards of “failing as parents” when you have an adult child who lives independently in another state while working for a nonprofit and supporting vulnerable older adults suffering from neurodegenerative illness… and yeah I happen to have ongoing issues with mental illness, none of which have impacted my ability to do my job… but I guess that negates every good thing that I do with my life…

If my parents think they’ve failed as parents, maybe I should stop talking to them. 

anonymous asked:

have some out of the blue gayness: i started following a bunch of those "cutesuggestion" or the like blogs and all i can think of is my one friend who lives in another state and fuck i'm gay for her but we can't really talk rn and idk if she feels the same(it seems/ed like it when we could talk) and idk i wish i could talk to her and i miss her a fuck lot even tho we've never met and sometimes it just hits me that maybe we won't talk again and it makes me really fucking sad(sorry for the rant)

nah rants are fine. Also blue gayness is one of the best things ive ever heard im gonna start usin that.

I have some friends from the past I’ve looked at and been like “wow i liked them didnt I” and just kinda felt bad for myself that I didn’t realize it bc they’re gone now. :/


I don’t normally make posts on my blog but I’m feeling really anxious right now and I need to vent about some things.

Okay so like, my friend who lives in another state invited me over to her house  about a month before a con is and since i hadnt seen her in a while i said I would go over to her house under the presumption that it would only be for a week. but ive been over here for about two weeks with no idea of when ill be able to go home and I really need to work on my cosplay. I have barely anything done on it and Im starting to get that feeling that I need to be doing something when there is nothing that I can do. 

The feeling of time sneaking up on me as well as the uncertainty of when i will be home is making me an anxious mess and I dont know what to do about it right now. Not to mention thtt I only mentally prepared myself for a week being away from home so im get really anxious form not being home. 

Paper Stars: Chapter 2

S o r r y about the wait, but here it is!!

Again, Kudos and Thanks to @count-the-shooting-stars <3

“And bam, just like that, you have a cute little star…!” Mabel placed the origami in the open space between herself and her twin. He rubbed his nose with a soft sniffle. “L-like this…?” He mumbled, pinching the edges to make the star puff out. He was always a fast learner, his star came out perfect. She nodded, looking up at his face and he had a soft smile despite his sniffles and tear stained cheeks.

“I like it…it’s fun. It keeps your hands occupied and keeps your mind concentrated so you don’t have to think about what’s making you upset…” He explained softly, rolling it in his cupped hands with a wistful look on his face. Mabel set her hands on his and squeezed them, her toothy grin infectious as Dipper soon as his own to match hers. He squeezed her hands back and they set their foreheads against one another. “Whenever you’re upset, you can make these Stars and feel better. You can put them in my wish jar, which yours now, too!” Dipper chuckled softly, rubbing at his eyes and cheeks.

Mabel took his hand once more, leading him off the bottom bunk and over to her desk in the dim moonlight of their room. Dipper leaned over and dropped his bright orange paper star into the jar among Mabel’s own pink and purple ones.

The color of orange in her large container grew over the next few months. Sometimes she’d wake up just to see new ones placed inside that she didn’t even know about before hand. Other times she was there, holding her brother’s shoulders as he folded the star in a soft silence. She was happy to see that he was feeling better, he wasn’t as quiet after school anymore, he was more playful, and she wouldn’t hear the sad murmurs from him at night anymore.

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Big Plans

J, front desk receptionist (who happens to be the same age as me): Dr. Wayfaring, what are your plans this weekend?

Wayfaring: See that big stack of vitals sheets? That’s 42 dictations that I will be doing this weekend.

J: That’s lame. Come on, you’re not going anywhere?

Wayfaring: Oh yeah, I am. To the nursing home. Tonight. After work.

J: Dr. Wayfaring, that’s sad. Your weekend is sad. 

Wayfaring: Sorry J. Work’s gotta get done. 

J: Do you even have any friends tho?

HIMYM Finale

Ok All I have been hearing about the ending of this is how bad it is.

At first I thought the same, than I sat back and thought about how one of my favorite TVs just ended.

First off, Marshal and Lily: Three kids. They have always wanted kids, so I love the fact they got them. Both Lily and Marshal, despite having children, got to live out their dreams. Lily to work and live aboard in Italy and Marshal got his judgeship and than some. Go Them. Seriously I am so happy for them.

