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Dead leaves(f)(a)(s)(p): College/??? Au! (Ongoing)

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Pocket Size (f)(a)(p)

Leftovers (a)(f)(s)(p): Bestfriend Au!

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Rabbit’s Hole (f)(a)(p): Nerd Au!

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Dead leaves(f)(a)(s)(p): College/??? Au! (Ongoing)                  

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How To Love Your Best Friend (e)(p)


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Bound By Platinum (e)(p): Vampire/Prostitute Au! (Ongoing)

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She who never cried wolf (e): Gang/Wolf Au!  (Ongoing)

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Red Silk (s)



Bad Timing? (s)(f): Friends with Benifits Au!


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She who never cried wolf (e): Gang/Wolf Au!  (Ongoing)

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The Onesie (f): Jeonghan x Reader


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She who never cried wolf (e): Gang/Wolf Au!  (Ongoing)

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Hey let's do a super cool tc message thing/ challenge!!!!!!

I’m really fuckin’ bored and I love you all so I’m gonna do a cute tc challenge. Message me the numbers you want me to answer, anon or not, feel free to ask sweethearts!!!
1. Since when have you been in love/ crushing on your teacher?
2. Which age gaps between the two of you?
3. What’s your favourite outfit of him/her?
4. Why did you fall in love with him/her?
5. Are you romantically interested in your tc or sexually?
6. What’s the best thing that happened between you an your tc?
7. Would you have sex with him/her?
8. Do you have a picture with your tc?
9. Which subjects does your tc teach?
10. Describe him with 3 words
11. If he says he wants you, how would you react?
12. Would you expect him to be rough or soft at sex?
13. Would you call him daddy?
14. Do you think that your tc has a daddy kink?
15. How would you react if your tc confessed his love to you?
16. Are you already 18?
17. Has he/she ever flirted with you?
18. Did you ever had physical contact?
19. Do you have nicknames for each other?
20. If you go on a date, how would it be?
21. Does your tc has a wife/husband, girl/boyfriend or any kids?
22.has he ever sent you a present?
23. Which feature of him do you love the most?
24. Would you marry him? Or only have an affair or Friends with benifits?

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Spit Or Swallow

Requested: No

Pairing: Gerard x Reader x Frank 

Warning: Smut, Fluff

   Gerard held your hands in his and rubbed soft circles with his thumb.

   “I leave in two days.” He said softly. You sniffled a little and smiled.

   “I’m excited for you. Really. It’s not like we were dating or anything.” You said pulling your hands away to wipe your eyes. “I’m glad you got into collage. And a good one too.” You said warming your hands with the coffee in front of you. Your gaze wandered around the small cafe you and Gerard visited frequently. Best friends with benifits. Thats what he called your relationship. You chuckled a little and he smiled at you.


   “I’m just gonna miss you. And you’re the best lay I’ve ever had.” You said laughing a little. He rolled his eyes and grinned.

   “Same to you. No one will ever know how to push my buttons like you do.” He said making you giggle.

   After another hour of banter it was time to leave. You said your goodbyes. The last time you saw Gerard was as he drove away towards New York, off to college.

   You pulled your cropped School Of Visual Arts sweater down a little as you walked into the bar. An old fling sent it to you one of the few times he’d mailed you stuff from college. You looked over the current contense of the bar. The usual. No one new. No one interesting. Except there were some people on stage this time. Live bands in these local dive bars never particularly interested you. You watched the loud performance for a few seconds as you waited to get the bartenders attention. The bassist looked familiar. You couldn’t tell why. You might know him? Michael? Mitchell? Doesn’t matter. The guitarist was cute. He was shorter than most guys you’d liked. He had dark hair. The lighting of this bar sucked. From what you could see of his face he was attractive. You glanced once over and the lead singer. His back was to you and he was on his knees yelling into the mic. His presence sent a pang of familiarity through you but the bartender interrupted your thoughts. You ordered your drink and waited as he prepared it. When he was done you took the Jack and Coke and sipped it slowly. You downed another one and after a few minutes you felt someone brush past you and stand next to you. You turned to see the sweaty guitarist. He looked at you a smirked.

   “I’m Frank.” He said looking you over. You smiled slyly.

   “Well Frankie, I’m Y/N.” You said swirling the ice left in your glass. He quirked and eyebrow and smiled showing surprisingly nice and white teeth. 

   “Frankie? Well aren’t you bold? What are you up to tonight?” He asked placing a hand on the small of your bare back. His warm hand set your skin ablaze. 

   “Nothing yet.” You said playfully placing your hand on his chest. He looked down at your hand and then back up at you. He reached up and grasped it with his own. Without a word he gently pulled you off the bar stool and towards the backrooms behind the stage. He pushed you into the first unlocked and empty one. You glanced around the surprisingly clean bathroom. He pushed you against the cold tile and roughly pressed his lips to yours. You wrapped your fingers in his hair and tugged. He moaned and dug his nails into your hips. He loosened his grip trailed one hand up your bare stomach and kneeded at your bra clad breast. You whimpered and he smirked against your lips. He pulled away and you flicked your gaze from his kiss bruised lips to his lust blown eyes. He helped you pull your sweater off and unclasp your bra. He leaned down and began sucking on your neck amd he toyed with your nipple. His rough hands groped at you and you felt him rub his erection against your thigh. You reached down and palmed him through his jeans and he groaned against your skin.

   “Suck me off.” He said pulling away from you. You dropped to your knees quickly and began undoing his belt when the door flew open. 

   “Hey we’re busy!” Frank yelled at the guy who stood in the door way. You caught a flash of his black hair and pale skin as he shielded his eyes. The man chuckled and smiled.

   “Sorry man I-” He started before dropping his hand and making brief eye contact. You started at each other in shock and horror. 

   “Gerard?” You asked frozen in place. Here you were, topless and on your knees with someone who you assumed to be Gerards friend. And this also happens to be the first time you see him in years. 

   “Y/N?” He asked softly. He looked good. Better. He was taller. Slimmer. His features were gaunt. Vampire like even. Frank looked between the two you and pulled up his pants.

   “You know eachother?” He asked as you hurried to your feet and covered yourself with the old sweater, Gerards sweater. Gerard gave a nervous chuckle.

   “Yeah. We used to fuck.” He said diverting his gaze to Frank.

   “Yeah.” Is all you could muster out. You looked over him again and noticed his erection. He got hard. Seeing you about to suck off his friend. Same old Gerard. Into just about everything.

   “Oh. Then I think I should go.” Frank said clearing his throat.

