“All I want is to feel the water. With my skin, my eyes, my soul… To never doubt what it makes me feel. Believe in myself. Don’t resist the water. Welcome it. We accept one another.” For the lovely @sekigannn, Happy Beleted Birthday Zimah!

When a Friend goes Sour: Recognising the Signs & Saving the Friendship

Like milk, sometimes relationships can expire. Although the signs may not be as obvious as a sour smell engulfing the entire contents of your fridge, they are definitely recognisable. This article will specifically target a relationship with a close friend who you find yourself not having as much fun with as you did in the past or making up excuses to miss a quick hangout. If this is you then these tips will help you recognise when your friend is quickly reaching their best before date and how to turn back the clock.

Side Note: Despite what this article suggests, it’s no secret that occasionally a friend will become toxic and no longer worth the effort. If this is the case cut all ties and burn all bridges. One of our lovely writers Ksenya wrote an article about this situation here.

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Late Campus Trekking

So last night, there was some drinking and Trivia and I found ourselves in a position where we had to help our friend. Issue was, that she was on the other side of campus, it was 2am, and ours isn’t exactly the safest area of town. So our dear friend Kyle insisted on us texting him so he could meet us, and walk us home after we were done. This was sweet enough, but when we met him outisde the residence, it was cold and rainy. He had brought sweat pants for trivia (who was wearing a dress that night) and a sweater for me (since I was only wearing a thin jacket). And we say there are no good men left.

anonymous asked:

May I ask why Armin has a book about the history before the walls? Do you think the Arlerts are somewhat related to the Reiss?

Erwin’s father was killed for merely suggesting a theory and Sannes indicated others were killed for lesser crimes. Interest in the outside world is completely banned. 

Yet Armin 1) has an illegal book that he 2) shares with his friends 3) in public places 4) with the garrison nearby.

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Some theories I’ve read:

  • The Ackerman were the knights to the Reisses and the Arlerts were their historians and record keepers.
  • The book was gifted to the Arlert family by the first Ackerman who settled in Shiganshina.
  • Armin’s strong physical resemblance to Uri and Historia are indications that he’s a secret Reiss.

I view those mostly as fun crack theories. Canonically, Shiganshina is an outlier district, the most dangerous place to live and the one closest to the titans, making it the perfect place for radicals and rebels. I’ve though of it as being akin to District 12 in the Hunger Games. Being the farthest from the Capital, the rules may be little more relaxed. 

Armin having the book could just as easily be an oversight or a plot hole. World building has always been a weak point in this series.

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I've had enough!

Im done trying to keep in contact with my so called “friends”. Im so sick of trying and trying and getting nothing. Not even a text. I’ve called, I’ve messaged, I’ve texted. Whatever guys! You have proven to me how much I truely matter to you. Its ok, I know you’re busy, I know you will always have your excuses. You always do. Ill be waiting patiently for a response or even a sign that you’re even still a friend to me.

But in the mean time, if something happens to me, let just say, something bad, you could be to blame cause the people I talk to have all forgotten all about me…