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Togata Mirio & Hadou Nejire


Natsume’s Book of Friends Character Spotlight: Uncle Shigeru

Nastume has come a long way from the scared young man we met in the first volume, and a lot of that has to do with him coming to terms with his powers through his interactions with yokai and with the help of his various friends. But it also has much to do with the stable home he has with Aunt Tôko and Uncle Shigeru. He knows, no matter what happens, that he has a place where he belongs.

We mostly see his relationship with Aunt Tôko, but let’s not forget the pivotal role Uncle Shigeru played in rescuing Natsume from his situation as unwanted and unloved surplus relative. He was the first person to want embrace Natsume since his parents died.

Shigeru can’t rest after seeing the isolated Natsume at a family event, and even starts to make room in the house for the child before he’s fully made up his mind to offer Natsume a place. It’s an almost instinctive expression of protection. 

And once Natsume joins the household, whenever we do see Shigeru, he is taking an active interest in Natsume’s happiness–wether it’s making sure he gets enough to eat to helping him build flowerbeds in the yard. Shigeru might not have a flashy relationship with Natsume, but it is one he can trust and one he knows will last. 

-Editor Pancha

Volume 20 is in bookstores now!


Request from littlee-cutiee: Thann u so much for the Jay scenario tour it was amazing😍💕if i can and if its possible for you could u to again a Jay Park scenario were we are both idols and we are in a award show and i fainted on stage? If its possible dont over work to muh or if u dont like to write such scenarios just say it to me it will be oke💕💕keep it up with the work and i love ur blog💕💕stay strong🦄 

“Do you know what you’re going to say when you win?” your best friend asked you. You were in the changing rooms getting ready to attend your first ever award show. You have been nominated for Song of the Summer award. “Of course I do! But I don’t want to jinx it,” you said as you checked yourself out for the last time before heading out.

You sat next to your best friend along with the other artists. You gaze around the hall and saw a glimpse of AOMG across the room. You don’t really know any of them personally except for Gray. Gray was the one who produced your song. The same song that was nominated tonight. Gray saw you looking at him and he waved at you. You waved back before the person next to Gray poked his head in front of Gray’s face. It was Jay Park. You smiled politely before turning your head back to the stage.


“I think you’re up next, [Y/N]. Fingers crossed you win it!,” your best friend told you. 

You watched the stage to see who was going to present the award. You focused your eyes and saw the presenter was no other than Jay Park himself. Makes sense since he won the same award last year. 

Jay proceeded to introduced himself, provided a brief explanation of the award and he slipped in a few jokes here and there. 

“I’ve talked enough for tonight so let’s see the nominees for the Song of the Summer award. You watch the screen as they played the slideshow of all the nominees. When it got to you, you smiled and still couldn’t believe where you were at that time. Your heart was pounding and you could feel your hands getting sweaty. You looked over at Gray again and he gave you a thumbs up.

Once the slideshow was done, Jay opened the envelope. “And the winner for the Song of the Summer is……[Y/N]!” 

The camera panned to you and you were starstruck. You smiled happily as you got up. The audience stood up and applauded as you made your way up. You hoped you didn’t trip on the steps since your dress was flowing past your heels. You lifted the hems of the dress up a bit and just as you took a few steps up, Jay was standing there. He put his hand out for you to grab it. And you did. He helped you up the stairs and guided you to the podium. You thanked him by giving him a hug. Before pulling back, he whispered, “You deserve it, [Y/N]” into your ears. 

You turned your attention back to the podium and got closer to the microphone. You adjusted the microphone and took a deep breathe. The heat from the spotlight was burning your face.  Everyone was now quiet so you could hear yourself breathing. You knew what you were going to say if you won the award but at that moment, you had a brain fart. You couldn’t remember what you wanted to say. You looked around to find your best friend but the spotlight made it difficult to see her face. Your breathing was now getting more rapid and you couldn’t control it. Your hands began to shake uncontrollably and you nearly dropped the award before someone’s hand was on your shoulders. You looked right and saw it belonged to Jay. He smiled at you before saying something. You could see his mouth moving but no voice was coming out. Before you know, you blacked out.


