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Friends With Benifits

Hello, love bugs!

Warnings-Smut, Fluff, swears

Dan X Reader Smut

So I know that this wasn’t one of my older requests but I had a day and a half and the only thing to take me away was to write some good smut with Dan. Hopefully, I can get back into a rhythm. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Friends with benefits with Dan? Ayy i like your writing xx -Anonymous

Your phone dinged with the familiar ringtone of Dan. It was a Friday night and you had absolutely no plans for the evening. Well, that was before Dan had texted you asking for you to come over. You and Dan had been friends for over three years. Your deeper friendship had been going on for almost two. It started like most friends with benefits relationships start. You were both drunk and horny. He’s a hot man who you trusted and your a beautiful girl who he would trust his first born with. Stumbles and giggles were mixed with feverish kisses. The morning after filled with blushes and the usual “I’m not like that usually.” Then the awkward goodbye sealed with a kiss because it’s not like hours earlier the both of you were seeing each other in many different ways. The both of you hadn’t talked for nearly two weeks, waiting for the other person to text first. How could you let any of this break such a strong friendship? You broke the streak of not talking because if you waited another moment you might have started to really lose your mind.

“Daniel I can’t take it. We fucked and you know what it was fucking amazing. I miss our friendship. For almost a full year I have texted you every day.These two weeks are killing me. I know our friendship may never be the same because I saw your penis but like, I don’t know please just text me back or something.” Hours went by. Okay well honestly just a couple of minutes went by but it felt like hours before Dan finally replied. 

“Y/N, come over so we can talk. Don’t freak I am not friendship dumping you. I just need to talk this shit out in person. Please come over,” It took about four seconds before you grabbed your coat to get out the door. After a short ride on the tube, you finally make it over to Dan’s. Once you reached the door you honestly had to remember that the two of you were going through an awkward thing so you couldn't just walk into the apartment and make you way up to the lounge. How do you knock again? Is it weirder to ring the bell like the postman or is it better to knock the usual friendly rhythm.Before you could think any more on the subject your arm was already knocking before you could over think everything over and over again.

You were looking down at the floor practising the conversation when you felt the air push past you as Dan opened the door. There he was looking so sweet like his curly hair. He had clearly just gotten out of the shower as his hair still had little drips coming from the tips of the baby curls.

“Y/N, It’s good to see you. Listen, I mean please come in.” Dan had placed his hand on the back of his neck rubbing softly at the awkwardness. He had a small smile placed on his lips, Happy to see you but unsure of how to handle this situation. “Look I have never had to have this conversation before so let’s go sit and maybe have a warm drink.” You nodded your head pushing slightly past Dan to make your way up the stairs. 

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Hey let's do a super cool tc message thing/ challenge!!!!!!

I’m really fuckin’ bored and I love you all so I’m gonna do a cute tc challenge. Message me the numbers you want me to answer, anon or not, feel free to ask sweethearts!!!
1. Since when have you been in love/ crushing on your teacher?
2. Which age gaps between the two of you?
3. What’s your favourite outfit of him/her?
4. Why did you fall in love with him/her?
5. Are you romantically interested in your tc or sexually?
6. What’s the best thing that happened between you an your tc?
7. Would you have sex with him/her?
8. Do you have a picture with your tc?
9. Which subjects does your tc teach?
10. Describe him with 3 words
11. If he says he wants you, how would you react?
12. Would you expect him to be rough or soft at sex?
13. Would you call him daddy?
14. Do you think that your tc has a daddy kink?
15. How would you react if your tc confessed his love to you?
16. Are you already 18?
17. Has he/she ever flirted with you?
18. Did you ever had physical contact?
19. Do you have nicknames for each other?
20. If you go on a date, how would it be?
21. Does your tc has a wife/husband, girl/boyfriend or any kids?
22.has he ever sent you a present?
23. Which feature of him do you love the most?
24. Would you marry him? Or only have an affair or Friends with benifits?

Everyone who reblogs this will get a message with numbers from me!!! DO THIS PEOPLE. DIS IS GOING TO BR FUN GAHAHHA. Ok I know I’m just😀 

What are friends for (2/2)

Request: Hey could you do an imagine where y/n has just gone through a break up and Natasha (her best friend) helps her through it by being her fuck buddy?

AO3 comment: I wish you’d write more, maybe a friends with benifits to lovers sort of idea, maybe y/n falls in love and is scared to admit it.

