‘We’ve Met’ - Dean Winchester Imagines

Dean x Reader

Warning: Cursing, like one? Or two?

Summary: You show up at an Old Friend’s house one day only to find someone you would rather avoid for the rest of your foreseeable life. But you do you feel like that when you leave?

You raised your hand as you looked at the door in front of you. You prayed someone was home. You took a deep breath in and wiped the cold sweat from your forehead. The sound of knuckles on wood could be heard echoing through the house. The sound of footsteps followed, then a gun being loaded. The door inched open behind the screen. The bearded face you hadn’t seen in three years appeared in the crack. The suspicious look in his eyes faded to surprise. A shy smile spread across your face.

The last time the two of you had talked it hadn’t ended well. You had been the pig headed hunter that you were raised to be and he had been a worried and had also been right. You had let your temper flare and had said some things you regretted instantly. But Family came first, always and no matter what. And he had crossed a line even if he had been right. You would rather die than let any harm come to your family, and that’s exactly what he had asked.

‘Hi Bobby’ You breathed out. He threw open the door and you seen him dropping a gun on the table. You stepped back as he swung open the screen. He took you into his arms pulling you into his chest. You sighed and wrapped your arms around him. ‘I’m sorry’ You buried your face in his shoulder breathing him in. Thank God Bobby wasn’t the type to hold anything against you. 

He pulled back. ‘What are you doing here?’ He looked you up and down, probably searching for injuries. ‘Needed a break from hunting’ You shrugged and he gave you his famous  ‘I’m not buying that’ face. ‘Don’t you usually hit up Las Vegas or Disneyland for that?’ You sighed and let your shoulders sag. ‘I got a problem’ You breathed looking up at him through your lashes. 

He instantly went into Dad mode and his forehead furrowed beneath the cap that always seemed permanently on his head. You closed your eyes and let your hand grip the bottom of your top and lifted it up to show him the cut on your side. It had been causing you distress since you had gotten it. ‘Some nasty Wendigo got me a few hunts ago’ You felt an arm around your waist and you slumped against the older man.

He held the door open for you. ‘You’re burning up’ He sighed. You shrugged again. ‘It’s infected…I don’t know how it ended up so bad’ You smiled up at him. The cut on your side was long and deep and you had actually passed out after killing the Wendigo. It had turned about a week ago, resulting in you having to dose yourself on antibiotics, but nothing worked.

You closed your eyes as the world spun when he guided you into the sitting room. ‘Well hello there’ A familiar deep voice echoed through your ears. You opened your eyes and seen the last person you wanted to deal with right now.

Dean Winchester.

Your eyes landed on the tall handsome man who sat at Bobby’s table in the kitchen. He had a bear in his hand as he smiled at you. ‘Dean’ His brother snapped from beside him. ‘Hello Y/N’ Sam stood and rushed to your side to help you to the couch. You had met Sam and Dean on a hunt not too long ago. You had set yourself up as bait for a monster and had ended up in chains in a basement alongside the other girls who had went missing. You had gotten out, beaten and bruised a day later and the two Winchester Brothers had showed up.

Dean had found it hard to believe that the small girl in a deep plunging black dress and five inch heels with her long nails and running make-up was a hunter and had made a few unwanted comments.

Sam, of course, had been a complete gentleman and apologised for his brother saying he was going through a rough time and had patched you up while Dean had cleaned up whatever mess the monster had made.

You did not get on with Dean Winchester.

‘You know each other?’ Bobby looked between the three of you. He had presumed if you ran into each other he would have known. He was convinced that you three would be inseparable. He had always thought of introducing you and Dean, you two would get on well. And he would never tell you but he always worried about you hunting on your own.

‘We’ve met’ You glared at Dean as the two men helped you onto the couch. Dean seemed to realise then that you were actually hurt. He stood from his seat and came over to your side. ‘You hurt?’ He asked watching you wince. ‘No’ You snapped sarcastically. Bobby rolled his eyes and gave you a soft punch in the shoulder. ‘You ain’t coming into my house after all these years and mouthing off girl, behave. I don’t care what happened between you two you both behave yourselves in my house’ Bobby scolded you both.

When your Father had died, your sister who had always followed his vision of the ‘perfect daughter’ had gone into a downward spiral. You Mom had called you four months later in tears telling you about her latest stunt. Dabbling in witchcraft.

When you showed up at the doorstep you had been surprised. And not pleasantly. Her husband and kids were staying with his parents because of some incident with a hex bag. She told you everything. How he had come to her on a hunt because he couldn’t contact you, you two were never close. She had tried to hex you a few times but you had calmed her. But had felt bad enough to help her try and contact him.