   “No.” Gerard said quickly. You and Frank looked at him in confusion. “It’s fine. You can go on. I’ll piss somewhere else.” He said giving you a small nod and leaving. You and Frank looked at each other and you shrugged, ignoring the growing pit in your stomach.

   “Let’s go somewhere else.” You said picking up your bra and putting it on.

   “If you want. My place is down the street.” He said buckling his belt and putting his hands in his pockets. You nodded and slipped on the sweatshirt.

   “Yeah sure. Lets go.” You said taking his hand and leading him out of the bathroom. On the journey put of the bar you passed an open green room. One guy darted out.

   “Frank.” He called out. You both turned to look at him and your stomach flipped. Mikey. That’s his name. He was also Gerards younger brother. Mikey looked at you and cocked his head. You waved a little and Frank waited impatiently for him to finish his thought.

   “What?” He asked.

   “Oh yeah. Um Ray says he needs you back by 10 tomorrow.” He said trying not to stare at you too long. Frank nodded and said a small thanks before continuing to lead you out and to his car. You got in and he reved the engine to life. The car ride was silent and tense. You could feel how hesitant Frank was to fuck you now. You and Gerard had an obvious past. He pulled up to an apartment building and one of his neighbors buzzed you in at the door. Once inside his place Gerard had seemed to be forgotten. Upon closing the door he’d pressed you against the wall and had you shirtless. He attacked your lips again and rutted his hips against yours. You worked on his buckle and he undid your jeans. You shimmed out of them and pulled away from him. You took off your bra as he pulled off his shirt and kicked off his jeans. He ran a hand through your hair and tugged on it, exposing more of your neck. He sucked harshly making you cry out in pleasure. He placed his hands on your hips and ran his thumbs over the waistband of your panties. He ran one hand down your stomach and slipped it in. You shivered as he used two fingers to spread your folds. He ran them across your slit and and hummed against your neck. He pushed them in and you bucked your hips. He pumped them rapidly and used his thumb to rub your clit. Something Gerard knew you weren’t particular fond of. Gerard knew every button to push. But this wasn’t Gerard. It was his friend, Frank. He pulled away and placed his arms around your waist and you placed yours around his neck. He slapped your ass lightly, signally you to jump. As you did so he adjusted his grip to your thighs and carried you towards what you pressumed to be his bedroom. He kicked the door gently open and took you to the bed. He dropped you down and slipped out of his boxers. He got a condom from his bedside table and rolled it on his painfully erect dick. He got in position above you and you wrapped your legs around his waist giving his better access. He pushed in slowly and gave you a few seconds to adjust. He began rocking his hips gradually gaining speed. You dug your nails into his back and he took the hint, slamming into you harder and faster. It felt good. Not great. Not Gerard. Every touch touch, every brush was deliberate with him. Thinking about Gerard pulled you from reality. A few moments later Frank came cursing. He pulled out and you laid there for a second, taking a deep breath. Having thrown away the condom, Frank laid next to you and sighed.

   “You didn’t finish.” He said. You looked over at him at shrugged.

   “Don’t worry about it.” You said sitting up.

   “Is it because of Gee?” He asked. There was no anger or even sadness in his voice. Just curiosity. Your eyes widened a little.

   “What?” You asked faining confusion. He rolled his eyes.

   “There’s no way you guys just fucked a few times and that was the end. Gee was shaken up seeing you. Even Mikey. And you were wearing one of his college sweaters.” Frank said getting up and pulling on his boxers. He tossed you your panties and you slipped them on.

   “That was a while ago. It’s nothing now. He probably forgot about me until tonight. I’m not worried about it.” You lied. He cocked and eyebrow and you watched him leave the room. He came back moments later with his phone in his hand. You watched him text someone quickly. You looked at him questioningly and he smirked.

   “Don’t worry.” He said simply. You watched him skeptically as he placed his phone on the dresser and sat down next to you. “You’ll see.” He said leaning in and kissing you more gently. He placed a hand on your hip and the other toyed with your nipple. You moaned softly into his mouth and began tugging at his hair again. He groaned and pushed you on your back. He trailed kisses over the hickeys he’d previously left and ran the pads of his thumbs over your skin. *Buzz*

   Someone was asking to be buzzed in. Frank smirked against your neck and got up. He shot you a sly grin and told you to wait. He closed the door behind him and you waited patiently on the bed. You toyed with your hands and jumped a little when the door opened again. You looked up to see Frank accompanied by Gerard. Your jaw dropped a little and Gerard smiled.

   “We never got to properly say our hellos did we?” He asked licking his lips and looking over your mostly naked frame. He shrugged off his leather jacket and placed it over the back of the chair in the corner. You nodded. He chuckled and sat down in the chair. Frank sat down on the bed next to you and you gave him a ‘What the hell’ look. He smiled and watched Gerard expectantly. He got up and stood in front of you. He bent down and took your face in his hand. “I hear he didn’t make you cum.” He said cooly. You watched Gerards eyes glint as he looked down at your kiss swollen lips. “Because you were thinking about me. You know thats quite rude. I think you should apologize.” He said leaning in closer to where his lips barely ghosted over yours. “Suck his cock.” He commanded letting go of you. You stared at him and nodded.

   “Yes sir.” You said turning to Frank and palming at his already hard dick. He watched you with fascination as you pulled him from his confinements. You bent down, sticking your ass in the air, and took him into your mouth. He shuttered a little and you began bobing your head.

   “Oh- fuck.” Frank groaned tangling his fingers in your hair and pulling your farther down. You relaxed your throat and let him. You felt two hands on your hips. Gerard dragged your panties down and let them fall around your knees.

   “Still as pretty as the last time I fucked you.” He cooed. You wiggled your ass a little to tease him. He tssked and spanked you. He moved to lay on his stomach facing you with his chin in his hands. “I think you’re forgetting this is punishment kitten. But you love this don’t you?” He asked whipping away your running mascara as Frank thrusted upwards into your mouth. He tightened his grip in your hair and shoved your head down so your nose touched his pelvis. He shuttered as he came in your mouth. You tighted your lips around him and pulled off slowly with a pop. You sat up and looked at him expectantly. “Spit or swallow?” Gerard asked. Frank cocked his head to the side. 

    “Swallow.” He said. You obeyed and he watched you in awe. Gerard rubbed your cheek affectionately.

   “You’ve been great kitten. Now I’ll make you cum like you havent in years.“ He said. You quickly laid down next to Frank who watched your every move. He ran a tumb over your nipple and over your stomach and looked at Gerard.