A/n ok so this has been sitting on my file for MONTHS ! ! ! I finally decided to finish it for you guys (nsfw gifs)

Originally posted by dailymarvelheroes

Ever since you became friends with benefits seven months ago your life has been perfect. You were no longer thinking about what’s his name and you’ve been having amazing sex with my best friend. The only problem was that you were starting to fall in love with her.

“Hey you” Natasha whispered into my ear as I was changing in the locker room. “Do you want to meet up later?”

“Meet up as in dinner as friends or meet up as I make you cum multiple times in one night?” You asked as you buttoned up your pants.

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Hey my friend and his gf are looking for friends with benifits type of thing you can double team his gf if you want to talk more about it with him and want his number message me

Friends w/benefits. Right?

Warning: Smut and cussing

Originally posted by painfulblisss

“Warren this, Warren that. Honestly (Y/N), if I didn’t know better I’d say you have a crush on the guy.” “I do not!” Peter laughs, “Sure.” “I’m not lying Peter. I do not like him that way.” “But you think of him that way.” You scrunch your eyebrows together in confusion, “What?” “You only said you don’t like him a certain way, you never said you don’t think of him in a certain way.” “You perve!” Peter puts his hands up surrendering, “Just sayin’.” “This conversation is over!” You get up and leave.

As you were storming off, you saw Warren in a group talking with some people. You signal him to come over towards you.

“Oooo, Warren. Your girlfriend wants you.” Scott teases. “She’s not my girlfriend.” He huffs. “Then vhat iz zhe? Vour vife?” Kurt asks. Scott pats Kurt on the back, “Never change Kurt. Never change.”

“What took you so long?” “Scott and Kurt. Anyways what do you need?” “I need you…” “Baby doll not here.” “Fine. Then let’s go to my room.” Warren snickers, “You’re demanding today.” “Peter was being an ass. Fuck me.” “Oh, I will…” He smirks.

When you got to your room, Warren immediately started stripping, you did the same. Then he pinned you to the bed. He bit your neck and made a mark on you. You moaned in response. ‘You like that don’t you?” “Y-yeah.” “That was just the beginning.”

The sex was great, but all good things must come to an end. Warren was getting dressed. You looked at the clock. 3:56 PM. Your roommate would be here any minute. Warren had to go. “Stay with me.” “You know I can’t (Y/N). those are the rules.” “R-right.” You felt like crying almost. “Get out of here before we’re caught.” Warren didn’t respond he just left. ‘Stupid, (Y/N)! Did you really think he’d stay for you?! He just likes having someone to fuck without any commitment. He couldn’t care less about you!’ You ran into your bathroom before your roommate got back so you could cover the hickeys and stop your tears. ‘I don’t give a fuck about him anyways.’ 

The next day you were avoiding warren at all costs. You wouldn’t even say his name. You were foolish to think nobody would notice because everyone noticed. “Hey (Y/N). What’s wrong with you? Did you get into a fight with Warren?” Scott asks. “N-not exactly…” “I heard he was going on a date with someone tonight. Is that why you’re upset?” Peter teases. “Whoever said I gave a shit about Warren? Honestly, what he does doesn’t concern me.” You lied. You do give a shit about Warren, and what he does, does concern you. 

“Hey, Scott have you seen (Y/N)? I haven’t seen her all day.” “She’s right here.” “Hey…” “Have you been avoiding me?” “Why would I do that?” “Because of what I said yesterday. Look, (Y/N) I… I really like you, and… Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is-” “You wanna fuck her?” If looks could kill Peter would have been murdered by not only you but Warren too. “Way to kill the moment Peter.” “Anyways, I don’t want to fuck you. At least not for a while, because I… I think I love you.” “Well fuck the rules, because I think I love you too, bird boy.” 