“I hope she is okay”

“Of course she will be. The doctor said she was just overwhelmed”

“Give her some space guys”.

“Someone go get some water for [Y/N]” 

You slowly opened your eyes and tried to see what was going on. You could feel someone’s hand holding onto yours. 

“See! I told you she would be fine”

“Quiet, Simon! Lower your voice”

You opened your eyes fully and the first person you saw was Jay Park. He let out a sigh of relief as he saw you looking at him. You look around and saw your best friend sitting on the opposite side. She too smiled at you. 

“Where am I?” you asked. “You’re in your changing room. Do you remember what happened?” your best friend asked. You thought back and the last thing you saw was Jay. “I remember looking at you and then everything went black”. Jay let out a smile and he held onto your hand tighter. 

“You were accepting your award when you fainted. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. The doctor told us you were just feeling overwhelmed. He said you should drink lots of water,” Jay explained. “I fainted? Great, now I’m going to be a meme,” you joked. Gray came up to you and handed you a glass of water, “Lucky Jay was there to catch you”. You chuckled quietly and looked over to Jay. “Thanks Jay. I owe you one”. Jay rubbed your hand and said “I’m down for dinner, if you are”. 

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Friend:</b> Hey, what apps do you mostly use?<p/><b>Me:</b> I mostly use Voltage inc. Apps.<p/><b>Friend:</b> What's that? Is it a game or something?<p/><b>Me:</b> yeah, a game that makes you suffer and losing your precious money.<p/></p><p/></p>

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Could you do some hcs on Jared's daughter being at Coachella?

She uses it as a chance to blend in and let loose and have fun with her friends away from the spotlight her dad brings.

Jared knows how important that is, so he keeps his distance but still texts her constantly making sure she’s okay.

Her and her friends say fuck vip like her dad takes and want to have the experience of being in the mix.

Jared loves that she’s taking an interest in music and getting enjoyment out of it.

She stops by the black fuel booth to support her uncle.

Jared doesn’t want to let her leave but can’t stop smiling from how happy she is.


My Hometown, Clementine von Radics 

“My Hometown is mostly rednecks.”

I read this poem about my hometown in my hometown. It was weird and amazing. 

This poem isn’t in any of my books. I only perform it live. Check it out!

Author Spotlight: controlofwhatido day 2

Welcome to day 2 where @controlofwhatido takes on reccing favourites of her own fic and giving us a sneak peek through some excerpts.

Day 2: Recs!

Come Take My Hand Now (mpreg!Blaine)

This is probably my pride and joy. I wrote it as a reaction to 4x14 and 18k words never came so easily. I still want to write a sequel, but that’s a ways down my writing to-do list right now. I was inspired to write it, because, well… the idea of Blaine getting pregnant from the wedding hookup, to having to deal with it on his own, to working on his relationship with Kurt because of it… I couldn’t stop thinking about all of that so I had to write it. Somehow, even though it’s mpreg, it’s my most popular fic. I had so many people come and tell me that they don’t ever read mpreg, but they love this fic.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part, but I am fond of the imagery right here:

Summer sucks. Being twenty-three weeks pregnant sucks. Everything sucks. Blaine is hot and uncomfortable and horny and huge and hot. He groans, flips his body pillow over to the cool side and changes the channel on the TV.

“Wow, okay – didn’t realize it was clothing optional today,” Kurt says, appearing in the doorway to Blaine’s bedroom.

hot,” Blaine whines, shifting his legs so his thighs aren’t touching, which puts his crotch on display for Kurt. “And I’m still wearing underwear, I’m not completely naked.”

“Blaine,” Kurt says, laughing and crawling up on the bed. He trails his fingers along the waistband of Blaine’s briefs, which is tucked right under his round belly. “These aren’t really leaving much to the imagination.”

