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To: Writers in need of a little help
From: Some friendly editors

What we do:

  • Read excerpts of your work
  • Critique your style, characterization, word choice, & structure
  • Provide you with suggestions on how to improve your writing style, not just on a specific piece, but overall

We try to give you a holistic overview of your style as an author; what you’re doing right, where you could use work, your strengths and your weaknesses. We could have more appropriately called ourselves the Style Docs, but let’s face it, that’s not nearly as punny.

We’re here to help you improve your writing–whether fan fiction or original work–and make it more enjoyable for your readers, and hopefully for you as well.


Attention writers!

N/A literary magazine is now accepting submissions for their next issue. We publish both experienced and emerging authors and try to expose them to a wider audience through our small press.

Submit your poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction by AUGUST 17TH to:

Guidelines: up to five poems, no more than 100 lines each. One fiction/nonfiction piece per submission, no more than 10 pages in length.

You can find more information at

This time around, the optional theme is ENTERTAINMENT. Submit your best work today!

Letters For Malala

I feel this is the best place to go to let people know that I have started a tumblr to collect messages for the injured Rights Activist Malala Yousafzai. It’s called lettersformalala and so any one who would like to send a message of support to a fellow writer please send them here to be passed on.

For those of you who don’t know about Malala she is a 14 year old Pakistani girl who at the age of 11 started a blog about life as a schoolgirl under the Taliban. She won several literary prizes and a Bravery Award. But because she spoke out for the right of girls to be educated, four days ago the Taliban tried to kill her.

She is currently being treated at a hospital in the UK not to far from me so I am willing to pass on any messages that other writers may have for one of their own.

Thank you very much for promoting this for me.
Come get bitten by the Writing Bug!

There are no universal rules to writing. There is nothing that cannot be challenged; there is nothing that cannot be changed. It is with this in mind that Writing Bug looks at the standards of Western literature and internet discourse on the craft to see what we accept and how we can twist it. We seek to find problems and persistent issues in the industry and in the community, and address how those things can become something different, something… better.

Writing Bug loves discourse and challenging the status quo. We’ll ask you “why?” just to see somebody defend their point-of-view. We’re devil’s advocates and writing activists. We’ll reblog interesting posts on writing trends, link to resources on the web, answer any questions sent to our ask box, offer a different brand of critique, and post our own thoughts on things that just seem universal and how those things can be just a little better.

Come get bitten by the Writing Bug!

Write Your Soul

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Write Your Soul is a multifunctional writing blog. Each day offers something new to the writing community. Advice, fun activities and writing exercises, an opportunity to share work with others.

And the best part? WYS will do its best to base itself off from its followers. Each day gives you the opportunity to send stuff in so WYS can help you out or share your work.

Send something in. Stick around and read a while. Pick up a prompt. Just stop in an say hello! Whatever you need, you’ve got it.

To celebrate Women’s History Month, I’m making these quote cards with quotes from books by women that I love. If you want me to make a card with your favorite quote, post it with your reblog!

80-character limit. Quotes can either be from books by female-identifying authors, or spoken by female-identifying characters in novels.

Writer Chatter

From the creator of The Right Writing:

Every twelve hours, Writer Chatter posts a question about writing. The questions range from silly and fun (What is your favorite book and why?) to serious and fundamental (What, exactly, constitutes a Mary Sue?). Then every ask is posted. Sometimes, asks will be posted as answers to other asks so as not to clog up the dashboard. Have fun!

Visit it here: