friend till the end


Day #123: All of Me

“When I first came here, I didn’t think I would stay. I was ambitious, power-hungry, and mean, and I did a lot of things I’m not proud of. A few good friends showed me the error of my ways, but it was you, Twilight, who taught me the most important lesson of all. I don’t need to be any of those things, ever again, because with you by my side I can do absolutely anything. You keep me grounded, you keep me safe, and you make me happier than I have been in my entire life. I vow to love and care for you, Twilight, and I will follow you to the ends of the earth, and far, far beyond.

But I vow to do it, even when it isn’t easy. I vow to be with you through the tough times and the rough patches. And even though things might not always be smooth sailing, I vow to work through all our problems together. I also promise to pour the milk for your cereal for you and try to help you when you’re doing one of your nightly planning sessions, even if you say you don’t want me, because I vow to understand you, even if we might be worlds apart. And while I can vow and promise a lot of things, there’s one thing I swear I’ll always be.

Twilight Sparkle, even if we’re married, I vow to always be your friend.”


“I knew there was something magic about you the first time we met, Sunset, but it took me a while to figure out exactly what it was. You took a shy, nervous girl who talked to her dog and made me who I am today: the happiest girl in this or any world. Without you around I don’t think I would even recognise myself anymore. You’ve saved me, Sunset, from the walls I built around myself, from a cruel and malevolent, world, and from my own demons. I sleep soundly, now, knowing that you’re right next to me and that I’m going to wake up next to you for the rest of my life. You’re beautiful, strong, and I love you more than words can ever express.

I vow to give my heart to you, because I’m certain you’ll keep it safe. I vow to let you handle some of my spreadsheets when needed and give you the cold side of the pillow. Well, sometimes. No matter what might happen, what crazy things we might argue with, I vow to be by your side and stand with you, not against you. I vow to give you the kindness you’ve shown me for so long. And while all those might just be words for now, I vow to make them true with my actions. I vow to love you, and I vow to be your friend till the end.”

[Vows written by the glorious @bestshipisfriendship & @deathscar. I’m not good at the sappy stuff, thanks guys!]

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20 years, 30 years, until we die .. we will always be together, walking on the same road. Never apart, friends till the end.

Imagine being there when Steve finally talks to Bucky

Part 1- Imagine seeing Bucky pull Steve from the water  

Part 2 - Imagine waiting for Steve to wake up

Part 3- Imagine being there when Steve finally talks to Bucky

Part 4- Imagine being in the car with Bucky and Sam

Part 5 - Imagine helping Steve & Bucky escape the airport

Part 6 - Imagine telling Tony where Steve was

Part 7 - Imagine Steve busting you out

Part 8 - Imagine finding out about Tony’s parents

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Are you telling me an angel and a human can have a coexisting relationship like that, after years once they met

Are you telling me an angel and a human willingly helped give each other everything, body and soul

Are you telling me an angel and a human were just “friends” that protected each other ‘till no end because they cared about each other deeply

Wow is it me or does it sound like deja vu

Draco Malfoy // Bailando en tus Brazos

Bailando en tus brazos =
Dancing in your Arms

Colgando en tus manos =
Hanging on your hands

“Colgando en tus manos” ~ Carlos Baute ft. Marta Sanchez

Disclaimer: There’s no lyrics to follow. All of the lyrics in italics.

Author’s Note: I’m 100% Mexican and have learned some of the Spanish language, I understand it very well and can say a plethora of words in Spanish, but being born in the Americas despite the first language that I spoke the best was Spanish I’ve adapted to the English language, and kind of lost most of my Spanish speaking ability. Recently, I’ve gone back to Spanish language songs and fell in love with them. I thought that it’d be a good idea to create an Imagine with Spanish lyrics. So here is the final product and I hope you enjoy.

Warning(s): some bullying, make out session, if fluffy is a warning I don’t know what to tell you.


You were part Latin, your father was from Mexico being part Venezuelan and Mexican, while your mother was American. You have nourished and adapted to the Mexican culture and have learn most of the Spanish language.

No one that you knew of in your family possessed a magical ability, except your great ancestor, Ruben Robles, everyone in Mexico thought he was a child from hell and abandoned him from their village. His two parents decided to hide him and tried to repel his magical ability, almost making him an Obscurus. Your ancestor found a way to repel the obscures and live an old age.

Your father’s generation came to America, and decided to live in finally live in Europe once he had married your mother and had you and your twin brother. Your mother and father had no magical ability, nothing, not even a spark. You were a powerful young child, especially when your father was a great wizard enough to control his obscurus. So when you received a Hogwarts letter, your first letter, you were more than stunned with a pair of joyful parents, envious brother, and weary grandmother.