   “You really have a hold on her don’t you?” He asked smiling as he felt your now errect nipple as he graced over it again. Gerard smiled proudly.

   “It’s beem a few years but she still knows who fucks her best.” He said placing a hand on your thigh. “She knows I know her better than anyone. I can make her squirt whenever I want. Make her scream.” He said fondly running his hand up and leaving it at the apex of your thighs. Frank quirked and eyebrow.

   “You can make her squirt?” He asked looking down at you and smiling. Gerard nodded and grinned. You took his hand that rested next to you and took two fingers into your mouth. He licked his lips and watched as you took his fingers from your mouth. You looked down to see Gerard spreding your legs apart and popped the fingers out of your mouth. You watched him dip between your legs and level himself with your heat. You dropped a hand down and into his hair tugging him closer. He chuckled and licked a thick stripe up your heat and bumped against your clit. You cried out and gripped his hair tighter. You looked up at Frank who moved to suck on your nipple and rolled the other between his fingers. You moaned and pushed towards Gerard. He smirked against you and wrote his name with his tounge on your clit. Your eyes rolled and Frank gave the same attention to the other bud. Frank sat up and looked down at your slightly open mouth and attacked your lips in a needy kiss. He bit at your lip and placed a hand on your hip. You removed your hands from Gerards hair and gripped Franks bicep. Gerard sucked harshly on your clit and your thighs clamped down on his head. He held tightly to your legs as came close to the edge. When he felt you tense he stopped. You whined at the painful cease of contact. Frank pulled away and tugged your lip between his teeth. You looked down at Gerard who just smiled at you. You dropped your head back down on the pillow.

   “Please Gerard.” You begged. He moved to sit across from Frank and rubbed your cheek softly.

   “Sorry doll. Frank wants to see how pretty you look when you squirt. You’re doing amazing.” He praised leaning down and capturing your lips in a soft kiss. You missed how warm and inviting he was. You tangled your hands in his hair and pulled him closer. You felt Frank move between your legs and gently tease your entrance with his fingers. You shuddered and scooted towards him. You heard him chuckle and push two fingers into you. You moaned into Gerards mouth and placed a hand on his thigh. You ran it over his zipper and pulled it down. He helped you push his jeans out of the way and pull out his erect dick. You ran your thumb over his slit and spread precum over his tip. He pulled away leaving a trail of spit connecting your mouths. You propped yourself up and took him into your mouth. He gasp softly and sat back as you began bobbing your head. Frank began pumping in and out faster making you squirm. You moaned around Gerard making him buck his hips. You took him deeper and flattened your tounge against the underside of him. He pushed your head down more and you gagged. Frank flicked your clit with his tounge and your body jolted. You pulled Gerard out of your mouth and began jacking him off with your hand. He looked down at you and watch your face contourt in pleasure as Frank hit your g-spot. You pumped Gerard faster and looked up at him. He gave you a hazy smile and you took the tip back in your mouth. He moaned and pushed your head down again and held you there as he came in your mouth. You slowly pulled off of him and swallowed. Frank hit your g-spot again and you cried out urging him to continue. He hit it again and again until your vision went black. A few seconds later you slowly came to and saw Gerard smiling at you. You looked down at Frank who was looking down at the soaked sheets. Gerard leaned down and kissed your forehead.

   “Good girl.” He said helping you sit up. You rested your head on his shoulder and he rubbed your shoulder softly. Frank stood up and stretched. You looked at his fully erect dick.

   “Do you want me to-” He cut you off with a laugh.

   “No don’t worry. I can do that later. You’ve done enough to night.” He said finding his boxers and pulling them on. You stood up and rubbed the back of your neck a little as you began the search for your clothes. Gerard zipped his pants up and picked up your sweater. He looked down at the faded logo and chuckled.

   “You kept this? After all these years?” He asked as you took it back and out it on.

   “Hah. Yeah I did. I couldn’t have gotten rid of it if I wanted to.” You said slipping on your panties and reaching for your pants. You pulled them on and turned back to Gerard. “Wanna drive me home?” You asked. He nodded.

   “Sure. Same place?” He asked picking up his jacket.

   “Of course.” You said turning to Frank who sat on his bed still only in his boxers. “And it was nice meeting you Frank. I’m sure I’ll see you again soon.” He stood up and hugged up.

   “Can’t wait.” He said slyly. You laughed and he showed you and Gerard to the door.

   Once back down on the street you followed Gerard to his car. You got in and he paused before starting the car.

   “What? Did you leave something?” You asked. He shook his head.

   “No. I just missed you.” He said starting the car and driving down the street.

   “Well we should get coffee tomorrow. Catch up. I’m sure a lots happened with you.” You said watching the street lights go by.

   “Yeah.” He said quietly. The rest if the car ride was silent. He pulled into front of your apartment building. You walked up the stairs in quiet. You unlocked your door and turned to say goodnight to Gerard.

   “Well. It was nice seeing you.” He said pulling you into a hug. You burried your face into his shoulder and stood there for a moment. With his chin on your head he mumbled “I don’t want to let go.” He said laughing at himself. You laughed and pulled away.

   “You could come in?” You offered. He smiled and walked you backwards into the apartment and kicked the door closed with his heel. He kissed you softly and you pushed off his jacket. He placed his hands on your lower back and pushed up your sweater. He softly trailed his fingers over your skin and you pulled away breathlessly.

   “Bedroom.” You said. He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you to your room and dropped you down on your bed. He hovered over you and leaned down to whisper in your ear.

   “I’ve been waiting to have you to myself when I saw you on your knees in that bathroom.” You chuckled and kissed his nose 

   “Well then this is your wish come true isn’t it?”

   “Damn right.” He growled and attacked your lips again.

   Later that night you lied in bed next to Gerard, sharing a cigarette. He wrapped a sweaty arm around you.

   “I’m glad we ran into eachother.” You said turning into his side and closing your eyes. He nodded and took a final drag from his cig.

   “Me too.” He said stubbing it in the ashtray next to him and shutting his eyes.

   “Goodnight.” You said quietly He hummed in response and left it at that letting you both fall asleep in silence.


Request: Yes

       Anon: “ alright! can I request a 5sos imagine? more precisely: muke /or/ michael and yn /or/ mystal 😶 thanksss “

A/N: wow, first ever imagine!Thank you for the anon who requested a Michael imagine, altho he didn’t give me any detail on what kind of imagine exactly he wanted so I let myself write something with a little angst and fluff. hope you like it! Requests are open!

