friend till the end

  • FRIEND 1: *happy that Olenna was a badass till the very end*
  • FRIEND 2: *happy that Sam performed yet another heroic feat*
  • FRIEND 3: *happy that Cersei finally avenged her innocent daughter*
  • ME: *happy that after centuries of me wondering why everyone was happily ignoring a very important fact, somebody finally told Dany that on the contrary, she isn't the "rightful" ruler of anything because her claim rests solely on being the daughter of a king who was "rightfully" overthrown ages ago*

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hi mom i love your work so much!! and also can i request enemies to lovers with our precious red haired mark tuan?

to celebrate their come back!! and mark’s cute hair!! 

  • mark tuan,,,,,becomes a problem in your life because of one reason and one reason only
  • he thinks he’s jackson’s bestfriend
  • which is NOT the case,,,,,not since you spent your childhood with jackson. making fun of each other’s nicknames, scouring the streets for vendors who will give you free food, playing old arcade games, cheering jackson on in his first fencing competitions
  • you had been there through it all - just the way a best friend would 
  • and just because jackson was now an idol, with more than enough friends in korea, didn’t mean you still weren’t number one
  • even when they weren’t allowed to use phones, jackson hand wrote you letters - you were best friends till the end and he was going to debut to make his family proud but also to make you proud
  • so, finally after all four years of got7 doing well, you were visiting and seeing jackson for the first time in korea
  • and it was all going swell till you met mark,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and it was fine with got7, jaebum seemed more like an older brother - mature and serious, yugyeom and bambam like younger brothers - always looking to jackson for advice and laughs, youngjae was close but not too close, jinyoung seemed to be important to jackson and that was ok because it wasn’t like mark,,,,,,,,,,,
  • whose inside jokes resembled you and jacksons, who had no barrier when it came to closeness and who knew secrets about jackson that you thought only you knew,,,,,,,
  • you weren’t sure what irked you so much,,,,,,people could have more than one best friend,,,,,,you were happy jackson had a loving group of friends,,,,,,but mark freaking tuan
  • who jokingly sat beside you at the table when you all went out to eat and when you introduced yourself as jackson’s best friend went “so am i, and the rest of the world!”
  • you knew he was just being silly, jackson even assured you of this
  • but you weren’t going to lie - the idea of losing jackson stung a lot
  • it was your paranoia eating at you, the fear of being left by the person you considered closest - so you were taking it out on mark
  • cold shoulder, blank stares, all that jazz - but mark didn’t seem to take a hint
  • he smiled at you when you walked into a room, shrugged at your cold shoulders and told jackson he thought you were being ‘cute’
  • he was mocking you - you were sure - it made you dislike him more
  • until jackson finally broke and told you, as you two took a walk by the dorms
  • “you know he isn’t making fun of you.”
  • “who?”
  • you knew who, you just didn’t want to say it
  • “mark. he actually really likes you, and im not even talking in a friend way”
  • your head almost snapped off your neck when you turned to jackson
  • “excuse me?”
  • jackson sighs, stopping to lean against a wall you narrow your eyes and wait for him to explain
  • “i hate being in the middle of these thing-”
  • “jackson ive known you for like eighteen years, i know you love being in the middle of things.”
  • a hint of a smile creeps up on his face
  • “you’re right, i do. but basically mark has liked you since i told him about you. like the guys not very straightforward or talkative, but he isn’t subtle. he literally asked me if you were single the day your flight landed.”
  • you stare at jackson, eyes wide and mouth open in shock
  • jackson laughs and goes “im not even joking, since day one he’s been trying to flirt. why do you hate him so much? i mean ,,,,,”
  • you feel a shiver down your spine,,,,you didn’t want to tell jackson about these dumb feelings you’ve been having
  • “i just,,,,,,,he ,,,,,,,,, he’s your best friend in got7,,,,,,,,and i just,,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,im your best friend too,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • jackson stops you with a shake of his head
  • “you’re BOTH my best friends. no need to be jealous, im not going to love either on of you more - you should know im not that kind of person. what did you say, eighteen years?”
  • you scrunch up your nose, but hearing jackson say it makes you realize maybe your thinking was slightly,,,,,,much
  • but also - what the hell how were you supposed to know mark was interested in you,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “i just think you should give him a chance. he’s not bad. and believe me ive roomed with him enough to know that he’s got a pretty ni-”
  • you turn around with your hands on your ears,,,,,,jackson really has a way of saying tOO much sometimes 
  • but even through it, you hear him laughing as you walk away 
  • catching up with you, jackson wraps an arm around your shoulders - and it feels like a minute like you’re kids again
  • the next morning you find mark sitting on the couch, he’s got a controller in his hand and he’s lazily playing some kind of game
  • you take a moment to look at him - he,,,,,,,,,,is cute
  • with bright red hair, a cute smile, and this perpetual daydreamy look in his eyes
  • you wonder - he’s probably a good kisser right? ,,,,,,,,
  • walking over you take a seat beside him and mark pauses the game, one eyebrow lifted
  • “,,,,,,,,are you going to play that game all afternoon?” you ask, pretending to look vaguely interested at the screen
  • he sits ups, “if you have something better in mind, i wont be.”
  • you look at him and see a small smirk, jackson was right he’s not ‘straightforward’ but not subtle at all
  • you like it,,,,,,,,,it’s fun
  • “well,,,,,,,,,let’s see if what i have in mind is something you like?” you get up and mark follows suit, you take a hold of his hand and giggle as you lead him down the hall back to his room
  • you pass by jackson whose coming from the shower, eyeballing you two like oh?
  • but mark closes the door before jackson can say anything and winks.
  • turning to make his way to the kitchen, jinyoung asks jackson why he looks like he’s seen a ghost
  • “jinyoung, don’t get me wrong. i love my best friends, but i think they’re hooking up right now.”
  • jinyoung drops his piece of toast to the floor like what is going on in my house right now 