You’ve always thought of that first letter that made your stomach flutter. But right now your in fifth year, no such rule for mishaps, memories, and parties. You needed to make your family proud and graduate Hogwarts, as being the second wizard in your whole entire bloodline.

You sat in the compartment with a low smile, your silver nails chipping away at the nail polish, and your hair in a messy bun, some of the strands sticking to your forehead. Your green and silver tie tied flawlessly around your neck, the clatter of students chirping breezing through your ear. Your eyes rolled, head bobbing, your lips parting open into a sigh. The Slytherin Gang is here. Of course you were an outcast, because you were a muggleborn. A depraved, hideous muggleborn as they say. Most of the time you’ll speak Spanish in front of them, they’ll look at you with a spiteful, yet curious glare. Jokes on them, since it’s about them and they’re so clueless and empty minded that they can’t learn the Spanish language.

You grabbed a book instead like every year for the ninth time and did the same practice; open your book, pretend to read, listen to Draco Malfoy’s whining about Harry Potter, hear Pansy’s terrible flirting, glance at times at Blaise’s silent form, hear Crabbe and Goyle chomp down food, then go back to reading until we arrive at Hogwarts. It was like a biannual routine, it happened at the beginning and ending, but once you began reading, you hardly heard a peep from the Slytherin gang, perhaps a whisper or two, but nothing more.

You continued to read, not wanting to glance at them in case they caught you. Unfortunately, curiosity got the best of you, so your eyes traveled from the compelling words on the page to their feet, body, and then heads. You met eyes with one of them, the Slytherin Prince, himself. You thought that he was thinking and his eyes landed on you at this moment. So you looked down and continued to read, feeling a anxious vibe.

On your first year at Hogwarts, when the worn out hat was placed on your head, and the voice shouted the serpent house. Your heart and mind felt glee, it just happened to be a coincidence that you ended up in Slytherin.

Quizá no fue coincidencia encontrarme contigo

That’s until you got shamed. You mailed your parents about your first day and what house you got. Never the horrible parts and cons of being a Slytherin.

“L/N.” Draco said, everyone became quiet, you slowly looked upwards netting their looks. “Yes.” You replied with a slow voice. “What are you reading?” Draco coughed. “Fifty Shades of Grey.” You snorted, only joking, but then releasing they didn’t get it. “I mean, Witches of the Wicked West. It’s a great book to read I think myself, perhaps you should one day, Parkinson.“ You quirked, immediately regretting what had came out of your mouth. You took out your wand in quick action, as Pansy’s furious face was walking towards till a hand held her back. It was Blaise Zanbini. He had saved your life and face.

“Stop Parkinson. Perhaps you should read one day.” Blaise defended you, Pansy sneered at you and scoffed at Blaise, sitting herself back down. You looked at Blaise an mouthed a ‘thank you’, he nodded with a smile. “I’ve actually read a book similar to that, same author perhaps.” Draco blurted, you look at him with astonishment, “Was it called, Wizards of Winston?” You asked with a grin. Draco looked at you, “Yes. Yes, it is.”

“It’s by Charles Kemp. His wife created Witches of the Wicked West. Her name is Hannah Kemp. I’ve read both of the books, quite a depiction of what muggles think of us.” You respond. You both looked at each other with wide smile, a strawberry hue blush rising to both of your cheeks. You look away, “Even though her book is targeted towards female audience, I suggest you read it.” You hand the book of Draco. “I will. Thank you.” Draco stared at the cover. “You’re welcome.” You say. “Are you really gonna read that Dracy!” Pansy screeched. “Yes. I am.” Draco retorted.

Pansy huffed crossing her arms in annoyance and anger. You only looked out the window, until you made it to Hogwarts. You hoped this year would be different, but what are the odds it may be.

Tal vez esto lo hizo el destino
Quiero dormirme de nuevo en tu pecho

You had entered Hogwarts and sat down at the Slytherin table. Alone. As usual. The Weasley Twins usually told you to get to the Gryffindor table, but they weren’t here anymore and you were worried that the Gryffindor table will yell at you. You played around with your food, feeling a tap on your shoulder. It was Ginny Weasley, she gave you a small smile. “Would you like to sit with us? You’ve gotten along with my older brothers Fred and George so well, so might as well keep going.” Ginny quieted. “Thank you.” You whisper. “No problem.” Ginny looked back at you.