You had and it ended up being something that had helped her move on and get back to her own life, but it was also something that left you in hospital in a coma for 4 months. And apparently your sisters knew the risks and hadn’t exactly cared about the repercussions, in her mind it was your fault he was dead. You were a more experienced hunter, is it had been you instead of her there he wouldn’t have died. Bobby had warned you against it when you called. Told you that it was dangerous, he had been right. But you were a stubborn hunter who had never taken to an authority figure, especially males.

It was a mistake. You knew that. Bobby he had always treated you like a daughter. He was just worried about you. You were too pig headed to listen. When you and your father fell out it was Bobby who had taken on the role, and you’d thrown that back in his face. But here you were again, when things went wrong, it was Bobby you went to. Not your real Family. Which had always made you doubt where your loyalties lay.

‘Sam, get me the whiskey, she’ll need it’ He ordered. You grabbed his sleeve. ‘I’m on medication, I can’t drink’ Bobby just scoffed and nodded at Sam. ‘The strong one, in the back’ Both him and Sam disappeared. ‘Hunt gone wrong?’ Dean asked tentatively. You sighed and nodded leaning back in the chair thankful to get some down time, the last hunt had been bad. ‘You could say that, yeah a few weeks back’ You felt a hand on your head and you jumped your eyes shooting open. Dean was leaning over you his hand on your forehead. His eyebrows furrowed. 

You jerked away from him. ‘You’re hot’ He stated. ‘Not what you were saying he last time we met’ You scoffed and waved him away. ‘Listen Y/N’ He sighed and looked out into the hall where Bobby had disappeared to. ‘I wasn’t in the best place last time I seen you. Things weren’t going too well’ You reached out and patted his shoulder. He looked back at you. His eyes met yours. You couldn’t deny that Dean Winchester wasn’t one hell of a good looking man. And he looked after Sam like it was the only thing that mattered to him. But he was a bit of an asshole ‘Honestly Dean, I have more pressing matters right now than you in a mood two years ago’ He let a small smile creep up onto his face.

You closed your eyes and leaned your head back on the couch. ‘But only because of Bobby. I’ve given that man too much grief over the years. And you two are his golden boys so’ You heard him scoff. ‘Glad to see you two haven’t killed each other when I was gone. Pull up that shirt Y/N’ You heard Bobby’s voice. ‘I think they made up, as far as I heard’ Sam chuckled. ‘You were listening?’ Dean snapped. ‘Alright, how about you two keep your spat to yourselves’ You felt Bobby sit beside you as the couch went down and then something cold was pressed to your hands and you wrapped your fingers around the bottle and the other pulled your shirt up off the wound. ‘Son of a Bitch’ You heard Dean breath. ‘We need to get you to a hospital’ You shook your head and opened your eyes swallowing the whiskey. 

It burned the back of your throat but you welcomed that. ‘Can’t’ Your eyes landed on Bobby. ‘I’m on the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security’s watchlist. Life has been a nightmare for the past year’ Both Dean and Sam’s mouths dropped open but Bobby just rolled his eyes. ‘Looks like it’s time to fake your death’ Bobby opened the first aid box on his lap. ‘What did you do to deserve that?’ You looked at Sam and took a sip of the whiskey. ‘I exercised a few demons, ended up their meat suits were some VIPs and also dead’ You winced as Bobby started to cut the stitches. You drank another mouthful of whiskey and closed your eyes waiting for the pain.

Groaning you woke. There was something cool on your forehead and your feet were bare meaning someone had taken off your boots. You tried to sit up but there was a hand on your shoulder. ‘Easy’ A deep unwavering voice echoed through the pounding in your head. ‘Bobby put in new stitches, we’re trying to get in touch with Cas to fix you up’ Slowly you opened your eyes. Dean was crouched by the couch. His eyes fixed on you. 

You reached up and took the damp clothe from your head. ‘Where is he?’ You looked around. Usually when you woke up Bobby was always there, he always watched over you when you were passed out. ‘Went to the shop, said something about beer and pizza’ You smiled. ‘I hope he brings back the meat feast’ Dean gave a small chuckle. ‘Beer?’ He held up a bottle of beer. ‘It’s the last one, apart from that one’ He nodded to the half drank beer on the desk behind him.

You dropped the cloth to the ground and began to push yourself up. Dean snuck his arm around you when he seen you wince. You had stayed awake longer than he had expected as Bobby had dug around in your side. When you had finally passed out he had been a little relieved. The pain on your face was getting to him, he had been holding himself back from stopping Bobby from his work. ‘Who’s Cas?’ You asked as he sat you up. ‘He’s a friend of ours, an Angel’ You took the beer from him and took a sip. He sat down beside you on the couch.