The Way You Touch Me

This was my first (and only) attempt at writing for a gkm prompt. I wish I could’ve done more, because oh man I ran into SO many great prompts. It hit all the right places (virgin, but confident, Blaine who meets Kurt who is not a virgin, but still knows little to nothing about sex) so I just had to try my hand at writing it. I love the idea of Blaine slowly teaching Kurt how enjoyable sex can be, through different stages. It was a lot of sex to write, but I think it turned out pretty well.

I grabbed this part for a quote because it’s just after their first orgasm together, and it really starts ramping up after this:

“I’m – “ Kurt pauses and turns his head to kiss Blaine’s temple. “Thank you, that was – I had no idea I could feel like th-that,” he mumbles quietly, his lips grazing Blaine’s skin as he talks.

Blaine pushes himself up so he can look Kurt in the eyes. He feels his heart squeeze in his chest because all he sees in Kurt’s eyes is trust and something else – he can’t quite tell. “I will always, always make you feel good, okay?” He kisses across Kurt’s forehead and down to his cheeks. “And if… if you want to go further at some point, just tell me. I want to teach you everything I know.”

“Y-yes,” Kurt says, nodding, sliding his hands up to the back of Blaine’s neck. “I think… I’d like that.”

Lovers And Secret Worlds

I wrote this for the Klaine Reverse Bang in 2012. It seems like ages ago, wow. I still love it. I hadn’t ever written a “historical” AU (this one is set in the 1920’s) and it was so much fun to write with slightly different language tweaks and mannerisms. The art drew me in immediately, and I just ran with the idea of Blaine being more on the well-to-do side and Kurt being his stable hand. I also loved writing the secrecy and forbidden love, too.

This quote is just one of the many that I still think fondly of, especially since at this point, Blaine has no idea that Kurt “leans” his way, too:

“If I may, you sing really well.”

His heart leaps into his throat and he feels as if he has to swallow it down before he can speak – he hadn’t even heard Kurt approach, he had been so caught up in caring for Warbler and his song. “Th-thank you. You do, too.”

Kurt’s eyes widen and he takes a quick step backward. “You’ve heard me sing, Mr. Anderson?”

“I – yes, the first day we met? You were singing as I walked down here – your voice, it’s remarkable,” Blaine says, and he furrows his eyebrows when Kurt takes another step away from him. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No, I,” Kurt says and diverts his eyes to Shortcake. He reaches up to pet her neck. “No one has heard me sing since – well, no matter. I should get going. I have other chores to do.”

“Wait,” Blaine says and almost reaches out for Kurt. Suddenly all he wants to do is wrap Kurt up in his arms and maybe kiss him but he knows he can’t do that – could never do that. Kurt would never want that, of course not. He thinks maybe Kurt is with Brittany and that’s okay, Blaine can keep his longings and desires to himself. He just needs to work on his self-control. “You don’t have to rush away all the time. I would like it very much… if we could be friends?”

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There was an anon asking about reading the comics for free: this can be done legally if you get the hoopla app, select your local library and put in a valid library card and pin number. I don't think they have season 11 yet, but they've got all the others.

(about this)

Thank you! So here’s a cool option for those who have a library account in USA or Canada! Included Buffyverse titles are listed below:

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Okay, I just have to say this, and I know a lot of you are going to send me death threats after this, but whatever…

I’m fucking tired of teen wolf fandom, tired about the shippers, tired about the producers, tired about the whole show.

I started to watch teen wolf since the very beginning, and believe it or not, this whole time I watched it I wasn’t ‘in’ this shipping stuff since a year and a half more or less.

I didn’t ship anyone with anyone, or actually: I didn’t care, I didn’t payed attention to that.

Scott could be with Allison, or not, Stiles could be with Cora or Lydia, Lydia could be with Aiden or with Jackson… I didn’t care about it.