“Y/N.” Ron said. “Hi Ron.” You chirped. Hermione grinned and hugged you, “So your Y/N L/N. It’s nice to meet you.” Hermione said. “Nice to meet you too. All of you and thank you for allowing me to sit with you all.” You told the group. “Don’t worry about it.” Harry told you. You felt some tears rush to your eyes, you wiped the moisture away and smiled widely. “Ronald stop eating so much!” Hermione smacked Ron on the back of his head. You and Ginny laughed at them.

“L/N. What are you doing here?” Draco glared at the Golden Trio and Ginny. “I’m eating.” You tell him. “With friends.” You finish your sentence. “L/N, you belong to Slytherin, so eat at your correct house.” Draco told you. “What control do you have over me?! I’m gonna stay here and eat here, I have no reason to be at the Slytherin table.” You pout.

“Estás loco que crees que voy contigo.” You mutter.


“You’re crazy, you think I’m going with you.”

Draco eyes falter, “No, you don’t. But I do have a reason you should.”

“¿E que es?” You scowl.


“And what is it?”

“What?” Draco looks at you with utter confusion. “What is it?” You sigh. “To talk to me a-about the book. I’d like to share my opinions w-with you.” Draco stammered. “That’s it?” You say. “Yeah.” Draco shrugs. “Alright. I’ll go sit by you, if… You never bother my friends till the end of the school year.“ You proposed, attaching strings to the deal and him as if he were a puppet.

“Deal.” Draco sighed. You smiled shaking his hand. “I’ll be able to have lunch with you in another time, thank you for the invitation. Really, that’s one of the nicest thing anyone has done for me in awhile.” You told the group. “You’re welcome. And your always welcomed to come sit with us.” Ginny said, they all nodded at you. “Thank you.” You whispered.

“So tell me what chapter are you on?” You asked him. “Chapter seven.” Draco answered. “Wow, quick reader aren’t you?” You sheepishly grinned. “Yeah.” Draco replied. You two sat down at the Slytherin table, receiving nice greetings from Draco’s friends, except Pansy Parkinson. Pansy sneered and glared at you, after you looked at her she gave you a wrenching smile. You smiled sweetly in disgust at her. Draco began to talk to you and tell you his favorite parts, you usually only did this with Hermione

After a day, an owl came in with a book. It was your book, you smiled, grabbed the book and opened the cover, there was a letter in there.

‘Dear Y/N,
Thank you for letting me read the book. It was an extraordinary read and I’m glad you let me read it. Your opinions are strong and it was nice to talk to you. By being so kind I did you a risky favor.

Thank you,

You looked back at the book and found the signature of the author and her husband with their own personal message. You teared up, this was amazing, that even someone did this for you let alone Draco Malfoy.

You closed the book and feed the owl. Letting it gracefully fly away to its owner. Sadly, after that letter the two of you didn’t talk anymore. You always sat at the Gryffindor table where everyone was used to you being there.

Your father sent you an MP3 player after your birthday, you turned it on seeing some music displayed on their. There were some English music, but it was mostly filled with Hispanic songs. You listened to them, memorizing the lyrics and singing along after a while. You started to dance, as a young girl you went to festivals and danced your father taught you since you were a toddler. Right now, it is kind of odd dancing how I am since you need a partner. You sighed and decided to not embarrass yourself furthermore and just listened to the music.

You began obsessing over all the songs. They calmed you and helped you concentrate.

You walked the corridors in search of your MP3 player, which you lost. You then found it, a song was playing though. A person was humming along to it, you took a peek closer and saw hands on a piano. You began to sing the song softly, you walked over there to see if the man or woman would notice you. Your eyes widened when you realized it was Draco Malfoy.

“Malfoy.” You said, his eyes opened and he jumped back. “L/N.” Draco breathed. “You like the song?” You asked Draco. “Well, yes, but I don’t understand it.” Draco replied. “It’s in Spanish silly.” You took the MP3 player and changed the song. You then walked to Draco and took one of his hands and put one hand on his shoulder. He followed along putting his empty hand on your waist. His touch felt warm, delicate it made your heart flutter, your head spin, and your stomach twist.

Y después me despierten tus besos
Tu sexto sentido sueña conmigo
Sé que pronto estaremos unidos
Esa sonrisa traviesa que vive conmigo Sé que pronto en tu camino
Sabes que estoy colgando en tus manos
Así que no me dejes caer

“You know that I’m hanging in your arms.” You sing, translating some of the lyrics. You danced his eyes looking into your, he spun you, then dipped you.

