friend's kitty

PSA for cat parents!!!

If you have cats and you use essential oils in any way, please be extra careful with the oils around your fur babies. Most oils can be harmful to cats as they lack a certain liver enzyme to remove the substance from their system which can lead to toxic build up and can even be fatal to a cat. 😿 Please please be carful. Some oils are safe but most are not. You can look into this more by doing a google search about safe oils for cats but even those should be use with caution around your kitty friends!! Better safe than sorry! 🐱💕

anonymous asked:

Aaaaaa can you please tell us something about Obito The Cat? And maybe give him a nice scratch behind the ear from me if that's ok? He's just so ٩(♡O♡ )۶

AHH of course vuv

Obito was my very first kitty I had adopted from a friend who’s kitty had an accident litter. (they didn’t believe in spaying/neutering your animals…. please  spay/neuter you pets guys. Naruto came from the second accidental litter and after the mommy cat got super sick with some crazy cat STDs and had to be put down)

He’s a tabby/maine coon mix, but is all maine coon both appearance and health wise. He’s got really bad arthritis in his hips and can’t walk very well and doesn’t move very far when he does. We give him medicine every day but it only helps so much.

He’s a very sweet boy. Likes to follow me around and get small pets. For the most part he likes his personal space, but so long as he can see me. He’s a very sweet boy. He’ll be 12 this year so he’s an old man now.