Pairing: Michael and Y/n

Summary:You and Michael have been fuck buddies for a while now. One day you go on a date with a guy and Michael gets super jelous.;)

Warnings: None except swearing

“You’re such a fucking slut Y/n. I don’t even understand why I’m still wasting my time on you!“ Yells Michael, his face full of anger. I look down already feeling the hot tears run down my cheeks. Is this what he really thinks?

 "Well then I’m gonna make your life a lot easier Mike! Good-motherfucking-bye Michael Clifford! I hope you have an amazing life” I yell and walk outside slamming the front door behind me and getting in my car starting the dive to my apartment.

 How did a simple talk about movies end up to that? Just as I said I want to have my life turn out with a perfect relationship, with the perfect guy, and that I’m still going on countless dates to find him.

 Michael exploded when he found out I was on a date again tonight saying that I’m basically a whore going on a date with every guy I see.

We’ve always had a weird relationship. When we first met and became friends, the sexual tension was so hard to handle that we somehow both agreed to become friends with benifits with the rule being that we can go on dates with other people but we can’t sleep with them.

Everything was going okay, until he started to get annoyed and angry evry time i mentioned a date.

Being friends with benifits was the best option.I’ve always had feeling for him but I know he doesn’t feel the same so I just was happy with what I had with him and tried to find someone that will make me forget the stupid feelings I have for Michael.

With a sigh I get out of my car and go to my apartment. Unlocking the door I get inside and throw myself on the couch wanting to forget evrything that happened and try to stop myself from crying. It’s so hard not to let my emotions take over, the guy I’ve had feelings for so long just basically rejected me and called me  whore. Has he always thought of me like that?

My thoughts are interrupted by loud banging feom my front door. Not wanting to deal with anyone at the moment I close my eyes hoping for the banging to stop soon.

“Y/n open the damn door!” yells a too familiar voice. Michael. What the hell is he doing here?

I slowly get up from the couch and go towards the door, debating if I even wanna open it.

Deciding to open it to get this over it I’m being roughly pushed against the wall the second the doors open. Holding me in a tight grip against the wall is a oanting Miachael. 

“What do you want? Didn’t you say enough erlier already?” i snap looking at anything else but him.

Instead of anwsering, he cups my jaw with his hand and leans in, so our noses are touching and says “I’m sorry, I’m sorry about what I said erlier, but I just don’t like the thought of you finding someone else, I know I was acting like a jelous asshole but that’s Because I can’t stand the thought of you with someone else.”

My eyes widen, hearing his words and I don’t know what to say.

“What I wanted to say Y/n, is that I love you, I’ve loved you for a while now and I know you might not feel the same way but I just thought you should know because I can’t keep it to myslf for much longer.So if you never want to see me again, that’s okay” Michael says looking deep into my eyes.

Wait.He loves me?

I smile slightly and tangle my hands in his hair pulling him in for a kiss, when our lips are milimiters away I say “I love you too, you idiot” 

I finally got what I wanted,  a happy ending.

Friends With Benifits

Hello, love bugs!

Warnings-Smut, Fluff, swears

Dan X Reader Smut

So I know that this wasn’t one of my older requests but I had a day and a half and the only thing to take me away was to write some good smut with Dan. Hopefully, I can get back into a rhythm. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Friends with benefits with Dan? Ayy i like your writing xx -Anonymous

Your phone dinged with the familiar ringtone of Dan. It was a Friday night and you had absolutely no plans for the evening. Well, that was before Dan had texted you asking for you to come over. You and Dan had been friends for over three years. Your deeper friendship had been going on for almost two. It started like most friends with benefits relationships start. You were both drunk and horny. He’s a hot man who you trusted and your a beautiful girl who he would trust his first born with. Stumbles and giggles were mixed with feverish kisses. The morning after filled with blushes and the usual “I’m not like that usually.” Then the awkward goodbye sealed with a kiss because it’s not like hours earlier the both of you were seeing each other in many different ways. The both of you hadn’t talked for nearly two weeks, waiting for the other person to text first. How could you let any of this break such a strong friendship? You broke the streak of not talking because if you waited another moment you might have started to really lose your mind.

“Daniel I can’t take it. We fucked and you know what it was fucking amazing. I miss our friendship. For almost a full year I have texted you every day.These two weeks are killing me. I know our friendship may never be the same because I saw your penis but like, I don’t know please just text me back or something.” Hours went by. Okay well honestly just a couple of minutes went by but it felt like hours before Dan finally replied. 

“Y/N, come over so we can talk. Don’t freak I am not friendship dumping you. I just need to talk this shit out in person. Please come over,” It took about four seconds before you grabbed your coat to get out the door. After a short ride on the tube, you finally make it over to Dan’s. Once you reached the door you honestly had to remember that the two of you were going through an awkward thing so you couldn't just walk into the apartment and make you way up to the lounge. How do you knock again? Is it weirder to ring the bell like the postman or is it better to knock the usual friendly rhythm.Before you could think any more on the subject your arm was already knocking before you could over think everything over and over again.

You were looking down at the floor practising the conversation when you felt the air push past you as Dan opened the door. There he was looking so sweet like his curly hair. He had clearly just gotten out of the shower as his hair still had little drips coming from the tips of the baby curls.

“Y/N, It’s good to see you. Listen, I mean please come in.” Dan had placed his hand on the back of his neck rubbing softly at the awkwardness. He had a small smile placed on his lips, Happy to see you but unsure of how to handle this situation. “Look I have never had to have this conversation before so let’s go sit and maybe have a warm drink.” You nodded your head pushing slightly past Dan to make your way up the stairs. 

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Friends w/benefits. Right?

Warning: Smut and cussing

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“Warren this, Warren that. Honestly (Y/N), if I didn’t know better I’d say you have a crush on the guy.” “I do not!” Peter laughs, “Sure.” “I’m not lying Peter. I do not like him that way.” “But you think of him that way.” You scrunch your eyebrows together in confusion, “What?” “You only said you don’t like him a certain way, you never said you don’t think of him in a certain way.” “You perve!” Peter puts his hands up surrendering, “Just sayin’.” “This conversation is over!” You get up and leave.

As you were storming off, you saw Warren in a group talking with some people. You signal him to come over towards you.

“Oooo, Warren. Your girlfriend wants you.” Scott teases. “She’s not my girlfriend.” He huffs. “Then vhat iz zhe? Vour vife?” Kurt asks. Scott pats Kurt on the back, “Never change Kurt. Never change.”

