As a gift-of-dubious-value to our readers and followers: A Hairstylist AU (because saunterleftside, nezumiko, and silvercaffeine were up way too late one night)

Salon Six: a trendy hair and beauty place in gay West Hollywood

Raidou: used to work at a popular salon in Pasadena before he decided to open his own shop and hire a bunch of crazy kids. Still has a rotating client base of little old ladies who come in for their blue-rinse and set, and kind of enjoy the thrill of rubbing elbows with fashionistas, scene kids and punks

Genma: an esthetician, darling. Will take you into the back, to his calm, quiet lair of skin rituals and hot wax, and return you with a pink glow, a floaty feeling of disconnectedness from all your woes, and a good deal less hair or stubble than you started with. Renowned for making his own magical herbal blends and scrubs

Katsuko: tattooed, pierced, and all kinds of punk. She’s the resident colorist who creates amazing dye-art for her patrons, from subtle shades of perfection to dayglow ombre masterpieces

Ryouma: also tattooed, and a wizard with clippers. Loves to revamp his clients with totally new styles. Extremely in demand with women of all ages, and men of various rainbow shades

Kakashi: is snarky and notoriously difficult to work with, but he’s the reason Salon Six is one of the most renowned LA Salons. He does all the avant garde hair sculptures and the critics love him “Hatake Kakashi’s flair for the unexpected brings a fresh new twist – pun intended – to the Fall/Winter collection of ThousandBird’s ready-to-wear fashion line. This campaign heralds the coming of a new kind of hairdresser; the hair artiste.“

i feel like i underestimated how much time i had off this summer and bc its the last summer before i have to start doing internships and stuff i was like ‘im just gonna chill’ and i never really did anything productive at all but by time i realised how much time i was wasting it was already half way through and so it was early enough that i still had a ton of time on my hands but too late to do something actually productive like get a summer job or learn to drive so i can say with absolute certainty that the last two months of my life have been the least productive yet 

nostalgia is a heartless bitch!! i hate missing strange things like the way an old friends house always had a steady supply of good, real, homemade sweet tea. the boring crackers that were always in someone’s pantry, like why do u always have these? go-to munchies food tho. the smell of someone’s laundry detergent. things that r corny and seemingly insignificant but u still think about them sometimes

In late middle school/high school, I was the oldest responsible girl in the neighborhood, so I did the majority of the babysitting. Also by that point, my family had been in the neighborhood longer than about half the others, especially the ones with younger kids. I was endlessly entertained by having to explain to some parent, “I am very familiar with the layout of your house. I made up dances to early 2000s music in your middle son’s bedroom. I played elaborate games of house in your basement. I built forts in your living room. I know the path in back to the woods.” And then they kind of had to remember that, oh, yes, somebody else lived in this house before me

(Then I went on and built more forts in that particular basement and/or living room and all the neighborhood children adored me because I make really awesome forts.) 


Dreamed I was in England with Amber and we drove down some of the same roads I grew up near, they seemed so familiar in my dreams, and I even remember a picture of me in front of a house I now know I have never been to.

England changed to California where we hung around outside an old friends house waiting to be noticed and got upset no one wanted to hang out with us. Eventually they came out to some communal pool area where we were sitting and we talked. At some point, weird herons that were marionettes controlled by someone on the second floor came walking around.

I think I wine up here, but afterwards I dreamed I lived at the same house my old friends had lived at, it had the same pool area, but it was just me and Eric and Ryan, some friends from Iowa. There were other room mates and not enough rooms, so I slept on a pull out bed in their bedroom.

I also remember either visiting or watching a show about a Buddhist temple in France that housed a sandstone village behind it, but it was all rich and fancy and had like upscale restaurants and all the houses looked like those cookie cutter prefab ones, just made out of sand stone.