You're Lonely

Slumping onto the bleachers, I let my backpack fall next to me. I hadn’t seemed no notice that it was poring rain outside, nearly freezing the air around me. I just needed to leave here. Leave the school, leave the country, just leave.
I was tired of going unnoticed. I was tired of hiding behind my books and glasses. I wanted to have friends and to have someone to care for me besides my family. I wanted a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, or even just a person to have sleepovers with on the weekends, but it seemed to be nearly impossible. Everyone had somebody, whether a best friend, a friend with benifits, or a partner, that they all forgot about me.
I was left alone here. I’ll always be alone here.
Not paying attention to the world around me, another existance brought me out of my trance. Turning my head to the right, I saw the profile of the captain of the lacross team, Harry Styles. He was by far the most breathtaking human being to ever exist, and knowing that he was here, next to me, made something inside of me brighten up.
I was staring so long I didn’t even acknowledge him looking at me. Blushing intensively, I looked back ahead of me, trying to clear my head.
“You dropped this in the wallway” Harry mumbled, turning all the pages of my journal in his hand by his thumb before placing it on my lap.
Fluttering my eyes closed, I knew I shouldn’t have been so stupid to think he actually wanted to talk to me. He probably didn’t even know who the hell I was, he probably just saw it fall out of my bag when he went to go to the bathroom or something.
I nodded my head, opening my eyes again to notice tears threatening to spill over.
“Thanks” I whispered, shoving it in my backpack before the rain destroys it.
Fixing my glasses from the tip of my nose, I looked back onto the feild, still feeling Harry’s intense gaze on me. It’s not that I felt uncomfortable, I felt more relieved that somebody was finally acknowledging my presence around here.
Ripping his gaze away from me, I could tell he was trying to say something. His eyes creased inward as his mouth fell open, quickly closing back into a tight line, trying to figure out what exactly to say.
“Are you okay? Like, do you need a ride home or something?” he asked.
I simply shook my head, letting loose tears fall freely down my cheeks, then mixing in woth the raindrops along my skin.
“I’m okay,” I whispered, more to myself than to him, “I’m okay.”
Shaking his head, Harry reached his thumb along my cheek, wipping away the mixture of my tears and rain.
“Look, I’m not good at giving advice, and I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but I promise you that it’s not the end of your life, okay? You have an entire lifetime ahead of you, full of happiness and joy. Okay?”
I nodded slowly, closing my eyes to his words. I loved hearing reassureance from someone other than my mother, and knowing that someone was currently caring for me made a smile develope on my face.
Harry gentley squeezed my cheek, leaning in to quickly graze his lips against my skin. My eyes widened, my gaze meeting his as he smiled, rubbing my cheek softly.
“You were never invisible to me, y/n”

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favourite plots: Family, Friends (w/ benifits, turned lovers, brotps, girltps) Lovers (angst ridden, happily married, unfaithful, starcrossed, former enemies) Rivalries…anything I haven’t listed I’m open to too.
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Bokukuro friends with benifits

So I’m not sure if you wanted them dating or just their friendship, so I made friends with benefits hcs. Sorry if that wasn’t your request, you can request again more specifically. Thank you for the request, enjoy!

  • it happened accidentally
  • like they just decided to makeout
  • cuz why not
  • all bros do it right
  • and then they ended up really liking it
  • and decided why not do it ever day
  • their relationship is mostly intimate
  • they don’t really have those secret special moments that ever couple has
  • but they do have an amazing amount of fun together
  • like whenever when they’re with each other
  • they’re enjoying each other’s company
  • and it’s never awkard
  • which is probably why it’s such an easy relationship
  • cuz one of them always has some sort of prank to pull
  • but they never pull them on each other
  • because they’re bros
  • so they prank together
  • as bros would do
  • and when the prank goes according to plan
  • they celebrate with a hot makeout session
  • as bros would do
  • but their favorite passtime would probably be annoying Tsukishima
  • because who doesn’t want to annoy someone like Tsukishima
  • they also help each other pick up chicks
  • and by chicks I mean Kuroo helps Bokuto flirt with Akaashi
  • and Bokuto helps Kuroo at least get noticed by Kenma
  • also there are aggressive karaoke wars
  • because Bokuto bet that he could hit a high note
  • long story short
  • he could not
  • and his punishment was licking mustard off of a tiolet seat
  • Bokuto did not get a hot makeout session that night

a-crafty-lass  asked:

Sokka/Toph? Zuko/Suki?

I was literally having this conversation last night while talking about the comics LOL.

So as much as Suki/Sokka is my jam I have low key kinda shipped Sokka Toph cause she is SO into him… like… girl chill. And I could see them totally working too.

Zuko Suki I am less on board with because with them I see the chemistry but I dont see it working long term. I think they are both too ambitious in their own way and that they would be bad at putting the relationship as a priority. I think they are the type who would be good friends with benifits, not a good couple.

My opinion on 'friends with benifits'.

 My overall opinion of ‘friends with benefits’ is that it’s bullshit.

 To me it’s a relationship with an escape clause, it doesn’t work, not for long anyway. Eventually, one or both parties gets hurt because it’s almost physically impossible to have a regular sexual relations with someone and not eventually form some sort of attachment to or feelings for that person. If you can have sex with someone on a regular basis for more than a few weeks and not see them as anything more as someone to achieve an orgasm with then there’s probably something deeper wrong with you psychologically.

