friend said they ok

the hair is pink again.

i just had this convo abt resumes where I asked “what experience” a friend had and a mutual friend said “he knows how to throw ballroom parties” and I went “ok so he has organizational and communication experience” and ppl laughed bc “that’s bs”

but it’s not tho that’s what that is.

you ever organize something on even a semi-large scale, got a whole bunch of people to come and had fun or learn a Thing or even in general have an event? that’s organizational experience. 

if you had a team of ppl you worked with wherein you delegated tasks to said ppl and make sure shit ran smoothly: that’s managerial experience. 

you ran numbers (how much is it gonna cost for space + food + bla bla), scheduled a caterer to come in, made sure to send out invites and all that logistical stuff: that’s administrative experience. 

you call ppl up and tell them the shit is happening, or check in on a buddy and make sure they know where to get resources they need, or anything like that: that’s communication

you go on social media and hype a lotta ppl up to come to your event: that’s marketing 

yall HAVE this experience. so go put it down on your resume. get those jobs. 

i love all the actors from be more chill, gerard canonico, george salazar, eric william morris, katie ladner, stephine hsu, lauren marcus, katyln carlson, and *looks at smudged writing on hand* wall colony

my friend took a derpy photo of me 

so i decided to put it to good use


Rivals To Lovers

A few people asked for this so here’s a longer one to include them all!

@lartenluver said: Rivals to lo
Anonymous said: Rivals to lovers pls
Anonymous said: Ok but childhood friends to rivals to lovers prompts pls?
Anonymous said: Rivalry AUs?

  • as kids you were always a few inches taller than me and it always pissed me off but guess whos taller NOW
  • we were always neck and neck in school and the teachers want us to work together to represent the school in a contest
  • I’ve never met you before but we’re in the same contest and in the semi-finals together I need to win
  • for some reason we always butted heads, no one really knows why, but you’ve moved away for a few years and holy cow what do you mean that’s the same person
  • we always liked the same person so we don’t get along but they force us to hang out with each other so we stop fighting (ot+ friendly)
  • we’ve always hated each other but then one day you save my life like why??? I have to reevaluate my entire mindset (mostly bc I have no idea if I’d do the same if it were me, sorry pal)
  • we never hated each other until that one day you were an absolute ASSHOLE out of nowhere for no reason six years ago. …..What the fuck do you mean you have an identical twin who hates me
  • we signed up for the same cooking class as best friends but then I found out you like PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA I CANT BE FRIENDS WITH YOU NOW THIS VIOLATES MY BASIC IDEALS

I hope these work for all of you!! i’m so sorry about the last one i just couldn’t help myself

~Mod Karissa

12.11 coda

fan fiction gap. also phone calls.

Wet leaves sop underfoot as the brothers trek through the woods, retracing Dean’s invisible steps. Sam is keeping both eyes out for anything that could give away the story of what happened last night, fully aware that his brother is practically useless right now.

“So, like,” Dean begins. Sam takes an exasperated breath in prep for the question. “Just how many things do we kill?”

Sam sighs. “A lot.”

“Yeah but, like. More examples,” Dean says, kicking some leaves. The flashlight wiggles in his grip and points too far to left, so Sam gingerly guides his hand back up. Dean smiles at him. “Please tell me I’ve met a mermaid.”

Sam scoffs. “Siren, actually.”

Dean’s eyes go bright and wide. “No way,” he breathes. “I was kidding. Ariel is real?”

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Hi! Do you only write a fic about Malec? I mean, sure I love them. But I kinda need a fic where Raphael being there for Magnus after 2x12 and being mad at everyone cuz he didn't know what had happened to Magnus :D

So I wrote this… probably not what you imagined but I hope it’s not too bad… 

part 2

He’s been trying to reach Magnus since last night, assuming that he’s been with his boyfriend, and when the sun finally set today he came over right away, safe in the knowledge that Lightwood is back at the institute.

If he crosses this family again any time soon, he will definitely commit murder. Especially after what happened with Simon and Isabelle yesterday. He feels a kind of wrath he hasn’t for the longest time, no one threatens his family and gets away unscathed – and yet, those goddamn wolves got in his way – Garroway needs to stop playing daddy for these insolent kids – or do a much better job of it.

He feels conflicted going with this to Magnus, but after losing Ragnor, he really doesn’t have anyone else to go to. He feels a jolt of pain twitching inside his chest he usually suppresses successfully, but thinking about his dead friend so suddenly, he feels cutting anger flaring inside him with an exuberance.