“What took you so long?” “Scott and Kurt. Anyways what do you need?” “I need you…” “Baby doll not here.” “Fine. Then let’s go to my room.” Warren snickers, “You’re demanding today.” “Peter was being an ass. Fuck me.” “Oh, I will…” He smirks.

When you got to your room, Warren immediately started stripping, you did the same. Then he pinned you to the bed. He bit your neck and made a mark on you. You moaned in response. ‘You like that don’t you?” “Y-yeah.” “That was just the beginning.”

The sex was great, but all good things must come to an end. Warren was getting dressed. You looked at the clock. 3:56 PM. Your roommate would be here any minute. Warren had to go. “Stay with me.” “You know I can’t (Y/N). those are the rules.” “R-right.” You felt like crying almost. “Get out of here before we’re caught.” Warren didn’t respond he just left. ‘Stupid, (Y/N)! Did you really think he’d stay for you?! He just likes having someone to fuck without any commitment. He couldn’t care less about you!’ You ran into your bathroom before your roommate got back so you could cover the hickeys and stop your tears. ‘I don’t give a fuck about him anyways.’ 

The next day you were avoiding warren at all costs. You wouldn’t even say his name. You were foolish to think nobody would notice because everyone noticed. “Hey (Y/N). What’s wrong with you? Did you get into a fight with Warren?” Scott asks. “N-not exactly…” “I heard he was going on a date with someone tonight. Is that why you’re upset?” Peter teases. “Whoever said I gave a shit about Warren? Honestly, what he does doesn’t concern me.” You lied. You do give a shit about Warren, and what he does, does concern you. 

“Hey, Scott have you seen (Y/N)? I haven’t seen her all day.” “She’s right here.” “Hey…” “Have you been avoiding me?” “Why would I do that?” “Because of what I said yesterday. Look, (Y/N) I… I really like you, and… Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is-” “You wanna fuck her?” If looks could kill Peter would have been murdered by not only you but Warren too. “Way to kill the moment Peter.” “Anyways, I don’t want to fuck you. At least not for a while, because I… I think I love you.” “Well fuck the rules, because I think I love you too, bird boy.” 

What are friends for (2/2)

Request: Hey could you do an imagine where y/n has just gone through a break up and Natasha (her best friend) helps her through it by being her fuck buddy?

AO3 comment: I wish you’d write more, maybe a friends with benifits to lovers sort of idea, maybe y/n falls in love and is scared to admit it.

A/n ok so this has been sitting on my file for MONTHS ! ! ! I finally decided to finish it for you guys (nsfw gifs)

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Ever since you became friends with benefits seven months ago your life has been perfect. You were no longer thinking about what’s his name and you’ve been having amazing sex with my best friend. The only problem was that you were starting to fall in love with her.

“Hey you” Natasha whispered into my ear as I was changing in the locker room. “Do you want to meet up later?”

“Meet up as in dinner as friends or meet up as I make you cum multiple times in one night?” You asked as you buttoned up your pants.

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Taegi FWB!

Just Taehyung and Yoongi having the healthiest friends with benifits ever, no unspoken jelousy and no angst like just domestic best friends who fuck.

It’s one of those perfect combinations of Yoongi having no filter and making sure Taehyung knows that Yoongi will cuddle with him anytime with no shame and Taehyung’s willingness to be patient with Yoongi when he tries to tell him his worries, never getting impatient.

And also they just really like fucking each other, fucking Yoongi against a wall or Yoongi tying Taehyung up so he can ride him agonizingly slow until Taehyung is pulling at the restraints and Yoongi can’t take teasing himself anymore. He will untie Taehyung and even if they have done this a thousand times Yoongi is always shocked how good of a fuck a pent up Taehyung is.

Sometimes they’ll be playing super smash brothers and Yoongi will talk about his date and Taehyung honestly never gets helous until Yoongi says that his new boy friends game may be better than Taehyungs.

“Like Taetae it’s big. As big as yours” Yoongi says dismissively with a smirk on his face because he really likes riling his Taehyung up.

“Hnnnn” Taehyung will whine. “I Thought I was the best?” Taehyungs big doe eyes and pout and Yoongi just smiles.

“How about we stop playing super smash brothers- and you-” Yoongi tries to flirt but after 2 years of casual fucking with Taehyung thats impossible.

“And we fuck?” Taehyung says excited, “Cool. Good plan” Taehyung is already turning of their D.S’s hauling Yoongi over his shoulder.

“No. I mean yes but I had his whole thing and I was gonna be super sexy and say let’s smash to break the mood~” Yoongi whines sulking against Taehyung’s back as he is draped over Taehyung’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry my baby bear” Taehyung throws Yoongi on the bed his soft and hapoy face turning dark and sexy almost instantly, “Got your message loud and clear, I’m gonna fuck you so hard-” Taehyung pauses to go close to Yoongi, “The next time his stump tries to fuck you, you’ll scream my name”

Creds to @taehyungs-sidehoe for the idea I just want some domestic fucking y'know XD

Down In The Forest

Pairing: Josh x Reader

Josh’s POV

I’ve been in love with Y/N for ever since  we first met on tour a few years ago, she was a friend of our photographer Brad. We hit it off instantly and grew to become close friends over the years but I can’t bring myself to tell her I’m in love with her. Tyler swears all the signs are there and that the feeling is mutual but I’m scared she doesn’t feel the same about me and I’ll loose her as a friend,  I rather have her in my life as a friend than not at all. Tyler and I are going camping this weekend at a neat little secluded camping ground he found down in the forest behind the creek near his childhood home and he encourages me to invite Y/N to come along.  I’m nervous as anything but decide to ask her to come with us while the three of us are out for lunch.

“Hey Y/N I was thinking me and Tyler are going camping this weekend and I thought you might like to come with us.” My voice shakes, and I nervously swirl my tongue around the inside of my mouth out of habit like I always do when I’m anxious.

“No it’s ok but thanks for the invite,you guys go I don’t wanna be a third wheel.” She says

“You won’t be!!!” Me and Tyler exclaim in unison.

“Wow ok geeze I’ll go.” She answers bewildered by our response, before taking a bite out of her Chalupa, I don’t know how she manages to look beautiful while stuffing Taco Bell in her face but she pulls it off somehow, a smile spreading on my face; she’s really coming with us.


We arrive at her house to pick her up around noon on Saturday, I help her pack her bag and tent into the car and we’re on our way, my heart racing the entire drive as she sits behind me in the backseat.

Upon reaching the campground we unload the car  and begin to set up our tents, I notice Y/N is struggling with hers.

“Go help her.” Tyler suggests in a whisper.