 Humans are jealous creatures on the whole. If you spend a lot of time with someone and have something with that person, it’s completely natural to feel jealous when you see another person threatening to take what you have away. But we’re also programmed to fall in love, so to spend a lot of time with a person, naked (and for most people being completely naked with someone else takes at least a certain amount of trust) touching, kissing, orgasming (hopefully, if not then there is literally no point at all) and being generally physically intimate then it shouldn’t be a shock when someone catches feelings. With all that, someone is going to fall and when the other person decides its done, they’re crushed.

 What does that sound like to you…a relationship? exactly, 'friends with benefits’ doesn’t mean friends who have sex, in the old days it was a cute term for a relationship. Think about it friend ship, relation ship, what’s another word for sex? That’s right 'relations’.

 No matter how you want to dress it up, no matter how much you protest or what you say; 'If both are mature, if there’s a clear understanding’, it doesn’t work, feelings and emotions are beyond all of our control and maturity levels or what comes out of our mouth initially doesn’t mean shit when you fall for someone. 

anonymous asked:

If your looking for a kaisoo fanfic to read you should try mine 'April Fools' by peachpie on aff. Its not edited but i try dispite my disability. Concept is Kaisoo are friends with benifits but only on holidays

hello! thank you so much for recommending. you got me by the concept tho i like it, will look forward to reading your fic :-)
Three's company (901 words) by MystikSpiral [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Ultimates, Marvel 616, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Tony Stark (Ultimates), MCU Tony Stark, 616 Tony Stark, Mentions of Steve
Summary:In which 616, Ults, and MCU Steve all gossip about their Steve’s.

A/N: The fic no one asked for, blame qouinette-not for this one, thank you morphia-writes for beta'ing. 

Imagine being ‘friends with benifits’ with Sam

Requested by @pastelteabubbles

The set up was great.

You’d known Sam Wilson for years - having met in the military - and, soon after you got back home, the two of you had started your little arrangement.

The first time it happened, you’d had a few too many and you woke up with a banging headache and an aching between your legs.

After an embarrassing yet necessary conversation, you’d both agreed to try being ‘friends with benefits’. Neither of you were ready for any larger commitment, and you figured it would be better for the both of you- to have someone with shared life experiences.

Sam had called you over to his apartment twenty minutes ago, so you’d pulled on some nice underwear under your usual jeans and crew neck, and now you were standing at his door, waiting for him to let you in.

“Hey buddy,” you smiled as he opened the door, “Booty call or friend call?”

He laughed slightly, leading you through to the front room.

“Um, neither,” he said, leaning on the back of his couch.

You frowned, smiling confusedly, “What’s going on?”

“I- uh-,” he laughed slightly, shaking his head at his own nervousness, “Do you wanna go for dinner? A movie, maybe?”

“Are you… are you asking me out?” you asked, smiling at his bashfulness.

He nodded, seriously, “Yeah.”

You grinned, stepping forward and kissing him soundly.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Calum- Friends with Benefits

Request- Can you do an friends with benifits imagine with calum and y/n but they end up togheter and he leavs hickeys on her that the boys see before they know that their toghter, please :)

word  count- 1400+

Rating-  PG-13 ish

A/N-  here it is… hope everyone likes it! 


you climbed off of Calum and laid down next to him catching your breath

“i like it when you are on top" Calum said as he took off his used condom and tossed it in a bin not far from his bed. 

"it’s exhausting” was all you said 

“well who ever is on top has to do more work" 

"true…but i think its easier for you to be on top” you told him

“yeah..easier for you”

“no” you laughed “for me to be on top i have to lift myself up and down..and forward and backwards..and my legs have to be in uncomfortable  positions so i can lift myself and-” your sentence was cut off by calum cutting in 

“what i do isn’t easy” he said with a smile “but i guess it might be more comfortable” he finally agreed with you. 

you had been in a “friends with benefits” relationship with Calum for a few months and it had been amazing. you both had been friends a while and one night when you both had a little too much to drink you ended up sleeping together. the sex seemed to sober you both up and when you were done you were amazed at how good the sex had been. you both agreed that it was the best you had ever had. you didn’t know why but your bodies just worked together really well. it was his idea to be friends with benefits and at first you weren’t sure if it was a good idea or not but you knew you wanted more sex so you agreed. 

you just laid in his bed looking up at the ceiling like you always did after sex. this was the awkward part. you never knew if you should just immediately get up and leave or if it was okay to stay a while. after a few minuets of talking about if its harder to be a guy or a girl when on top during sex you both went silent. you decided it was time to get up. as you started to leave the bed you felt Calums hand wrap around your wrist. 