Sabes que estoy colgando en tus manos
Te envío poemas de mi puño y letra
Te envío canciones de 4 40
Te envío las fotos cenando en Marbella
Y cuando estuvimos por Venezuela
Y así me recuerdes y tengas presente
Que mi corazón está colgando en tus manos

“You sing beautifully Y/N.” Draco complimented me. You blush, “Thank you.”

Cuidado, cuidado
Que mi corazón está colgando en tus manos
No perderé la esperanza de hablar contigo

No me importa qué dice el destino
Quiero tener tu fragancia conmigo

“I do not care what destiny says. I want to have your fragrance with me.” You chirped, still singing out loud. “Don’t let me fall.” You whisper into his ear. “I wont.” Draco whispered back. His face close to yours, his breath was warm with an apple scent. You both moved to the rhythm, helping Draco along.

Cuidado, mucho cuidado
Lo quiero todo, verte y tus labios, tu cariño no prohibido, ay
Te envío poemas de mi puño y letra
Te envío canciones de 4 40
Te envío las fotos cenando en Marbella
Y cuando estuvimos por Venezuela
Y así, así me recuerdes y tengas presente

“So you play the piano?” You ask him. “Yes.” Draco twirls you around. “And you stole my MP3 player?” You beam, giggling a bit. Draco laughs, “I found it and then found all the voices and freaked out at first, but then listened to it. I played along to the voices.” Draco responded. “Surprises me since it’s a muggle device.” You told him. “Pretty creative muggle device.” Draco gripped onto your waist tightly. “I know.” You turn around your back against his chest, your hands intertwining hugging the sides of your hips.

Que mi corazón esta colgando en tus manos
Cuidado, cuidado
Que mi corazón está colgando en tus manos
Que mi corazón está colgando en tus manos
Que mi corazón está colgando en tus manos

“That my heart is hanging in your hands.” You finished singing. Draco turned you around and pushing you against a wall, his lips clashing with yours. His tongue poking at your lips for an entrance. You part your lips, his tongue entering. Your hands tugging at his hair, his hands roaming your body, you grind your hips against his. You both moan, and then pull apart.

“Oh no your wrong darling, I’m holding onto your heart, forever.” Draco commented, putting his lips on yours again. You didn’t protest, you just pulled back. “You won’t drop it?” You question. “Never. And I’m going to hold onto it, even after marriage.” He smiled, you giggled and placed your lips back on his.
See Darren Criss as Music Meister in 'Flash'-'Supergirl' Crossover First Look
Meet your Music Meister! During the upcoming Flash-Supergirl musical crossover, Darren Criss makes his debut as the DC Comics villain who causes his victims to break out into song .

March 7, 2017

After being whammied by the Music Meister, Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Barry (Grant Gustin) find themselves trapped in an alternate reality in which life is like a movie musical. The only way to wake up? Follow the Meister’s script till the end. Kara and Barry’s friends are all characters within the movie, hence Winn (Jeremy Jordan) tickling the keys during a group number — which we reveal in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Vocaloid Sentence Starters

“I don’t want to sleep all alone.”

“I can’t get a grip, but I can’t let go”

“I’m black, then I’m white, No! Something isn’t right!”

“I fell into a warm dream. When I woke, it was after I lost you.”  

“I know myself, but I feel barely sane.”

“Please just know that you are what I want, and I know that’s not a mistake.”

“Even if I’m just a friend, I will follow you till the very end”

“H-h-h-hey, hey, a moment please?”

“Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?”

“You know, the truth is…No, I’m too afraid after all.”

“I’m not really saying anything selfish, I want you to think from your heart that I’m cute.”

“Keeping me waiting is out of the question. Who do you think I am?”

“This town, alone, I feel it like a brilliant light.”

“My ears are ringing. I can’t make it stop.”

“Last night I dreamed of everyone suddenly gone.”

“It’s time to say goodbye.”

“I still love you, I don’t wanna be apart from you.”

“Goodbye, my sweetheart. It’s over.”

“If it’s a love that doesn’t allow me to be myself, I should just simply shatter it.”

“Show me the moment you break down, my personal marionette.”

“I shall entrance you with a never-ending nightmare, until all your senses grow numb.”

“Even when it’s raining, I don’t use an umbrella.”

“Does anyone wish that I were alive, so undesirable I am in this body?”

“Being on your own is surely lonely.”

“Not too much or too little, not inconvenient, that’s how I’ve been living.”

“As always, I can’t solve yesterday’s homework.”

“What the heck does it mean to be an “adult” in the first place?”