Eric’s wedding, the beautiful ceremony that showed off how Shinhwa’s friendship is goals to everyone including Kpop groups. Shinhwa members who have a long-lasting friendship that started when they were teens, & now they’re marrying off their leader. The six friends spent their teens, 20s, and 30s together, and now, they’re entering a new stage in their lives together, walking each other down the aisle. Everyone has a friend during each stage of life, but only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life. That’s a true friend, that’s Shinhwa. Sticking by each other at every stage in their lives despite life changes. The world changed a lot in 20 years but this friendship is eternal. 

On Eric’s wedding, the members shared this new stage of their lives together. They were surrounding Eric, celebrating the joyous day with him & happily cheering for him with bright & proud smiles on their faces. They were around him the whole time, making sure he feels relaxed & everything is going well. When Eric was feeling nervous, the members massaged his shoulders in a funny way, making him laugh so hard. Eric might be only son in his family, but life gifted him with the best 5 brothers he could ever ask for ♥ 

Eric’s best groomsmen where ALL 5 members of Shinhwa. Not only a member or two, not any other friend. But his best groomsmen were all of his Shinhwa brothers. He wanted them all to be beside him & share the precious moment with him as his true friends & brothers. And when the 5 groomsmen walked down the aisle with bridesmaids then stood beside Eric, that was one of the most heartwarming moments ever ♥

What’s better than being surrounded by such caring & loving true friends whom you know they’re genuinely happy for you.on your special day?.. The members happiness for Eric couldn’t be described in words. They were showering him with their love & support during the whole ceremony, making him laugh when he felt nervous. Junjin couldn’t contain his happiness & kept on kissing Eric on the cheek & the other members were loudly cheering for their beloved groom & expressing their happiness for him in every possible way that everyone at the wedding was pleased to witness such friendship.