“you should stay..its really late” he told you and you agreed as you climbed back under the covers. when you first agreed to be in this arrangement sleeping over wasn’t allowed… but recently when ever you would try to leave Calum would always tell you that you could stay…but you never had before.  

it was hard because you knew you shouldn’t sleep over..but you wanted to. you would be lying if you said that you hadn’t developed feelings for Calum during this relationship. it was one of your biggest worries when you agreed to be friends with benefits. 

suddenly you decided it was a mistake to stay the night. sleeping next to him would only make your feelings for him grow. you got up quickly and tried to locate your clothing. 

“what are you doing?" Calum asked you since he had just told you to stay

"i think i should leave” you said as you put your bra back on. 

“why? you don’t have anything in the morning” he told you and he was right.

“i just think its best if we try to stick with our original know so things don’t get complicated” you said quietly. 

calum set up on the edge of the bed with his feet on the ground as he watched you dress. 

“things already are getting complicated…at least in my opinion” he admitted 

“what do you mean?” you asked since you weren’t completely sure what he meant

“i just mean that when we made our rules and this agreement… maybe we were unrealistic about things” he told you. 

you set down on the bed next to him. it surprised you that he had been thinking the same things as you..but you still weren’t sure if it was because of the same reasons. 

“unrealistic about not developing feelings?” you asked so that you knew what he was thinking. 

“yeah…i mean I’m only speaking for myself” he quietly said 

“well i guess we are both in the same situation” you said and thought you could see calum smile a little as he set next to you. 

“Michael warned me that you can’t ever really just have sex with someone…he said that no matter what feelings will develop” he told you.. you knew that the other guys knew about your relationship but you didn’t know that they had actually talked about it. 

“so what are we going to do?” you asked him since you really weren’t sure what he was thinking. 

“i don’t want to lose you" Calum admitted "maybe we could try being an actual couple..i mean we already have the sex figured out” he said with a small laugh and you laughed with him

“what if we don’t work well together as a real couple?” you asked since you really were concerned

“well we will keep it our secret for now…that way there is no pressure..and if it doesn’t work then at least we tried” he said and you agreed 

you got up and started to take the pieces of clothing off that you had put on earlier while calum moved back to his previous place in bed so he was laying down again. 

you climbed back under the covers but still felt uncomfortable… this was the first time you had actually spent the night with Calum and you weren’t sure what to do..should you get close to him..keep your distance…what if you kick have been known to kick in your sleep. you were pulled from your thoughts when you heard calum speak. 

“I’m cold…come closer” he said with as smile as he pulled your body closer to his. your body formed to his and you rested your head on his bare chest. you weren’t sure if trying to be together was a good idea or not..but it felt right.


it had been a a few weeks since the night you and calum decided to take the risk and try an actual relationship and things were going really good. 

one day you walked into the house to see all of the guys sitting together eating lunch. the other boys still didn’t know about you and calum being in an actual relationship yet so you had to make sure to not act too affectionate towards each other when you were all together. 

you had been friends with all of the boys for a while so it wasn’t weird to hang out with them even when you and calum started your friend with benefits relationship. 

you set down at the table and started talking to Luke when suddenly you felt someone touch your hair. 

“what are you doing?” you asked Ashton as he stood behind you holding your hair. 

“well calum said you two weren’t friends with benefits anymore…so i was wondering where you got these hickeys" 

you hand went to your neck immediately as you tried to hide them but it was too late. 

"that is none of your business” you told the two laughing boys as the other two heard stopped their conversation to see what was going on.

“hey calum and Michael… come see this" ashton said as the two boys got up and walked over to look at your neck.

there was probably 5 hickeys that they could see and you were feeling embarrassed.  

"oh wow…my bad" Calum says with out thinking.

all the boys and you suddenly looked at him and he realized his mistake.

"last week we asked if you guys were still fucking and you said no” Michael said

“well actually you asked if we were still friends with benefits…and we aren’ i didn’t lie” he

“I’m confused” Luke said and the other boys agreed

you and calum looked at each other before Calum decided to just tell them.

“well…we are together" Calum told them

"like actually together…in an actual relationship?" Ashton asked to clarify

"yep” you quickly replied…the way they were looking at the both of you was making you uncomfortable 

“cool” Michael said and the other guys just agreed and went back to what they were doing before.

Calum walked over and set next you while the other guys were busy talking about something random.

“so i think that wen’t well” he said as you just looked at the boys

“i expected them to..i don’t know..say something” you said.

“i guess they like the idea of us being together” he said with a shrug

“that’s good..because i sure like it” you said as you leaned in and kissed him.