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can I just say that, as a muslim, you guys really don’t need to tag food pics with “#nsfr”!! I mean I really appreciate the thoughtful gesture, but we’re supposed to be fasting and getting on with our daily lives, only of course spending more time this month praying and focusing on our spirituality. we see food everywhere: on the internet and tv; we see people at school/work/outside eating all the time, and even at home if we have children or younger siblings or family members who can’t fast because of medical conditions. seeing food/water doesn’t break our fasts, nor does it make us mad with envy. we don’t need special treatment! this is a test for us, for us to control our base desires and discipline ourselves so that we can focus on what’s more important, whilst empathising with those less fortunate than us. at the end of the day (pun intended), what’s 19 hours of hunger and thirst, really? nothing to complain about. at least we know for sure that we’ll have food and water to break our fasts with. some people don’t even have that. 

so yeah, it’s really not necessary! if a muslim is that sensitive, then they’ll probably have “#food” blacklisted, or won’t use tumblr at all. if you feel uncomfortable eating in front of a fasting muslim in person, that’s different: probably ask them if it’s ok. most won’t mind, some might, but you can sort that out between yourselves. I don’t know what it’s like for other people, but I don’t personally feel particularly hungry or thirsty even when I fast in summer: the worst I’ll get is a light headache. it’s not the kind of intense hunger you feel before dinner: it’s more of a light drawn out yet cleansing feeling, and the knowledge that you’re doing it for a reason helps too. all in all, don’t worry about us! we’re ok! but thanks for the thought <3

the saddest moment of competitive overwatch for me was when i got two card votes at the end of a match after hard carrying as roadhog on volskaya…. my ending card was for landing 25+ hooks with 88% hook accuracy

the signs as things that my friends have said
  • aries: iS THAT A CHALLENGE?????
  • taurus: i'm so philosophical right now i'm like the next confucius or some shit
  • gemini: bow down bitches
  • cancer: i swear this bitch is out to get me
  • leo: god karen, it's not my fault you're so obsessed with me
  • virgo: are u like... for real
  • libra: u peasant
  • scorpio: ....fucking try me u bitch
  • sagittarius: *jumping over a table* PARKOUR BITCH DID U SEE THAT
  • capricorn: get the hell away from me
  • aquarius: um.... what the fuck

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“Maybe I’m just crazy.” LadyNoir

“Looks like I win this one My Lady,” Chat said twirling his baton before striking an arrogant pose. 

“That wasn’t a fair challenge, you are taller than I am.”

“You never said I had to play fair.” 

“Alright fine what’s your question?” Ladybug sighed. 

Chat tilted his head to the side clearly debating what bit of information he wanted to get this time. 

As much as she grumbled and teased Ladybug had to admit she rather liked these bizarre game they had begun with each other. On slow nights they would come up with all sorts of competitions and the winner would get to ask the other a question that they had to answer truthfully. He had never pushed for anything that would be a dead giveaway as to her identity, sticking instead to more neutral things like favorite dessert or what she thought the most important quality in a good parent was. It didn’t hurt that she won their little contests more often than not, and it had proven to be an extremely effective way of learning more about her partner without letting on how curious she herself was as to who the boy behind the mask really was. After all, he had made no secret of the fact that he would happily tell her anything she wanted to know right down to his name and address. 

Still, despite her insistence on continued secrecy, she selfishly treasured all the little tidbits that she had gathered thus far on her partner. He loved cheesy movies and liked to sing along with musicals- even though singing was not his strong suit. He had a terrible sweet tooth but hated having chocolate in the morning. He preferred tea to coffee and craved sushi whenever he was in a bad mood. He thought girls looked sexier when they left some things to the imagination and his idea of a perfect date was cuddling under blankets while watching movies and playing video games. While she had never said it allowed to anyone, part of her secretly hoarded these secrets in hopeful anticipation of the day she would walk the streets of Paris no longer clad in red and black, but still side by side with the laughing, blond haired boy who had become one of her dearest friends. 

“Ok,” Chat said, pulling her attention back from her musings, “I have my question.” 

She looked at him expectantly. 

“Why won’t you go out with me? And don’t give me the “I don’t know who you are, speech cause I know that’s not what this is about,” he said before she could launch into her usual argument. 

“Maybe I’m just crazy,” she said, fiddling with her yo-yo and trying to sound flippant.” 