“Hey you look like you could use some help with that, here let me.” I say setting up her tent in a matter of minutes.

“Just when I thought I was an independent woman who doesn’t need a man in her life, guess you proved me wrong.” She laughs with a smile.

What was that? Was that flirting? No she was just making a joke, right ? Because she couldn’t do it right? Right? Is this one of the signs Tyler was referring to?  My mind is overwhelmed with questions.

“Yeah, I guess I did.” My nervous laughter filling the forest air. “Hey we’re gonna go swimming in the little man made lake as soon as we’re all settled you brought a bathing suit, right?

“I did, I wasn’t even sure if there was water nearby to swim but I bought it anyways figured I could lay out an tan at the least.”


At  the lake we set up a large blanket on the dirt-like sand, securing it with a rock in each corner, laying our towels and  other belongings on top. Y/N pulls off her beach cover up and begins applying sun screen on herself, I can’t help but stare, she looks like perfection in her tiny black 2-piece.

“Do you need some?” she asks catching me staring, and holds out the bottle to me.

“You look great!” I blurt out not meaning to, Tyler shoots me a look, as if to say I’m coming on too strong. I quickly tug off my NASA shirt, grab the sunscreen from her hand and try to pretend I didn’t just say that out loud.  

“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself.” She smiles and I swear I see her eyes trace over my V lines. My hands start shaking as I apply my sunscreen, struggling to cover my whole back. “You know for a drummer you really should have longer arms.” She teases, grabbing the sunscreen from my hands, squeezing some into her palm and slathering  it over my freckled skin. I look up at Tyler, and he smiles giving me a discrete thumbs up to let me know I’m not imagining this. “There. All set.” She says giving my back a pat.

We stay at the lake all day until the sun begins to set, then head back to the campsite to change and  roast hot dogs for dinner. “Ooooh I brought marshmallows” Y/N says when we finish dinner, running to her tent to retrieve them, and gathering sticks on the way back. She hands us each a stick and rips open the bag of marshmallows, taking one and passing the bag to Tyler and I. I’ve never really done this before and manage to burn mine almost immediately ; it melts off the stick falling into the fire with a crackling sound. “Here have mine.” Y/N says pulling her perfectly toasted marshmallow off her stick and bringing it to my lips. I open my mouth taking a bite, it burns my tongue slightly but I don’t even care, I take another bite my mouth grazing her sticky fingertips. She licks the sticky residue from her fingers, then brings her thumb to my lips wiping melted marshmallow from my bottom lip.

Determined, I quickly grab another marshmallow managing to roast is halfway decently and pull it from the stick. I look at Tyler and he smiles approvingly as he sips his Red Bull. “T-t-this ones for you.” I manage to spit out holding the marshmallow, she leans in and I feed it to her. Just as I pull away my hand she grasps me by the wrist, putting my finger in her mouth, sucking the sweetness from the tip. A jolt of pleasure courses through my body and I feel myself growing hard. “Well I’m exhausted from swimming all day so I think I’m gonna head to bed early if that’s ok with eveyone.” I say quickly excusing myself to my tent.

“I’m gonna head to bed too.” I hear Tyler call from the campfire, a bit of humor to his voice.

“Same.” Y/N calls

I can’t take it I pull out my cock and start stroking myself, thinking of her, when suddenly I hear her calling me. “JOSH… JOSH there’s a huge bug in my tent!!!” She exclaims  There’s no way I can get up to kill it right now so I cover myself with my sleeping bag and unzip my tent.

“You can sleep in mine.” I suggest bravely

“And you’re gonna sleep in mine with the bug?” She asks confused

“No way!, Get in here with me.” I smile, rolling my body with it still hard cock to face the back wall of the tent before lifting up the unzipped edge of the sleeping bag to let her in. She climbs in with me and in the moonlight I can see what the cool night air is doing to her nipples through her shirt, making me grow even harder. She lays down next to me her back facing mine and I decide It should be safe to finish what I started if I’m queit. I have to my cock is aching and throbbing, begging for release. I scoot as far to the edge of the air mattress as I can and stroke myself slowly as not to cause too much obvious movement, biting my lip to hold back moans, but once I get settled into a rhythm I notice the zipper making a jingling noise with every stroke.

“Do you want help with that?” Y/N asks as she rolls to face me and sits up.

“Y/N!!!…. I-I -I ….Ummm…” I stutter embarrassed ,but there’s no use making excuses I’ve been caught.  I take a deep breath….“Yes!” I gulp, grabbing her hand and placing in on my cock.

“Actually I had other ideas.” She says pulling off her shirt and panties throwing them behind her as she pulls back the sleeping bag and straddles me.

“Y/N are you sure? I ask with eyes wide. She nods slipping me into herself. She’s so wet, it feels so good knowing I did that to her. I slide my hands up to her hips pushing and pulling her against me, as she stables herself with her hands on my chest,  biting her lips to stifle moans; just as I was moments ago. I try, but I can’t hold back she feels to good and loud moans escape me, with her joining me letting them out as well; a chorus of moans filling the forest, her body moving in waves above me as she grinds down on my length inside her.

Suddenly we hear Tyler’s voice from his tent "So much for silence in the trees….” he laughs to himself, stopping us in our tracks. “Oh don’t stop on my account…continue.” Tyler teases. Y/N looks me in the eyes and we exchange a laugh before she continues to ride me. Just as I start  to cum disappointed in myself  that I didn’t make her cum  I feel her contract around my length, and I watch as her eyes close lightly and her head rolls back ,her mouth moaning my name, I cum hard bucking my hips up, filling her deep inside. She lays down on my chest, the tent now quiet nothing but our heavy breathing, the  dual drumbeats of our hearts, and the chirp of crickets can be heard.

She gets up to find her clothes.“Ughh yuck my shirts all wet, looks like it landed on your wet swim trunks from earlier.”

“Here you can wear this.” I say tossing her my NASA shirt. She slips it on and lays down next to me. She smells like Old spice, but I love smelling myself on her.

“Thank you, I ’ll make sure to wash it and have it back to you in no time.” She laughs knowing I wear that shirt all the time.

“Keep it.” I say

“But Josh you love this shirt…”

“I love you more.” I say, instantly regretting it what was I thinking, Just because she had sex with me doesn’t me she loves me , isn’t that the new thing everyone doing now ‘friends with benifits’ they call it.

“I love you too.” She says surprising me and placing a kiss on my lips.

“Really?” I ask

“Really! Always have.” She answers making me smile. “Josh I have a secret.”

“What it is?”

“There was no bug in my tent.”