I was there to watch the plot, to watch the new supernatural creatures they implement, to watch Scott (the actual main character) learn to be a werewolf, to watch him fight hunters, alphas, darach’s etc.

The show was called Teen Wolf so I decided to watch it because I love werewolves, I love all the mystic and supernatural creatures (except vampires, I hate them).

What I didn’t like since the very beginning was how the producers intended to make a romantic scene.

It was like, OK someone’s dying but let’s make them kiss…. But whatever, like I said I didn’t even knew about the existence of sterek, scallison, stydia and stuff.

It’s not that I didn’t knew what “shipping” meant, at that moment I was shipping a few couples, but from other shows.

I realised about this whole shipping war when I was searching for pictures of Malia.

I felt in love with her character since the beginning, and I thought that Stiles and Malia were cute, but that’s it I wasn’t a maniac for them or anything.

When I searched for Malia’s pics I saw the hate she and Shelley were getting… From who? The so called “stydia shippers”.

That’s when I realised how toxic this fandom was, and yes, I like stiles and Malia together, I am a stalia shipper, but if they brake up I’m okay if they are okay…. If they find another person to be happy with, I’m okay with that also.

Maybe I’m a stalia shipper because they were actually canon, at least, not a fantasy ship that’s only in the imagination of the shippers (ups!)

But I am anti stydia. You know why?

It’s not because I’m a stalia shipper, I could care less with whom stiles is, the reason why I hate SALTY stydia shippers it’s because they are the worst part of the fandom, they are cyber bullies, they are salty about everything.
(I’m talking about the great majority, not all of them)

They send death threats to the actors and actresses that play characters that are in the way of their ship.

They accuse Malia of fucking RAPE, of being abussive, of having the mind of an 8 year old, of being a slut.

How can you even said that??? Are you stupid or what? And no, stiles wasn’t sedated because he was READING AND SEARCHING FILES BEFORE SO DONT EVEN TRY TO SAY THAT DONT BE STUPID.

And it’s not like Malia was retarded or something, maybe she spent 8 years in the woods, but maturity does come anyway, you know? Unless you are having a mental issue.

They accuse Jordan Parrish of being a pedophile, even though Lydia has 18 years, of being a freak and dirty minded even thought he can control his allucinations, even thought that it’s Lydia the one creating them because she is calling after him.

Excuse me but I’m 19 and my boyfriend it’s 25, my parents accept him and they know how much he respects me and loves me, we’re dating for 3 years, are you going to say me that’s wrong? P L E A S E… Stop being jelouse

I have many other friends that are dating older guys, my mother’s best friend and her husband had a 13 year age gap… So stfu.

The age doesn’t matter if he or she is a good person.. You can be with a person that has your same age and he/she can be a jerk to you.

Besides: JEFF FUCKING DAVIS confirmed that LYDIA has feelings for Jordan. It’s not one sided.

They fight even with OTHER FANDOMS to claim that their ship it’s better, like what in hell? I recently read a lot of posts of bamon shippers (from TVD) complaining about salty and stupid stydia shippers, just because bamon was winning some poll or whatever.

And I’m so ashamed of them because they make people hate on TEENWOLF fandom, not just stydia shippers.

It’s like they’re fucking blind, romanticising scenes with no reason… You know that smile after Stiles said Allison save Scott was for Allison, RIGHT?! Or you are watching another show? It’s fucking ridiculous I swear I just ashamed of humanity with all the stuff they said.

The other reason: producers and social account managers are unprofessional as fuck.

It’s very clear that teen wolf it’s going downhill, and fast.

So Jeff Davis, instead of being a good producer and create new and innovating plots to gain viewers, he decides for the easiest way to 'gain’ them, by baiting stydia shippers, focusing on Stiles story line, on Lydia storyline, and leaving THE FUCKING MAIN CHARACTER SCOTT MCCALL like a secondary character, and giving so little screen time to other characters like Kira, Malia, Parrish, Liam…

That’s why I like other shows more: CW Supernatural, for example, STICKS to the plot, there are ships and there are ship wars, but the fandom it’s worried about the fucking plot, the fandom is interested in the plot, and they watch the show FOR THE PLOT.

