friend quote

I love her. Not in a romantic way, but in a friend way. She is my best friend. But she’s not just that. She’s my other half. She’s the family I’ve chosen. She’s there to make me laugh when I’m down, and I’m there to pick her up when she falls. She’s the one I want to share everything with and I never want to lose her.
We don’t have to talk everyday. We might not see each other for weeks. But I never want there to come a day when we’re not there for each other. She’s the one I go to if I need anything, 3pm or 3am. If she wasn’t in my life I don’t know what I’d do, and I don’t ever want to find out.
—  21:38

You cheated on my best friend, you let her fall for you and then you crushed her.

She says you’re still friends. You’re unbelievably charming that I see why she can’t let you go, but it’s not fair on her. You say you still love her - if you really loved her you’d let her move on.

You cheated on my best friend and she might not hate you, but I sure as hell do.

—  20:41
You’re eating the biggest horse in the world. And eat a horse piece by piece. And somedays, it’s a nasty piece of horse. Some days, all you can swallow is a mouthful. Some days, you have to convince yourself that you’re not eating a massive dead horse, or that it actually tastes amazing. And some days, it is actually quite tasty. But you keep eating that horse because it’s yours, it belongs to you, because you’re the only one who can see it, because otherwise it would haunt you as the horse that’s in your living room, the one you should have eaten, but instead you became a lawyer, a lawyer with a big, stinky horse in his or her house. So. Tomorrow, a small bite of the horse.
—  Brian Oglesby, on writing a Novel (and this totally counts for screenplays, too)