“Look,” Chat said leaning against a chimney, “I am not gonna get upset, and I am not using this to try to guilt you into anything I promise. I just…” he dropped his eye contact, “You’re the only person I’ve ever tried to pursue and we both know that was a bust, so I want to know what I am doing wrong.” 

“I see,” Ladybug said, not sure how to interpret the strange mishmash of feelings his statement caused, “did you… I mean, have you met someone?” 

“No… yes… I donnow… Maybe. I just thought… I figured I should know where I am going wrong so if I do decide to try for something I won’t completely crash and burn.” 

“Oh, Kitty,” she said, torn between amusement and horror at his look of complete dejection, “it was never anything wrong with you. Any girl would be lucky to have you- or boy, I mean you never really said-” 

“It’s a girl,” he said, rolling his eyes playfully and giving her a small smile, “you haven’t completely ruined me for other women bugaboo.” 

“Well, regardless, it was never about you.” She felt her face flushing a little as she tried to meet his eye, “I never really said anything because I didn’t want to be mean but, I sort of already like someone else.” 

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said looking panicked, “I didn’t… I mean I should have guessed-” 

“It’s ok,” she laughed, “it’s not like we are together. And besides, while you may be a flirt you are hardly overstepping. In fact you are a rather gentlemanly tomcat,” she teased. 

“Well of course My Lady,” he said with a bow, “you deserve nothing less after all.” He straightened with a smile but his tail still twitched nervously. “So I’m not completely hopeless then?” 

“Not at all,” she said warmly. “If it wasn’t for the fact that I already have someone I might have even thought about asking you out,” she admitted. He preened at the compliment, the familiar happy gleam lighting up his face at her approval. “But don’t take that as an excuse to sit around waiting for me,” she said poking him lightly in the nose.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he said smiling and batting her hand away, “besides all I ever wanted was your happiness and if you think you can find that with… whoever it is you like, then that’s enough for me.” 

“Thank’s Chat,” she smiled. 

“Just make sure you invite me to the wedding.” 


“Trust me you want me at this wedding. A Ladybug wedding would be incomplete without Chat Noir you know.” 

“Ok. I promise you’ll be there.” 

(All drabbles for this series can be found tagged as #4 word prompt drabbles on my page.)

Insecure- Tyler Seguin

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Ok so thanks so much for understanding my need to pause for the day! So I’ve got this one and an Andre one I’ll post tonight then go back to the posted schedule (which I just updated the queue!) So enjoy guys!

Warning: body insecurity

Anon Request: Can you so a tyler seguin one where he accidentally makes you feel insecure and you go all quiet. Like the team and the wags are all hanging out and he says something without thinking about it and you try not to make a big deal out of and it takes him awhile to realise that something is wrong and he like racks his brain to work out what he did wrong. Please if you dont mind bab


              The smile froze on your face as your boyfriend opened his mouth.

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Stay How It Is

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Stiles x Reader

“You ok?” A boy asked sweetly as you stared at your feet. “Don’t you know how to swing I can show you, my Mom taught me!”

“I don’t feel like swinging.” You whispered and he pouted, scrunching up his turned up nose as he thought.

“We could hold hands, Dad says it makes my Mom feel better.” He offered and sat on the seat next to you and held out his hand. “We could be friends if you like… but not best friends because my best friend is Scott.”

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ok lena said kara is her only friend in national city, but who are her friends outside of national city? imagine lena actually having people she used to hang out with there, but then giving them up so she could try to rebuild her company? imagine moving to a new city bc your family ruined the way people percieve you and losing the normalcy of your old life, having to immerse yourself in your work because you really dont have anything else to do? i cry

Wait, she understands? (College! AU)

Jun x reader (ft. Minghao)

synopsis: Jun and Minghao were having a conversation in Chinese and indirectly told you that Jun has a crush on you -without knowing that you had Chinese lessons since the age of 6. “(Chinese to English translations are in the brackets)”

word count: 1329

genre: fluff fluffy fluff // College! AU

It was unusual for the library to be this packed during school hours: sounds of doorsteps shuffling across the floor, students whispering to each other, padded bangs of books closing, and the dull beeping sound of books being borrowed. Nobody ever care that this place existed before, why is there suddenly so many people today? You thought as your gaze wandered around the library hall, searching for your friend who asked you to join her in the library to finish some homework.

Grabbing your shoulder from behind, your friend had already spotted you, she called “Y/N! Hey, we’re sitting over there.” She greeted you while pointing towards the table around the corner, with only two empty seats. “Ugh, the library is so packed today. All because of that new foreign kid.”


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