And unlike Jeff, when supernatural went down hill around season 7 they didn’t make destiel happen, they INNOVATED the plot, like professionals producers do.

They let social media disrespect other characters: PeaceOutKira/ Malia Who?


The Twitter, Instagram and I think tumblr manager only promotes STYDIA. NOT EVEN SCOTT I MEAN WHAT IN HECK??? Aren’t you supposed to be PROFESSIONAL?

Other reason:
Stydia shippers are like fucking starving dogs, they are unsaciable

Jeff, do you really think that you are going to make stydia happen and they would leave you alone?

Yeah right. Keep dreaming.

If stydia happened, the shows name it’s going to be switched to Teen Stydia.


Let’s suppose Jeff makes stydia. Stydia shippers are going to be happy for a episode or two, and then they’re going to ask for more kisses, more cuddling, more ridiculous hand holding, more dates more fluff and then an Mtv article it’s going to go out saying:

Mtv producer Jeff Davis promises EVEN FUCKING MORE STYDIA YEIII!!!
Scott McCall who?!

I’m right and you know it.

Stydia it’s ruining the show, when the whole pack it’s in danger producers give us 5 fucking minutes of stydia handholding, of stares, of stupid fucking things I don’t give a shit about.

They only focuse in that now because stydia shippers are so annoying they don’t know what to do. Because they’re desperate for more viewers, and they are so BLIND they do not realise they are going to lose even more viewers because of this pathetic stuff.

Why I don’t like teen wolf anymore:

First, they keep ignoring characters, to give Stiles (the main character best friend) the spotlight.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to love stiles he was a great COMPANY for Scott, because that’s what he’s supposed to be, a companion, someone who is to help Scott with his problems. Actually Scott is batman and Stiles fucking Robin.

I get that now Dylan O'Brien is way more famous than the others, but that doesn’t mean to just pretend Scott doesn’t exists.

The “spoilers” of season 6 or what Jeff teased about it where practically ALL ABOUT STILES.

This season was about his problems, his feelings, his shit.

Am I getting this show wrong or what?? As far as I understood… It was supposed to be about the beast and the hellhound fight, and how Scott and the pack tried to figure out how to help Parrish and defeat the beast, right?? Then why a got almost 20 minutes each episode of how stiles felt so betrayed because Scott believed Theo even thought he believed him because Stiles lied to him. (And then you want to have a friendship like Sciles, yeah right.)

I’m fucking tired about stiles, I really am, I want stiles: the funny and sarcastic COMPANION again, not mr fuckboy attention whore.

Next: how bad and how ignored are the other part of the cast.

I swear I’m in tears every time I read how much Arden Cho worked to get where she is, all the things she gave up only for freaking racist teen wolf and people keep hoping for Kira to leave or to die. (The story has been circulating over tumblr).

I know I had liked and reposted some anti stydia or anty teenwolf, but it really just bothers me so much I can’t help it, they say so many stupid things I can’t handle it.

I know stydia shippers are going to pop like popcorns know and start barking, I just wanted to tell you that:

If the fandom (more stydia shippers than other shippers) wasn’t so salty and so fucking stupid, and if the producers weren’t so unprofessional, you can have ALL THE STYDIA YOU WANT, I can’t care less about it, but since stydia affects all the show and all the other characters and it ruin the show, then kill it with freaking fire and holy oil 🤗

All of this is so shameful for me because I’m part of the teen wolf fandom and I’m really sorry if I offended someone with this.

So please, Jeff, whoever, stop ruining teen wolf with this shit.

I want to clarify again that I’m talking about SALTY part of the fandom.

And before you said anything, English it’s not my main language, you’re going to find typos.

It’s my opinion if you don’t like it I don’t fucking care.