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My life issue...
  • Friend: Well I really like asembling train sets but I know you aren't interested in that so I won't bother you with that.
  • Me: I like getting to know new stuff, your hobbies.
  • Friend: Really? So tell me about your hobbies.
  • Me: *imagines obsessing over all the ships and fandoms I have which is basicaly my biggest hobby* Uhm, I really like... reading.

If you ever think distance isn’t worth keeping your friendship just so you know my sister flew 2500 miles, from Mississippi to Washington, just to see her friend and make sure she was okay. If that isn’t real love I don’t know what is.

I just know that Norman felt the need to post that most recent photo bc he got stupid comments from caryl shippers on the bethyl/simpsons photo… if you look at the comments under it… you’ll see.

And when you look under the carol photo he posted… you won’t find any Beth fans trashing it… pretty positive about that.

Because once again! Carlyers prove themselves to be bullies! And they bully the actors and tptb to get there way!

Welp! Jokes on them…

This happened literally yesterday:
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Ok so... I found this new T.V show last night and I loved this two characters... so as the fangirl I am I looked for them and OH MY GOD, I ship them so hard!, I even read a fanfic!<p/><b>Friend:</b> Fangirl? Ship? Fanfic?... What are we talking about here?<p/><b>Me:</b> *serious as fuck*: Have a seat, we have a lot to talk about...<p/></p>

[…] I was under particular obligations to him for particular acts of kindness, and of late also much more in habits of confidence with him than with any other man in New York.

This is a part of the letter that Pendleton wrote after Hamilton’s death.

Why were all Hamilton’s friends gay for him? Damn

Just Friends

So I said that every now and again I might do a general plot prediction unrelated to the Trans Marco Theory and Tomco. This is one of those times especially with this particular episode airing this week.

So Star, Marco and Jackie go to a Love Sentence concert where Star tries to make sure Jackie doesn’t feel like a third wheel.

Now my ideas on this are fairly loose but here are a few points I am gonna be basing my theory off of;

1. Since “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown” Jackie has been very absent. There was Marco on the phone with her in “Raid the Cave” and Jackie in class (well where else is she gonna be) and the Valentine’s message on the live chat but bare in mind Marco also added a Happy Valentine’s to Star too. It doesn’t appear they are getting much alone time and it seems to be Star and Marco together a lot of the time still.

2. We know that by the episode “Starcrushed” Star and Marco’s relationship has become increasingly strained.

So my plot prediction:

Originally I think Star and Marco would have been planning to go to the concert together but then Marco invites Jackie, making her a third wheel already. Now due to the closeness of Marco and Star which seems to be continuing after the events of “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown” I could imagine Jackie starting to feel very left out and getting jealous and insecure about the fact that Star seems to be getting most of Marco’s attention and not her. This could lead to Star or Marco having to try to convince Jackie that they are in fact “just friends” but maybe Jackie doesn’t by it and requests Marco distance themselves from Star or maybe Marco simply does it voluntarily. I’m definitely imagining a “it’s her or me” type scenario though.

So I hope you enjoy my little theory and let me know what you guys think.

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Just wondering but do u think back in the day (like 2009 obvs) the YouTube/ fan relationship was different than it is now? Like I think you tubers themselves sort of saw themselves as just more popular on a social media site then rather than the celebrities they've become now so do u think that makes dan and phils /friend/ship different than it would be if the same thing were to happen today?

i think that the youtuber/fan relationship has changed a lot but even then phil was quite popular. of course it was easier to be noticed and much more relaxed (which is why dan and phil probably connected). their relationship probably wouldn’t even happen today as it seems so unrealistic. it’s sort of like one of us getting into a relationship with one of them (with not as large an age gap for most of us). the circumstances under which their relationship flourished are basically impossible today. and again, i have no clue what they were really like back then besides the fact they were both quite flirty and phil’s yt persona. i’m sure they had loads of chemistry and attraction to each other (platonic or otherwise) no matter what considering they are still together today.

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so my friend ships karamel hardcore and at first (like episodes 2x03?) i didnt ship kara with anyone but now i ship supercorp

Lena and Kara are perfect for each other <3

@icanteven21 You gorgeous little ray of sunshine. I don’t know what I would do without you sometimes. You always make me feel at home and like I can do anything. You make me realise that I’m not broken and I am lovable, which is a very hard task. I can’t thank you enough for being in my life and sharing Skam posts with me. You’re like a little sister to me. I love you 💛

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You are right, attending a wedding together doesn't prove a relationship. A friend and I (and our friends shipped us, when it's not the term then) went to all of our friends' wedding. They now all have kids but we aren't a couple to this day (but that's our issue). I am zen because I know that fist is Sam's (saw the scars before photo anon did). And while these MM-related happenings keep being dropped to anti and shipper inboxes, I think someone is forcing us to believe. All shit, I say.

I’ll raise a glass to that.  All Shit!!