Silence fell over you for a minute before he spoke again. ‘Bobby told me about your Dad’ You looked at him from the corner of your eye. ‘The face that he’s dead? You don’t last long in this business’ You shrugged. ‘Where’s Sam?’ Dean shrugged. ‘Outside, the Impala needed work. I thought I’d let him take this one’ You nodded. ‘And no, not the fact that he’s dead’ You took another sip of the beer. ‘That he was a sexist crazy man. Yeah, he wasn’t exactly too happy with me being a hunter. In his eyes the women of the family should know everything but stay home and raise kids and wait for their hunter husbands to come home. I didn’t fall into that and he didn’t like it so we fell out’ He reached over and grabbed his own beer. ‘That’s why you reacted so badly to what I said, Bobby didn’t appreciate what I said, gave me a good talking to’ You let out a loud laugh at that. 

Of course Bobby had chewed Dean out of it. He was very protective of you. It came from him knowing you almost all your life. ‘Well look who finally decided to rise and shine’ Bobby came into the room cutting your laughter short. ‘Please tell me you got Meat Feast’ You looked at him with hopeful eyes. He chuckled. ‘Always the same, the world could be ending and you would only be thinking about food’ You smirked and winced as you moved. ‘It was and I spent two weeks in a buffet because they served the best spare ribs I’d ever tasted’ You took another sip of your drink.

Dean let out a chuckle. ‘So we were fighting Lucifer while you were sitting in a diner eating spare ribs’ You shrugged. ‘And cheeseburgers, they did a mean cheeseburger’ Dean looked at you from the corner of his eye and nodded. ‘I like you, you’re my type of girl’ He leaned back on and his arm settled behind you on the couch as Bobby put the food away in the kitchen. He sent you a wink and put his right ankle on his left knee and took a swig of his beer.

You weren’t sure when you had began to forgive the elder Winchester for the rude things he had said to you all those years ago but it was in that moment that as you smiled at him and drank your own beer you decided you had. It might have been the look of panic he had in his eyes when he had realised that you were hurt. Or the way he had let you clutch him as Bobby had tried to clean out your side. Or the look of worry in his eyes when you woke and tried to sit up. Or maybe how he had given you the last beer. Or the way he had sat with you for the next two days when they had tried to contact this Castiel friend of theirs.

Castiel turned out to be an awkward Angel in a trenchcoat that you instantly took a liking to. He was  adorable and didn’t exactly grasp the concept of everything you said. Instantly making you want to just lock him away in a room and never let anyone even talk to him, he was precious. After that you had stayed another two weeks at Bobby’s just wanting to rest. Sam and Dean had stayed another week even though the Impala was fixed. They had both given you their numbers and insisted that if anything ever got out of hand you would promise to call them. Dean had even offered to help you fake your own death, and also made you promise that you would check in often just so they would know you were still kicking ass.

And that was how Dean Winchester had completely changed your opinion of him, from egotistic asshole to one of the coolest people you will ever know. Him and the other two boys, Sam and Cas, had become some of your best friends. You often called them for help and they often called you. Sometimes you would even pray to Cas just to pop in and let you know they were alright, or just to know he was alright. You had a soft spot for them all.

Especially Dean.

Part 2?

Part 2

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I’m a horrible person. 😅😅

If your profile reads “I wanna stay inside and wear oversized sweaters and watch reruns of friends and 90s movies/ eat takeout/ drink coffee etc or I like weightlifting” then yes but unfortunately all I found was people who wanted to go out and drink and shop so meow. That was short lived

anonymous asked:

Personally, I think Breera is going to be endgame (in the show) for one of two reasons: 1- it just makes sense, because they have gone through hell together and have a bond no one else could forge 2- It could be a way for Jon to secure land for the north, house Reed is an old friend to house Stark and doesn't have any heirs besides Meera, Bran could marry Meera as a promise to house Reed to produce more heirs to grey watch. What do you think? Why do you think Breera is endgame? take care.

Thank you for the ask, anon! I agree with you. Not only do Bran and Meera have a really strong bond from their shared experiences, but their marriage would make sense politically. Plus Ned and Howland were close, they fought together and Howland saved Ned’s life. In the show Jojen even mentions that Howland cried when he heard of Ned’s death. So can you imagine how proud and happy Howland would be if his daughter married his best friend’s son?

Finally got copy of transcript/got job app turned in, cried bc miss mother-in-law/life is change, generated income while totally destitute, attended and was inspired by open mic night, saw natural gobo on street of favorite Lafayette neighborhood with company and searched for old friend’s old house, okay really probably cried every day this week, talked to sister about her future, talked to other sister about mine, watched Lilo and Stitch with my son, I’m tired, I’m happy, I’m hungry, I’m supported.