Barney: Yes he and Robin divorced. That was heartbreaking, but at least he tried. Not every relationship works. They didn’t grow to hate one another and they tried. Yes he goes back to his old ways, its all Barney knows. I was hoping the mother of his Daughter Ellie would be someone we know, but maybe the mother isn’t in the picture since it seems Barney is the one taking care of her. Yes Barney found the love of his life in his Daughter. I find it perfect. No woman has ever made Barney change is ways and grow up, until Ellie came along. And his mom gets another grandchild.

Robin: She goes and does what Robin as always wanted. To travel the world and report the News. something She has always talked about doing and had been her dream. She goes off and does it. Yes it does ruin her marriage, and strains her friendships, but that does happen in life. I don’t talk to some of my own friends that live in another states, but we do get together for the Big stuff. Robin wasn’t always there for the big stuff, but how hard must it be to watch The One that Got Away aka Ted, be in love with another woman, who gave him the children Robin could never have and never wanted? I don’t hate Robin, I don’t like what she did, but I understand it.

And now Ted: He does what he always does. Takes a leap on Love.He doesn’t go to Chicago but gains something better I think. He gets the girl he has always dreamed of. The one everyone thought wasn’t real or he’d never find. He got her. Tracy understood him, got all his quirks, and checked off everything on his list in what he wanted for the Mother of his children. To wait so long for the girl and then to have her die after giving him two wonderful children is tragic. There’s a tragic love story. They didn’t have forever, but they did have it.

That’s real life.

As for Robin and Ted: While I wasn’t happy that they got back together in the end, it makes the most sense. They broke up because Ted wanted children and Robin wanted to travel for her job. Those factors right there keep them from being together thru out most of the series.

At the end, it wasn’t an issue anymore. Ted had his kids, and Robin seems to be done traveling (I say this due to her apartment back in NY and her herd of dogs)  The major factors keeping them apart weren’t there anymore. Not even Barney because he tried with Robin and it failed.

They both married someone they loved, and in one way or another, didn’t stay with them. They came back to each other, because they are each other’s “One That Got Away.”

His kids are right. The story wasn’t about how Ted met their mother, it was about him asking them if he could date “Aunt Robin”

Mama, Read Me a Story

Children’s books are great.  They’re colorful, they’re designed for reading aloud, they have simple story lines and morals, but often embed cultural detail into every page.  I teach high schoolers and I can tell you- they have no issue taking a day to sit cross-legged on the floor and listen to me read an old school book to them.

What does this have to do with language learning lady?!?  I don’t come to this blog to listen to you ramble.  (If you do, that’s perfectly okay btw :) )

Reading children’s books is a GREAT way to improve your language skills.  Why?

1) If you have reached a high novice or low intermediate level, children’s books are often on-target for you vocabulary.

You learn BEST when you know 92% or more of the words that you are reading, particularly in terms of vocabulary acquisition.  (It’s hard to deduce the meaning of a word from context clues if the context also doesn’t make sense.)  Generally speaking, if you have mastered those first 500 words in the language, a children’s book will fit this percentage and therefore you are MORE likely to retain new vocabulary.

2) Pictures fill some of the missing pieces.

Children’s books are often works of art.  The pictures enriches the story and gives you further clues to deduce vocabulary and general meaning.  An extra bonus is the art style of the book (if it is from native speaking authors of the language you are studying and not a translation) and other aspects in the pictures may give you cultural insights in a subtle but consistent way.

**While not strictly for children at all, many language learners of both Japanese and Korean rely heavily on manga and manhwa to supplement their learning.  They realize the strong graphics can help them make sense of even very complex storylines.**

3) The plot lines are generally straightforward and simple.

When you first start reading in a new language, having so much grammar and syntax thrown at you can be daunting.  Usually, we like to know what’s going on in order to enjoy what we are reading.  The predictable nature of most children’s books means you can make GOOD guesses about what you are reading, and accurately check those guesses against the artwork or later pages.  Most children’s books still use fairly complex syntax in terms of conjugations and the like, just in smaller chunks so it’s easier for a new language learner to absorb.

4) You can read them in one sitting.