We can say that Shinhwa’s friendship even surpassed the stage of being just friends, they reached the stage of becoming a REAL family. Seeing how all Shinhwa members bowed to Eric’s & Hyemi parents along with Eric & Hyemi as if they’re real members of Eric’s family. Such strong friendship that has family-like bonds.

The fact that Shinhwa members’ friendship has been lasting this long, despite life changes & obstacles, work, contracts, military service, & now marriage & soon parenthood, is really incredible. Maintaining such solid friendship throughout years & making sure they stick together so they can navigate through the waters of change is something that makes everyone in awe of such friendship in a kpop group. Every member in Shinhwa is truly blessed for being surrounded by such amazing and loving and supportive friends in his life. Goals indeed. 
What happened on Eric’s wedding & how the members were sticking together showed more & more evidence that this group is beyond being just a boyband. This is a true friendship that’s lasting for a lifetime. As true friends & real family, they’ll stick together till the end. Single or married, young or old, parents or grandparents, Shinhwa is forever. Ever-lasting friendship.  

Congratulations Eric & thank you Shinhwa for showing us another example of how amazing your friendship is. Let’s all grow old together, and waiting for the day when all members are married & Shinhwa juniors welcome the world so we have another team for our kids to stan :)
p.s.: I genuinely hope other Kpop groups will follow Shinhwa’s beautiful example when their members want to get married. Friendship is all that matters.


Day #123: All of Me

“When I first came here, I didn’t think I would stay. I was ambitious, power-hungry, and mean, and I did a lot of things I’m not proud of. A few good friends showed me the error of my ways, but it was you, Twilight, who taught me the most important lesson of all. I don’t need to be any of those things, ever again, because with you by my side I can do absolutely anything. You keep me grounded, you keep me safe, and you make me happier than I have been in my entire life. I vow to love and care for you, Twilight, and I will follow you to the ends of the earth, and far, far beyond.

But I vow to do it, even when it isn’t easy. I vow to be with you through the tough times and the rough patches. And even though things might not always be smooth sailing, I vow to work through all our problems together. I also promise to pour the milk for your cereal for you and try to help you when you’re doing one of your nightly planning sessions, even if you say you don’t want me, because I vow to understand you, even if we might be worlds apart. And while I can vow and promise a lot of things, there’s one thing I swear I’ll always be.

Twilight Sparkle, even if we’re married, I vow to always be your friend.”


“I knew there was something magic about you the first time we met, Sunset, but it took me a while to figure out exactly what it was. You took a shy, nervous girl who talked to her dog and made me who I am today: the happiest girl in this or any world. Without you around I don’t think I would even recognise myself anymore. You’ve saved me, Sunset, from the walls I built around myself, from a cruel and malevolent, world, and from my own demons. I sleep soundly, now, knowing that you’re right next to me and that I’m going to wake up next to you for the rest of my life. You’re beautiful, strong, and I love you more than words can ever express.

I vow to give my heart to you, because I’m certain you’ll keep it safe. I vow to let you handle some of my spreadsheets when needed and give you the cold side of the pillow. Well, sometimes. No matter what might happen, what crazy things we might argue with, I vow to be by your side and stand with you, not against you. I vow to give you the kindness you’ve shown me for so long. And while all those might just be words for now, I vow to make them true with my actions. I vow to love you, and I vow to be your friend till the end.”

[Vows written by the glorious @bestshipisfriendship & @deathscar. I’m not good at the sappy stuff, thanks guys!]

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Imagine being there when Steve finally talks to Bucky

Part 1- Imagine seeing Bucky pull Steve from the water   

Part 2 - Imagine waiting for Steve to wake up

Part 3- Imagine being there when Steve finally talks to Bucky

Part 4- Imagine being in the car with Bucky and Sam

Part 5 - Imagine helping Steve & Bucky escape the airport

Part 6 Imagine telling Tony where Steve was

Part 7 - Imagine Steve busting you out

Part 8 Imagine finding out about Tony’s parents

Part 9 - Imagine being in Wakanda with Steve and Bucky

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