You're Lonely

Slumping onto the bleachers, I let my backpack fall next to me. I hadn’t seemed no notice that it was poring rain outside, nearly freezing the air around me. I just needed to leave here. Leave the school, leave the country, just leave.
I was tired of going unnoticed. I was tired of hiding behind my books and glasses. I wanted to have friends and to have someone to care for me besides my family. I wanted a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, or even just a person to have sleepovers with on the weekends, but it seemed to be nearly impossible. Everyone had somebody, whether a best friend, a friend with benifits, or a partner, that they all forgot about me.
I was left alone here. I’ll always be alone here.
Not paying attention to the world around me, another existance brought me out of my trance. Turning my head to the right, I saw the profile of the captain of the lacross team, Harry Styles. He was by far the most breathtaking human being to ever exist, and knowing that he was here, next to me, made something inside of me brighten up.
I was staring so long I didn’t even acknowledge him looking at me. Blushing intensively, I looked back ahead of me, trying to clear my head.
“You dropped this in the wallway” Harry mumbled, turning all the pages of my journal in his hand by his thumb before placing it on my lap.
Fluttering my eyes closed, I knew I shouldn’t have been so stupid to think he actually wanted to talk to me. He probably didn’t even know who the hell I was, he probably just saw it fall out of my bag when he went to go to the bathroom or something.
I nodded my head, opening my eyes again to notice tears threatening to spill over.
“Thanks” I whispered, shoving it in my backpack before the rain destroys it.
Fixing my glasses from the tip of my nose, I looked back onto the feild, still feeling Harry’s intense gaze on me. It’s not that I felt uncomfortable, I felt more relieved that somebody was finally acknowledging my presence around here.
Ripping his gaze away from me, I could tell he was trying to say something. His eyes creased inward as his mouth fell open, quickly closing back into a tight line, trying to figure out what exactly to say.
“Are you okay? Like, do you need a ride home or something?” he asked.
I simply shook my head, letting loose tears fall freely down my cheeks, then mixing in woth the raindrops along my skin.
“I’m okay,” I whispered, more to myself than to him, “I’m okay.”
Shaking his head, Harry reached his thumb along my cheek, wipping away the mixture of my tears and rain.
“Look, I’m not good at giving advice, and I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but I promise you that it’s not the end of your life, okay? You have an entire lifetime ahead of you, full of happiness and joy. Okay?”
I nodded slowly, closing my eyes to his words. I loved hearing reassureance from someone other than my mother, and knowing that someone was currently caring for me made a smile develope on my face.
Harry gentley squeezed my cheek, leaning in to quickly graze his lips against my skin. My eyes widened, my gaze meeting his as he smiled, rubbing my cheek softly.
“You were never invisible to me, y/n”

Bokukuro friends with benifits

So I’m not sure if you wanted them dating or just their friendship, so I made friends with benefits hcs. Sorry if that wasn’t your request, you can request again more specifically. Thank you for the request, enjoy!

  • it happened accidentally
  • like they just decided to makeout
  • cuz why not
  • all bros do it right
  • and then they ended up really liking it
  • and decided why not do it ever day
  • their relationship is mostly intimate
  • they don’t really have those secret special moments that ever couple has
  • but they do have an amazing amount of fun together
  • like whenever when they’re with each other
  • they’re enjoying each other’s company
  • and it’s never awkard
  • which is probably why it’s such an easy relationship
  • cuz one of them always has some sort of prank to pull
  • but they never pull them on each other
  • because they’re bros
  • so they prank together
  • as bros would do
  • and when the prank goes according to plan
  • they celebrate with a hot makeout session
  • as bros would do
  • but their favorite passtime would probably be annoying Tsukishima
  • because who doesn’t want to annoy someone like Tsukishima
  • they also help each other pick up chicks
  • and by chicks I mean Kuroo helps Bokuto flirt with Akaashi
  • and Bokuto helps Kuroo at least get noticed by Kenma
  • also there are aggressive karaoke wars
  • because Bokuto bet that he could hit a high note
  • long story short
  • he could not
  • and his punishment was licking mustard off of a tiolet seat
  • Bokuto did not get a hot makeout session that night
My opinion on 'friends with benifits'.

 My overall opinion of ‘friends with benefits’ is that it’s bullshit.

 To me it’s a relationship with an escape clause, it doesn’t work, not for long anyway. Eventually, one or both parties gets hurt because it’s almost physically impossible to have a regular sexual relations with someone and not eventually form some sort of attachment to or feelings for that person. If you can have sex with someone on a regular basis for more than a few weeks and not see them as anything more as someone to achieve an orgasm with then there’s probably something deeper wrong with you psychologically.

 Humans are jealous creatures on the whole. If you spend a lot of time with someone and have something with that person, it’s completely natural to feel jealous when you see another person threatening to take what you have away. But we’re also programmed to fall in love, so to spend a lot of time with a person, naked (and for most people being completely naked with someone else takes at least a certain amount of trust) touching, kissing, orgasming (hopefully, if not then there is literally no point at all) and being generally physically intimate then it shouldn’t be a shock when someone catches feelings. With all that, someone is going to fall and when the other person decides its done, they’re crushed.

 What does that sound like to you…a relationship? exactly, 'friends with benefits’ doesn’t mean friends who have sex, in the old days it was a cute term for a relationship. Think about it friend ship, relation ship, what’s another word for sex? That’s right 'relations’.

 No matter how you want to dress it up, no matter how much you protest or what you say; 'If both are mature, if there’s a clear understanding’, it doesn’t work, feelings and emotions are beyond all of our control and maturity levels or what comes out of our mouth initially doesn’t mean shit when you fall for someone. 

Imagine being ‘friends with benifits’ with Sam

Requested by @pastelteabubbles

The set up was great.

You’d known Sam Wilson for years - having met in the military - and, soon after you got back home, the two of you had started your little arrangement.

The first time it happened, you’d had a few too many and you woke up with a banging headache and an aching between your legs.

After an embarrassing yet necessary conversation, you’d both agreed to try being ‘friends with benefits’. Neither of you were ready for any larger commitment, and you figured it would be better for the both of you- to have someone with shared life experiences.

Sam had called you over to his apartment twenty minutes ago, so you’d pulled on some nice underwear under your usual jeans and crew neck, and now you were standing at his door, waiting for him to let you in.

“Hey buddy,” you smiled as he opened the door, “Booty call or friend call?”

He laughed slightly, leading you through to the front room.

“Um, neither,” he said, leaning on the back of his couch.

You frowned, smiling confusedly, “What’s going on?”

