so i decided to go on this really old roleplay page that me and a group of friends i had about five years ago (no longer friends, i wonder why.) that had lasted for a good three years i think and was just looking for a good laugh but ended up feeling really guilty omfg

i was the only admin out of a group of about eight or so and the grand majority of my posts include me being a really salty dick to everyone else’s characters who weren’t my character’s love interests or kids (and even then some were mean towards their significant others) or being just as rude towards the other members in ooc. even the characters that i had created that were meant to be nice or shy had come off as jerks in a lot of my posts.

to everyone who had the displeasure of roleplaying with me back then, i’m sorry.

Fun French Fact: We don’t really kiss each others on both cheeks when saying hello, we actually give awkward cheek high fives and make kissing noises at the same time. Also, if someone really do kiss your cheeks, either it’s an habit of theirs or they have a crush on you, good luck figuring that one out.

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Hey Viria, I was talking with a friend of mine and she told me that she believes that Bokuto's favorite song is All You Need Is Love but when he sings it, instead of saying all he says owl! (sorry if my english is bad)

heh, your English is fine, don’t worry!*3*

Hahaha your friend and I totally think alike because I’ve even made tweets about it a while ago:”D

Now that I think about it I still want to draw it…hmmmmm

Damn I want to draw it. Damn. 

okay yes im gonna do it>:D

How A Pisces Sees the Signs

Aries: you’re a good friend, but I’m always worried you don’t like me


Gemini: YOURE REALLY SMART and i am really attracted to you, platonically or otherwise, please talk to me about your issues i want tO HELP PLEASE

Cancer: relatable and emotional friend. THE best friend. hug me pls

Leo: you have a good sense of humor but you overreact sometimes. you REALLY like getting compliments and im totally in for that

Virgo: my sister sign!! you’re really smart and cool but i like to make fun of you for little things because it’s really funny im sorry i love you

Libra: have mercy on me pls. you are either very annoying or very attractive. probably both. you make me laugh though. oh god leave me alone

Scorpio: i like you and you aren’t scary. you’re actually really cool and i want to be your friend…

Sagittarius: ha.. hhah.. you have a super great sense of humor but you’re really loud…. pls tone it down… i love u..

Capricorn: holy SHIT shut the fuck up you’re not better than anyone! stop acting like you know everything!

Aquarius: holy SHIT shut the fuck up you’re not better than anyone! stop acting like you know everything!

Pisces: hush…… shhhhhshhshhshhHHHHH.. we can cry together it’s ok

Quick Carmilla Headcannon

So I think part of the reason that Perry is so off put by LaFontaine being non-binary and saying things like “I don’t want to be Susan any more” is because, obviously Perry loved LaFontaine. They’ve been best friends since five years old. But I think that that love is deeper than 13 years of friendship, I think it borders on romantic. And so since Perry likes normal so much, it took her a long time to admit to even herself that she loved LaFontaine romantically because to her that might not have been “normal.” So I think that she was so upset by the whole situation because it took her so long to recognise she liked a girl just to find out they’re not really a girl at all. And idk, I think that’s kind of sad.

hotdiggedydemon‘s pizza bird from that awesome cartoon he made but with an apron instead of a bib because it kinda makes more sense since she’s wearing a chef hat

the cutest pizza bird by the way <3

rather than just standing there I decided to try an adorable “come here I have quests to give you” kind of pose and I think it turned out pretty well~

I also keep trying a new shading technique where I use darker or lighter hues of the color being shaded as opposed to black and white, any advice would be much appreciated <3


A very special RIP for the greek community at Georgia Southern University. Yesterday they lost three NPC sorority members (along with two more nursing students) in a terrible car crash outside of Savannah. Our hearts go out to the sisters, family and friends of the five girls who were lost. Prayers and sympathy for everyone who knew them. 

♥ RIP • Emily Clark • ΑΔΠ

♥ RIP • Morgan Bass • ΑΟΠ

♥ RIP ~ Abbie Deloach • KΔ


♥ RIP ~ Catherine (McKay) Pittman • AΔX 

 “And we wept that one so lovely should have a life so brief.” ~ William Cullen Bryant