If you are dedicating 30-60 minutes to your languages study a day, even if you are not super far along into your study, you can probably read a single children’s book in that time.  This keeps you from getting frustrated or bored and abandoning a longer piece like a novel, especially when you are first starting out and may frustrate easily.

5) You can enjoy them with someone else.

For a busy parent wanting to learn another language I can think of no better “2 birds, 1 stone” scenario.  Introducing your child to multicultural literature not only facilitates their love of learning and deepens their appreciation and understanding of people around the world, but can spark their own interest in becoming bilingual.  Even if you just flip through the book together, taking guesses at the story, and picking out a word or two to show them can be beneficial.  And, after you have mastered the story on your own, reading out loud in your new language can be a great way to practice pronunciation and fluency.  As long as you give sum ups about what you are reading, I’m sure most  tots will love it.  They may even learn a thing or two themselves.

There are probably a lot more reasons I could list, but I hope you get what I’m driving at.  Now the bigger question- where can I find these?

1) Your local library.

More and more local libraries are carrying books in other languages, even in areas without varying tongues being spoken frequently.  Librarians are also often willing to contact other libraries to find such materials for you, if you are willing to ask.  

Many libraries also offer TumbleBooks or similar services free to patrons on their website.  These are essentially interactive storybook texts which will often read the story aloud to you if you wish.  MANY of these types of services now offer books in other languages.  TumbleBooks for examples has books in Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Russian, and Korean currently. The best part- these can be enjoyed from your own home on whatever electronic device you’d like.

2) A university library.

More and more international students are are attending U.S. universities and more than a few have small children.  Many university libraries, particularly those at institutions with a major Education department, now have children’s sections complete with books in multiple languages.  ANYONE can usually enter the library and browse.  Some of these universities do no permit non-students to checkout books though- so you may have to photocopy OR just plan to spend your study time there.

3) The digital library.

I am all about the free, if you can’t tell.  Most states now have e-library options where you can check out digital e-books and audiobooks to your Kindle or other e-reader.  There are SOME other language options on these, especially if you live in a state where quite a few languages are spoken.

**A note so kosher trick but ups the number of books you have access to- if you have a good friend who lives in another state and you trade library card/PIN numbers, you can both have access to the e-library in that state as well.  The device does not have to be IN that state, the patron just has to be from there.  Granted this cuts your checkout limit in half, but it may be worth it to find rarer language materials.  In the long run, especially regarding digital copies which check themselves back in essentially, this can still be a major win for the libraries themselves.  The more people checking out books, the more money they receive.**

4) A big bookstore

If you know a smaller one that carries them, go for it.  But I generally only have luck at the big chains like B&N.  For Spanish, there are often 2 complete shelves of books- one “Libros en Español” for adults, often located near the foreign language sections and the other “Libros para Niños” in the children’s section.  They DO sometimes have other languages, but they are usually tucked in WITH the foreign language learning materials themselves.  Occasionally I have found French and even Chinese materials tucked in with the “Libros para Niños” selections.  Again, if you are interested, you may want to ask.  Even if they don’t have anything, a good employee at these may be willing to search their warehouses for you and order materials in.  You won’t have to pay shipping and handling if it goes to the store itself.

**Interesting sidenote- I found manga in German at a Barnes and Noble near Columbus.  How weird/awesome is that!**

5) Ye olde Internet

When in doubt, the Internet offers to bring the world to you.  Amazon is a great source among others to order books in all languages.  BUT a cautionary tale, check and DOUBLE check to make sure the material IS in the language you are looking for.  This is particularly true if your target language has a different writing script.  Search for ISBN numbers in a couple of places, checks colors of covers, etc…  I received a manga copy in Chinese rather than Japanese one year because the seller didn’t know the difference.  The seller did give me a partial refund and I kept the book, which is a win for me as I plan to eventually learn Chinese as well.  But it’s good to be aware of.

Children’s books may not be for everyone, so as usual don’t feel obligated to take my advice.  I just feel they are often an overlooked and easy addition for people to make to their language learning.  I personally like to check out a Spanish book a week during the summer just to keep my skills up and, by making them children’s books, it doesn’t feel like work. 

I hope many of you get in touch with your inner child on your quest for language greatness.  Peace out Polyglots!