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theres a difference between fetishized content and content made by someone who went thru the trauma. he is fetishizing it bc he 1) has not gone through said experiences and 2) supports erotic situations of underage characters many times. Thats pedo..

ok dude im Really Tired™ here so hear me out, imma just
answer this trying to explain every.single.thing.

1) so since i’m a bisexual cis girl who never had something to do with murder nor had any sexual traumas, you’re saying i can’t write about anything but bisexual cis girls dealing with some sort of coffee shop au?
it’s fetishizing when you absolutely don’t understand how heavy something is - for saying, when “yaoi fangirls” go around yelling OMG HOW MUCH I WANT GAY FRIENDS SO I CAN SEE YAOIS XD or people who see serial killes (fictional and real, ew) and go THEY DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG THEYRE MY BABIES UWU - but once again, yandere dev keep reminding everyone how heavy the game is.

2) HE. DOESN’T SUPPORT. THE STUFF THAT HAPPENS IN THE GAME, if not for making some dark humor.
as i already said, he said in a lot of occasions that ayano is a monster, someone to not see as a role model, the. bad. guy.
…and gives more possiblities, rather than simply going for the kill. it’s the “hitman is mysoginist” issue all over again, dude. you can go and torture/kill/abuse, or you can go “easier”, sabotaging with other ways the relationship between senpai and the rival, or even make them end up in a relationship with someone else. i know the final game will quote-unquote “force” you to take drastic measures, but so far you don’t really have to do it.
he gives the possibility to censor the game, scrapped the menu design that made ayano’s panties show up, and the panty shots aren’t even the only way to get something done. he said he was going to find other ways to gain favors from info-chan too for heaven’s sake.

one last thing, because it bugs me a tiny bit.

every single character so far in-game, with the exception of taro’s sister, are 17 or older. pedophilia implies the attraction towards kids before they reach puberty.
am i saying it’s good, to sexualize them? absolutely no, but please understand that most of the characters are adults, or are going to be adults very soon.
if you want to talk about fetishizing heavy issues or pedophilia, go yelling about it to the yaoi fangirls and people who genuinely think serial killers did nothing wrong.

or, do the best thing you can do if you’re so against the game or his creator - don’t support the game. ignore it and avoid it like the plague. blacklist the tag. it’s less stressfull.

So, I signed up for this app where you can go to socials and host your own. Basically meeting up with some random people in the hopes to make friends. So far I’ve been to three socials and I’ve just posted my own! Idk, for me this is pretty huge. I’d have never done this a year ago. And even today, I didn’t really want to go, but I did and I really enjoyed myself. 

It’s just, I’ve come a long way and I’m proud of myself :)