“I- uh-,” he laughed slightly, shaking his head at his own nervousness, “Do you wanna go for dinner? A movie, maybe?”

“Are you… are you asking me out?” you asked, smiling at his bashfulness.

He nodded, seriously, “Yeah.”

You grinned, stepping forward and kissing him soundly.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Calum- Friends with Benefits

Request- Can you do an friends with benifits imagine with calum and y/n but they end up togheter and he leavs hickeys on her that the boys see before they know that their toghter, please :)

word  count- 1400+

Rating-  PG-13 ish

A/N-  here it is… hope everyone likes it! 


you climbed off of Calum and laid down next to him catching your breath

“i like it when you are on top" Calum said as he took off his used condom and tossed it in a bin not far from his bed. 

"it’s exhausting” was all you said 

“well who ever is on top has to do more work" 

"true…but i think its easier for you to be on top” you told him

“yeah..easier for you”

“no” you laughed “for me to be on top i have to lift myself up and down..and forward and backwards..and my legs have to be in uncomfortable  positions so i can lift myself and-” your sentence was cut off by calum cutting in 

“what i do isn’t easy” he said with a smile “but i guess it might be more comfortable” he finally agreed with you. 

you had been in a “friends with benefits” relationship with Calum for a few months and it had been amazing. you both had been friends a while and one night when you both had a little too much to drink you ended up sleeping together. the sex seemed to sober you both up and when you were done you were amazed at how good the sex had been. you both agreed that it was the best you had ever had. you didn’t know why but your bodies just worked together really well. it was his idea to be friends with benefits and at first you weren’t sure if it was a good idea or not but you knew you wanted more sex so you agreed. 

you just laid in his bed looking up at the ceiling like you always did after sex. this was the awkward part. you never knew if you should just immediately get up and leave or if it was okay to stay a while. after a few minuets of talking about if its harder to be a guy or a girl when on top during sex you both went silent. you decided it was time to get up. as you started to leave the bed you felt Calums hand wrap around your wrist. 

“you should stay..its really late” he told you and you agreed as you climbed back under the covers. when you first agreed to be in this arrangement sleeping over wasn’t allowed… but recently when ever you would try to leave Calum would always tell you that you could stay…but you never had before.  

it was hard because you knew you shouldn’t sleep over..but you wanted to. you would be lying if you said that you hadn’t developed feelings for Calum during this relationship. it was one of your biggest worries when you agreed to be friends with benefits. 

suddenly you decided it was a mistake to stay the night. sleeping next to him would only make your feelings for him grow. you got up quickly and tried to locate your clothing. 

“what are you doing?" Calum asked you since he had just told you to stay

"i think i should leave” you said as you put your bra back on. 

“why? you don’t have anything in the morning” he told you and he was right.

“i just think its best if we try to stick with our original know so things don’t get complicated” you said quietly. 

calum set up on the edge of the bed with his feet on the ground as he watched you dress. 

“things already are getting complicated…at least in my opinion” he admitted 

“what do you mean?” you asked since you weren’t completely sure what he meant

“i just mean that when we made our rules and this agreement… maybe we were unrealistic about things” he told you. 

you set down on the bed next to him. it surprised you that he had been thinking the same things as you..but you still weren’t sure if it was because of the same reasons. 

“unrealistic about not developing feelings?” you asked so that you knew what he was thinking. 

“yeah…i mean I’m only speaking for myself” he quietly said 

“well i guess we are both in the same situation” you said and thought you could see calum smile a little as he set next to you. 

“Michael warned me that you can’t ever really just have sex with someone…he said that no matter what feelings will develop” he told you.. you knew that the other guys knew about your relationship but you didn’t know that they had actually talked about it. 

“so what are we going to do?” you asked him since you really weren’t sure what he was thinking. 

“i don’t want to lose you" Calum admitted "maybe we could try being an actual couple..i mean we already have the sex figured out” he said with a small laugh and you laughed with him

“what if we don’t work well together as a real couple?” you asked since you really were concerned

“well we will keep it our secret for now…that way there is no pressure..and if it doesn’t work then at least we tried” he said and you agreed 

you got up and started to take the pieces of clothing off that you had put on earlier while calum moved back to his previous place in bed so he was laying down again. 

you climbed back under the covers but still felt uncomfortable… this was the first time you had actually spent the night with Calum and you weren’t sure what to do..should you get close to him..keep your distance…what if you kick have been known to kick in your sleep. you were pulled from your thoughts when you heard calum speak. 

“I’m cold…come closer” he said with as smile as he pulled your body closer to his. your body formed to his and you rested your head on his bare chest. you weren’t sure if trying to be together was a good idea or not..but it felt right.


it had been a a few weeks since the night you and calum decided to take the risk and try an actual relationship and things were going really good. 

one day you walked into the house to see all of the guys sitting together eating lunch. the other boys still didn’t know about you and calum being in an actual relationship yet so you had to make sure to not act too affectionate towards each other when you were all together. 

you had been friends with all of the boys for a while so it wasn’t weird to hang out with them even when you and calum started your friend with benefits relationship. 

you set down at the table and started talking to Luke when suddenly you felt someone touch your hair. 

“what are you doing?” you asked Ashton as he stood behind you holding your hair. 

“well calum said you two weren’t friends with benefits anymore…so i was wondering where you got these hickeys" 

you hand went to your neck immediately as you tried to hide them but it was too late. 

"that is none of your business” you told the two laughing boys as the other two heard stopped their conversation to see what was going on.

“hey calum and Michael… come see this" ashton said as the two boys got up and walked over to look at your neck.

there was probably 5 hickeys that they could see and you were feeling embarrassed.  

"oh wow…my bad" Calum says with out thinking.

all the boys and you suddenly looked at him and he realized his mistake.

"last week we asked if you guys were still fucking and you said no” Michael said

“well actually you asked if we were still friends with benefits…and we aren’ i didn’t lie” he

“I’m confused” Luke said and the other boys agreed

you and calum looked at each other before Calum decided to just tell them.

“well…we are together" Calum told them

"like actually together…in an actual relationship?" Ashton asked to clarify

"yep” you quickly replied…the way they were looking at the both of you was making you uncomfortable 

“cool” Michael said and the other guys just agreed and went back to what they were doing before.

Calum walked over and set next you while the other guys were busy talking about something random.

“so i think that wen’t well” he said as you just looked at the boys

“i expected them to..i don’t know..say something” you said.

“i guess they like the idea of us being together” he said with a shrug

“that’s good..because i sure like it” you said as you leaned in and kissed him.